The idea for "Cafeteria" was actually developed during the making of "Locker." In preparation for shooting "Locker," the director talked with some of the spot's young actors. The young women said that they also had experienced bullying, but unlike with boys, who tend to be more physically aggressive, girls are more verbally aggressive. The staff and directors learned from recent research, as well as talking to young people, that often a person doesn't need a "reason" to be targeted by bullies - it seems that simply being new is "reason" enough!


MUSIC: “Every day is so wonderful. Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe…
MUSIC: “Now and then, I get insecure…
MUSIC: “From all the pain, I'm so ashamed…?NEW GIRL: Would it be OK if I sat here?
MUSIC: “I am beautiful. No matter what they say…
MUSIC: “Words can't bring me down… ?POPULAR GIRL #1: Is she serious?
POPULAR GIRL #2: Whatever!
POPULAR GIRL #3: New girl!
MUSIC: “I am beautiful…
MUSIC: “In every single way. Words can't bring me down, oh no…?ANNCR: Reaching out…Pass it on. A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life
MUSIC: “Don’t you bring me down today.”
SUPER: The Foundation for a Better Life

Reaching Out. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Anonymous OCTOBER 17, 2021
I would be friends with her

Mark Busch from Rossford, OH OCTOBER 2, 2021
Wish this was aired more often on a variety of networks. It can honestly be seen as suicide prevention.

Tamara Wilson from Ocala, FL SEPTEMBER 19, 2021
This is one of my all time favorites of your ads...though could never chose just one!


Doug from Florida OCTOBER 9, 2020
I know a guy named Zane from Piqua, OH who went over to a Freshman sitting alone in the cafeteria at school. I saw a picture of it on Facebook. It made me cry because Zane made a difference in a young kid's life.

Monte Lowe from Pilot mountain n.c. APRIL 12, 2020
We need more of these !!!!

Anonymous JANUARY 17, 2019
this has such a strong message and you should never exclude anyone we are all the same and you were even once a new kid

Lee from Riley, NE JANUARY 4, 2018
Best part of my day! Thank you very much.

sarkam abdi from Kenya JUNE 19, 2017
Thank you

Lynny from Mn JUNE 17, 2017
Just seen this in Minnesota's Lake Country..Thank you for your awesome productions! Can't wait to see more when I have signal!!!

Patricia from NY MAY 20, 2017


Dv from PA SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

Joshua from CA MAY 27, 2016
When was this filmed. That style is so early 2000's lol

Kimberly from Georgia  APRIL 2, 2016
I just started seeing these commercials today and I love it. I've been what everyone considers introverted my entire life and I found myself smiling and it shocked me. I'm an adult now but I hope these help someone who finds themself "shy" like I am.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 6, 2016
So sweet!


Jeffery from white county middle school NOVEMBER 2, 2015
Aw. i wish someone would do that to me

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
That was really nice.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows to reach out to people even if they seem a little awkward and if they are new; they might be a totally different person when you get to know them better.

Brianna.k from White Middle  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows courage to just be a nice person sometimes because doing something nice is better then treating someone like they are a nobody.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows a new girl just coming to a new school and everybody has their own little cliche. She feels alone as she walks through the cafeteria looking for one open seat. When she finds one they all leave, but one girl reaches out and comes and sits with her.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 23, 2015
so nice

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
Inspiration Video

Bob the Hobo from Behind McDonalds SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
Im a dumpster diver

Your First Name from Your Location SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

DeeZnUts from From Location SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
deez nuts

Anonymous AUGUST 31, 2015
The girl was so nice

Anonymous AUGUST 31, 2015
If there was a new girl , the person that would reach out to make another person feel good and comfertorble and is a kind person.

Anonymous AUGUST 31, 2015
I think that bulling is really bad and there is no reason for it to happen.people should be kind to others instead of being so rude to others

Senchin AUGUST 31, 2015
I think that reaching out for people is important because the other person might feel way better. And you feel strong.

jayden from apple vally AUGUST 31, 2015
people are mean in the world its good to reach out and go out of your way to make people feel better and make new people feel happy where they are

alayzia from sycamore rocks elementry school AUGUST 31, 2015
it is inportant to make friends who are nice to you

NULL from NULL JANUARY 30, 2015
Wow, this made me cry so much!! It saddens me how mean people can be, especially women :/

NULL from NULL JANUARY 28, 2015

David from My home to yours. SEPTEMBER 6, 2014
Just reaching out, praying & hoping. I Love you my Brother, Just wanted to let you know I think of you everyday. Take care of yourself.

