Pass It On®

About Spread the Love

“Spread The Love” is a welcome dose of inspiration, strength and comfort. The easy flow of music and message helps counter the strain of the world’s unrest with hopeful encouragement. You'll enjoy the unique musical blend of Kenny Chesney and The Wailers—both icons of different genres. Spread The Love… Pass It On.

Video Transcript

All God's children we got to come together
And share the good feeling,
Cause nothing ever gonna make this world better

If we don't start believin',
That love really really really is the answer,
Everybody join hands cause it's time now, now.

Spread the love, spread the love,
All over the world.
Spread it all over the world.

If we just love each other (If we just love each other)
And lift up one another,
Shout out loud from every heart.

Spread the love, spread the love,
All over the world.
We got to spread the love.

Love. Pass It On!


Joy from India OCTOBER 21, 2017
Love will automatically come if we have Humanity

Jo from Alabama AUGUST 20, 2017
More spreading is needed in this world.

PUG MAY 4, 2017
YEA spred it!<3

Fazi from Canada OCTOBER 24, 2016
Very heart feeling

Kim from Waco Texas OCTOBER 21, 2016
The best message EVER!