Oliver With A Twist

British orphan Oliver Twist always seems to find a way into our hearts. For this TV commercial, we add our own spin to the famous scene in Oliver’s story when he asks for more food at the orphanage. Take a look as this tale takes on a twist of fate by way of practicing good manners!


[background music]
I want some more.
What's he doing?
But he can't.
Look at him.
It's just not done.
Please sir, I want some more.
Please sir.
He has asked for more.
Thank you.
Well, he did say please, sir.
Yes he did… and Thank You.
And thank you.
He's a wonderful boy.
I do like the boy!
Please and Thank You. Pass It On.

Please And Thank You. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Anonymous NOVEMBER 10, 2020
This is a good way for kids to learn manners

Gary Scobey from Grand Blanc MI APRIL 27, 2020
I have seen this video on TV multiple times. It choked me up ever time I saw it. So I finally looked it up on my PC. I found that there are many more commercials that also touch my heart. Oh if everyone had love and kindness in their heart like these videos promote, it would be a so much better world.

Ginger from Idaho APRIL 24, 2020
Love it shows how if someone is polite it wears off on to others

Dr Vera from Florida JULY 4, 2019
Love all your work, especially the inclusion of sign language! KUDOS!

Tanya Gach from Johnstown,PA JANUARY 7, 2019
I think that , that is a wonderful commercial for everyone to see. To teach them more about good things instead of all of this bad stuff that is going around.

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