Nick Mumford from Lebanon, IL AUGUST 19, 2014
I thought it was a great video that showed how kind people can be, and how rude they can be

Michelle from Cincinnati MAY 10, 2014
Who is sing this version of "Beautiful", can't find it anywhere on the site for credits.

Jhossyel Novais from Teixeira de Freitas-Bahia-Brasil  MARCH 22, 2014
This commercial is perfect.I'm Great! I hope to watch this commercial on Brazilian TV.

Brianne from Drydern FEBRUARY 25, 2014
gives a great messages.

Nancy Arrigo from Wenonah N.J FEBRUARY 13, 2014
I like Beautiful being sung in this ad but Christina Aguilera singing it would have been a better fit and this is my favorite P.S.A of them all

Andrew from Houston JANUARY 18, 2014
Recently at my sons school they had Rachel Joy Scott`s uncle come and speak to them. He learned that this commercial was actually based of of something that Rachel did. The new girls mom had recently died, so her father moved them to a new neighbor hood in Colorado. The girl went to Collumbine High School. Rachel saw that this girl was sitting alone and asked her if she would like to sit with them, the girl said no. So Rachel went back to her seat and had all of her friends sit with the new girl. About 6 months later, the Collumbine School shooting happened.

Nancy Arrigo from Wenonah N.J  DECEMBER 28, 2013
I like Beautiful being sung in ad but Christina Aguilera singing it would have been a better fit and this is my favorite Values .com P.S.A of them all

moses from toronto DECEMBER 19, 2013

gomba from Los Angeles DECEMBER 6, 2013
Damn, that was cold! Everyone left.

michala jordan from immaculate conception school NOVEMBER 15, 2013
the girl in the blue striped shirt is very nice to the other girl

sarahi from ca NOVEMBER 13, 2013
that was so sweet

Destiny Reed from Willard Ohio OCTOBER 24, 2013
:') So Meaningful

Jeffrey Wade from Idaho Falls, ID SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
What is amazing is this girl. I know her and she is a brave and outgoing woman. Totally the one who would do the reaching out to others in need. She comes from a great family and awesome mother. Reaching out to others in ways that matters is sometimes tough. Someone reached out to me in a way like this before. My senior year, I knew no one and at a huge church event I was alone. The result, he was the best man at my wedding, and my son took his middle name, and to this day we are best friends. Thanks Josh for reaching out to me!

seanaa riget from st. augistine fl SEPTEMBER 21, 2013
so sad... that happened to me once. I went home and cried every day

Ms Grateful from Tennessee AUGUST 26, 2013
This commercial brings tears to my eyes but it also warms my heart to see kindness given to a hurting person.

Team of Good Moms from Ohio AUGUST 7, 2013
This video is so sad it produced me to tears :( Bullies are people who are not only mean, but are also victims of despire and depression, they tease and bully their ways through the school hallways because they DO NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDS!!! If your child is a bully, ask them are they depressed or do they have any friends. Bullies CAN CHANGE. And it's up to US to help them. Show them that bullying is wrong and why they should stop.

Catherine Webb from Alton, IL JULY 29, 2013

Cindy from Kansas JULY 26, 2013
My granddaughter has to deal with this and actually had to leave one school to another and getting the same treatment. I wish this could be played in every school. She is beautiful, talented and nobody wants to be around her. I know all it is jealousy which is a nasty thing. I wish I could wisk her away and just take all this away, but you will get it everywhere. Stamp out bullying.

