Faith In You

Devotion, perhaps, is the ultimate expression of love for another person. Please take a look our latest TV public service announcement, featuring a captivating ballad by Randy Travis, which portrays people from all walks of life showing their commitment to the ones they love.


The more I search for my significance,
Seems the more I disappear and I wonder,
Have I made a difference in any body's life,
Since I've been here.

I can hear your laughter,
It's the sweetest sound I've ever known,
I don't know how love happens,
But I know I'm not alone and I do have faith in you.

And after all this time sometimes I see the truth,
And I'm touched by your innocence and now I'm not confused,
You give me your love, the one thing I can't lose,
You believe in me and I still have faith in you.

Devotion... Pass It On.

Devotion. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Pam from Denver MARCH 9, 2019
Thank you for reminding us to be Human and not factories!

Joe from Rockport, MA JANUARY 14, 2019
Thank you SO much for spreading the word on so many good things. God Bless.

Teresa Walker from Greenville KY  MARCH 3, 2018
Love all the videos and commercials ... especially this one ... ( for my husband )

Asma from ON JANUARY 28, 2017
Heart touching videos & songs. Love is always beautiful,

Ona Nee from Asheville, North Carolina JANUARY 8, 2017
Touching Moments. So Beautiful. Thank you for these Inspirational Videos.

Sharon from Cleveland, ohio JANUARY 2, 2017
How wonderful, this agency is, it is much needed.

Emma Song from Philadelphia, PA NOVEMBER 30, 2016
Oh my, I actually cried. This was great!

Patsy from Elizabethtown, Ky AUGUST 2, 2016
Please continue these ads. Our world needs to see this. I was looking for a way to send you some money to keep it going.

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
love is wonderful we really need to past that on

Gloria from Fort Worth, Texas MAY 16, 2016
Thank you some have for these inspirational, value packed videos and commercials! They mean so much and are a refreshing change from much of the worldly advertisement and sexual infused commercials shown today. Thank you, don't stop.

Harvey MAY 15, 2016
Check this out and the song is so special also.

Diana from Michigan FEBRUARY 13, 2016
Sounds like Bon Jovi to me too!

Genny from Texas DECEMBER 31, 2015
Sung by Randy Travis. One of my favorite singers.

Michelle from Honolulu, Hawaii DECEMBER 26, 2015
I agree w/'s gotta be Bon Jovi. I'm pretty sure I know that voice anywhere. ☺

Crystal from Chicago DECEMBER 25, 2015
Joy this Christmas day knowing that gifts from our hearts are the everlasting presents.

Hans from Waldorf Md OCTOBER 4, 2015
I sit here with tears of joy for those who have passes it on to me. I pray i can pass it on.

Karen Wylie from Ball Ground Ga OCTOBER 3, 2015
This is not sang by Randy Travis. It sounds like Bon Jovi.

jasmine from kanata,ontario SEPTEMBER 22, 2015


NULL from NULL NOVEMBER 12, 2014
YOU just know when that special image, song and feeling needs to be felt....Thank you for making me appreciate the little things time and time again.

Keith Fitzsimmons from Overland Park, Kansas SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
They are all wonderful, but this one's a keeper!

Suzanne from Vermont JULY 16, 2014
This is my favorite of all! These are simply wonderful!

Kathy from Maine FEBRUARY 16, 2014
One of the most heart touching ads ever! Very well done and the song is beautiful, Randy Travis is awesome! We need more commercials like this! I give it A+!

Bernadette Kemp from Layton, UT NOVEMBER 18, 2013
This is the last project my mom did before she passed away. I can now see her everyday. It is special and beautiful and it captures the love she has in her heart.

Nancy from Higginsville, MO AUGUST 11, 2013
Beautiful! Great job! Love it!

Aaron from kc mo JULY 14, 2013
needs a share button to share your videos..

assumpta from lagos JULY 14, 2013
so beautiful to know someone is watching out for you

Jo from Red Wing, MN JULY 12, 2013
I saw this beautiful commercial on TV this morning and my whole day was brighter because of it!

Ofelia from New Mexico JULY 8, 2013
Beautiful! Wish I could Pass this On on Facebook

Joyce from New Mexico  JULY 8, 2013
Very well done thank you!!!

