Often dubbed the "most fun" of FBL's spots to shoot, "Reach" was filmed on a beautiful day. The two actors were indeed cruising down the open road. In the close-up shots of the guys in their Jeep, however - as with most similar shots of people in cars - the Jeep was actually being towed. Cameras were mounted on a camera trailer alongside of the vehicle.

Randy Bachman, the singer/songwriter of "Takin' Care of Business", was excited about the spot, and the two actors played off of each other very well. The concluding line - "Saved the day!" - was unscripted. It came naturally to the actor, the director liked it, and the team decided to keep it.


Passenger: Whoa, dude!
Passenger: You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?
Music: “People see you havin’ fun…”
Driver: Yeah, I’m going to cut the gap
Music: “just a-lying in the sun…”
Passenger: Yeah...(laughs)…sweet!
Passenger: I’m gonna get it, I’m gonna get it. I’m going in…
Music: “it’s the work that we avoid, and we’re all self employed…
Music: “We love to work at nothing all day…
Passenger: Whew!
Music: “and we’ve been takin’ care of business, it’s all right…
Music: “takin’ care of business, and working overtime.”
Anncr: Integrity…pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.
Passenger: Saved the day (laughing)
Super: Integrity…pass it on. The Foundation for a Better Life

Integrity. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Sally from America MARCH 14, 2022
Loved it!

nope from not a chance  JUNE 11, 2021
i though he was gonna steal it but instead he closed the truck door

molly roes from buckhorn Lake  APRIL 23, 2021
this was great

molly Sees APRIL 23, 2021
love this

Jake OCTOBER 13, 2020
Awesome Video. My sister could learn from this

skyeann SEPTEMBER 23, 2020
that thay was being kind

Mercedes  AUGUST 13, 2020
There showing integrity by closing And not stealing

Hamilton.Claude from 6989 Lexington Dr MAY 21, 2020
your day of love may bring the gratitude of others for life.

𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕖𝕝𝕒 migliuri  APRIL 23, 2020
I showed integrity bye folding laundry with my mom

Annie FEBRUARY 6, 2020
I showed intergtry when I helped my mom on something.

Charles Thompson SEPTEMBER 30, 2018
Surprise ending. People are good.

Juan Caceres from Chile JANUARY 9, 2018
Excellent video it's really inspiring

Anonymous OCTOBER 27, 2017
I love the way you can be nice.

Keep Left, Pass Right from On the Left JUNE 14, 2017
so people with integrity drive on the left... did I miss something?

Lindalva from Brazil MAY 21, 2017
Those videos always bringing us simple and great lessons! These commercials are really great!!!

Alexa MARCH 29, 2017
This is where I go for encouraement

Angela from Phoenix, AZ OCTOBER 17, 2016
Loved the video; certainly gives you morales to achieve and inspire to others.

ken from Spring Valley, IL SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
I hope you folks never stop doing what you are doing. I only wish EVERYONE would see your website.

Josh FEBRUARY 29, 2016
We also need compassion, honor , loyal, self service , and duty

Barry from St. George, UT NOVEMBER 19, 2015
I've watched this video more times than I can count, and I love it more each time I see it. I'm an administrator at a treatment center for at-risk teens, and this video has been part of our higher-values-based curriculum for the past 3 years or so. Everything about this production is spot on---the story itself with its deft manipulation of stereotypical images that "spring load" the viewer's mind to expect the worse; the choice of songs; the two actors, each of whose perfectly disguised performances taught us at once about the value of "doing the right thing when nobody's around, while cautioning us not to judge others by their appearances. Cast and crew deserve Oscars all around! Bravo!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Always try to do the right thing

Emma from Ontario  NOVEMBER 4, 2015
I think the message was that you need to help others because if that was you you would want to someone to help you out aswell. I think I would probably leave it because it is dangerous and just tell the truck driver.

NULL from NULL AUGUST 6, 2015
I love, love, love this commercial and it's message. Keep up the good work!

at first i thought those guys were going to steal those glasses,but they wern't

NULL from NULL JANUARY 26, 2015
I like Bachman Turner Overdrive singing Taking Care Of Business being sung in this F.B.L commercial

Bob Rodgers from Belize, Central America MAY 8, 2014
Greatest Ad of all time!!!!! Brilliant concept to portray

Daniel Graham from Louisville Ky APRIL 4, 2014
Now that was a very good thing they did!That was very nice of them.Please keep integrity going.

marco from brazil MARCH 1, 2014
A very nice gesture! If everyone act like that, the world would be a better place.

Jomama from bowling green oh. JULY 8, 2013
why isn't this a commercial that we see?? great message don't dog the bikers though.......I see they didn't take advantage of a situation

Bryan from Indiana MAY 28, 2013
This commercial is so cool. Need more creative commercials like this on television today. Keep them coming!!

Imnotlemonlime from Miami Florida APRIL 19, 2013
Need more commercials like this! Rock on!

Ozzyzombie from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
@lexkuloot I agree all the GOD BLESS EVERY 1.

Pinky from Bethelehem PA MARCH 7, 2013
LOL this is so funny!