Jess from china MAY 13, 2013
New girls are always the most popular one in school, because everyone is curious about her, and everyone wants to be a friend with her. Even if an unwelcome person wants a seat beside you, the only thing we do is be quite and stop talking but we never move away. Just cant imagine why people doing that way.

rob from bement illinois MARCH 23, 2013
janev 4 months ago from westmidlands wolverhampton... hows things going? kids can be so cruel... sorry for your daughters struggle. chin up;)

Connie R from California FEBRUARY 16, 2013
I was one of the popular girls who moves tables when a mean guy was around.

rachi f. from new york new york JANUARY 13, 2013
Wow no one would ever do that for me! Lucky girl!

Rodrigo from Las Vegas DECEMBER 5, 2012
This video is so sad.

Tionna Taylor from NV  DECEMBER 5, 2012
That is sad and that is how I was on the first day of school.

Danyale Buchanan from School DECEMBER 5, 2012
I love that song and that girl was nice to sit with her.

janev from westmidlands wolverhampton NOVEMBER 20, 2012
This ought to be shown in all schools and universities my youngest is suffering at uni no one sits with her lunch time the girls on her course ostracized her i've only just found how its afecting her it's really upset the family. She only started Sept 2012 and the group of girls on her course were allready friends and she knows no one i'm only glad she travels and comes home each evening and only has to attend 2 days a week. Don't think she gonna stick it

Marissa M. from lexington NOVEMBER 18, 2012
I love that song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria from Dreamland SEPTEMBER 23, 2012
The first time I saw this, I cried so much. In elem. I was so popular and was very carefree but when I got to middle school I was in the same situation with the New girl...I still sometimes cry about what happened years ago. Now I'm in highschool and considered very popular and well liked. One day I was heading for my usually table where all the popular kids sat and I was passing by this table with a girl sitting by herself. I -dead on- froze in my tracks and a flashback of what happened to me in middle school ran threw my mind. I glanced at the girl who tried to avoid my gaze like she was ashamed and I knew she was sad and embarrassed and I felt like she was going to cry. My friends were calling me to come sit down and look at something but I just told them wait a minute. The girl hesitantly gazed at me. And what happened next must have shocked her. I asked her if I could sit with her and she just looked at me surprise and nodded.It was awkward at first but then we warmed up to each other and were soon laughing outloud. Soon my friends started sitting with us at HER table. And that my friends, is how I met my best friend

Lexi from School  SEPTEMBER 6, 2012
I liked this video because I would do the same because I would feel bad for the new girl.

mikayla from orlando,fl SEPTEMBER 3, 2012
I'm 12 and this video really motivates me to do what that girl did.

Rosie P. from Tolleson, AZ JUNE 28, 2012
I sat next to someone who was sitting all alone in the cafeteria, too! She turned out to be really nice and we became good friends! :)

lei guevarra from philippines JUNE 9, 2012
...I really loved this video!

Mariecris Nobello from Elk Grove, California APRIL 17, 2012
Totally reminds me of me at my other school. Now I gotta deal with being the new girl. ):

Sarah K from Colorado APRIL 14, 2012
I'd love for my school to show these during would hit home a lot harder.

Meli Beli from Bogotá APRIL 10, 2012
This video has a powerful message. I show it in my Elementary classes and have the kids blog about the video. It left the kids thinking.

Kim T. from Cumberland,MD APRIL 7, 2012
I think this one should be next to go on. It goes with the new stuff about bullying.

Rachel Boettcher from Arizona APRIL 6, 2012
I've been the new kid once before, but after this year I'll be the new kid again. I don't want be treated like that when I go to my new school. I want some friends.

I remeber I use to be a bully. Then once I got in middle and highschool the tables turned. I know how it feels. So I am thankful for this commercial. Bullying is wrong. There used to be a girl at my school who was quiet and I mean quiet because from here previous schools people use to pick on her. But there was something special about her. I wanted to be her friend. We are still friends today. but anyways I'm in college. Now I look back on how I used to bully people and I feel so stupid for doing that. I don't know why I did that. My older sisters raised me when i was younger because my mom couldnt (she had a drug probem) and taught me that is was ok to bully, but I can't even use that for an excuse because I could of been the one to stop it. and for everyone out there that I made feel bad Im sorry! please forgive me!

leria from omaha FEBRUARY 7, 2012
I know how being new in a school can be.It hard for a while but you do get used to it.

