My Life in Sports

This spot was intended to reach out to all of us who are not so athletically minded. No matter what your talent is, it is important and worth developing. For adults, parents and mentors, it's important to help young people search for that particular ability, which may not be so obvious at first. In the filming of this spot, the members of the choir performed very well - especially considering that they had just learned the song!


MUSIC: It takes a lot to know what is love…
MOM: Alright, don’t hold back now, give me all you’ve got.
MUSIC: And there is never a day that passes by I don’t think of you.
MOM: Maybe baseball is your game. Hey pal bring it in, right here.
MUSIC: You were always there for me.
MOM: How about golf? Ok, uh, choke down a little bit.
MUSIC: Pushing me and guiding me always to succeed. I want to thank you for the time and I’m proud to say your mine. You showed me everything that I should know. You showed me just how to walk without your hands.
BOY: ‘Cause mom you always were the perfect fan.
ANNCR/SUPER: Appreciation… Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Appreciation. Pass It On!

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aulorra from 21139 littel bever FEBRUARY 10, 2021
i love this vido it is so unique

Melvina Watson from NYC OCTOBER 31, 2020
Now that one brought a tear to an old lady's eye.

nightslayer from Colorado SEPTEMBER 17, 2020
yess this made me cry

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 1, 2017
I feal soo impsirad thes vidoe hos halped me soa mooch

Anonymous JANUARY 5, 2017

Kathleen from Celebration,Florida JULY 13, 2016
Yeh.. This is beautiful..

NULL from NULL DECEMBER 16, 2014

roy conley from fairbanks ak JUNE 6, 2014
thanks for adding something positive to my life its good someone is standing up and speakinggood what's wrong with America and the lives that we live

robert mosetter from hershey pa FEBRUARY 12, 2014
very inspirational and loving.

Andre from Barbados NOVEMBER 17, 2013
It's so beatiful

Pat from San Diego OCTOBER 29, 2013
Sure hit home with us.

king j j from new youk AUGUST 30, 2013
i love it


mindy crouch from dayton ohio MAY 1, 2013
I love this commercial! It's the best one by far, very touching and inspirational!

Kathy from SouthEast Oklahoma APRIL 22, 2013
Just beautiful as all of your commercials are! It just shows a mom trying to help her son find the best in his world and if it is not sports but singing... she is proud NO matter what... you can see the pride that both of them take. Very touching!

Connie R from California APRIL 10, 2013
I think sports is better than singing. To me. He thinks singing is better than sports because he has never played sports before.

Lisa from Alabama MARCH 15, 2013
This is awesome. My mom told me to look it up because it reminded her of me and my son. My son who is only 4 1/2 years old right now has tried a few sports and is NOT the most athletic one on the field/court. I love sports but as a young child myself I was extremely sick with a chronic disease so I wasn't able to participate in sports (until high school when I was a cheerleader for 3 years). I did however, have a talent for music at a very young age which my mother saw and encouraged me to develop it. I ended up playing violin, piano, clarinet and bass clarinet and being a member of my high school band and choir and being able to sing at Carnigie Hall in NYC. Anyways my son has the build of an athlete already...very tall for his age and solid. Since he was a baby strangers would pass by and say what a great football player he will be someday...and who knows, maybe someday he will be a great football player...then again maybe he won't. Maybe he just doesn't care about being an athlete as much as some kids. Right now he'd rather run circles around the other kids and he's afraid of the ball...but he is so smart and already has a great talent and love for music. I do worry about him being teased as he grows up for his size and his not-so-athletic ability....but I hope he finds a passion for something that makes him happy. I think he will be great musician and I hope he finds it a great outlet as I did growing up when the world wasn't so kind I had music to get lost in, put emotion into and lift me up! Whatever my son decides to do I will definitely be there by his side cheering him on and being his biggest fan!!!!

Mica Juani Jose from Buenos Aires APRIL 17, 2012
You have to try to find what you like.

CATA, BELU Y BAUTA from buenos aires  APRIL 17, 2012
We love this pour little guy.

Joshua Nyantika from Nairobi, Kenya FEBRUARY 21, 2012
It's so inspiring, its the best for me....I Love it!!!

EDUARDO ANTUNEZ from Omaha,Nebraska OCTOBER 11, 2011
this is me when i was little because i wasnt good with sports and then when i got bigger i got better so thats me in the video ha!ha!ha!

James S from Ohio AUGUST 4, 2011
That's me right there. This brought a tear to my eye, because in the eyes of my peers I was lame cause I didn't play sports and sung instead, but in the eyes of my parents I was doing a wonderful job and as long as I was doing what I was in to, it was the best.

