Oliver With A Twist

British orphan Oliver Twist always seems to find a way into our hearts. For this TV commercial, we add our own spin to the famous scene in Oliver’s story when he asks for more food at the orphanage. Take a look as this tale takes on a twist of fate by way of practicing good manners!


[background music]
I want some more.
What's he doing?
But he can't.
Look at him.
It's just not done.
Please sir, I want some more.
Please sir.
He has asked for more.
Thank you.
Well, he did say please, sir.
Yes he did… and Thank You.
And thank you.
He's a wonderful boy.
I do like the boy!
Please and Thank You. Pass It On.

Please And Thank You. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Anonymous NOVEMBER 10, 2020
This is a good way for kids to learn manners

Gary Scobey from Grand Blanc MI APRIL 27, 2020
I have seen this video on TV multiple times. It choked me up ever time I saw it. So I finally looked it up on my PC. I found that there are many more commercials that also touch my heart. Oh if everyone had love and kindness in their heart like these videos promote, it would be a so much better world.

Ginger from Idaho APRIL 24, 2020
Love it shows how if someone is polite it wears off on to others

Dr Vera from Florida JULY 4, 2019
Love all your work, especially the inclusion of sign language! KUDOS!

Tanya Gach from Johnstown,PA JANUARY 7, 2019
I think that , that is a wonderful commercial for everyone to see. To teach them more about good things instead of all of this bad stuff that is going around.

Stephen Vincenti from Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania NOVEMBER 1, 2018
Wonderful message. Delightful presentation. Please sirs (at the Foundation for a Better Life), may we have a little more? and Thank You.

Gay Brewer from Grandview, WA JULY 13, 2018
I love the quality of this commercial. Wonderful!

Jane Neal from Chillicothe, MO JULY 7, 2018
Great PSA!!

Anonymous JULY 6, 2018
I saw this commercial tonight for the first time, on FOX news. I found it refreshing since the lack of "please" and "thank you" has been a pet peeve of mine. Your commercial brought me to your site, and I like what I see.

Anonymous JULY 4, 2018
Superb. I don't respond to ads normally. Kudos

Abigail little from watts meadow dr 115 MAY 4, 2018
you have some good manners

Gangadhar from city Belgavi State Karnataka country India FEBRUARY 11, 2018
Super good

Izzy from Orange County, CA FEBRUARY 9, 2018
I hardly watch tv and your commercials made me visit your website. I love your commercials. Very inspiring and positive!

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
I like that one cause he was brave and and respectful

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
i like this video because it gives a view on what could happen saying please and thank you

David Mathis from San Antonio, Texas JANUARY 26, 2018
Excellent message. We must be courteous and thus teach manners to the children for they are an investment in the future.

Thomas from Kentucky DECEMBER 24, 2016
Best commercial I have seen in years!

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
very good

erik from L.A. FEBRUARY 22, 2016
cool shot with a nice feel- who was the main kid actor?

Terry from Lancs. UK. OCTOBER 4, 2015
Glad it's not just me that feels strongly about good manners! So many people now do not even acknowledge you opening a door or letting them cross the road. And the increase in the number of young bar staff who don't say "please" when asking for your money is getting ridiculous!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 28, 2015
the lesson is to have manners alright?!?!

NULL from NULL JULY 17, 2015
I believe in good manners so passionately. How lovely to see this message articulated in such a witty, professional and compelling manner.

Concha from Norway Maine MAY 10, 2014
Wonderful lesson! THANK YOU and SOME MORE PLEASE !!

Lori McCormack from Bel Air, MD JANUARY 4, 2014
Was watching a football game and saw your commercials and I love them! I can't wait to share them with my daughter. I really like that there is no hidden agenda with these messages like begging money or recruiting for a religious organization. Thank you for these, they are wonderful.

Armand Wu from 台灣 JANUARY 4, 2014

Cheryl from Virginia OCTOBER 9, 2013
I love the message,,,how about "Your Welcome". It seems no problem means your welcome now a days.

Paul Torres from Mexico OCTOBER 1, 2013
Wonderful! It´s just amazing what you can do through the media. I wish you the best and thank you for all your work. God bless.

Angela Owens from Huntington SEPTEMBER 19, 2013
Great video that a lot of kids and adults in this country need to see and learn from. There just seems to be so many people who just don't know what good manners are! I was raise to respect others and so was my child. However, today so many can't even say a simple please, you're welcome or thank you! Well I say thank you for making this video. So show people it doesn't take a lot of effort to say a few works and you just might get something in return for saying it!

Debra Brown from Red Oak, OK SEPTEMBER 19, 2013
Cute! It made me smile!

Margaret from Chandler AZ SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Oh your messages always the best!!!

Dorothy Wilson from Ohio SEPTEMBER 17, 2013
I love your commercials. I just wish I could share them on facebook..

Pamela from Forestport ny SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Thomas Hovsepian from Crowley Lake, CA SEPTEMBER 6, 2013
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this video. Ha! Honestly. I worked as a laborer at a large construction company and within 18 short months I was made foreman of a 30 man crew. It wasn't because I was the most skilled or had the most experience, I didn't. I attribute my promotion to being able to say, "Please" and "Thank you" in an industry pretty much devoid of those courtesies. I knew how to treat people properly.

mark from Charlotte SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
Saw this commercial easily 50 times during the ECU-ODU game. It got better and better each time. The main guy is Oscar quality.

