Pass It On®

Nate Staniforth, Magician

Do you remember the sense of wonder you felt when you saw someone doing magic tricks as a little kid? Magician Nate Staniforth wants you to experience that wonder again by seeing things as they once were before they became ordinary. Pass it on!

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Video Transcript

Nate: Time and time again, you know when I’m doing street magic.. I’ll walk up to someone and I can just see they’re against me right? They don’t want to be amazed. They don’t want this experience to happen. But then the magic happens.

Lyrics: Can we be there.

Nate: And all that falls away.

Lyrics: Oh, just think of the time. I know that some will say…

Come on man!

Lyrics: It matters a little babe.

Spectators: Stunned. I believe in magic.

Lyrics: Oh, but come on and mean it to me... I need it so bad.

Nate: It’s the experience of waking up and seeing things the way you saw them before they became ordinary.

Lyrics: I needed to try. I needed to fall.

Nate: That’s the goal. I’m looking for that experience of wonder.

Lyrics: I need… never get old.

Wonder. Pass It On!


Susan from Anchorage,AK APRIL 25, 2018
I love your tv spots, they make a person want to try to be a good person. This is the type of thing that will influence people to start thinking what is happening in America and trying to change the hate being seen all over.

Lilly from Maine JANUARY 31, 2018

mick from freeport JANUARY 25, 2018

Anonymous JANUARY 25, 2018

Eric Cox from Walnut Creek, CA JANUARY 19, 2018
Go Nate!! Fantastic video, and an even more fantastic message! I agree, as children, we are born into a natural state of wonder! We often loose that sense of wonder and appreciation in the grind and repetition of the days and the years. But, it is our responsibility, and a gift, to look and see what is always around us. Magic wakes people from their slumber, and your dedication to waking people is a calling, and and a gift to the world! Thank you!