Jennifer from Harbor Beach, MI JULY 6, 2013
While I find your video compelling and sweet, not once did you show a gay couple. You did show two mixed race couples, which is hardly reflective of our population, but how about teaching that DEVOTION has nothing to do with race, gender or religion?

Arliss from mo JUNE 8, 2013
love it.

Mark from Brandon, MS MAY 24, 2013
Thank you for focusing on devotion as a value to be treasured. This might be the most powerful and effective spot you have ever produced. The words to Faith in You blend perfectly with the video. Keep up the good work.

dominick from Hudson florida MAY 8, 2013
Can you buy this song by Randy........soooooo sweet.....number one commercial of this year for sure.

val from pennsylvania MAY 8, 2013
This is what true life means. I am so fortunate for my family and life!! This video has meaning that words can not describe. Thank you!!

dawn from upstate ny MAY 5, 2013
This is the most beautiful commercial ever!! From this day forward I will do my best to love everyone!!!!

Miles from CA MAY 3, 2013
Beautiful video... Makes me cry like a little baby every time :) I wish I could share this on Facebook!

Kathy from Arizona APRIL 18, 2013
You made me cry.................Thank you

Cory from Barrie Ontario APRIL 14, 2013
That was one of the nicest commercials I've ever had the privilege of watching. I loved the message of devotion and unconditional love, it was a simple, yet beautiful message. Thank you for this.

Julie from Dallas, TX APRIL 12, 2013
Sharing, sharing, sharing!!! This is what our country needs! Thank you!!

Emma from Georgia APRIL 4, 2013
Inspiring words that lift me up. Randy Travis' singing makes the words reach out and touch.

Antonio Miller from Miami, FL MARCH 30, 2013
Good job.

Myrian from Peru MARCH 23, 2013
It's been almost six months since my mom passed away. I can't kiss, hug, and talk with her any more. I admired her and I stood by her as she fought against cancer until her last breath. She was my inspiration and now she is my engine to do my best in this world.

Katie from Tennessee MARCH 11, 2013
I almost cried at the end. So sweet! Just my grandparents when my mama was ever sick, my papa would always go out and get her whatever she wanted. I miss those days. :(

Nicole from Chicago MARCH 10, 2013
I simply loved this commercial. It truly inspired me!

Belle from MO MARCH 1, 2013
I do not watch much TV, but somehow I caught this commercial. I cried. I needed to see this and now I am at this website and I feel so inspired. I will try harder today, and make it a habit to try hard everyday. Thank you!

Kushondra from Columbus, GA FEBRUARY 17, 2013
Wow! That was so beautiful. I love the song, and the message! So beautiful.

Ray from GA JANUARY 17, 2013
Anything done that well is amazing. It's even more amazing when you realize the last scene was shot in a hospice. A long live of love and devotion is coming to an end. That's true love and real life. I know, my mom died first.

Amy from Vermont JANUARY 13, 2013
Always enjoy these commercials...this one really struck a chord! Thank you.

Mark from 06451 JANUARY 10, 2013
Brings me to tears every time.

Alfina from New Jersey JANUARY 4, 2013
Randy has this song out on his cd called "Around The Bend", I am a huge fan and I have it. The version on the cd is a little longer.

Teri from Ca JANUARY 1, 2013
Randy Travis simply said I love you! It is so good to hear your voice and to watch such a beautiful, touching video. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it. Thanks again Randy for your voice and for putting such a wonderful message of Faith in You...out there for all to experience.

Alan Keyes from Greensboro, NC JANUARY 1, 2013
I usually don't like country music, but, this song by Randy Travis and the Devotion video just swept me away! What a beautiful piece of work this video has accomplished, a tribute to the people that can express these feelings to the world. I sure hope this song makes it on to Randy'c CD some day!

Angella from facebook DECEMBER 17, 2012
Simply beautiful!

Adele from Oregon NOVEMBER 29, 2012
Is there a way that we can download these commercials and share them on Facebook? I would love to share this one.

Adele from So Oregon NOVEMBER 24, 2012
Oh my goodness, I had the TV on while I took my dogs on a walk. As I walked in, this commercial just happened to start and it immediately captured my heart and brought tears to my eyes. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you. :)

Gary from vancouver wa NOVEMBER 23, 2012
One the most touching songs I have heard. It reminds me of all my friends and loved ones I'v lost and loved. Randy has to put this on an album!!!

