The Greatest

The Greatest is all about perspective. Just when you think you are failing, when things seem to be going wrong a change of perspective shines a bright light of realization that you just might be succeeding in other ways.

It is a very simple concept but the key, of course was finding the right young actor to play the part. As you have seen, he is amazing. After countless takes throwing the ball up and missing—which is harder than you might think—he never lost his zeal. The last scene was as strong as the first. “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang fittingly takes us from despair at ‘strike three” to euphoria and inspires us to embrace the value of Optimism as we face similar situations each day. After all, you might just be The Greatest.


I'm the greatest hitter in the world!
Strike One.

I'm the greatest hitter in the world!
Strike Two.


I'm the greatest hitter in the world!
Strike Three.

I'm the greatest pitcher in the world! Yes!

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Voice Over: Optimism. Pass it On. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Optimism. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Lu Allen from Tx APRIL 1, 2021
I look at this video every year on the opening day of baseball season. I love it!

mady lindsy from crinsy NOVEMBER 16, 2020
if you think you are good you are do not let enyone tell you difrent

Roy Siefert from Wellsboro, Pennsylvania  JULY 1, 2020
This is a wonderfully done message. I used to to start a staff meeting with my employees. Thanks for your work.

Jayden APRIL 16, 2020
If you just believe you can do anything

Kaleah Ash from Mobile, Al APRIL 15, 2020
Never know when you face with great talent

william ashmore from mkcenny texas APRIL 15, 2020
that boy never gave up and when he failed he didn't throw a fit and just looked on the bright side.

Ed R APRIL 11, 2020
Baseball season

Tee from Arizona  JUNE 3, 2019
Super!! Sometimes our perspective makes the difference!!! 🤗 Thanks

Anonymous DECEMBER 17, 2018
Sometimes our real gifts / talents are right in front of us. We are just too busy looking for something else.

I like it. The bottom line is............NEVER GIVE UP!

Anonymous JUNE 28, 2018
cute kid

Anonymous JUNE 15, 2018
Awesome. We need more commercials like this.

Mckenna Rodriguez from Howell, MI MARCH 13, 2018
Awesome, cute, never give up!

Anonymous  FEBRUARY 25, 2018
So important to see, especially during these difficult times

Anonymous FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Anonymous FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Joyce Jacobs  FEBRUARY 10, 2018
I am so glad to see this commercial is still being shown, as I just saw it on tv! I just love it!

Anonymous JANUARY 29, 2018
LOL so cute

Sophia from Diamond Bar ,CA AUGUST 28, 2017
everyone should be positive and look on the bright side.

Matthew from North Fort Myers, FL JULY 11, 2017
Kenny Rogers wrote this song.

Nadeem from Bahrain MAY 25, 2017
It made my day......

Sandy from Moundville MARCH 7, 2017
Stay determined in any situation!! 'Determination'!!

Sandra Freeman from Moundville, Alabama MARCH 7, 2017

Deborah from Asheville, NC DECEMBER 18, 2016
My favorite message in a long time. We should all look at life in a positive way.

Larry from Santa Fe AUGUST 26, 2016
what things can be learned from a child

Brian from Florida JULY 23, 2016
Never Give Up ....Keep Looking Up !!!!

Kimberly from Garner..... MARCH 12, 2016
Hal's beautiful grandson and so much hope and promise for the future and life

ERIN from W.V. JANUARY 2, 2016
I like it!

Hector from St_Adelaide Mexico DECEMBER 6, 2015
Really inspiring message. TVM

Ann from elementary school  NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Inspirational and perfect for my presentation to elementary teachers.

Lori from elementary school (psychologist) NOVEMBER 19, 2015
Inspirational and perfect for my presentation to elementary teachers.

that is funny

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 29, 2014

MustangTrax from Tucson, AZ SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
Just saw this ad from TV that was playing in the background as I finished my last cup of coffee. I stopped me in my tracks! So powerful, that I took time out to look you up on FB, like your page and share the message. Keep up the GREAT work! Sending everyone Blessings.

Lynda M. from Sunnyvale, CA AUGUST 22, 2014
Just love his face and expressions. Wonderful commercial.

Vitalis Dexter from Mauritius JULY 27, 2014
I'm inspired by this video.

Cynthia from Dundas, Ontario, Canada JULY 1, 2014
Canada Day, 2014 - this is STILL my favourite commercial of all time!

