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Faith In You

Devotion, perhaps, is the ultimate expression of love for another person. Please take a look our latest TV public service announcement, featuring a captivating ballad by Randy Travis, which portrays people from all walks of life showing their commitment to the ones they love.

Video Transcript

The more I search for my significance,
Seems the more I disappear and I wonder,
Have I made a difference in any body's life,
Since I've been here.

I can hear your laughter,
It's the sweetest sound I've ever known,
I don't know how love happens,
But I know I'm not alone and I do have faith in you.

And after all this time sometimes I see the truth,
And I'm touched by your innocence and now I'm not confused,
You give me your love, the one thing I can't lose,
You believe in me and I still have faith in you.

Devotion... Pass It On.

Devotion. Pass It On!


Teresa Walker from Greenville KY  MARCH 3, 2018
Love all the videos and commercials ... especially this one ... ( for my husband )

Asma from ON JANUARY 28, 2017
Heart touching videos & songs. Love is always beautiful,

Ona Nee from Asheville, North Carolina JANUARY 8, 2017
Touching Moments. So Beautiful. Thank you for these Inspirational Videos.

Sharon from Cleveland, ohio JANUARY 2, 2017
How wonderful, this agency is, it is much needed.

Emma Song from Philadelphia, PA NOVEMBER 30, 2016
Oh my, I actually cried. This was great!