Remember When

A picture, a song, a smell, a letter from the attic...can unlock a memory that will seem as fresh as the day it all happened. "Remember When," performed by the GRAMMY winning artist, Alan Jackson, will open doors to the past that we hope will bring great memories back for a moment. This message encourages us to pass those memories along.

This video was honored with a 2011 CINE Golden Eagle Award.


Remember When.
We vowed the vows and walked the walk,
Gave our hearts, made a start and it was hard,
We lived and learned, life threw curves,
There was joy, there was hurt,
Remember When.
Remember When.
We said when we turned grey,
When the children, grow up and move away,
We won't be sad, we'll be glad,
For all the life we've had,
And we'll remember when.
Remember When.

Appreciation. Pass It On!

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Joe from Rockport, MA JULY 8, 2022
I come back to this video on the toughest of days to help me appreciate all I have despite life's struggles. Thank you SO much.

Joe D. from Rockport, MA MAY 20, 2022
Really needed this tonite. Thank you and God bless for all you do.

Pearlie Graves from Greensboro North Carolina  FEBRUARY 3, 2022
These videos are so beautiful and caring. I just love watching them over and over again. Brings tears to my eyes.

Joe from Rockport, MA JANUARY 14, 2022
So beautiful. Thank you so much, needed this right now. God Bless.

Evelyn from Richmond, VA MAY 23, 2020
Oh God what a beautiful video. Love it!

Colleen Lynch from Florida APRIL 1, 2020
Beautiful! I love all these Pass it on videos💕

John from Fairmont WV OCTOBER 9, 2019
Still my favorite. It gets better as I grow older.

Delores from Syracuse, NY AUGUST 16, 2019
I love this song and the commercial. All of the pass it on commercials are great!! Love them. I sometime think that there are certain people in this whole should watch these commercials everyday while they are not in their homes. I think you know who I'm talking about.

Anonymous JULY 22, 2019
To be honest i cried happy tears keep doing what your doing

Joe from Rockport, MA JULY 1, 2019
Thank you so much. These videos keep me going on tough days. God Bless.

Syracuse. NY JUNE 20, 2019
I LOVE all of the commercials but this one is in my top three 😅. PLEASE keep bringing the world a positive message in their daily struggle. God bless you all.

Linda from Maryland MARCH 18, 2019
these commercials are so beautiful. I love that they are made with all races. So important right now ; the world is in a sad state right now, and we all need to be reminded of our humanity, and of how alike we all really are.

Joe from Ny JANUARY 6, 2019
Love this one. :-)

Joe from Rockport, MA OCTOBER 24, 2018
Really needed this today. Thank you and God Bless.

Anonymous OCTOBER 2, 2018
thank you

Vonnie SEPTEMBER 16, 2018
Great song to bring the good times back.

Debi from China SEPTEMBER 7, 2018
Thank you love this!

Jo-Ann from Rhode Island MAY 6, 2018
These videos and songs are so beautiful

Linda C. from Mobile, AL APRIL 13, 2018
One word: BEAUTIFUL! Still wiping away the tears.

lamya from oman FEBRUARY 6, 2018

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
to remember when it was the good old times

Joe from Massachusetts NOVEMBER 22, 2017
Thank you so much for this and for all The Foundation for a Better Life does. You truly make tough times a lot easier. God Bless.

Riley from Yelm, WA OCTOBER 17, 2017
I realy like we shall be free.

Riley from yelm roy OCTOBER 17, 2017
I think this is very insperational. I also like Allen Jacksen

Barbara from Butler, Pennsylvania SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
My favorite by far makes me cry

Sherie from Oklahoma AUGUST 13, 2017
I love all these commercials. No way I could ever pick a favorite one. Thank you!

Anonymous MARCH 4, 2017
Keep your memories!

kenneth from california JANUARY 16, 2017
these are so inspiring

This is my favorite out of all of the videos. Reminds me of alot of things.

Lynn from New port richey fl DECEMBER 21, 2016
Love this site

Anonymous NOVEMBER 28, 2016
sooooo true

José from Miami fla OCTOBER 4, 2016
This is the beatifull things about the life moments

Jane from North Carolina OCTOBER 2, 2016
Crying crying and more tears. Reminds me of first love and even though I didn't stay on do always Remember When it was good.

Greg from Ft Lauderdale JULY 27, 2016
Wiping tears....5 years ago today Mom passed. My best friend. Miss you Every day Mom.

Angela from Landrum, sc JULY 25, 2016
Brings back great memories, love this video. Thanks

Harriett from Pennsylvania  JUNE 8, 2016
Love love love all your Pass It On commercials. They bring back so many wonderful memories. Thanks so very much.

