You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up is a remarkable song that has inspired millions around the world with its message of hope, strength and overcoming. Our goal was to develop a visual montage that would compliment the rich meaning of these lyrics. We looked at the theme, "Raise Me Up" and put a team of researchers on the task of selecting scenes that both caught the spirit of the song and flowed together to tell a story. Additionally, scenes from our Foundation archives were used to punctuate particular moments in this spot.

Our director and editor worked many weeks adding and deleting scenes to achieve the final result. We hope you enjoy this PSA and find a personal message of inspiration as you experience "You Raise Me Up."


You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders
You raise me up... To more than I can be

Inspire…Pass it On.
A Message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Inspiration. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Darlene sherty from Leesburg Fl FEBRUARY 16, 2022
Beauitful picture

Texas MARCH 27, 2021
This is so inspiring.Need more of these.Im Enjoy watching all of your commercials. Daisy from Indiana I'm so sorry for you losses. May you find peace in your loving memories. God bless you

Arcadio archi Rodriguez from Puerto Rico DECEMBER 24, 2020
One of my favorite inspiration song,thank you

Mrs. Woods from Camden, NJ SEPTEMBER 28, 2020
My class really enjoyed the video and we thought it was very emotional. Good work!

Daisy lambergmichigan city indiana SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
My husband pass away in . May 2020 I miss him every day wake up alone day and night. And this song and family .keeps me going.with out these songs . Don't what else to look forward lately we had to be put. Down old age of 18 yrs

Nancy Safsten from Lehi MAY 13, 2020
“A life full of enthusiasm, hope and contributions through one's own talent is a life well lived.”

Patricia Ouimette from Orillia OCTOBER 3, 2019
Inspiration , nice song

Ana Robles from Puerto Rico JULY 29, 2018
What a wonderful way to give strength to keep trying!

Archi Junn from Puerto Rico DECEMBER 30, 2017
Thank you, every time I hear this song or watch this video, thats, makes me feel better

James J Fraunberger from NJ DECEMBER 17, 2017
This song always picks me up when I am feeling down. Thank you.

A from El Paso TX  SEPTEMBER 17, 2017
I love, love, love, amore, amore, amore, All of them! They are Awesome!! Grazie!

Victoria APRIL 24, 2017
This made me cry

Marlen from Kansas APRIL 24, 2017
So so so so so so inspirational!

juan martinas from rockport fulton texas FEBRUARY 2, 2017
this is so cooooolllllllllllll

june from chicago JANUARY 29, 2017
we must stand together. Not just today, to be strong tomorrow and for the next 4 years. Then we together we will Raise Up and defeat this which we all allowed to happen.

Mark from North Carolina  NOVEMBER 18, 2016
What beautiful work you folks are doing! Bravo!

/..... from .... NOVEMBER 14, 2016
Ahh It's just a song.

Viay from Juarez Mexico OCTOBER 27, 2016

jannie from nervous AUGUST 26, 2016
so good

Connie from Waxahachie, TX AUGUST 18, 2016
Beautifully done!

Anonymous AUGUST 15, 2016

Penny from Atlanta, GA JULY 27, 2016
Beautiful TV ad. We need more like these. Thanks so much.

Lorie from NY JULY 3, 2016
I love this one with the singer Josh love him

Kurt JUNE 6, 2016
Any connections stay true to your inner self

Aldo from Los Angeles JUNE 3, 2016
If anyone is curious, this song is performed by Josh Groban

This wonderful song... “raise me and my soul” up.....every time I heared.....

sonny from london JANUARY 7, 2016
"You raise me up" is truly a most inspring song with lyrics that are eternal. I have passed this music wonder to everybody that I know. Thanks to the composer, the writer, various singers n all those involved or touched by this song.

NULL from NULL JANUARY 23, 2015
This song is done by Josh Groban around 2007. It's beautiful and the video is so inspiring and makes you want to do better in your own endeavors as well as helping others through your support and love. Thanks, it is so beautiful, I can't say it enough. Doug Davis-Canisteo, NY

NULL from NULL NOVEMBER 24, 2014
I love your inspiring messages,you really brought it home with the You raise me up addition.brought me to tears.GREAT JOB!!!


Rick from Kentucky JULY 4, 2014
There is just one word for this...AWESOME!!

Robert from Iowa MAY 26, 2014
If I spent less time on myself and focus more time inspiring and encouraging others I believe I'd be a better person. If each of us did this day in and day out we'd have a better world. Good reminder from this video! Have a great day!

ROJELYN.MONTES from paranque city FEBRUARY 15, 2014
my memorable song in graduation in college

soraya bach from deerfield beach FEBRUARY 10, 2014

Tomasista Arredondo from Laredo,Texas 78043 FEBRUARY 7, 2014
"Raise Me Up" is a very beautiful song and inspiring making you think twice, of how beautifull it is , when our children are still children, than they grow up, leave and we are left all alone when our children leave for college and I find myself eating by myself, of course missing my son.

