Remember When

A picture, a song, a smell, a letter from the attic...can unlock a memory that will seem as fresh as the day it all happened. "Remember When," performed by the GRAMMY winning artist, Alan Jackson, will open doors to the past that we hope will bring great memories back for a moment. This message encourages us to pass those memories along.

This video was honored with a 2011 CINE Golden Eagle Award.


Remember When.
We vowed the vows and walked the walk,
Gave our hearts, made a start and it was hard,
We lived and learned, life threw curves,
There was joy, there was hurt,
Remember When.
Remember When.
We said when we turned grey,
When the children, grow up and move away,
We won't be sad, we'll be glad,
For all the life we've had,
And we'll remember when.
Remember When.

Appreciation. Pass It On!

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Syracuse. NY JUNE 20, 2019
I LOVE all of the commercials but this one is in my top three 😅. PLEASE keep bringing the world a positive message in their daily struggle. God bless you all.

Linda from Maryland MARCH 18, 2019
these commercials are so beautiful. I love that they are made with all races. So important right now ; the world is in a sad state right now, and we all need to be reminded of our humanity, and of how alike we all really are.

Joe from Ny JANUARY 6, 2019
Love this one. :-)

Joe from Rockport, MA OCTOBER 24, 2018
Really needed this today. Thank you and God Bless.

Anonymous OCTOBER 2, 2018
thank you

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