Judith from Newark, OH 43055 FEBRUARY 4, 2016
I have raised 5 wonderful children & 7 foster babies. I now have 12 grandchildren & 14 great grandchildren. I love each of them.but worry alot about their futures, their safety and financial stability.

Park from Salt Lake City, Utah NOVEMBER 25, 2015
This Foundation is amazing! I'm happy to see this powerful messages in a world that is in desperate need of more "values."

Margaret from Prince George.B.C. NOVEMBER 16, 2015
I remember when.

Diana from Rockport, TX OCTOBER 28, 2015
My favorite, I love this.. always makes me cry every time that I watch it! Beautiful, brings back so many memories

Esmer A. from McAllen, TX OCTOBER 11, 2015
Loved it, brings back precious memories.

NULL from NULL FEBRUARY 27, 2015 you have hit the pulse. Alan Jackson through Remember when points at each one of us and say's it really is not about the electronic age or how fast we can type emails...Remember when tells us that our life is oh so tiny and if we blink it will be gone.

NULL from NULL JANUARY 16, 2015
This was beautifully done. Thank you.

NULL from NULL NOVEMBER 20, 2014
Thank You for the commercial on T.V. a breath of fresh air.

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 26, 2014
Heartfelt !!! Fowzul - Sri Lanka


Anna from Home Sweet Home AUGUST 16, 2014
I know that these kinds of things don't mean a lot to you, but life is short. This is what life is all about. It was like something was personally trying to talk to me today. I know it wont move you like it did me, but maybe it will touch you a little.

Griffin from Woodland, CA MAY 1, 2014
I love this commercial. Your commercials give me the chills. I mean good chills. Keep spreading the good word

Robert from Alberta APRIL 30, 2014
All your commercials are wonderful, but I think this is my favorite.

Reagan from NGA APRIL 24, 2014
Nice music

Micheal from Ontario APRIL 16, 2014
This warmed my heart

Jodi from Galena Ohio APRIL 15, 2014
This song was one that my Mom wanted played at her funeral, she got her wish way to early. I miss her and my Dad everyday. Brought tears to my eyes today.

Rita from Cincinnati,OH APRIL 15, 2014
WOW...pass it on.

Nathan Haese from Cafeteria at Diablo Valley College, waiting for lab to start in 30-minutes (I teach chemistry.) APRIL 9, 2014
And, it's my anniversary. 31st.

Mike from Quincy MA. MARCH 31, 2014
Saw this on television last night and brought a tear to my eye thinking about my two children and how fast they grew up up and are on their own now.Time move's so slow but yet so fast..

Cody redford from Belton, SC MARCH 1, 2014
Great video! PASS IT ON.:-)

Eugene Hardy from Boise, Idaho FEBRUARY 26, 2014
Saw this and it brought back memories good and sad but full of love and memories.

soraya bach from deerfield beach JANUARY 22, 2014

Ella from south carolina JANUARY 18, 2014
i love this song and video

Ernest from Texas JANUARY 16, 2014
Lets me know not to give up. There is always hope!

daniela from italy NOVEMBER 10, 2013
so beautiful

Destiny Dancy from Boligee Al. 35443 OCTOBER 2, 2013
I realy like this because its talking aboutr babies, and its talking about before and after

Sandra from New York SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
I like the one where there is an out-os-shape runner passing the finish line. Fantastic!

Bob K. from Chattanooga, TN SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
I am truly blessed to have seen this on t.v. recently. I shared it with my wife.Yes, I did tear up.

Judy Sevor from Tallahassee JULY 12, 2013
Says it all. Thank you.

Jill from Delta, BC JULY 11, 2013
so beautiful

jewel from hood river OR JULY 7, 2013
touched my heart like nothing has in a very long time. still tearing. Thank you so much for this gift.

Paul from Ulster ny JUNE 11, 2013
Grabbed my heart. Brought me back when. Those days long gone and makes me sad but makes me think how lucky,happy,carefree I was as a kid. Thanks.

Dan from Hartville, Ohio  JUNE 6, 2013
Great song and video. It's people like you that is going to make Americans happy again. Thank you.

Jane McCabe from Sheboygan Falls WI JUNE 1, 2013
I absolutely love your Values commercials, but this one is my favorite, perhaps because my daughter is getting married in a few months, and the song is so beautiful. As many of them do, this commercial brings a tear to my eye. Keep up the great work; you make America think twice!

larry gist from lubbock APRIL 29, 2013
Great video, makes you stop and think.

