Already There

The tug on your heart that comes from a child’s innocent question, “When are you coming home?” and the awkward answer, “Soon,” leaves you wanting to get yourself back home…instantly. Lone Star’s song “I’m Already There” comes very close to virtually fulfilling that wish. We hope you will enjoy a reflective and uplifting moment with this video. Being There… Pass It On.


BOY: Mom, when is daddy coming home?
MOM: Daddy misses us too honey.
(phone rings)
MOM: Hello. Hi honey.

He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room

DAD: Hi honey.

Just to hear her say ‘I love you’ one more time

MOM: I love you.

A little voice came on the phone
Said ‘Daddy when you coming home?’

MOM: He’s right here.
BOY: Dad when you gonna come home?

He said the first thing that came to his mind
I’m already there

DAD: I’m already there.

Take a look around
I’m the sunshine in your hair
I’m the shadow on the ground
I’m the whisper in the wind
I’m your imaginary friend
And I know I’m in your prayers
Oh I’m already there

DAD: Hey buddy.
BOY: (giggles)

VOICE OVER: Being There... Pass It On.
A message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Being There. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Henry from Uganda  JUNE 21, 2022
This is beautiful

John Bligga from Florida, USA MARCH 6, 2022
These videos matter!

Wendy from North Carolina JULY 27, 2019
Very nice!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 26, 2019
Love it Love it

Anonymous NOVEMBER 20, 2018
i love that so much

Anonymous OCTOBER 25, 2018
This is so sweet love the dad and mom and brother and all of the cariters

Anonymous OCTOBER 25, 2018
I love that

Damola from Nigeria OCTOBER 20, 2018
This is lovely....

Jo-Ann from Rhode Island MAY 6, 2018
Such beautiful video

Victoria sarkodie from Ghana  MARCH 8, 2018
Wow it always bring tears to my eyes, it's such a great advert,

Violet from Non of your bee's wax JANUARY 29, 2018
This was so sweet!!!

Joy from Thomas AUGUST 24, 2017
All the videos are awesome with grate message......

Ben from Chula Vista  AUGUST 1, 2017
Beautiful, meaningful commercials. Thank you for posting these.

PUG MAY 4, 2017
Aw that was just to beutiful!<3

Sheila from SpringHill,FL. APRIL 24, 2017
Could not of said It any better. Thanks for letting me Pass It on.

Sharon from Sun City Grand, Arizona JANUARY 23, 2017
What you are doing with this is so beautiful in every way.. It melts myheart

JRF from Mt. Gilead, Ohio JANUARY 19, 2017
Outstanding video, my chicks have left the nest, but video like this always keeps the memories alive within, for it was not so long ago !

Sweet from Horseland DECEMBER 14, 2016
Teardrop. ()

Anonymous DECEMBER 12, 2016
wow its awesome!!!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 17, 2016

Tonya from Wilson, North Carolina AUGUST 16, 2016
So touching!!!

Pablito D. Narrido Jr. from General Santos City, Philippines JULY 31, 2016
How I wish I could call my deceased father on the I suddenly miss him soooo much... I wish he could be here...

charlie from akron JUNE 22, 2016
im the little boy

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016
eyes tearing

Jessica from Caifornia MAY 16, 2016
that was nice

Anonymous MAY 11, 2016
This is the best inspirational video I have seen on this website and anywhere in my entire lifetime. Thank You so much for making these videos to inspire people.

Mary from Fernie MARCH 23, 2016
This little boy is so precious!!! He does such a wonderful job! I hope we see more of him!!! The mother here couldnt be more sweet,and beautiful!! So so darling!!!

Kenneth from Calgary,AB Canada. MARCH 10, 2016
Thank you for a heart warming video, true average Americans families values, NO big mansion,NO elegant furnishings,NO king size kitchen,NO acre size front yard. Very well done. Thank you !

jermaine from Raleigh nc JANUARY 31, 2016
Thank you

chantal from chantis DECEMBER 22, 2015
so cute

Anne  DECEMBER 16, 2015
thank you for such a moving video! home is where our heart is indeed!!