Sarah G from Albany, New York JANUARY 25, 2012
I see this all the time at my school. There's an autistic boy in my grade, and even though kids say hi to him in class, there are too many days that no one sits with him. If everyone in my 8th grade class saw this TV spot, then Campbell would never sit alone again!

Jackie E from Mission, tx DECEMBER 7, 2011
All your video clips are lovely i wish comercials were all like this cause they are so inspirational to all ages. Thanks for all this

Karen from California OCTOBER 12, 2011
I'm 9 years. Help out if you can, And if a new person comes, sit with them, and do not let them feel very lonely. This clip was more than awesome1 Once I went to a new school, and an unfriendly girl said," Go Away, new girl, I can't believe you have the nerve to sit with us popular girls". But then, a kind friend named Anna said," Come sit with us! What's your name? I'm Anna."

Thomas from Texas SEPTEMBER 4, 2011
I'm eight years old and I liked the video. It was respectful and reaching out was a nice thing to do.

bourneblogger from Dallas, TX AUGUST 18, 2011
Don't let bullies get you down. It's actually a good thing they're showing their true colors so you know to stay away from them. Focus on school and in 10 years you'll be in a much better situation than most bullies wind up. Stay strong and support each other!

Cathy from Nanchang,China JUNE 9, 2011
I like all the TV spots here, it's so extraordinary, plain but powerful, thank you for making such great videos for us. All these videos have taught me a lesson and your ideas are great and I hope more people will see it and spread it, good ideas worth spreading.

Kerri from Ohio JUNE 5, 2011
This was my life in high school, I was the girl no one wanted to sit with at lunch.

Jackie Linger from New York APRIL 25, 2011
I love this! I'm a teenager and in school kids bully so much and nobody does anything!!! My principal doesn't! I think this is so inspiring and if everyone was like this think of the world we would have.

Cody H. from Erie, Colorado, United States of America APRIL 24, 2011
This video sets a great example of life today. If I were ever to see this happen, I would do the same thing the girl did in the end, Also, great video. :)

Filipe de Lima Reis from Recife, Brazil APRIL 17, 2011
This is one of the best commercials I've ever seen in my life. It talks directly to my heart, very deep inside. I was a victim of bullying. I cry everytime I watch it.

Lynda from Vallejo Ca FEBRUARY 5, 2011
It works when you are an adult also. New jobs, new cities etc... Life's lessons...pass it on

Melissa M from Cedarburg, WI JANUARY 26, 2011
These TV spots are the most amazing ideas I have ever seen. They're so simple, yet so meaningful. I hope that people are as affected as I am by the beauty of these messages. Thank you for taking the time to show people how little things make a huge difference in people's lives.

Will, G from Rosebud, SD JANUARY 4, 2011
We really adopted the Anti-Bullying campaign in our School District located on the Rosebud Reservation. All of these videos really help us with the virtues we are teaching our youth. Thank you for everything you offer.

Rachel.B from England JANUARY 2, 2011
This is kinda how it is at my school when I first went there.. I was the new girl and I would've given anything for someone to have done that.. now seeing this I'm reminded to do it myself when there is a new girl.

Erricka B. from Troy, OH OCTOBER 19, 2010
That was very nice of the girl to go sit with the new girl. If that was me, I would go sit with her, too.

Hulio M from The bronx OCTOBER 5, 2010
This is a really well made video.

Michelle R from California SEPTEMBER 2, 2010
I absolutely adore every TV spot you have and they make TV just a little bit less shallow. I would love to be in one of your future videos, they are all so amazing!

Tom from Findlay, OH JULY 2, 2010
This commercial is really well done. It almost made me cry. I'm a teacher and will be showing this to my fifth grade class. It was really refreshing to see such an inspirational commercial on TV. Thanks.

Janet,J. from CaptainCook, Hawaii JULY 1, 2010
"Cafeteria" is my favorite. The "good girl" who made this, just graduated from Yale U., was recruited for a great job, paid a bonus, and after 2 years, the firm will pay her way, all expenses, through law school if she wishes. She reaches out to everyone with love in real life, lives good qualities, and it has lifted her life wherever she goes. Kindness is her thing. Values count.