Conne Gormley from Michigan JANUARY 29, 2014
Inspirational and Outstanding ... brings peace and hope

soraya bach from deerfield beach JANUARY 22, 2014

David Baez from Jacksonville High School DECEMBER 5, 2013
Incredibly great. I play these Values-adds to the students.

tatyanna from tx  OCTOBER 18, 2013
this is very insparasinal

Noell from Durham, NC OCTOBER 6, 2013
Your"ad" is so refreshing to encounter between ads for vicious, violent movies or TV shows. Thank you! Keep it up!

Norm W from Elizabethtown, KY SEPTEMBER 14, 2013
Wow!! What an inspiring public service announcement. I just hope people open up their eyes are realize that we all need to get along with each other and stop all this bullying, racism, hatred, etc. We could be our greatest, we someone "raises us up."

ernest from surat AUGUST 6, 2013
One of the beautiful song inspire me lot..great.

Jean Rice from LaPine, Oregon JULY 30, 2013
Wonderful ads for true values. Keep up the good work. Put them on every TV channel, on billboards, radio, in schools, churches, restaurants, EVERYWHERE. We all have to be examples of the values that made America great, and are slowly being forgotten. Thank you for gently reminding each and everyone of us.

Rose from Pennsylvania JULY 6, 2013
I love your inspirational messages. Thank you. Please continue, we need these reminders of the good in mankind and we need the inspiration to share that goodness.

This is one of my inspiration songs that I love listening to. What an awesome song!

Jasmine from Miami Fl JUNE 20, 2013
It's one of the most inspire songs I ever heard o never give up

Alexandros from Nicosia MAY 29, 2013
It is the best song in the world

Dave from Arvada, Colorado MAY 20, 2013
Oh my gosh! Brought tears to my eyes it touched me so deeply!

Jim t from NH MARCH 2, 2013
The kindness and decency of people... joyful

Dania from Miami FEBRUARY 6, 2013
I watch this commercial every morning as I get ready to start my day, I love what your foundation stands for. I wish I could afford to put a billboard in every block in my town. It has reached me I pass it on everyday in my life. Thank You God!

anabeña S. from mexico OCTOBER 8, 2012
I watched all of your videos but this one is the best one :)

Shawn from Tn OCTOBER 2, 2012
Probably the most motivational video I've ever seen. I'm an Army helicopter pilot who almost threw it all away in college with bad behavior and bad grades. It's never too late to turn it all around. It also can't hurt to have people around you who love you and support you.

Gary from NewZealand SEPTEMBER 7, 2012
Awesome song sung by Josh Groban.....makes me cry!

Ranjit Bhusry from Arizona AUGUST 28, 2012
Brilliant song! So inspiring I will play every time when I am low or need inspiration. Full marks to lyrics and the singer!


Stephen Stewart from Syracuse NY JULY 31, 2012
I think of my mother, who died on Christmas last year, every time I hear this song. What a beautiful piece you all have created......thank you.

Ivonne Sanchez from Oviedo, fl JULY 9, 2012
This is my favorite song to hear when I need to be strong.

Steven from Montana JUNE 9, 2012
These are truly beautiful videos. I hope you can keep making them!

Reine from Melbourne Australia JUNE 3, 2012
What an inspiring ad. It shows how far one can go and achieve just by having the right mind set. Reine x

Mckenna from AZ MAY 3, 2012
We played this at my grandmothers funeral just this past thursday. :[ It was really heart breaking to see her go, at age only 67. She will always be missed, loved, and never forgotten.

Héctor from Sonora, Mexico APRIL 19, 2012
Simply beautiful!

kim from caribbean APRIL 11, 2012
When I first saw this ad on television, I sat and analyzed every piece of it. Your aim to match images with the message of the song was seen with every new image, whether it was the height of the mountains or the swing, it certainly lifted my spirit high. I just want to say thank you for taking the time out to inspire the world with these short but meaningful messages.

wama A. from LAGOS  APRIL 3, 2012
I am inspired.

Truong D from Porland, Oregon APRIL 3, 2012
I cry every time hearing this song,this song is a part of my life.....

ashley from keller tx MARCH 20, 2012
I love this video. It inspires my heart.

johanna from Naples, florida FEBRUARY 21, 2012
i can't stop watching this video, Thank You!

Asya from Wisconsin, USA JANUARY 15, 2012
Uh, can anyone tell me who performs this song? Thank You!

a fellow struggler from U.S. JANUARY 5, 2012
Great commercial. Paula P. I'm so sorry and I'm praying for your situation and hope it has improved by now. So many are struggling just like this. Without getting too political (however, it is they-politicians-who we've allowed to affect our lives so detrimentally in this manner) I hope in this next election cycle voters will vote smarter, choose to be more informed, and will bring consistently genuine conservative candidates with positive change to the country. We've now had enough of this to teach us a lesson for a very long time.