Phil N. from Lancaster, NY NOVEMBER 23, 2012
The first time (and every time) I see this video it brings tears to my eyes, it really hits home. It is so sad to see so many relationships dissolve around me and I have worked very hard to keep mine together. It is great to see organizations like this one that are doing something to help stop the erosion of this aspect of our society. Great work, thanks!!

James from Windsor On. NOVEMBER 15, 2012
I am a very large grizzly bear type guy...this piece crushes me every time I watch it... just a wonderful reality check. Thank you for what you do.

Sonya from Salina, KS OCTOBER 18, 2012
I just love this commercial! It's very inspiring and very beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes...

Bill & Darlene from Pittsburgh, Pa OCTOBER 12, 2012
I could listen to this advertisement for your site, all day long! Randy Travis has such a wonderful voice and it fits this commercial perfectly! I'm new to your site and I look forward to reading all of the information!

Cris from Jamestown NY OCTOBER 7, 2012
Just saw this commercial. Randy Travis has still got it. Don't know your angle but it sure struck a note with me. Kind of like the liberty Mutual commercials but it wasn't selling insurance. Just kindness? Thank You!

wolf from l.a. OCTOBER 7, 2012
Love this randy travis tune. ripped me totally out of this here reality into an idealized southern/midwestern life style of truer values.

Ronna from St Louis, MO OCTOBER 4, 2012
This was so touching that after I saw this I looked up the song and danced to it with my husband for our first dance on our wedding day. Thank you

Bill from Draper UT SEPTEMBER 14, 2012
The old house pictured here is my house. Wish you could have been here when the commercial was filmed. It was an unbelievable experience.

Traci from Tulsa SEPTEMBER 8, 2012
I love this commercial. I love the lyrics. Beautiful!!!

Kameron from Glendale Hts, IL SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
This was a beautiful and emotional video. It's very touching. <33

Sara from British Columbia, Canada SEPTEMBER 4, 2012
Caught this on U.S. Speed Channel and googled it. We usually skip through commercials. This was beautiful and inspiring, thank you!

Will Ign from DFW AUGUST 21, 2012
I have been playing this all day!

Danielle from North Dakota AUGUST 15, 2012
I am a 14 year old girl. I was on YouTube and an advertisment came on before my video. It was the Honesty video. I have seen it a few times on TV and make sure I watch it all. This is my first time on this site. I'm going to make sure I watch all these videos. This one touches my heart

ANTHONY from Chicago AUGUST 6, 2012
Now that I've found this video on the web I can see this devotion video anytime! This site has the best videos that I've seen anywhere! How it makes me feel I really can't put in to words! You have too see for yourself!!! Trust me, you're going too love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda C. from Alabama JULY 30, 2012
I am not normally swayed by commercials, unless it involves pets, but this one absolutely takes my breath away and puts a lump in my throat every time. This song by Randy Travis makes you think "hard" about your life. Good job!

linda from ohio JULY 30, 2012
Heard it for the first time today...maybe I was just listening...very moving and uplifting, to the point that I HAD to look it up...thank you for all involved!

Nany from Florida JULY 27, 2012
Very uplifting video! I hope that everybody gets the opportunity to watch it.

Robert T. Raucher from Chico, California JULY 2, 2012
The music and lyrics simply lift you to the best heights of humanity.

Keneesha from Wisconsin JUNE 26, 2012
I simply love this. Devotion is such an amazing thing and it gives an even more amazing feeling when you have someone who is truly devoted to you. This commercial makes my heart stop & nearly every time it makes me nearly cry.

Jack from Wichita, Ks. JUNE 25, 2012
I look forward to catching this early mornings, (tears every time). I'm 54, a hardened vet with a wife and 3 grown kids. It makes you reassess your life.

laila from philippines JUNE 8, 2012
I love it!

Diana from Michigan JUNE 4, 2012
Love speaks of the love that God favorite is the senior couple at the end as the husband gives her a kiss...I cry every time...

Diana M from Lakewood, CO MAY 14, 2012
Very touching, thank you. Hope this spreads around the world in different languages and cultures.

Dan from Ohio APRIL 30, 2012
Incredibly moving. A wake up call to those who would easily flaunt the promises and commitments that they made long ago (or not so long ago).