Jhon from Skyforest, California MARCH 8, 2011
I love many of your spots on TV, but this is by far my favorite! You see, my 7 year old grandson, who had leukemia at the age of 2 and endured 3 1/2 years of chemo treatment, looks and acts just like this boy! He may never be a great athlete, but he is blessing so many lives....including his single grandmother who is raising him! I cry every time, unashamedly!

Amanda F. from California JANUARY 28, 2011
I saw this spot the other day and I started to cry a little because The Prefect Fan had to be one of my fave songs by BSB off their Millienium cd. The first time I heard the song I cried because the song was so amazing and sweet. In the spot, I love how she tried to help her son find his thing and she was proud of him even though his spot was not in sports. It is so inspirational to never give up no matter how many times you fail and no matter what someone will be proud of you.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO JANUARY 5, 2011
Yes, the song is "Perfect Fan" by Backstreet Boys.

Rachel ML from Bakersfield JANUARY 5, 2011
I finally decided to investigate the song to listen to it in it's entire version. Thank you to the person that knew it was Backstreet Boys. Beautiful.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO JANUARY 3, 2011
This spot was released for Mother's Day. For spots about fathers watch Holding The Light, The Wall, Umpire, Apple Stand, and Truck Stop.

Cindy G. from Clayton, DE JANUARY 3, 2011
I was so touched by this spot tonight I just had to look it up. This is the 10th time I've been on your site today! Your commercials keep inspring me and I just love all the music from each one - I wish you sold it all on an album! Thank you for what you're doing and please don't stop!! Keep it going!!!

Tim H. from Oklahoma JANUARY 1, 2011
What are trying to say about Fathers in this spot?

Mona G from Alabama DECEMBER 30, 2010
I love all the commercials. "You can let go, Daddy" is the saddest one and reminds you what is so important in life. Having the people you love around you. I was hoping to see the one about the little girl sharing candy.

Casidy A. from Indiana OCTOBER 25, 2010
I love the Backstreet Boys. When this song is put to a video like this, it brings a whole new meaning to the song. Amazing song choice.

Juni V from Susquehanna, PA SEPTEMBER 27, 2010
Yes, it is "The Perfect Fan" by the Backstreet Boys. My son and I danced to this song at his wedding 10 years ago.

Kristy S. from Indiana SEPTEMBER 7, 2010
This is really cute. Perfect song that goes with it too.

Paris,M from Los Angeles AUGUST 7, 2010
This is my favorite. It touches my heart. It was so sweet to step up and sing it to his mom.

Sierra G from North Carolina AUGUST 2, 2010
I also stop whatever I am doing to watch these commercials.

Craig R from Washington, DC JULY 1, 2010
Hey! I was that kid (in about 1958). I was constantly counseled to "keep your eye on the ball." I did, and was convinced that it'd do me great bodily harm. At its imminent approach, no matter what the sport, I'd "duck and cover." Needless to say, I was not chosen for many sports teams. Nevertheless, thanks to sensitive parenting, I grew up to become a Naval Aviator, airline pilot and, now, a veteran (meaning old) journalist. Thanks for the terrific, heartwarming promo (and for sharing Nancy P, the prettiest "mom" ever)!

V. Jones from Georgia MAY 25, 2010
My Life in Sports reminds me SO MUCH of my own son (smile). I love it. Everytime it comes on, I stop what I'm doing and run to watch it.

Nancy P. from Utah MARCH 20, 2010
I should mention, that the people who wrote, directed and participated in the making of this commercial were amazing and wonderful. It was truly a pleasure to be "mom"!

Nancy P. from Utah MARCH 20, 2010
Hi Audrey B., I am the mom in this commercial. I, however, am not Tia from One Life to Live, though it is quite a complement. Thank you! :)

D.Henderson from St.Petersburg.Fl MARCH 12, 2010
My very favorite commercial!! Everytime I see this I get chills and tears in my eyes.Who is that adorable young man and the mother?

Shelly H. from Richmond, VA JANUARY 29, 2010
Love this commercial! For those of us who have boys, it really hits home. My oldest has just joined the Marine Corps!!! It makes me want to cry every time I see it! BEAUTIFUL!

Audrey B. from Florida JANUARY 20, 2010
No one is answering my question: Who plays the Mother in "My Life In Sports"? Is she the actress, "Tia" from One Life To Live (who is an excellent actress)?

Rachel A. from Denver, CO  JANUARY 18, 2010
I believe the song is called "The Perfect Fan," originally recorded by the Backstreet Boys.

Michelle D from Walnut, CA JANUARY 17, 2010
Does anyone know who sings this song and the title of it?

Hank S. from Eustis, Fl JANUARY 15, 2010
I love all your spots. This one is great as well. However, I do get a kick out of the baseball scene where a milkman is delivering milk in glass bottles..must be the 50's.

Aine W from The Villages, FL DECEMBER 30, 2009
I love this spot! Never get tired of looking at it or getting its wonderful message!

