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About Oliver With A Twist

British orphan Oliver Twist always seems to find a way into our hearts. For this TV commercial, we add our own spin to the famous scene in Oliver’s story when he asks for more food at the orphanage. Take a look as this tale takes on a twist of fate by way of practicing good manners!

Video Transcript

[background music]
I want some more.
What's he doing?
But he can't.
Look at him.
It's just not done.
Please sir, I want some more.
Please sir.
He has asked for more.
Thank you.
Well, he did say please, sir.
Yes he did… and Thank You.
And thank you.
He's a wonderful boy.
I do like the boy!
Please and Thank You. Pass It On.

Please And Thank You. Pass It On!

Behind the Scenes

Watch a fun behind the scenes video of what goes into making a commercial like "Oliver With A Twist".


Abigail little from watts meadow dr 115 MAY 4, 2018
you have some good manners

Gangadhar from city Belgavi State Karnataka country India FEBRUARY 11, 2018
Super good

Izzy from Orange County, CA FEBRUARY 9, 2018
I hardly watch tv and your commercials made me visit your website. I love your commercials. Very inspiring and positive!

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
I like that one cause he was brave and and respectful

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
i like this video because it gives a view on what could happen saying please and thank you