Cassandra from Ohio JUNE 22, 2014
I love the excitement he gives... i need to take a page from his book

Mabweh from Malaysia APRIL 23, 2014
Thanks for this.. I cried out of sadness yesterday because I did not understand computer programming, :) well this Video is a seed of hope to me. Thanks #Optimism

Eduardo Palacio from Santa Ana, Ca. APRIL 16, 2014
My kind of web !!!

Alfred from Texas MARCH 31, 2014
This spot really grabbed me because the boy looks so much like my precious grandson.

Evie from UK MARCH 17, 2014
There is a whole social network based on favorite words out there: (a perfect name) - it's intriguing.

Love Country Music from Heartland MARCH 3, 2014
Love the optimism. The Kenny Rogers song has been one of my favorites for years.

Gary from Kahala FEBRUARY 9, 2014
Watch this please

Richard Rockett from Middlesex, NC FEBRUARY 3, 2014
Life is a treasure only if it can be shared.

Papa Gator from Tallahassee, Florida 32311 JANUARY 29, 2014
There is nothing more inspiring than turning the bad into good. Way to go Values

Wrenn L. Green Sr. from Tallahassee, Florida 32311 JANUARY 15, 2014
I love the inspiration that is better than any show or commercial on TV.

Celeste from Ocala JANUARY 9, 2014
Cute commercial once again. You guys keep amazing me.

Tom lichtenwalter from Midlothian TX JANUARY 3, 2014
I've watched this at least 30 times and have enjoyed this a little more each time. It lifts my spirits each time

Jessica Smith from Buena Park, CA DECEMBER 15, 2013
This is a great Kenny Rogers song, though I'm not which came first. Not that I care, I love this video, too!

Billy L. from Warner Robins, Ga. OCTOBER 19, 2013
I have seen some inspirational sites, and on fb. The runner not giving up, struck home. Thanks! God Bless.

teressa hogan from homestead fl OCTOBER 14, 2013
Hes the cutest kid in the world

Laura from Texas  OCTOBER 9, 2013
Loved this commercial!!!

Janifer from Jax Fl SEPTEMBER 19, 2013
Takes me back to when my boys were playing ball. Love this video!!

caden from omaha SEPTEMBER 7, 2013
i love this video!

Debbie from Jamestown N.Y.T SEPTEMBER 4, 2013
This is the greatest commercial in the world. I love it.

bfflores from Florida SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
I love this can I pass it on, on Facebook?

tigger from joppa AUGUST 22, 2013
That is funny

Uchendu edochie from Anambra state Nigeria AUGUST 14, 2013
I really love the game

tristin from apple vally AUGUST 12, 2013
i really get the point

Allegra from Raleigh AUGUST 11, 2013
I LOVE this! My favorite ad of all time!

Gloria from Godwin JULY 30, 2013
Without a doubt...the only tv commercial worth watching. Continues to be my favorite.

Randy Sharp from Little Rock, AR JULY 25, 2013
This short video will have a plethora of applications, like a good sermon! Depending on what your current life circumstances are, you will draw from this video what is meant for you personally "at that time". Keeping a positive perspective, one should evaluate their outcomes, look to wise counsel for help and guidance, then move toward the option where they will find fulfillment, acheivement and success! Ultimate joy in life will never be found in anything other than whom we are made to be, by the One whom made us.

Sir Earl Toon from Worldwide JULY 24, 2013
Every time I hear my "Words and Melody" sung, played or danced to by Anyone at Anytime for Any reason, in Any event or through Any media purpose to uplift and bring about Joy, Peace, Happiness and Optimism; I thank God for his Grace, Favor... Mercy and Blessings given me to share with the World... Celebrate Good Times C'mon ~ Everyday God grants you the gift of Life & Time. Love Always, Earl Toon Jr ~ Sir Earl Toon ~ Kool and the Gang... Y.M.O. Enterprises LLC Contact:

RB from Canada JULY 16, 2013
When I was just a bit older than that, I was at bat near the end of the last little league playoff game of the season. Joe Carter was my hero at the time for hitting the home run that won the World Series of '93. I wanted to be just like Carter. Lo and behold, I hit my very first ever home run that very game--and it was a grand slam! There were no words to describe how it felt. I can still remember the feeling in my hands from the vibration of the bat; I knew it was gonna be out of the park. Well, no one else on my team had even hit a home run that season, and they got so darn excited they mobbed me at the plate. When I got back up, of all things, the umpire said I hadn't actually tagged the plate. By that time, the dead ball had been thrown back into the park, and the pitcher had it in his glove. He was standing next to the talking umpire. The pitcher and umpire were standing between me and the plate, as I had already begun walking back to the dugout with my ebullient teammates. The umpire said that if I don't tag the plate and the pitcher tags me, I'll be out. I was standing so close to the pitcher that I knew it was no use, and he was blocking the plate. The pitcher tagged me, and the umpire called me out. There was outrage amongst my teammates, as well as the coaches and parents. Even the opposing team said, "Let the kid have the run! It's a dead ball!" and, "Don't take this away from him, it's his first home run!" But the umpire's call prevailed. I thought I made everyone so proud, and my dad didn't get to see many of my games; he was actually at that one. My parents told me that it was still a home run, no matter what anyone says. But I was heartbroken. I sat in the dugout while my team did their best to console me. I gave up that year and never played again. It may very well have been the worst call in baseball, but to this day I wonder what would have happened had I continued on, and where I might be today. I wonder how much it shaped who I am today. I sometimes wonder why I didn't go back the following year, and can't help but feel defeated that I hadn't. People still talk about that game to this day, almost 20 years later, and I'm still the only one that everyone knows--myself included--who had the kind of luck to be called out on a home run.

Fawn from Georgia JULY 10, 2013
My 12 year old little boy was being teased at school for being a "nerd," a bookworm and a "computer geek." He told me that he just said to everyone "computer geeks of today grow up to be the Bill Gates of tomorrow." BRAVO FOR OPTIMISM AND CONFICENCE!! This commercial is great showing a child who thinks the best of himself and his talents.

Martha from Georgia JUNE 25, 2013
Love this ad!! Greatest ever with the most meaning!!

Timothy from norman, ok JUNE 5, 2013
This made me take a look at myself

mary ann from bc JUNE 4, 2013
best ad ever!

Norma from Fresno, Ca JUNE 1, 2013
This commercial made my day! What a great inspirational message.

MK from Alaska MAY 20, 2013
This is what everyone needs. Less disappointment, more positive and seeing a new path, and the bright side of the situation.

Karen from Rossford OH MAY 17, 2013
This is the greatest commercial I have ever seen! Thank you!

Andrea from Redmond OR MAY 10, 2013
We need more optimism these days.

Ruth from Tn MAY 9, 2013
Love this!

Richard from Brasil MAY 1, 2013
Tha's a good example of optimism, this child show us his high spirit. I really like it.

melody from michigan APRIL 30, 2013
This little boy looks EXACTLY like my grandson Quentin...He plays baseball too! Love the commercial...

Mike trujillo from Los Angeles california USA APRIL 26, 2013
Wow A+

Debbie from Maryland APRIL 22, 2013
Love this!! It is truely a great message!!!

Tom B from Cumberland RI APRIL 21, 2013
This commercial is such an inspiration right at this moment that is the lowest point in my life. Thanks I needed that.

Max Christensen from Vancouver BC, CAN APRIL 20, 2013
Wow so funny I wish I was that optimistic.

Lizeth Medina from Brooklyn, NY APRIL 15, 2013
My boyfriend and I LOVE this commercial. It's so tender and funny all while delivering such a great message! Not only is it a great message for children but for adults too. Now every time I go up to bat in our softball team I yell out "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!!!" :)

Jewel Banks from Detroit, Michigan APRIL 12, 2013
I loved this video! It was great and nicely put!

Paula from Detroit APRIL 10, 2013
This is awesome!! What a great teaching tool for young kids!

Jill from US APRIL 6, 2013
I've never seen this one before. I loved it. Thanks for warming my heart.

yolonda from US MARCH 26, 2013
A colleague shared his impression of this commercial with me and the message intrigued me enough to look for it. The word used by my colleageu to describe the young man's perspective was "resilience" -- the ability to recover quickly from setbacks, the ability of matter to spring back quickly into shape. Not certain if that was the intention of this message, but it is a quality that we should nurture in every would help them to become much more productive and creative adults.

ozzy from nc MARCH 26, 2013
This is truly the greatest in the world! It reminds me of when I was as a kid. THANK YOU VALUES.COM!!!!!!

fred from ohio MARCH 26, 2013
The best I've seen this year. Loving it! Thank you!