Cory from Barrie Ontario APRIL 14, 2013
Your commercials are amazing. As I watched this it brought a smile to my face as I remembered my own wonderful memories.

David from Los Angeles APRIL 8, 2013
Made me cry. A big strong guy like me and it made me cry. Loved it.

Carlos from Covina CA APRIL 8, 2013
My wife and I love this video. "Remember When" by Alan Jackson is a beautiful song. This video reminds us of all the wonderful memories we have and continue to make.

Bev from College Park, Ga MARCH 23, 2013
So insightful and nostalgic. It describes my sentiments completely. I love this touching video

Rebecca from Ohio  MARCH 21, 2013
I love this commercial - It melted my heart!

Denise Bonner from Annapolis MD MARCH 21, 2013
LOVED this commercial! Made me cry from start to finish. Very touching. This is a great website...we need uplifting and inspirational thoughts during these troubled times. A great reminder of what is truly important for all ages.

Mary Logan from Nova Scotia MARCH 13, 2013
Loved your TV commercials and this "Remember when!"


Jean from Ohio FEBRUARY 28, 2013
I love this commercial and it always caught my attention every time I saw it and brought tears to my eyes. Since losing three close family members in the last 3 months; I felt the need to hear this song & video again; so I tracked it down on the web. This time...the flood gates opened...couldn't stop crying. What a beautiful song, and video that reminds us to not take each other for granted; but cherish and love each other. Remember when comes much sooner that we suspect. What a great song to use for weddings, funerals, family reunions and other celebrations!

Teamajormar Almeida from Brazil JANUARY 19, 2013
Hey. That's wonderful song!!! I watched this video as a TV commercial, in a Portuguese Version, which song and lyrics are differents frow original version. ;-)

John Carley from Pewaukee WI JANUARY 12, 2013
Beautiful is the only thing that can be said...

Karen from Texas JANUARY 11, 2013
Yes I'm crying, I love this song and then I dont because it reminds me how fast time really does go!!! My babies, one is 11 and one is five and I just want to go back so I can still hold them. Yes and I'm still crying. Thank you for this! I'ts awesome to know someone out there is trying to make a difference in this world and from the looks of these comments there is alot more good people than I thought. God Bless!

Kurt from CA DECEMBER 21, 2012
I was just sitting here on my computer with the TV on low volume and I heard those oh-so familiar guitar strums and had to stop everything I was doing to turn up the volume and watch. I couldn't help but cry, it makes me so sad.

Michael from FL DECEMBER 16, 2012
This song and this commercial go great together. It almost made me and my wife cry.

Natalie from toronto NOVEMBER 21, 2012
That was amazing!


Bob from Illinois NOVEMBER 5, 2012
What a song!!

Jane from MO NOVEMBER 5, 2012
Thank you so much. This was a beautiful reminder to us all how to truly appreciate each other and enjoy our time together. The simple pleasures of life will mean so much more and will be memories forever to pass on after we are gone. Alan Jackson's song is the best song he has ever done and perfect for your organization's values.

Ray from Abbotsford, Canada NOVEMBER 5, 2012
Well what can I say I saw this ad on TV over a year ago and now this site is set up as my homepage on my computer and I listen to this song often to bring me up and I listen to it over and over when I need to shed the negative energy that the world throws at you. I want to sincerely thank the organizers of this site and Alan Jackson for bringing such a beautiful song to the world! Thank You and keep up the good work, this twisted and awful world we live in with little values left, needs it!

pattypoo from Ama, Tx NOVEMBER 4, 2012
Just saw the commercial on TV for the first time. How sweet and touching...

Patsy G from Amarillo TX NOVEMBER 2, 2012
Saw this ad on TV today. Then went to the website. Love it.

Jane from New Westminster BC Canada OCTOBER 31, 2012
This song always gets me. It reminds me of a slower time and it reminds me so much of my Dad, who we lost 2 years ago. It's good to have memories.

Barb from pa. OCTOBER 18, 2012
So beautiful///had tears///love the commercial!!!!!!

Ord Allenbea from New York OCTOBER 6, 2012
Excellent inspirational video / commercial. I first saw this on TV as a commercial and had to just go look up the source :)

isabel from illinois SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
This is soo sad.

Fausty from Greenwood, Ms AUGUST 22, 2012
I lost my husband of 48 yrs Nov.2011 - Everyting that was spoken in this song brought tears to my eyes. Love never ends. Beautiful expression of love.