Jackie from E DECEMBER 7, 2011
wow! i had never paid attention to these things before and this made me reallized that my kids have a lot of activities out there that they are missing out on, so now i will take them to participate to see what they like for them to see that there is something out there other then cartoons and video games. THANKS ! THANKS !

Jo M. from Georgia DECEMBER 1, 2011
Thank you.

John Best from Bellmawr, NJ NOVEMBER 28, 2011
Your commercials move everyone who sees them and are about what's right in this crazy mixed up world we live in. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.


Gdel from Lake Powell, AZ AUGUST 2, 2011
Foundation for a Better Life has by far made the best commercials I have ever seen in my life. I stop what I'm doing to watch and listen.

Yoke from China JULY 4, 2011
Very cool~

Dave Brown from Nebraska JUNE 14, 2011
Beautiful. I am like a lot of us out here who have seen this message over and over. I finally looked deeper into it. You are doing a beautiful thing here. Don't ever quit, This is too precious. So many people are "Too" busy to see what is truly important in life and when they do "Finally" realize it, it's too late. Thanks, Dave

Kevin o from New york APRIL 22, 2011
Cool, just really cool, thank you!

Jhon from Skyforest, California MARCH 8, 2011
What a beautiful message! I used to see this all the time on TV, but not lately. So glad you have this website where I can see all of my favorite and uplifting commercial spots! Don't know how you do it, but please keep them coming! Truly a blessing!

Wyatt from Denver, CO FEBRUARY 24, 2011
Your videos are truly inspirational... they make me feel so much better whenever I am feeling down. I cannot thank you enough for making these videos... they truly lift me up!



Jill A from Aiken, SC JANUARY 19, 2011
Always a highlight of my day when this spot appears on TV. Thank you for the inspiration!

Louise B. from Ohio JANUARY 18, 2011
I can never express how amazing I think these commercials are....I am so proud of the people who have made this inspire me and uplift me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

MadelynC from NC JANUARY 14, 2011
Awww!!! My favorite Christan Song!!!! My teacher showed me this !!! Thank you!!! I may be 10 yrs old but anyone can make a difference!!

Bahman A from Atlanta JANUARY 10, 2011
Today is a cold and snowy day and, with the tragic events of this past weekend weighing heavily on my heart, I discovered your website. I was comforted, uplifted, and encouraged to gather my strength, raise my spirit, and move on another day. Thank you!

Laura R from DECEMBER 31, 2010
My Mom and Dad were very supportive of me and encouraged me all of my life in everything. They were never critical, even when they corrected me. Pass encouragement along to your child and she will appreciate it forever!!

Randa R. from Miami, Florida DECEMBER 31, 2010
The moment I saw this commercial I just wanted to break down in tears. This song is so uplifting and just amazing. Brings back good memories :)

Runbiao W from San Jose, Costa Rica DECEMBER 27, 2010
Good video and great message!!!

Karen H from Plantation, Florida DECEMBER 20, 2010
Oh My...a gift you have given the world...saw this on channel 33 and went straight to the computer...beside myself with love and gratitude!

Kathy W from Texas DECEMBER 19, 2010
Whatever I am doing, wherever I am in the house, I quickly go to the T.V. when I hear your piece, YouRaiseMeUp. I LOVE it and can't hear it enough, it so truly is beautiful and inspiring. Thank You, Please do not stop playing it.

Gary S from Jackson, MS DECEMBER 11, 2010
I saw this ad this morning for the first time and thought it was one of the greatest pieces of inspirational video I have ever seen. Your organization is to be admired for the beautiful messages and lessons you are sharing. Thank you for adding to the positive side of life here in our country. I wish I could join your effort. Cordially, Gary Silber Jackson, MS

Chris,H from Georgia DECEMBER 8, 2010
When I saw this add I had to go immediately to the computer and find out about it and specifically who is singing. Thank you for a wonderful inspirational spot.

Charles N from Lakeland, FL NOVEMBER 12, 2010
I had written earlier that the spot on sportsmanship failed because refs call fouls and players play the game. Sunday an NFL wide receiver admitted he committed an infraction that was not called. This is how sports are played. Some calls are missed. Sportsmanship is playing hard and with diligence even when the call goes against you. A player can't change a call, but he/she can play on with a good attitude.

Clay L. from Ozark, MO NOVEMBER 10, 2010
This touches my heart in more ways than simple words can define. If all the world can embrace the true meanings behind ads like this, it would be such a better and peaceful world.