Joanna Wójcik from Czeladź MARCH 23, 2013
This should be shown on screens in the school!

Josue from Las Vegas, NV MARCH 23, 2013
This is awesome it really helped me looked at life as "yes or "yes" another words no matter what life throws at you. You just have to be optimistic, I beleive this attitude simply makes people successful in all they do no matter who they are or the background. After all there is no negativity when you are optimistic. Always it!

Warren from Wisconsin MARCH 20, 2013
Why pay a motivational speaker thousands of dollars when you can just run this video once a week?

Fernando Aguirre from Charlotte, NC  MARCH 13, 2013
Adapt and change, one of the requirements of a leader.

Christina from Chicago, Illinois FEBRUARY 26, 2013
Love this video! Just goes to show how the ability to change one's perspective can have a positive effect both on that person and everyone around them :)

Junior52MI from Muskegon, MI JANUARY 15, 2013
Just wanted to say this PSA has run on our local Antenna TV outlet alot. It's great. And sometimes it runs in every local outlet on that channel and I think he is the cutest boy for having that wonderful change of attitude. So he's not the greatest hitter, he just decided he'd be the greatest pitcher.

Fola Iwatuje from Nigeria DECEMBER 10, 2012

marcous from mckvinnville NOVEMBER 20, 2012
Wow just wow.

mariville from manila OCTOBER 8, 2012
Yeah, good boy. Failure is the stepping stone to success. in every failure, a challenge to pursue more on our dreams. If not for failure you'll never experience how to be successful.

Sayed Arbi from Indonesia OCTOBER 7, 2012
Play again and again. Optimism is the future.

Wow so encouraging, how many times have you tried and never see any success,what is the worst failure you ever had in your life, no matter how bad it ever had been, your way to greatness comes on by the worst that you ever had.

Olga Thornton from USA OCTOBER 6, 2012

jose from mexico OCTOBER 6, 2012
pues claro que si, de una forma u otra la realidad es que si estas convencido de lo que eres, no importa si es bueno o malo,es seguro que seras aquello que estas convencido que eres

Andris from Latvia OCTOBER 5, 2012
Good video.

Hammah M from Cape Coast,Ghana OCTOBER 5, 2012
Failure, is not the end of life

The best yet. Very good.

Boat from Ghana OCTOBER 5, 2012
Life is not only about winning. Some amount of failure adds flavor to life. One will not be winner if failure is unknown. Good boy, you are so sweet.

Roheel from Pakistan OCTOBER 5, 2012
Great Video for inspiration, If the stone is broken by last stroke it doesn't mean 1st stroke was useless success is the name of continues efforts !


İSMAİL UCAR from turkei-bursa OCTOBER 5, 2012
This video is beautiful.

John E. Stratmann from Panama City, Panama OCTOBER 5, 2012
Fabulous in concept and inspirational to all. There is always an alternative to achieve success. All the options are before, never give up trying. I will share this with all my family and friends.

Dilson Anjos from Belem -Pa/Brazil OCTOBER 5, 2012
É isso ai ..a proxima jogada pode ser o sucesso total esperado, AVANTE !!

shahnawaz from karachi OCTOBER 5, 2012
It's good and so interesting! It gives me more inspiration to never lose.

PEPRAH from GH OCTOBER 5, 2012
This video gives me hope for the future!

Agbenyi from Nigeria OCTOBER 5, 2012
This is good! It is not all about what happens around you but what happens within you. What others think about you is not as important as what you think about yourself. A little more PUSH and you will be there.

Lydia from Nigera OCTOBER 5, 2012
Wow this is wonderful and amazing!

Hugo Menezes from Portugal - Lisbon OCTOBER 5, 2012
Man does not live by bread alone!

Jean Francois Nollet from Venezuela OCTOBER 5, 2012
Muy bueno este video.

Martha from Oakville OCTOBER 2, 2012
I love this commercial. My favorite by far. The boy in it is perfect! It gives me shivers when I see it, and the message it sends to everyone is great. Optimism!!

Traci from Tulsa SEPTEMBER 8, 2012

Sonja from Peoria MAY 15, 2012
Shows you don't have to be the best but at the least we need to do what we enjoy.

KOOLAD from man APRIL 4, 2012
Best video and it made me cry.

