Good Stuff

This message captures the sometimes common tension in a young marriage where there has been a misunderstanding.  The young man in our story leaves to sort out his feelings and winds up getting some sage advice which guides him back home.  The theme is beautifully punctuated by Kenny Chesney’s hit song, “The Good Stuff.”  Viewers will enjoy the simple but powerful message centering on understanding.  The Good Stuff…Pass It On.


Wife: (yelling) “Don’t you even think about that…”
Bartender: “What can I get for you, man?”
Husband: “A better life than the one I’ve got.” “…a life kind of like that one.”
Bartender: “Hey, it wasn’t always a perfect picture, but there were some perfect parts…”

Music in background:
Well, me and my lady had our first big fight ?So I drove around 'till I saw the neon lights ?Of a corner bar ?Not a soul around but the old barkeep ?Down at the end and looking half asleep ?But he walked up and said what'll it be? ?I said the good stuff
'Cause it's the first long kiss on a second date ?And droppin' the ring in the spaghetti plate 'cause ?Your hands are shakin' so much ?And it's the way that she looks with the rice in her hair ?Eatin' burnt supper the whole first year ?And askin' for seconds to keep her from tearin' up ?Yeah man, that's the good stuff ?ANNCR/SUPER: The Good Stuff…Pass it On. A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Commitment. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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BillieAnne Hunter from Columbia Heights, MN APRIL 14, 2020
Tears I can't stop these raining eyeball from raining😭😭🙂🙂😭😭

Anonymous DECEMBER 15, 2017
Just beutifull. :] :}

Kimba from Raleigh, NC OCTOBER 7, 2017
I love seeing your commercials! They truly make me smile and believe in the goodness of mankind! Thank you for passing on the wonderful messages of life, hope and love! I am so amazed by it all!

Anonymous JUNE 14, 2016
We have had some times, but after 39 yrs. were still making it.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 7, 2015

cescelie from huninningTX OCTOBER 20, 2015
i love my husbend

Veronica from Arizona SEPTEMBER 7, 2014
Such amazing messages on all your videos!!! We need more of this positivity in our world !!!

Reyna, 9 years old from Rowland Hieghts,CA OCTOBER 28, 2013
never give up on family!

Hansard from School MAY 22, 2013
I so love this tv shows

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
Anyone know what the song is called?

Ozzy from Nc MARCH 27, 2013
My life is like that.... And this video made me a little happier (:

BOB from LAS VAGAS MARCH 26, 2013

Jose from Lport ny FEBRUARY 11, 2013
That was deep! Makes you think more about the good in life than the bad and makes you think not everything in life is bad. Sure there are some bad parts here and there but it will always get better even though it may take some time for it to happen.

Abri Ciabattari from Fayetteville, Arkansas FEBRUARY 2, 2013
This video is so true... I love it. I believe that this commercial should be veiwed by many more.

rick alonso from beverly hills JANUARY 29, 2013
That's how my moms life was.

monalisa from indonesia DECEMBER 4, 2012
Wow I love it! Touching!

Christine A from Illinois SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
I like this commercial because it reminds me that no matter how bad a fight can be at the end you can still end up forgiving each other.

Annonymous from USA APRIL 7, 2011
This video is very touching, it reminds me of my parents. Not everything was ever perfect, they had fights, but their love overcame. Very personal and touching, I love it!

Tara M from Wisconsin APRIL 1, 2011
Wish this comercial would get played more often. I think more people that are married should pay more close attention to it. Too many people now days give up to quickly on thier marriage, marriage takes work and work pays off with the Good Stuff in the end!

Sherry S from Ontario Canada DECEMBER 16, 2010
I tear up whenever I see this commercial.

Michael Y. from Houston, TX DECEMBER 7, 2010
@ martha j "down at the end looking half asleep."

martha j from cincinnati, ohio NOVEMBER 16, 2010
I love it but want to know what the words are in the first part while the bar tender is speaking. I can't make them out and it's driving me crazy!

Chris l from Vicksburg JUNE 1, 2010
I remember the words my sister, Micah, gave me. She says relationships aren't going to be easy but you make the best of the situation.

Ray B. from Hobbs, NM MAY 7, 2010
Who is the girl in the video?

Amanda O. from Bronx, New York APRIL 16, 2010
Wow. What a powerful message this is. Love is beautiful especially when its shared with a person you really love. The person I thought of when I saw this was my boyfriend, my teddy bear. At times there are dull moments, but thanks to God we are up again. Definitely more great and memorable moments in our relationship. Love is a beautiful thing. I LOVE YOU BABY!

Jamie N. from Cinci, OH MARCH 14, 2010
This spot needs to played a whole lot more; perhaps we would not have a 50% divorce rate and so many lonely children from broken homes creating a circle of hurt we can't even begin to imagine. This Generation of Children (and I am one, I am 18) when they grow and get married THIS is the lesson we need to be taught-to stick it out past the emotions and really make "love" mean something now-a-days. I have been with my man 3 years now and we've had MANY rough patches but overall, I grow to love him more every year.

Jessica A. from Renton, Washington NOVEMBER 8, 2009
This commercial makes you realize that those little things that you argue about aren't as important as all those great moments you've shared in your relationship. I Love It!

JP from Commack, NY OCTOBER 19, 2009
Love it.

chris napolion l from vicksburg OCTOBER 9, 2009
it touches me more ways than one

Aubrie G. from CA AUGUST 26, 2009
This is cool.