LexKuloot from Bukidnon FEBRUARY 16, 2013
Great.. showing integrity is still in now a days im still having my practice teach and i was task to discuss integrity.. GREAT JOB.. :) GOD bless everyone..

me from ... SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
These comercials are so cool! I love them and this one had a great ending! Great job people!!

Cassandra from Singapore SEPTEMBER 26, 2012
I love your adverts, can you broadcast them in Singapore?


John from New York City JULY 9, 2012
I thought he was going to steal the drinks.

Dave Crisp from Ohio USA JUNE 13, 2012
U.S. Congress ought to see this.

Waleska from Brazil MAY 31, 2012
Your videos are fantastic! I am a teacher, I show them to my students.Thanks a lot!

Nate from Colorado MAY 6, 2012
My principal at my old school in Oklahoma showed our 7th and 8th grade class this. It touched me. I learned that it'd be nice to help out and do the right thing instead of grabbing something "for free" especially in this economy.

Abraham from Lagos JANUARY 20, 2012
Great job! I'm currently working on a culture/value project and would love to present this clip. Can I download it somehow?

Rebecca from GPA SEPTEMBER 1, 2011
I am using this as a teaching tool to help promote integrity in my classroom.

Alicia from Argentina JULY 14, 2011
It's nice,very funny....

Rick Hunter from Winston-Salem, NC JUNE 8, 2011
There are many great TV messages from The Foundation for a Better Life but this one is my favorite.

Kerri from Ohio JUNE 5, 2011
If only everybody acted like this.

Sean from Durango, Colorado APRIL 17, 2011
These are so wonderful and inspiring - so nice to see an unexpected positive angle explored (because of course it would appear the two fellows are going to steal the sodas). Great work, guys!

Lambert Corpuz from Phillipines APRIL 17, 2011
I am a father of 3 children, this will help me use the present day technology to develop the character of my children. Thanks to those who made this video

Deb P from Virginia APRIL 1, 2011
Thank you for this important service. I am a teacher and I love and value my students, but we have had a lot of cheating problems lately. I am going to use some of your materials in class to supplement a unit on "Doing the Right Thing."

Emily from Louisiana FEBRUARY 11, 2011
I am a simple twelve year old, and I was watching my show and one of your commercials came on. I have always liked them, but this one really touched my soul. I jumped up, ran to the computer and visited this site. You people are going to change the world someday, ya know that? Keep doing what you do best guys, and some day, "the last child will cry for a crumb, and the last man will die for his words".

May T. from San Jose, CA JANUARY 7, 2011
Your commercials make my heart smile! I'm going to show some of them to my 2nd grade students.

Kourtnie, B from LA JANUARY 5, 2011
Livin' live on the edge, huh?

DawnBirdsong O from oregon SEPTEMBER 7, 2010
This is one of my favorites from the Foundation for a Better Life site.

DDN from Lufkin Texas APRIL 1, 2010
I love this, it's so not what you think is going to happen. In fact ALL the films are great!

Christine L. from Franklin, MA JANUARY 25, 2010
Totally awesome! In addition to the obvious value message, it also shows we cannot judge a person by their music, looks, etc. LOVED IT!

Brenda W. from Marshall, TX NOVEMBER 14, 2009
Super... They should be on many, many times a day.

Marissa B. from St. Louis, MO NOVEMBER 8, 2009
Amazing! I totally thought he was going to steal the drinks!

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana FEBRUARY 7, 2009
Great message, and it does not surprise me that the great Randy Bachman was happy for its inclusion in such a positive way. Thanks for yet another beautiful spot.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
This was the first spot I saw and did we ever laugh when we saw what they did - as we totally expected they'd be stealing the beverages!! It's a great way to place such a strong message. It's the best!

Danny L from Lotus, CA NOVEMBER 6, 2008
The end caught me totally off guard. My favorite spot by far! I show these to my 6th grade students as discussion starters...Thank you.

Hailey F. from Texas, USA AUGUST 24, 2008
I always come watch these when I am having a bad day, they always cheer me up! Keep up the amazing work!

Jennifer L from Massachusetts APRIL 10, 2008
I love all of them!! You are a great foundation!!

Ben M. from Colorado, USA NOVEMBER 13, 2007
You can't download them, but you can order one of their DVD's on the website if you click on the resource center at the bottom of the webpage.

Molly I. from Plattsburg, Missouri USA NOVEMBER 11, 2007
I think what you're doing is beautiful and important. Thanks!

Jon J from Richmond, UT OCTOBER 30, 2007
I am a boy scout leader and would like to present some of these clips to my boys. Are they available for download? If so how? Thanks, Jon Jensen

Cosmo from Ohio, USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Wow one of the best I've seen. It's so cool!

Jim D from Utah AUGUST 5, 2007
Is it possible to download the "reach" commercial spot for a sunday school lessson?

Jon J from Richmond, UT APRIL 26, 2007
Great spots for teaching children values. Keep it up!!!

Nicole K from Wyoming APRIL 15, 2007
these are AWESOME!! you should put them all on a DVD and sell it. We would love to purchase these.

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