Ella from China MARCH 26, 2012
I'm the greatest public speaker in the world!

Godspower Isaac from Nigeria FEBRUARY 13, 2012
Inspiring. Thanks for sharing

Ricky from Bakersfield, Ca JANUARY 13, 2012
This was a good one! Made me laugh

MamaBear from MT NOVEMBER 21, 2011
There is a great Kenny Rogers song that tells this story.

Kuczak from Arizona NOVEMBER 2, 2011
Pass on optimism! Always keep a positive attitude! Never give up hope!

Eduardo A from Omaha Nebraska OCTOBER 24, 2011
I love this video because this is a funny video to me and this was me at a time and i did become a successful baseball player

Crystal from Vancouver, BC AUGUST 12, 2011
This makes me smile. And remember the song "the baseball song" by Kenny Rogers? (which is pretty simply a song about the same thing).

Arvin from Philippines AUGUST 2, 2011
Every time I watch this video it gives me a smile on my face and encouragement in my heart.

Arlan Berglas from Global JULY 27, 2011
My personal favorite!

Nissi from Mexico JULY 19, 2011
Great video!

Daver from Fortville, IN MARCH 17, 2011
I saw this for the first time a couple of years ago and it just brought a smile to my face and in my heart. There is a positive side to every situation, you just have to have the eyes to see it.

Johnie L from WO"W what optimistic thinking JANUARY 25, 2011
John Samuel This reminds me of your optimism. Love GP

Lawana P. from Jackson, MI JANUARY 1, 2011
These are so touching. I love watching them; and will share with others.

james edward edens from mississippi NOVEMBER 3, 2010
I like it! from OCTOBER 24, 2010
2nd grade team, Let's ALL take something from this video and apply it to our classes this week. Please share, Melissa. Jamie :)

Vivian P from Puerto rico OCTOBER 9, 2010
Tremendo, muy bonito y muy motivador

K8 W from Blairstown, NJ OCTOBER 4, 2010
I miss "The Greatest" commercial on NBC in the morning at 8:30 Eastern. What is that cute kid doing now???

Terri W. from Conroe, TX AUGUST 23, 2010
I've been struggling with health issues recently. These videos are so encouraging! They are awesome to lift up the soul! Can't wait to share them.

AshleyB from Katy, TX AUGUST 14, 2010
I love these videos. I will be sharing them with my students.

Trudy B from Florida AUGUST 11, 2010
Thank you for starting this organization. Thank you for being a good steward. We all need to share what ever it is we are blessed with, large or small.

Raquel T. from Texas JULY 26, 2010
I love your ads. This is what we should be striving for. "The Greatest" made me think that there is always a positive to be found.

Michael F. from Seattle APRIL 15, 2010
I failed at a job in construction and at my first attempt at self employment. I believe that my second attempt will succeed. If not, my third attempt will. This video made me cry.

June,D from Virginia APRIL 11, 2010
If ALL of your ads replaced the trashy ads on TV now, what difference it would make!!!!!

Christina J. from Grayson,GA MARCH 27, 2010
This taught me to never give up!(no matter how bad I am)KEEP TRYING!

CC from TX MARCH 23, 2010
This is sooo funny. I love how the kid just dosen't give a care in the world and I also love it when he's like, "WOW."

Diana R. from Canyon Country Ca. MARCH 19, 2010
I have to let my 11 yr. old triples see this. They all play on the same team! I think it will help them understand not to ever give up!

Ashley W. from California FEBRUARY 26, 2010
I can totally relate especially being the only girl on a boy's baseball team. I was the best pitcher but I couldn't hit well at all or anything else. Also none of the boys were very optimistic about me playing until the end!

Ann Koziar from Ellwood City, PA FEBRUARY 23, 2010
I love this commercial and others I've seen. I finally got around to looking up The Foundation for a Better Life on the Internet. I look forward to your commercials while watching baseball games. They are wonderful. Thanks.

Puja Pandya from Anonymous  FEBRUARY 19, 2010
What a wonderful world in which we can turn failure into success, like this little boy. Love,Puja

Julie C from Lake Stevens, WA DECEMBER 10, 2009
As a person in recovery from alcohol addiction, this is how I view MY recovery now! It started out as failure until I realized the gift of that loss and the gain of my new life.

Kyle B from York PA DECEMBER 8, 2009
I am in the midst of closing a failing small business. This is really inspiring me to try again!

