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The idea for "Cafeteria" was actually developed during the making of "Locker." In preparation for shooting "Locker," the director talked with some of the spot's young actors. The young women said that they also had experienced bullying, but unlike with boys, who tend to be more physically aggressive, girls are more verbally aggressive. The staff and directors learned from recent research, as well as talking to young people, that often a person doesn't need a "reason" to be targeted by bullies - it seems that simply being new is "reason" enough!

Video Transcript

MUSIC: “Every day is so wonderful. Then suddenly, it's hard to breathe…
MUSIC: “Now and then, I get insecure…
MUSIC: “From all the pain, I'm so ashamed…?NEW GIRL: Would it be OK if I sat here?
MUSIC: “I am beautiful. No matter what they say…
MUSIC: “Words can't bring me down… ?POPULAR GIRL #1: Is she serious?
POPULAR GIRL #2: Whatever!
POPULAR GIRL #3: New girl!
MUSIC: “I am beautiful…
MUSIC: “In every single way. Words can't bring me down, oh no…?ANNCR: Reaching out…Pass it on. A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life
MUSIC: “Don’t you bring me down today.”
SUPER: The Foundation for a Better Life

Reaching Out. Pass It On!


Lee from Riley, NE JANUARY 4, 2018
Best part of my day! Thank you very much.

sarkam abdi from Kenya JUNE 19, 2017
Thank you

Lynny from Mn JUNE 17, 2017
Just seen this in Minnesota's Lake Country..Thank you for your awesome productions! Can't wait to see more when I have signal!!!

Patricia from NY MAY 20, 2017