Billy W. from Hattiesburg, Mississippi JULY 17, 2009
I saw the "I Hope You Dance" spot and now "The Good Stuff"...just awesome. I love most Country music due to the soul searching honesty of many of the songs. If they haven't done so already, they should consider spots based on "Drive," "Letter to Me," "You're Gonna Miss This," "In Color," etc.

DJ M from McHenry, IL MARCH 6, 2009
This commercial touches me every single time I see it. The song is absolutely one of my favorite Kenny songs of all time and it fits perfect with this message. Great job, I'm very impressed.

Elise D. from Tacoma, Washington JANUARY 13, 2009
That wonderful "barkeep" is my cousin. Love ya Tommy.

Ebony D from Abilene, TX SEPTEMBER 13, 2008
This reminds me of my grandfather he is very close to passing but he told me when I first got married about how, my grandmother burned the first dinner she made for them when they first got married and how he ate it with a smile on his face, that to me is true love.

Mckay K. from Chatta. TV USA JULY 20, 2008
While watching the TV spots, I found myself sitting here smiling-just smiling. Even after the spot had finished and as I am typing in this comment, I am smiling. What a great job. I found you on Jeanne's Endo Blog. I am going to link to you as well. You can make me feel good each morning. Great! Great! Great! Thank You.

Linda H from Castle Rock JUNE 10, 2008
Anything with Kenny you know it's going to be awesome. Great commercial and awesome song. I just love Kenny Chesney!

Rachel P. from USA JUNE 2, 2008
Kenny Chesney

Steve S. from Rochester, NY JUNE 2, 2008
Who wrote the song?

David Z from Lake Stevens, WA MAY 28, 2008
I just saw this commercial tonight and I kept waiting for the picture of some Major Beer brand to come up - but it never happend. I can't believe ads like this one exist! How do I donate to this foundation?

Dawn E. from Pennsylvania MAY 27, 2008
I absolutely loved this commercial. Kenny Chesney is the best!

Colin from Bahamas JANUARY 28, 2008
This commercial always makes me realize how special my wife and son are to me. I sing the song constantly.

Sherry L. from Illinois USA JANUARY 24, 2008
Hearing Kenny Chesney's "The Good Stuff" made me take immediate notice of the Good Stuff Ad. I love the TV spot and that song is just so true and meaningful.

Kylie B. from Salt Lake City, Utah USA JANUARY 14, 2008
I just Love T (the barkeeper)! He is not just that way on TV but in person too!

Teresa M from South bend,IN JANUARY 1, 2008
"The Good Stuff" is so true I love this commercial!

Robert P. from Los Angeles, California USA DECEMBER 4, 2007
The comments about "The Old Barkeep" and his generosity are absolutely true and this is honestly the way this man is. I was in the parking lot of his restaurant in Utah at closing time when a homeless guy was walking by. "Barkeep" said "You hungry brother?" Me, "Barkeep", and the homeless guy ate the best bbq chicken on earth with beans and slaw and drank sodas on a warm evening. I will never forget his generosity.

Shen D. from China DECEMBER 4, 2007
I like it and I'm inspired.

Tim O. from Concord, New Hampshire USA NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Please make this available for a download! As a married man myself, I would like to play this every day to remind myself what I have.

Ted S. from Utah, USA NOVEMBER 24, 2007
The "barkeep" in this video is a very generous restaurateur in Utah. He and his lovely wife feed people in need, not to mention feeding the rest of us the best BBQ in the state! What a wonderful video made by wonderful folks.

Chris S. from Logan, Utah USA NOVEMBER 24, 2007
I've been friends with the bartender in this one for a little over a year and I'm here to tell you that is no act... he really is that kind of guy!

Ed O. from Syosset, New York USA NOVEMBER 9, 2007
My wife and I just saw for the first time your Good Stuff TV spot. Wonderful. We have been married 40 years (this past July) and the message of the barkeeper is so true --- not always easy, and not always the best --- but it ends up Good Stuff if you give it the effort and hang in there. Just like the young lad went home to his wife! Bravo

Kristine D. from Medinah, Illinois USA OCTOBER 13, 2007
I just saw this commercial and ran to my computer to see what this is all about. I've been married for a little over a month and am realizing, already, that marriage is tough work. My husband and I have been through a lot before and after the wedding, but we've been through many more happy, wonderful times and we love each other very dearly. This message you are putting out there with remembering "The Good Stuff" is a huge blessing to society and thank you for putting it out there for us all to see. A lot of times we lose track and forget about the good times and focus on the bad. We should all focus on the good times to make life a little bit better. I PROMISE to pass it on!!!!

Rishi M. from Atlanta, Georgia USA OCTOBER 13, 2007
I'm inspired...

Natasha C. from USA OCTOBER 11, 2007
Having recognized the actors in this cute commerical, I had to come check out your website. This is the first I've heard of The Foundation for a Better Life and am thrilled to see this kind of organized effort in place to encourage some sorely needed values in society. I will definitely pass on the word.

Nikum P. from Uganda OCTOBER 11, 2007
Life becomes easy only when you have faith and friends indeed to talk to.

Angie G. from Texas, USA OCTOBER 10, 2007
I love it! The Good Stuff Is what is all about!!!!!

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
Yay. I like it!

Raj B. from Nepal SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Very Intresting.

Otis O. from Danville, Kentucky USA SEPTEMBER 7, 2007
Life is this simple. WE make it difficult. Thanks for reminding me what's important.

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