Three Pointer

“You Got This” is all the encouragement a young girl with Down’s Syndrome needs to fire up the crowd with a 3-pointer. The inspiring song, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles adds to the anticipation that something very good is about to happen. It does. Pass It On.


Coach: "Sarah, You got this! K?"

Lyrics: ♪ Say what you wanna say ♪
Lyrics: ♪ And let the words fall out ♪
Lyrics: ♪ Honestly, I wanna see you be brave ♪
Lyrics: ♪ Say what you wanna say ♪
Lyrics: ♪ And let the words fall out ♪

Teammate: "But they lost."

Referee: "Not really. Not where it counts."

You Got This. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Andrea from Columbus ms MARCH 28, 2024
Love this so much I cried thank u for sharing got one question who is the lady that is coach that says u got this Sarah

Frank from Idaho JANUARY 17, 2024

Mae J from Georgia NOVEMBER 26, 2023
My daughter and I are Special Education teachers; I have retired. Thank you for representing our students in such a lovely and positive manner.

Anonymous AUGUST 5, 2023
Love your campaign. Awesome. Get it out there more. Thank you

Rita from Ashburn georiga MAY 26, 2023
I love this commercial. Makes my heart happy.

Anonymous APRIL 15, 2023
That one teared me up a bit!! Beautiful!!

Barbara Butcher from Great Falls, Montana MARCH 26, 2023
This is the best few minutes I've ever watched on television in my 69 years. I love it every time I watch it. I hope it never goes off the air.

Anonymous JANUARY 21, 2023

Cheryl Andrews from Salem MA  DECEMBER 3, 2022
The best ad! So inspiring… Happy tears every time I see it on the Boston Sports Channel.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Marlene from Florida  AUGUST 14, 2022

Joe from Rockport, MA JULY 8, 2022
So awesome! Thanks so much for the smiles you provide me when I need them the most. :)

Bonnie Gittemeier from St Charles, MO JULY 2, 2022
Absolutely uplifting video! I love it.

YOYO Young & Old Youth Organization from New Jersey JUNE 18, 2022

charlene from moreno valley, ca JUNE 7, 2022
I love your videos. PLEASE keep them coming. They remind me of what we should be, how we should treat and appreciate each other. What a different world this would be!

K E S Mason from Shreveport, LA JUNE 2, 2022
FANtastic! Keep these hits comin’! It makes a tough time better on and off the court!

Paddy from Wantagh MAY 28, 2022
Made my day, thanks.

Carolyn Hollingsworth from Arizona APRIL 29, 2022
Very special!

Avry from Calgary APRIL 27, 2022
That is awesome! Will pass it on.

Julia Eurell from Thurman Oh. APRIL 23, 2022
Love this. I have a grandson with Downs. Makes me cry in a good way.

Kathy from NY  APRIL 22, 2022
Thanks what a beautiful way to start the day. It shows that there is still kindness in this world. God wink 😅

Ed Hamilton from San Antonio  APRIL 16, 2022

Donna from Utica, NY MARCH 29, 2022
Your commercials are the best things on tv!

Leonard Mcdaniel from Delta Colorado 81416  MARCH 23, 2022
Thanks for sharing TV adds of caring & sharing . There so up lifting and positive.

Deb from New York MARCH 21, 2022
What a fantastic message! I am SOOOOO grateful to PassItOn for making these videos!!!! I am a public school teacher and show one video to my class every Monday and Thursday. So far this year, my students have seen 52 of your amazing and inspiring videos! THANK YOU!!

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