WynoaR. Smith from Memphis, Tn. NOVEMBER 27, 2015
The first time I saw this I became so emotional but happy. I had the biggest smile on my face that could not compare to all the different memories I have. My heart skips abeat whenever it comes on tv!

Ashlynn from Florida NOVEMBER 18, 2015
So cute! Im only in 5th grade and this made me cry! I always this moment when my mom or dad are gone.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 6, 2015
I love this! I always miss my father till he gets home. This made me cry!

Sonya from NOVEMBER 5, 2015
Thank You for another inspiration commercial. It is good to know that the Dad was there spiritual and physical. Just the glitter in the little boys eyes and the way he greeted his dad is more than a happy child to see dad. The little boy is overjoyed knowing that dad was coming home.

Ally from Berwick OCTOBER 5, 2015
My dad doesn't come to see me. I don't really know him that well. I only know from what people tell me. He chooses not to see me.... I haven't seen him in 5 years. I wish he did this for me.

Belen R Urizar from Glendale CA  SEPTEMBER 17, 2015
The first time I ever seen this video was because my son that's 4 years old ran to me and he hold on to my hand and pulled me in to his room and made me stand there looking at the commercial and at him breaking down going in circles looking for his dad. Then my daughter starts crying to then my other baby muyu-muyu breaks down in tears too it hurt so much because it was when me and my husband were going through border line divorcing and till today every time I see it or hear the song I break down in tears remembering that day NOW every time this commercial comes out my children run to me to watch it then they stand and look at me till they see a tear of water come out of my eye and walk away then seconds later one will come and ask mommy why you crying you miss my daddy and i stay quiet and they say to them selfs why is my mom crying out loud if my daddy is still here with us and hasn't left like he used to. I love you kids so much that's what keeps me alive I miss you guys so much my babies.

NULL from NULL JULY 15, 2015
This hits me hard. My husband has been working in NY since september 2014. Our three year old daughter and I stayed in Puerto Rico. It is now July 2015, we haven't been able to ee eachother because of financial strain. Seeing this video hits very close to home. I live this EVERY single day. In every phone call, in every video chat...its too much.

NULL from NULL JUNE 22, 2015
First time i saw this video my children showed me this video, and i started crying. This video is so much encouraging to my children and me. They father, my husband a navy veteran, who passed away almost 2 years ago got killed. Every time this video comes on my kids starts singing it, because they said it helps them remind them when they dad was over seas and when they use to talk to him over the phone they would always say dad when are you coming home. Now that he has passed away, they still loved the video and watch it because they said they know their dad is home, he is in heaven watching down on them and he will always be in their hearts......

that was so beautiful

NULL from NULL JANUARY 18, 2015
i love this video and song

Joe Menear from Bloomfield, NY  SEPTEMBER 15, 2014
I've loved this song ever since it came out. It reminded me of how I felt when my daughter was very young & living in Florida. What a beautiful story.

Tyler from Kansas SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
Happy Commercial

Micah from Springfield College, MA AUGUST 28, 2014
I was sitting in the Dining Hall a few days ago this song came on. Made me think of this commercial

Cameron Herauf from Concrete,wa JUNE 2, 2014
This commercial made me think of my mom: I don't get to see her but I think she is still with me. I miss her so much.

Luis Abel from Honduras MAY 23, 2014
very touching. everytime i watched one of yoru videos I feel inspired and motivated to live and help my students achieve their goals. KEPP GOING!! greetings from Honduras

isabel gonzalez from foulten45 MAY 23, 2014
help evreone FOR EVER MORE !

Sushmita Sekar from Chennai MAY 15, 2014
Wonderful video!

Anonymous from Antarctica MAY 12, 2014
Nice. Everyone needs someone.

jordan from dallas MAY 11, 2014
his face when he talks to his dad is so cute it gets me every time

jordan from dallas MAY 11, 2014
it was beautiful i watched it over and over and cried tears of joy every time

Tim from SLC Utah MAY 3, 2014
This add hits so close to home. Family first...always!

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