Suzanne M from Fayetteville NC NOVEMBER 1, 2009
All of your spots are incredibly written, shot and acted. As a producer I know how difficult it is to get just the right tone, mood and message. You guys are fantastic.

Kristina Q from Philippines AUGUST 30, 2009
One of the best I've seen. I always look forward to your spots at CNN. Thanks for inspiring us!

Mary Rose M. from Mooresville, NC AUGUST 29, 2009
Adorable! This made me laugh out loud. The Greatest, indeed!

Mary M. from Stony Point, NY JULY 23, 2009
He reminds me of my Grandson, Ryan, who has gone from my life. He is like seeing a beautiful angel. Thank you.

Riley S. from Gilbert, AZ JULY 19, 2009
I was shown this clip at "Be the Best You" camp and it really meant a lot to me because its such like a good example.

Meg B. from Auburn, AL JUNE 24, 2009
This was the best commercial I have seen in years! I have passed it along to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Dana G. from Greenwood Village, CO MAY 17, 2009
Beyond a doubt, this is the best e-mail I have ever received. What a world this would be if everyone had the ability to turn failure into success. Hats off to you for producing such a wonderfully, creative ad with a positive spin.

Cesar M. from San Antonio, Texas MAY 7, 2009
This commercial is a home run! Makes you want to keep on trying no matter what.

Yin L. from Ottawa, Ontario APRIL 1, 2009
This commercial is very inspiring and totally AWESOME!!!

Holly P. from Longmont, Colorado MARCH 27, 2009
I love these Optimistic ads. We all could use this in our lives.

Annette L. from N.Falls, Canada MARCH 27, 2009
I've only seen two commercials from this site on TV so far, but was simply amazed and impressed! I told a friend who had never seen them in her area, but can do so thanks to this website. Truly outstanding commercials! I just love the Encouragement one.

Michael S. from Denver, CO MARCH 7, 2009
This is really an inspiring commercial to always remain optimistic!

Francisco C. from Scottsdale, AZ FEBRUARY 25, 2009
HaHa! This video is great!!!!

Anonymous FEBRUARY 23, 2009
What a powerful message! I was moved to think about how this outlook on life could change not only me, but the world around me! Thank you!

Miranda G. from Tamuning, Guam FEBRUARY 19, 2009
I loved it! The best inspiring commercial yet for people of all ages!

Michael R. from Tustin, CA FEBRUARY 5, 2009

Jennifer from Chicago, IL JANUARY 28, 2009
This made my day.

Heather M. from PE, Canada JANUARY 24, 2009
Never grow tired of this commercial and finally checked out your site to see the clever people behind it. I was always told that anything negative could be 1/4 turned and made into something positive and this inspires me to do that once again. Thank you!

John from New York JANUARY 7, 2009
This was hilarious!! i was looking at all of these for some ideas for a school project and this one was definitely the best!!

Karen D. from Vicenza, Italy DECEMBER 31, 2008
Hands down the best commercial I've ever seen.

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
I can watch this one over and over and over and never grow tired of it. I've shared it with many people. I love the boy playing the part, his enthusiasm and high self-esteem radiates from the screen!!! It's terrific!!! I love the song chosen, excellent.

Sheila S. from Long Beach, CA NOVEMBER 24, 2008
I was very inspired by this commercial. I decided to blog about it right away and pass on the optimism in this world :) Thank you!

Stephanie B. R. from LA, California OCTOBER 31, 2008
This video is my favorite so far. I mean, it just reminds me of all the times people have been negative when there's a brighter side to it. I went around school giving high fives the other day saying "Optimism, pass it on." and by the end of the school day, people I didn't know were doing it too. I think optimism is one of the greatest things we could have more of in this world...

Gregory S from Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean OCTOBER 30, 2008
Thank you for sharing this with the WORLD! So many people might be trying their very best to succeed and might get discouraged with the results they're getting. This is a WONDERFUL reminder to not be discouraged, but think about opportunities for a better way, that there current circumstances bring. THANK YOU from all of us!

Lady S from Toronto, Canada OCTOBER 27, 2008
Oh my, funny when you need a teacher they come in all sizes and shapes. Thank you, young one, for being my teacher today when a pint size of optimism is just what this lady needed.

Brenda R from Minneapolis, MN OCTOBER 25, 2008
WOW!!! I just saw this for the first time and sent it to four people to watch! So inspiring and touching!! Amazing!!!

