Gratitude can come in small ways but always means a lot. Each of us shows our appreciation in different ways. We see a wonderful example of one of those “ways” in this PSA. An exhausted working Mom comes in late one evening. What she discovers will surprise and inspire you. Natalie Merchant’s wonderful “Kind and Generous” ties a ribbon on this message and leaves us with a smile. Gratitude... Pass It On.


Lyrics: ♪ Oh, I want to thank you show my gratitude ♪
Lyrics: ♪ My love, and my respect for you ♪
Lyrics: ♪ I want to thank you ♪

Gratitude. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Loli Kadala from Plantation, FL JUNE 24, 2022
Gratitude expresses appreciation and makes you humble. It shows you don't take people/things for granted. An attitude of gratitude is what this world needs to dissuade the sense of entitlement so prominent in people these days. Feeling grateful promotes selflessness and service to others... it changes our world!

Susan from Edwards JUNE 24, 2022
Gratitude comes in many forms, & there’s always something to be grateful… even something simple as waking up to a new day. Aging speeds up the process of living so each new day & everything it holds is a gift…. Called the present!

Davidbobbie from Johnson JUNE 11, 2022
The message with person on his very inspiring I think it's wonderful

Kathy from Louisiana APRIL 8, 2022
Something so simple can bring so much joy. Gratitude goes so far! And makes me feel vso warm and happy. Whether we are the ones giving or receiving. 🙏 Thank you for what you're doing. Everyone pay it forward for a better world and family.

Laurie from Tempe, AZ APRIL 2, 2022
Thank you for bringing character, love, and kindness back to television! Your commercials bring joy and clarity to what really matters!

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