Christy Jordan from unkown APRIL 30, 2012
These commercials are wonderful! I hope you'll consider expanding your reach by making them available to share via social media channels. This one alone would bring in million of views if it were just available to share via Facebook. I posted the link on and I know hundreds of my folks would share the video if they could easily do so and have it available to watch on their Facebook page. Thank you for such a wonderful movement and for all that you do! Gratefully, Christy Jordan

abdoolkayum from mumbai APRIL 26, 2012
It's simply wonderful and encouraging.

Alexandra from Miami Beach APRIL 15, 2012
I'm a self-described cynic; I'm more often than not irritated by TV and country music is usually not the genre of music I readily reach for...then I saw this! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But I'm still irritated by TV)

Freddy Reyes from Surprise, AZ APRIL 15, 2012
What a great and meaningfull video. It made me appreciate my wife more. Very fortunate for the love she gives and the faith she has for me. I couldn't wait to show my wife this video.

Larry Freeman from Lockport, NY APRIL 10, 2012
I would just like to say that this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

TLT from Shorewood IL APRIL 9, 2012
I was really touched when I saw a portion of this late one night. Last night I got lucky and saw the entire production, which included this website....FANTASTIC I cannot say enough about the positve messages you are presenting. Please keep up the wonderful work.

Debbie Lee from Grand Rapids , Michigan APRIL 6, 2012

Nina from Pa APRIL 2, 2012
Yes, I love it. Brought tears to my eyes....

liz from warden MARCH 13, 2012
i really like this video

mary ansel from farmington hills mi FEBRUARY 29, 2012
Wonderful! We all need someone to believe in us, no matter who we are, or what we've done.

Sandra Dee from Lubbock Texas FEBRUARY 27, 2012
Love it...personal message to the heart!

Steve Tournay from Hamilton, Canada FEBRUARY 21, 2012
Have seen this delightful PSA (and others in the series) many times on TV here in Canada; very moving. In the "Devotion" PSA there's an extra detail catching my eye: the vintage car in the wedding scenes is a 1940 Studebaker, a make of car once built in my hometown and consequently a favourite of mine (I have a '62 and am in the Studebaker club). The PSA would be just as endearing whatever make the classic car were, but the Studebaker is icing on a very nice cake!

jessa from philippines FEBRUARY 18, 2012
i love this commercial so touching!

Christine Padua-Lopez from Glendora, California FEBRUARY 15, 2012
This commercial has touched me so has brought so many tears...and it has highlighted what are the most important things in our lives. I will always support this website! With love, Christine and Juan

Todd from Grand Rapids, MI FEBRUARY 13, 2012
This is a very powerful video! Great work! The Randy Travis ballad really speaks to me, as I assume it does to others. Honestly, this is the first time I've even visited your page, so it was powerful enough to pull me in. I'd like to share this message/video with my friends on Facebook, but it appears that the only thing I can do is "like" it. Would love to have a "share" link, so I can help spread the message.

Carol from Milroy,PA FEBRUARY 13, 2012
This is so beautiful! Love Randy Travis and of course I had to cry. Would love to see more like videos like this.

linda0079 from hillsboro FEBRUARY 12, 2012
decided to write my son and daughter a note on how much i love them as a son and daugter and now married with chilren as a father and husband an a mother and wife.its never to late to tell someone how much you love them and care about.and your dad and i will be there no matter what you can count on us god bless you both and your families. love to brandi and mom and dad.

Hugh Bouchelle from Buena Vista Va FEBRUARY 8, 2012
I can't watch this with others in the room. I hate it when people see me cry. I love this video.

Melinda from IA FEBRUARY 8, 2012
I love this commercial! Between the beautiful song and the touching images, it makes me tear up. I often read or otherwise look away from the TV during commercials, but this one keeps my attention the whole time.

Annie from Detroit FEBRUARY 7, 2012
AWESOME!!! Too bad there are not more inspirational spots like this.

Cinder from Oklahoma FEBRUARY 5, 2012
What a heartwarming video!! To bring the idea of devotion to the T.V. watcher's attention with that lovely song and scenes of sweet devotion among people of all ages and circumstances gives me great hope for our future. Please continue to show this video and continue to awaken our awareness of this and all the other precious qualities that we need to cherish and exercise.

LT from Dallas,TX FEBRUARY 5, 2012
I like this... so encouraging.