Barbara F. from Dalton, GA JUNE 21, 2010
I try to see every one of these T.V. spots. What a world this would be if all these spots were taken to heart by everyone. I love each one of them but I do have favorites.

Rose C. from Detroit, Michigan MAY 13, 2010
Inspiring to say the least. Some times kids don't understand the magnitude of their actions and this commercial speaks volumes. It should be introducted into the schools as part of a "values" and bullying curriculum. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa B. from Batavia, New York MARCH 31, 2010
Very inspiring commercial! I just wrote a short musical for kids called, "Can't Bully Me Now", that includes an act called "the Cafeteria", similar to this. Visit for the details. I was teased as a child and my nephew is bullied as well. I plan to make a positive difference!

Allyson A. from Frederick, Maryland JANUARY 26, 2010
Cafeteria is my favorite of your commercials. I went through a similar experience while the new girl in middle school. It affected me for many years to come. Unfortunately, like in the TV ad, I didn't have a nice person come and befriend me. I sat alone at lunch almost all year.

Scarlett W. from Los Angels, CA, U.S.A. NOVEMBER 19, 2009
I saw this commercial on TV two nights ago and I loved it. I showed this commercial to my kids and they loved it too! My kids are in grades one and two and they just started a new school. I hope that when they are in a problem like this that they do the right thing.

Quintin W. from Simpsonville, SC OCTOBER 10, 2009
I (age 39) saw this commercial on TV a couple of nights ago, and I was so inspired by it that I recorded it. I told my son (age 14) and my daughter (age 11) on the way to school the next morning that I saw an outstanding commercial and that has become my favorite. However, I wouldn't tell them what it was about, even though they begged me to tell them about it. I told them that I would show it to them when they got home from school that day. When they were at school, I played it to my wife and it brought tears to her eyes. After I picked the kids up from school, my wife and I sat down and finally showed them the commercial and we had a family discussion about it. We made sure that the kids understood that when in the same situation (which they will be at some point) they HAVE to do the right thing by befriending a student who is picked on by others. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COMMERCIAL - YOU ARE TRULY DOING A GREAT SERVICE!!!

Jackie F. from Bakersfield OCTOBER 8, 2009
Mrs.Wells showed us this TV spot and I felt a really good feeling inside my heart.

Jim M from Barrie, ON, Canada SEPTEMBER 9, 2009
These Videos are great!!! I Teach a leadership class to kids aged 7 - 14 and we have started viewing one of these as a discussion point every class! Thank you from me and all our students!

Jenna L from San Diego, CA SEPTEMBER 3, 2009
This touched my heart in so many ways. I've been the new kid and the "weird" kid, and it would have meant so much to me if someone had reached out to me.

Mary Rose M. from North Carolina AUGUST 29, 2009
Oh, wow. This touches one's heart regardless, but when it's a memory - fresh after so many years - of your own personal pain, it's especially poignant. We need more people like the girl in the purple-striped shirt in the world...those who understand the power of a kind deed.

TG from Germany JUNE 29, 2009
I can definitely relate to this spot. I have this problem at a church that I attend in Germany. When we get in our prayer circle and hold hands to pray, the children try to avoid holding my hand. What a shame.

Cale F. from West Virginia JUNE 17, 2009
Wow, what a powerful message. This ad stirred many emotions of my schooldays. I attended 10 schools; it is not easy being the new kid.

Cody B. from Union Mills, IN JUNE 5, 2009
This commercial is what made me come to this amazing site and find out more about FBL. Very well done...I'm in very impressed and now motivated!

Anonymous MAY 22, 2009
a disgrace

Steve S. from Thornton, CO MAY 20, 2009
Moving! The commercial offers a great perspective. Thanks for such a revealing 30 seconds!

Jonathan from Irvine, California APRIL 30, 2009
Thank you for the inspiration. A wonderful clip.

Meika from Manhattan, NY APRIL 14, 2009
I want to Thank You guys at The Foundation for a Better Life for showing and encouraging people to pass on good values. Your commercials inspire me and I'm sure to inspire others to live a better life. Thanks keep showing them there all my favorite in different ways.