Doti H from Minnesota NOVEMBER 20, 2009
The best "commercial" I've seen! The Better Life commercials are better than the TV programs! As a mother with non-sports children who are now grown, I wish these had been shown long ago. My children are now in the Arts (Music & Design). We need more of these statements to tell our children that participating in sports isn't everything! KEEP IT UP!

Lori G. from Alexandria, Alabama OCTOBER 13, 2009
I absolutely love the one for apperication with the mom and the son. It makes me cry everytime I see it. I reminds me of how my parents never gave up on me when I needed it. keep making these wonderful videos.

Roxane S from California SEPTEMBER 18, 2009
This commercial touches my heart every single time I see it. All of the Better Life commercials are great, but this one gets me good--especially when I hear the kids singing at the end! Love it! And the little boy, too!

Kayla, H from Forney, Texas SEPTEMBER 17, 2009
I love the end of this commercial

Jo G. from Texas SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
Wonderful message! Who is the actress in this commercial? She seems familiar to me.

Cindy from Dallas, TX JULY 16, 2009
I love this! My two boys love the you commercials. Keep them coming!

Flavoris B. from Mabry Middle, S.C. FEBRUARY 24, 2009
That little boy never gave up.

Carol T. from Princess Anne, MD FEBRUARY 3, 2009
Hi, I would like to know the name of the song in the commercial about appreciation. [The song is called "The Perfect Fan" by Backstreet Boys.]

A.J. from NJ DECEMBER 29, 2008
Awww! This video is so cute! It made me cry when I saw how frustrated the boy got, then he sang absolutely beautifully! Kinda reminds me of my own journey.

George from Egypt DECEMBER 2, 2008
This is a wonderful spot.

Neil M from Manila, PH NOVEMBER 17, 2008
I really like the "Life in Sports" spot. It's very touching for me and I'll never forget the value of appreciation.

Ismuel A from ISRAEL OCTOBER 30, 2008

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
Love, Love, Love.

Sarah C from Doylestown, PA APRIL 11, 2008
I heard about this! I can't believe I missed it last night. GO Backstreet Boys! Love ya!

Crislyn from Manila, Philippines APRIL 11, 2008
Very touching. It brought tears to my eyes.

Francesco Wang MARCH 26, 2008
A great mother.

Linda V. from Florida, USA MARCH 1, 2008
AWW the end brought tears to my eyes!

Shakita Y. from Raleigh, North Carolina FEBRUARY 29, 2008
My son and I love this commercial and I cry every morning when I see it, because my son says that about me and it makes me feel so good and he hugs me when this commercial comes on.

Heather from Windsor, Ontario Canada FEBRUARY 23, 2008
I love this one...I sent to my mom to show her how much I care :) xoxoxo luv u mom!

Amanda from Florida, USA FEBRUARY 4, 2008
Amazing spot. I really loved it great job using the Backstreet Boys. I've always loved "The Perfect Fan." Brian did such a great job writing it too.

Julie S. from West Sacramento, California USA OCTOBER 25, 2007
This just made me cry! I love it!

Vivian R. from Bacolod, Philippines SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
I am not usually a Backstreet Boys fan but this song is very touching. I would like my son to memorize this song and let him sing it for his mothers (his grandmother, his aunt, and for me!)

Jana M. from Columbus, Ohio USA AUGUST 26, 2007
FBL is incredible - thank you so much for the time, money, and effort you've put into it - it makes a difference! p.s. The song is "Perfect Fan" by Backstreet Boys

Molly B. from Long Island, New York USA AUGUST 11, 2007
I saw this spot ONCE a few years ago. It was around 2am and I had my eyes closed. I opened them when I heard the music, because my sister had been a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys. I was crying by the time it was through. The message was so true and pure, and just beautiful.

Sandra G. from Miami, Florida USA AUGUST 11, 2007
I love this.

Bro. Louie D. from Cebu, Philippines JULY 23, 2007
Love... thank you for this wonderful video and music. By the way, what is the title of the song? Love it!!!

Samuel N. A. from Ghana JUNE 27, 2007
I like everything about the site and hope that you can develop and educate more people on learning how to share with others from all parts of the world. I like it. Please try and send some magazines to us in Africa to share with us your nice teaching. I like you. Bless your organisation.

Letty L from Mexico City, Mexico JUNE 26, 2007
The best music. I love it. Thank you for including this song. It has a beautiful meaning.

Lady Samm from Toronto, Canada JUNE 6, 2007
Ok, this one made me tear. I realized very early that all of my children were blessed with different talents. Each applauded for what made them unique. I celebrate them like this MUMM with her son. Bless you for this nice reminder!

Kay V from Ft Collins CO MARCH 29, 2007
Teach unconditional love. Love is the answer.

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