Kristina from portland or JANUARY 30, 2012
That was the most wonderful commercial I have ever seen, it was exactly the thing I truly needed to see at this time in my life! I cry every time I see it! Thank you!

Betty from Black Hawk, SD JANUARY 28, 2012
Wow...I love this website! You lifted me up after a very sad and long nursing shift watching extremem sufferring. God bless you all!!!

Kari from Indiana JANUARY 28, 2012
Beautiful commercial, beautiful song. Please keep making commercials like this.

Marsha from Montana JANUARY 21, 2012
Perfect! We {and our children} need to see more of these kinds of ads.

Jean from British Columbia JANUARY 17, 2012
Amazing ads, we need more good news stories.

Neil J. Cacciottolo from Chicago, Illinois JANUARY 10, 2012
The most beautiful commercial I have ever seen. Values and devotion IS a way of life...and Randy, you have done a wonderful job on the song.

eddy from minnesota JANUARY 5, 2012
beautiful message

Alboy528 from Phoenix JANUARY 5, 2012
Devotion, not just a word, but a way of life.

Eric from IN JANUARY 3, 2012
The song by Randy Travis is called "Faith In You"

edna from new york JANUARY 1, 2012
what is the name of this song that randy travis sings

John D from Seal Beach, CA JANUARY 1, 2012
Please post your videos on your Facebook page so more people can see them. Thanks.

ronda from MD DECEMBER 29, 2011
I cried when I saw this. This commercial touched my heart because it showed commitment to family values established by God...between a man and a woman..loving one another. Fathers have forgotten their purpose and place in family. We indeed have forgotten God's values to fit our carnal ways...we want live outside of His definition of love, family and life. There are so many hurting because of it. Keep up the good work.

Taylor from Costa Rica DECEMBER 7, 2011
Thank you for making a site like this, truly inspirational. WOW

Major from Aurora, CO DECEMBER 2, 2011
I've listened to this devotion over and over and see the love we are to have for each other

Jessica from Oakland, MD NOVEMBER 23, 2011
Very good video - it is very touching and I think this world would be a lot better if more people had morals and values.

fherly from scarborough,Ontario NOVEMBER 9, 2011
very heart moving, indeed faith is the substance of the things we hope for, keep the faith God bless everyone!

Jon from Phoenix, AZ NOVEMBER 3, 2011
Life is fleeting. Make every moment counti

Ivy from Va NOVEMBER 3, 2011
I also see something new each time I watch this. I think I see love in so many forms - including a gay couple (the man in the wheelchair). I am a heterosexual long time married old lady, but my dearest friends are a gay couple who have been together 20 years and have a family. Their love is the same as my love for my hubby. Love comes in all forms and i think this commercial shows that. Keep the good stuff coming. Life is short - Love is Long.

Myra from Beckley  NOVEMBER 2, 2011
I usually ignore commericals, but this caught my attention, it is beautiful.

Lisa from RI OCTOBER 29, 2011
Love it!!

Swami Yogivarananda from India OCTOBER 25, 2011
Really wonderful, if we connect the words with God, this is the way we can have LOVE.

Donna from St.Petersburg, Fl OCTOBER 21, 2011
This site is beautiful and will pass it on to my friends to view. Love it, love it!

KP Perkins from Maywood, IL OCTOBER 21, 2011
I love this and all that your Foundation stands for. In a world so full of troubles and woe, it's wonderful (and essential) to have these reminders of what is good yet remains and how each of us has the power to manifest and share it. Thank you for all you do!

Mary from NY OCTOBER 21, 2011
I want to live in that world. Beautiful.

LaVendee from Michigan OCTOBER 20, 2011
Very beautiful and meaningful.

Mario from Louisville, KY OCTOBER 20, 2011
Good Song as well! I like Randy Travis' voice

Bernadette from Jersey OCTOBER 20, 2011
Getting ready to blend our families...last night we both shared our fears but have kept holding onto the faith we have in each other... I was looking for a way to commemorate this occasion..I think I just found it... thank you...

Ed from Marrero, La OCTOBER 19, 2011
Touching video. Everytime I watch it, I see something new. In particular, the lonely girl being asked to dance.

Bridgett from VA OCTOBER 19, 2011
Absolutely Beautiful! Couldn't stop crying.

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