Leo from Montana AUGUST 7, 2013
This was so perfectly done. The whole production for a 30 second commercial was of the quality of a feature film. The actor who played the Head Master, he reminds me of in look the guy who used to play a Horror Movie host "Sir Cecil Creape" Loved seeing him on the old The Nashville Network. Anyway. Great job, and loved the whole mini movie. I am also wondering where did this commercial filmed? It's a great location.

Tom W. from Dallas, Texas MAY 22, 2013
Love this commercial! I tell my kids, "Manners tell other people they matter". Who is the guy that says "More!"? He is great!

Peggy from oregon APRIL 4, 2013
who is the main actor (the one that does the great faces) in this video? PS. Love your videos and am so glad that you are representing such great values for all to see. Great Job!! Keep it up!!!

Guy from Patrick Henry ES APRIL 3, 2013
Great...simply great!

Jim T from NH MARCH 2, 2013
So wonderful in spirit, message and quality of the old Twist of yesterdays.

Emma from St.johns FEBRUARY 8, 2013
The movie is the best. I love the guy that does all the funny faces he is the best actor I have ever seen.

darrious from ji DECEMBER 11, 2012
Love it!

rieko montanna johnson from pluto SEPTEMBER 13, 2012
This was a good commercial!

Allison Wong #29 from Dimond Bar AUGUST 25, 2012
I loved the video I learned a lesson that you have to say please and thank you!!!

Catherine Gagnieux from Montreal APRIL 19, 2012
As a director of a large daycare for the last 29 years, I must sadly concur that manners have gone out the window! How sad... We do insist on teaching at least thank you and please but it is indeed a bad reflection on our society when we can point ut only 1 or 2 out of 10 children who actually use their manners... let alone their parents!

Karen from Swan River Manitoba, Canada APRIL 12, 2012
Fantastic commercial. Saw it for the first time tonight. I will show it to my Grade 6 class tomorrow!

Li from China MARCH 24, 2012
太有爱了...It's amazing

Kristen from London, ON, Canada MARCH 4, 2012
I love this commercial. It's sad though, that society needs a commercial to be reminded to say "please and thank you." My parents raised to be respectful and to always say please and thank you when the occasion calls for it, so I do. I thank the parents who do teach their children manners, because manners go a long way.

Tony D. Howell from Wilson, NC MARCH 4, 2012
The adult male looks like Billy Bob Thornton to me.

Tim Perior from Porter Ranch, CA FEBRUARY 26, 2012
This is the best thing on television; and I don't mean just commercials or public service announcements. Beautifully made, beautifully expressed.

Linda Meier from Milton Freewater, OR FEBRUARY 24, 2012
This has to be one of my favorites, I love watching it every time it comes on the TV. I have always taught my kids and grandkids they should say please and thank you, and also send thank you notes for any gifts they receive. So far, they have all followed through. Hope their kids do the same.

Devin from Washington state FEBRUARY 12, 2012
I really enjoyed this one. Thank you.

Bee from NJ FEBRUARY 9, 2012
I have to ask, but is that Matthew Lewis playing the part of the soup server? He looks so much like him!

Tim from Leduc, Canada FEBRUARY 6, 2012
thanks Values, everyone could learn from this, just a 'please' and 'thank you'. Teach your child respect and the world will be a better place.

John Miller from Nairobi, Kenya JANUARY 25, 2012
Wow, actually the boy says Asante instead of please. Asante is the Swahili equivalent of Thank you! Great work

Paula Hunt from Carrollton, TX JANUARY 23, 2012
Ah, if only people would learn from an early age to say these two simple words? What a difference it makes in the level of service one receives. These words are timeless and universal. This is probably my favorite FBL spot.

Motell Foster from Tuscaloosa,AL JANUARY 11, 2012
I have been obsessed with every video and poster you guys have put up. These simply stories deliver messages in a quaint way. I would love to start a group here on campus that advertises all of these messages. Let me know if i can help. Roll Tide!

Grandma Rosiemerry from CA JANUARY 10, 2012
Ask with a 'Please' and you shall receive ~ with a 'Thank you' every time.

Keith Allen Scalf from Hollywood, Fl. JANUARY 8, 2012
Please sirs, I want some more. Thank you VALUES.COM

J'Quane K from OH JANUARY 6, 2012
I ilke oliver with a twist.

Kyle J. from OH JANUARY 6, 2012
I like this one good job guys

John Johns from Charlotte, NC DECEMBER 27, 2011
Who is the adult male actor? Looks like Jim Carrey to me.

Jodi Mayo from Salt Lake DECEMBER 20, 2011
My little boy was in the commercial -- what a fun day for him -- he loved the make up and the crew was so good to the kids!! He loves the commercial.

A'dell Harper from Cheshire U.K. DECEMBER 20, 2011
I own a day nursery and the ethos of the business is to help develop the 'little people' into socially adept children who have good self esteem and self confidence and the ability to communicate with their peers and their elders. Without social graces a child can become socially isolated. al this because he/she hasn't been taught please and thank you.

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