Scott C. from New Castle, Indiana FEBRUARY 7, 2009
I have definitely been in exactly this same spot many times. It really is miserable to be in that spot, and I had some friends do what the hero in this story does. Beautiful? Very appropriate.

Riley, 13 FEBRUARY 3, 2009
Today, I saw someone sitting alone and remembered this. Me and two other people went and sat by this girl. I could tell people were looking but I think it showed the people who ditched her that that wasn't nice. I love this site and want to share this commercial with everyone!

James L from Wausau, Wisconsin JANUARY 23, 2009
I think this is the best spot out there- although the others are inspiring as well. I needed to visit this website because I wanted to watch this video over it was that good. It makes you think that, with what you guys are doing, we can build a "foundation for a better life"! Great work!

A.J. from NJ DECEMBER 29, 2008
It seems that simply being the new kid is "reason" enough! I entered a new high school this year and I feared going to lunch for this reason. It happened to me too but luckily, I have two amazing teachers who helped me find some amazing people to sit with.

Rebecca H. from Rigby, Idaho OCTOBER 29, 2008
I saw this commercial and I loved it. It really touched my heart. Now when I see someone sitting alone I will go and sit next to them, make a difference. Thank you!

Marie S. from Pueblo, CO OCTOBER 20, 2008
My youngest daughter has Autism, and at the age of 14 is seldom understood by her peers, as her developmental state is about two years behind. She goes through this everyday, where she is singled out, and left to herself. I wish that there were more young people who would reach out to those who struggle to make friends daily.

Julia G from New York SEPTEMBER 11, 2008
I have been left out of situations and I would be lying if I said I never did it to someone else. What I think is so important about this spot is that it makes people aware of how this action can hurt someone. Awareness will help teens/adults understand and reach out next time!

Luiz Valério T. from São Paulo, Brazil JULY 26, 2008
Awesome spot and the background song fits perfectly well!!! I've seen it a couple of times on CNN and it has always touched me because we can see it happen more frequently than we'd like to. It does hurt a lot when you're in her shoes and the situation portrayed reminds me of a wonderful book called Established & Outsiders. I've passed it on.

Megan H. from Jakarta APRIL 7, 2008
this has taught me a lot... and it is very helpful and completely true. Girls are like this... The song "Beautiful" by christina aguilera completely fits the whole situation good job :)

Jan from USA MARCH 12, 2008
I believe the song is a cover of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful."

Giancarlo T. from Switzerland MARCH 2, 2008
Hallo, On CNN you have made one beautiful publicity. Thanks!!!

Ken P. from Seymour, Connecticut USA MARCH 1, 2008
Can someone tell me who sings this song--it's unbelievable it fits so well! Great video!

BpRt. from Lehighton, Pennsylvania USA FEBRUARY 21, 2008
Knowing first hand how that feels, I so glad that someone is trying to make a difference in this world torn by differences. But it shouldn't just be the ones that have experienced this that benefit from this commercial. It should also be the ones causing it too. I support you all 110%.

Cindy R. from Manila, Philippines JANUARY 28, 2008
I do believe that mutual respect is the key to world peace. I really want to know who sang on this spot, and if I can acquire a copy anywhere? More power to you guys!

Cindy R. from Manila, Philippines JANUARY 28, 2008
I do believe that mutual respect is the key to world peace. I really want to know who sang on this spot, and if I can acquire a copy anywhere? More power to you guys!

Maria P. from North Carolina USA JANUARY 21, 2008
As soon as I saw this spot on TV I just had to come check out this site, and it's awesome. This spot is so touching to me because if I ever saw someone like that in the cafeteria I'd offer them a seat. And I'll be the new girl next year when I go to an all new high school.

Raven J. from Maryland, USA DECEMBER 19, 2007
Loved it! This site is so awesome!

Barb B. from New Carlisle, Indiana USA NOVEMBER 30, 2007
I love this TV spot. It's sooo true. Does anyone know who does the sound track for this spot?