Sam from OR AUGUST 17, 2012
"Remember When. We said when we turned grey, When the children, grow up and move away." That line sends chills down my spine every time I hear it.

Nundy from Miami, Fl AUGUST 15, 2012
I <3 these tv boradcasts. It's what lead me to this website. I even have my friends tuning whenever one runs on our local television!

Pam from Mi JULY 28, 2012
The song says it all.....longing for quieter, simpler, kinder days when things were more about families and less about politics.

Lois from Sc JUNE 30, 2012
Loved this! Thank you!

Lina Yang from China JUNE 13, 2012
I love this! Very touching. Thank you for teaching us to pass it on and bring us

Matt from Findlay Ohio JUNE 2, 2012
4AM sleeping on the couch watching the BIO channel, woke me up out of sleep, had me balling in 10 seconds...

Vania from Milwaukee  MAY 28, 2012
I love looking at this video. It really does bring back memories. Sometimes in life, memories are all we have when loved ones pass away. I think of my brother and the love in life we shared together. I miss him very much. I think we still could have made more memories. Life is very precious and short. You never know how much time you have together till it's too late.

Kimberly from TX MAY 17, 2012
The first time I saw this commercial was on Christmas vacation. I woke up at 3am because my tv was too loud and this was the song that was playing. I heard it again the next day and it just made me cry. I always get sad at Christmas because I miss my grandmother so much during the holidays and always think of the time spent with not just her but all of my other relatives both here and who have passed away.

abdoolkayum from mumbai, india APRIL 26, 2012
Real sweet memories.

Boris from Deltona, FL APRIL 17, 2012
This song bubbles up all the memories of times past and also inspires me forward into my future to build loving memories for my children. It makes me ask the question - What will my legacy be? So - I strive towards greatness - for my family! Thanks for the reminder.

Glen from Plano, Texas APRIL 5, 2012
Awesome video and lyrics! Chocked me up. It brought back many memories of our family and how it has grown. Keep up the great work.

Sherry Kinder from NJ MARCH 25, 2012
All I can say is thank you for this and the good cry.I love it.

Mary from Laurie, Mo MARCH 22, 2012
Played this at my husbands funeral. He died too soon (60 years old). We were together since sophomores in high school. I cry every time I hear it. We so wanted to live until our golden years together. So thankful we had two wonderful children and five grandchildren. Glad I have the memories.

Tracy Allen from San Diego, CA MARCH 8, 2012
Thank you for this site. I saw a couple of commercials on TV one day and was excited to know that there is some positive and inspirational information being shared on TV! Love it! ♥

Denise D. from Fontana ca. FEBRUARY 27, 2012
This commercial makes you appreciate the best things in life now then later.It fills me up with love. It let me enjoy my family a little more.

Joyce from Roanoke,VA FEBRUARY 25, 2012
This song was played at my son's memorial service. I cry everytime that I hear it. God Bless.

Mercedes Chavez from Milwaukee, WI FEBRUARY 23, 2012
Everytime I see this ad, I remember my parents, relatives and friends that have passed. Even though I cry everytime, I still enjoy the pictures and the music. Thank you!

Regina Kato from Tokyo FEBRUARY 20, 2012
Beautiful! Inspiring! Precious!

Jo Anne from Huntington Beach, CA FEBRUARY 13, 2012
Everytime I hear this I have a peacefulness come over me and I pause to reflect all the blessings I have in my life - great parents, great children and makes me hope the same blessings will pass on to many future generations. Thanks for a GREAT video

lexi from S.C FEBRUARY 8, 2012
i love this song its the best

yvette from Bronx, New York JANUARY 29, 2012
This is one of most loving songs with a commercial to match. To all, that had anything to do with putting this commercial together, I Thank you. There are no words to describe the joy I feel when I watch this commercial. So Lovely!

Marti from Corona del Mar, Ca JANUARY 27, 2012
Thanks for this commercial. The song and the visuals make many memories come back to appreciate and enjoy for the moment. It will even lead my day with an uplift too.

Wilma from Albuquerque JANUARY 23, 2012
Oh yes i remember when...Thank you very much for all those little reminders.It put tears in my eyes

cathy modroo from Idaho Falls,Idaho JANUARY 9, 2012
first time I heard the song, I said to my husband,"this is our song" always teray when I hear the song

BJ from DC DECEMBER 26, 2011
Extremely touching......

Chad from Lehi, Utah DECEMBER 22, 2011
I remember when!


Debi Gansz from Terre haute, IN DECEMBER 9, 2011
I love this everytime it comes on, it's on our Fox Station. Who is that singing?