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
You certainly picked the perfect picture! This young man has the eye of determination and certainly the spirit of victory! At first my heart sank with sympathy for him after the second strike. Instantly, a rush of joy and a burst of laughter emerged empathizing the optimistic moment. Please, please, please, keep these surfacing. It's ammunition to immune our world. It starts with onr step forward-like this one. Thank you!

Emma H from Boston, MA OCTOBER 14, 2008
I love this commercial, it makes me smile whenever I see it.

Emily Gr. 6 from Belvidere, IL OCTOBER 10, 2008
I think this TV spot tells people not to look on the negative side, but to think of ways that make what you do great. Always look on the positive side.

Don L from Alberta, Canada OCTOBER 8, 2008
What more could I possibly say that hasn't already been said by the multitude of the folks above? The world needs more of these! Thank you so much.

Della M. from Surfside Beach, South Carolina OCTOBER 4, 2008
Great commercial. Just watching that fine line between defeat and then the moment of realization that all is not lost. Great message...and a really cute kid.

Linda B from Michigan OCTOBER 3, 2008
I can't even begin to tell you the powerful conversations my second grade students had over this commercial... Wow!

Andrew J. Garcia from New York SEPTEMBER 23, 2008
The best!

Marcia D from San Antonio SEPTEMBER 18, 2008
THANK YOU!!! As my two sons ages 7 and 9 stand here with me selecting which video to watch, I am astounded at the beautiful messages in the TV spots. Children are never too young to learn the real lessons in life. I hope to see more of these on TV.

Rachael K. from Belvidere, IL SEPTEMBER 10, 2008
I saw this TV spot in my computer class. It was called "the greatest". If only every kid in America could feel that way, that would be awesome!!!

Dianne M. from Tennessee, USA AUGUST 26, 2008
I love this commercial! Every time I hear this come on the lobby TV at work, if I can't get up to watch it, I just sit and listen to it. If only every little kid could feel this way! I love it when his face lights up when he realizes "Wow, I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!" This has to be the best thing on TV! I could watch it all day.

Yanon V., Ph.D. from La Jolla, CA AUGUST 20, 2008
FANTASTIC! I tell all my graduate students in child psychology about it.

Steve C from Minot, ND AUGUST 17, 2008
Nice adaptation of the Kenny Rogers song.

CK from Chandler, AZ AUGUST 6, 2008
I saw this commercial and immediately told at least 10 people about it. It wasn't until the extended network I shared this story with who actually located it on the web. I LOVE this commercial! I will now be able to send it to so many that I can only hope will get the same enjoyment out of this that I have. Thank you! This is the GREATEST commercial in the world!

Micky P. from Youngstown, Ohio AUGUST 3, 2008
I just LOVE this commercial, I watch this every morning when I get up! What a great concept—the ending surprised me and put a huge smile on my face! Thank you for this!

Michelle D. from Ivins, Utah JULY 25, 2008
By far, the best commercial I have ever viewed. It brought an instant smile to my face. I passed it on to as many people as I could possibly find in my address book. I love and appreciate this kid's perspective. May we all be blessed to think this way! Thank you for the work you do!

Tom M. from Wilmington, NC JULY 9, 2008
I love the quality of the commercial and it's message is so important. We should all remember that success rarely comes quickly and easily. We need to emulate the little boy and keep our spirits high in the meantime! May we all be at least great pitchers!

Ryan C. from Oshawa, Ontario JULY 4, 2008
The commercials send out a good message that more people should be paying attention to - It may help them some day.

Wendi B. from Arlington, WA JUNE 10, 2008
I passed this on to the head of my sons Leadership and Respect team. Promoting messages like these are exactly what the team is all about!

Matt B. from Pennington, NJ JUNE 9, 2008
I love it; I bookmarked this ad as my homepage. Truly amazing commercial! It's refreshing to see positive commercials, swimming in the pool of negative conditioned ad market.

Cassandrda F from Missouri JUNE 7, 2008
I saw the TV spot called "The Greatest" on TV, and my family and I laughed about it for 20 minutes. That is the funniest kid EVER, plus he looks almost exactly like my little brother. I really love these commercials.