R from Massachusetts, USA NOVEMBER 24, 2007
This was the first video I saw of FBL, I caught it on HGTV and teared up immediately. For the past 2 days since seeing it I've watched them all on the internet and felt an unstoppable drive to be the best person I can be. Thank You and keep up the good work.

Robert C. from Portland, Oregon USA NOVEMBER 1, 2007
No words can describe how I feel. These commercials inspire me and provide hope that we can improve our lot in life. One person at a time. Keep up the great work.

Cori D. from Murrieta, CA, USA OCTOBER 10, 2007
This is the best commercial that I have ever seen. It touches the part of us that many of us can't remember. Some were the new girl, others were the girls in the group. I have shown my children this commercial and they see what true kindness is about, it is about caring about others, and I told them this is a message for life.

Maggie M. from New York, USA OCTOBER 7, 2007
This is such a great video!!

T.T. OCTOBER 6, 2007
I am new to a school this year and i went through the same propblem not to long ago. A girl was mean to me saying that I can't sit with her because I was new and I felt like such a idiot and a diffrent girl asked me if I wanted to sit with them and now those are the girls I sit with all the time!

Brittany E. from California, USA OCTOBER 6, 2007
These vidoes inspire me so much! This one in particular, it reminds me of myself. If only more people did it! I get tears in my eyes every time I watch it!

Ashley C. from Houston, Texas USA SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
This one really speaks to me. I will never in my life be this mean to a person! I know how much that can hurt someone.

Elaine W. from Massena, New York USA SEPTEMBER 12, 2007
Breaking out of the lunch room seating arrangement was addressed in class today. This issue is a social hurdle. We need to break free during meetings as well!

Steve M. from Boston, Massachusetts USA SEPTEMBER 3, 2007
I tell my daughters (14, 12 and 10) to "be that girl" every time the spot comes on.

Dion A. from Jakarta, Indonesia SEPTEMBER 3, 2007
Saw it on CNN, i think this a wonderful end touching spot.

Swedal from Mumbai, India AUGUST 15, 2007
Yeah it's really good....

Kelly M. from USA AUGUST 14, 2007
I felt terrible when I saw this because I realized how many times I have seen something like this happen. It is easier to be nice than to be mean, and it makes you feel better too.

RH from Jakarta, Indonesia AUGUST 11, 2007
I saw this ad on CNN and had to go to your site. This piece holds particular resonance for me, an Asian who has to move around the world a fair amount. I have found myself on both sides of this familiar story. The message is universal, not just for the youth but for all of us in the world. Our world is getting ever smaller and as our different cultures melt into each other, we all can use reminders of how it is to live well with each other. I love what you are doing. I hope you can keep it going, and am happy to help should you need it in the future. All the best to your work.

Donald E.M. from Bali AUGUST 9, 2007
We have to do these things more often because so many people are lonely out there.

Nancy M from Roseville, CA AUGUST 4, 2007
I cry everytime I see this commercial because I was that "new girl" often - we moved a lot. I love you're doing for our world. Each of us can make a difference.

Dave Z from Laos JULY 26, 2007
I saw the cafeteria spot on CNN. Every time it comes on I have to watch it again. I've passed FBL on to a mother and 13 year old girl who is interested in better role models and reaching out.

Karen R from Bicol, Philippines JULY 14, 2007
People of For Better Life... You are making a difference. Thank You!!!

Liana L from Minneapolis JUNE 9, 2007
You guys at this organization are doing some awesome work. I just saw one of your commercials and I just had to come look at the website. Keep it up! Very inspiring.

Lady Samm from Toronto, Canada JUNE 6, 2007
It takes ONE only ONE sometimes to make the biggest difference in another person's life...IF ONE cares there will be more....ahhhhh

Xaviar K. from Amsterdam, The Netherlands MAY 26, 2007
This spot is very good. It shows us the bad moments in social life that confront many people every day. My compliments. I saw this spot on CNN and right after seeing this spot I came to this site.

Rachelle P MAY 1, 2007
I thought that it was pretty interesting, in that most of us or all of us can say that we have seen that happen to someone or even ourselves.

Dave F. from Meriden Connecticut APRIL 30, 2007

Tweek V from Valparaiso IN APRIL 26, 2007
Great spot....what is the name of that song

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