Ron J from MA DECEMBER 4, 2011
It doesn't get any better than this....GREAT JOB!

Saperna from orlando NOVEMBER 15, 2011
I love this!!! Thannk you for reminding us all what is important: God, Family and Friends!

Russ from Mississippi NOVEMBER 12, 2011
We played this song at my Mother-in-Laws funeral and matched family photos to the song. We made several CD copies and gave them to family and friends as a lasting memory of her. Everyone loved it.

Jon Miranda from Phoenix, AZ NOVEMBER 10, 2011
The smile on the old woman's face sitting next to the marrying couple is precious and the baby being handed to the great grandfather as well. How much better does it get?

Bonnie J Stowers from Merom Indiana NOVEMBER 8, 2011
Thank you for this spot of hope and joy on my T V . I have three kids 16,18,20 . The 18 yr old will go to college after High school right away and I will play this at her party and try not be so sad because I will by the grace remember when.

lynda from Ontario NOVEMBER 8, 2011
Allan Jackson was my husband's favorite singer & we played this song at his funeral. It is a beautiful song & every time I hear it I stop whatever I am doing especially when I hear these commercials for Sometimes it makes me sad & sometimes it makes me glad.

pam from maryland NOVEMBER 6, 2011
This commercial took me back when I was young and full of faith and hope. I needed it to remind me what life is really about. Thanks

Daniel from Mansfield,OH NOVEMBER 2, 2011
Nice video!!!! :-) :-)

Miriam from Laredo TX OCTOBER 16, 2011
I love this song! It brings me very warm memories, especially about my grandma that passed away.

paulette from lauderhill florida OCTOBER 16, 2011
Beautiful song, lyrics and video. This commercial is very thought provoking and brought tears to my eyes!

Everist Charles from New Orleans Louisiana OCTOBER 16, 2011
So beautiful and loving

Joe from Indiana OCTOBER 13, 2011
Loved the video. Made me think about slowing down and really cherishing the everyday moments that make life so special. God Bless!

Priscilla from Indiana OCTOBER 10, 2011
absolutely the most uplifting ad I've seen on TV! It brings tears of joy and hope for goodness to still be recognized in the media! Love love love it. Thank-you for your wonderful work for man and God!

Connie Miller from Spring Hill, FL SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
Very thought provoking. I enjoyed the song and wanted to find out more about an organization that would take the time and money to place such a nice ad.

Wendy from Gilbert, AZ SEPTEMBER 10, 2011
LOVE this!!!

Pamela from Hurricane, WV SEPTEMBER 5, 2011
The first time I heard this song, I cried. It captures life and the way I believe God hopes for all of us. To think of man kind in this same light also sparks memories of my past!!!!!! Thank you Alan Jackson and God bless you.

nelly from san bernardino ca AUGUST 24, 2011
this song makes me cry so much

Lulu from UT AUGUST 10, 2011
I really liked it!

Lesley Peck from Shady Spring, WV AUGUST 7, 2011
Just saw this...made me cry. I love my kids more than anything and I want them to have the amazing childhood that I did. It made me think of all the good times I've had and what I wish for them. So beautiful!!

Jenn from PA JUNE 27, 2011
omg I saw the commercial this morning and it was soo nice! Such a beautiful song :)

Jon Miranda from Phoenix JUNE 7, 2011
Life goes so fast: treasure it!

Jacqueline from Curry, Alaska MAY 29, 2011
Love Alan Jackson's voice! Beautiful memory moments!

Diane Cooper from Lithgow Australia MAY 25, 2011
As a wedding song to my special neice and her new husband this weekend in Bundaberg Qld....We cant be there Physically but in Spirit we willxxxxx

Janet from NJ MAY 23, 2011
Such a beautiful song, such a beautiful video, made me cry happy tears <3

Lisa Currie from Melbourne MAY 21, 2011
This is a beautiful reminder of the things we can often take for granted. We all need to remember the important things in life and how quickly our lives change. I just love it!

Linda from Rupert, Idaho MAY 20, 2011
One of the greatest songs ever sung

Tracy from Redmond, OR MAY 20, 2011
Love it!

Diana Shurbet from Rockport, Texas MAY 19, 2011
Wonderful song and video, brought back so many memories.

Vnmoran from PA MAY 19, 2011
This is wonderful..ugh, made me cry... :o)

Bruce Tipton from Carlsbad, Ca MAY 19, 2011
Thanks for all the great work! Nice to know that there are organizations out there who stand up for family values that we need so desperately.

Morgan from MN MAY 9, 2011
This is adorable! I have good memories like this!

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