Tania H from Mechanicsville, VA JUNE 6, 2008
This commercial really touched me - I just HAD to pass on the optimism to family, friends. If only we all had that attitude :)

Amy D. from Dayton, OH JUNE 6, 2008
I laughed out loud and then I felt inspired to always look at things in a good light. I told my husband I saw a great commercial but refuse to tell him about it because you need to see it to appreciate it.

M Roldan from Beautiful Diva JUNE 6, 2008
I absolutely love this commercial. It puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. We should all see the good in everything we do even if the results aren't what we expected

Anonymous JUNE 6, 2008
I love this! Makes me smile every time.

John G from Corvallis,OR JUNE 5, 2008
WOW! This is one of the best motivational video's I have ever seen! WOW! Thank you so very much, keep spreading the word.

Cyndy P. from Ridgewood, NJ JUNE 5, 2008
Paradigm shift! Can somebody load this on YouTube?? LOVED this commercial!

Jennifer D. from Sugar Hill, GA JUNE 5, 2008
Wow! What a great message!

Erin H. from Seattle, Washington USA JUNE 5, 2008
I absolutely LOVE this commercial!

Drew G. from Atlanta, Georgia USA JUNE 5, 2008
This is the best commercial I've ever seen.

Zane from Arlington, Washington USA JUNE 5, 2008
We saw this ad on TV last night and my son asked me to rewind it over and over and over!

Anonymous JUNE 5, 2008
I love this!! The Greatest is the Greatest! Keep spreading the joy!! :)

Jan E. from Florida, USA JUNE 5, 2008
This may be the greatest commercial in the world. Optimism in a nutshell; loved it!

Kathleen H. from Nevada, USA JUNE 5, 2008
This aired one night when I had really lost my normally upbeat mood. It changed the course of my night and renewed my optimism and brought me joy.

Kristal V. from West Linn, OR JUNE 5, 2008
this is the most amazing commercial i have seen in a long time and have seen others comment on how incredible it is too. we would LOVE to embed it on our blogs/websites...would you be able to provide that for us? thanks for such an encouragement.

Susan E. from Erie, PA JUNE 5, 2008
I saw the "The Greatest Pitcher" commercial last night and absolutely loved it! I did a google search today to see if I could find it to pass along or post on my social networking pages. Please upload it to YouTube, or a similar place so we can help spread the word! Keep up the great work!

Mom V. from USA JUNE 5, 2008
I needed that!!!!

Heather D. from Washington State JUNE 5, 2008
I just saw this spot for the first time and think it is FANTASTIC!! I am sharing the link with my family and friends. What a great message -- thank you for this!

Bill Y. from Lake Elsinore, California JUNE 4, 2008
I saw this on the TV and it hit home! What a powerful message. I spent the next several hours watching all of your videos! Thank you.

Alyssa B. from Huntington Beach JUNE 4, 2008
My new favorite commercial. Wow! It's absolutely adorable.

Merri S. from Las Vegas, NV JUNE 4, 2008
THIS is a fabulous commercial! Children and adults alike can not help but be carried along by the message!

Kyle R. from Las Vegas JUNE 4, 2008
I just wanted to add to my previous comment that I saw this commercial on the Fox Sports Network Dodger Baseball telecast.

Kyle R. from Las Vegas JUNE 4, 2008
Great video! What a day brightener! :-)

Lindsey A. from Atlanta, GA JUNE 4, 2008
This commercial was truly the best one i have ever seen!! It gets across the message of optimism so well and surprises you at the end with the kids reaction!!! great work!

Jennifer H. from Texas JUNE 4, 2008
The Greatest commercial made me laugh on a day I really needed a pick me up.

Alain C. from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico JUNE 4, 2008
The best yet. Please keep on...

Bryan E. from Erlanger, KY JUNE 4, 2008
This commercial put a smile on my face. Thank you!

C. Mari from Prince George, BC JUNE 4, 2008
Yes, turn it around, turn it all around because you are the greatest just being you, my son loved this one!!!

Robert D from Jersey Village, Texas JUNE 3, 2008
I saw a portion of your "THE GREATEST" on TxCN and searched for you as I was able to backup my TV to get your website. I am past President of the oldest Optimist Club in Texas, Houston's Downtown Optimist Club. This club has been around for over 90 years and still does some interesting things...but we have no comparison to the past. Boy's & Girl's Harbor, which houses close to 100 displaced children, was started by one of members when he died by his willing us his beach house. We appreciate what you do.

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