Steve H from Indiana OCTOBER 23, 2010
Every single one of these ads should inspire all of us to be more positive in such a negative world that we live in most of the time. Every time I see any of these I love them and they make me have a better day. Thank you!

Eric .G from Cameroon OCTOBER 18, 2010
The world needs knowledge and it will be great to deliver many from ignorance.

Janet F. from New Jersey OCTOBER 4, 2010
My husband and I lost our jobs, our home, and all of our money. We live with relatives and life is hard and depressing. What better way to heal than to be inspired with great music. I am making this song part of my morning and evening prayers.

Paula P from Salton City, CA SEPTEMBER 29, 2010
I am totally enraptured when I see this ad. I love all of your ads. God bless the person/people that are responsible.

Shannon P from Fairbanks, AK SEPTEMBER 27, 2010
Such a touching video and who better to sing on it than Josh Groban who is an inspirational humanitarian!

Ginger35 from Pleasant Hill, Ca. SEPTEMBER 25, 2010
I'm a Grobie (Josh fan) and just heard and watched Josh's gorgeous voice singing YRMU yesterday on Fox News. Josh has a new inspiring song just released "Hidden Away." (Don't keep your love "Hidden Away"). Album out in November called "Illuminations".

Carol B from Lakeland, FL SEPTEMBER 12, 2010
Your PSAs are absolutely incredible . . . very inspiring. Don't stop creating them.

Bobbe F. from Whitney, Tx AUGUST 9, 2010
My favorite male vocalist, a beautiful song, and an inspirational message - all in one amazing commercial! It doesn't get any better than this.

Sarah B. from Queen Creek, Az. JULY 29, 2010
I absolutely love this song! I was soooo thrilled to see your commercial. God bless everyone involved for doing something so positive and for the message that will reach millions of people. It was truly inspiring and I hope you will continue to air this and others. This is exactly what the world needs.

Mr Tan ST from Yuhua Primary, Singapore JULY 24, 2010
I played these meaningful, educational, inspiring and touching video clips to my pupils during the weekly Guidance Period. Thank you very much and I will continue to PASS IT ON!

Donna K. from Davie, FL JULY 14, 2010
I look forward to watching all of your "spots," but this is my favorite. The music and pictures are awe-inspiring. Thank you for spreading this message!

Sarah from Colorado JULY 9, 2010
The vocalist is Josh Groban.

Jim McM from Cincinnati, OH JULY 7, 2010
Who is the wonderful vocalist on "Raise me Up"? Please e-mail me at Thanks and God bless you for all the millions that you inspire

Shirley D from Gallipolis, Ohio JUNE 23, 2010
Thank you for bringing something to TV that is not only worth watching but surely does lift me up. These messages are wonderful for everyone. The first to catch my eye was the little boy at the piano. Again, thanks for the ads and keep them coming!!

Chelcie Ann Baroa P. from phillipines JUNE 19, 2010
I like this spot a lot it is so inspirational and it is helping everyone!

Sandy A. from Eagan, MN MAY 31, 2010
Best thing that ever happened to TV. Thank you

Mutto Emmanuel from Kampala, Uganda APRIL 22, 2010
Your site is so wonderful with so much inspiring information. All the time I have to get to it so as to catch an inspiration and spread the love. I do appreciate it so much and thanks so so much.

Steve C from Littleton, CO APRIL 21, 2010
Celtic Woman does a beautiful version...not kidding

Brynn Y. from Willow Springs,NC APRIL 18, 2010
Josh Groban singing You Raise Me Up. Very powerful video, I almost cied. This video shows true Inspiration

Garry Brown from Redding, CA APRIL 18, 2010
I can't imagine a more important endeavor than to provide the inspiration these messages impart.

Debra N. from Palm Bay, FL APRIL 15, 2010
Your commercial came on at just the exact moment I needed to be reminded that faith can move mountains. Thanks for all you do.

Christina J. from Grayson,GA APRIL 7, 2010
"You raise me up" so I can stand on mountains by making these videos.

Danny M from Orlando FL MARCH 23, 2010
WOW!! Thank You!!

Bert T. from Bartlett, IL FEBRUARY 15, 2010
What a wonderful project! So encouraging and inspirational. Keep up the wonderful work and God bless you and your foundation.

Liz R. from Fort Worth, Texas FEBRUARY 10, 2010
The wonderful voice of Josh first got my attention when I noticed the Foundation for a Better Life message. Then I watched the inspiring messages from the pictures. My curiosity caused me to look up on the internet to find out more about the Foundation. It is wonderful. Thanks to all who have a part in it. I am telling all of my friends.

Friend from La Quinta JANUARY 25, 2010
To Rach and Courtney, You both can deal with this hard time and continue to move forward in this most important time of your lives.

Dorothy M. from Lane, Oklahoma JANUARY 16, 2010
The first commercial that I've ever seen that I've been impressed with. There should be more like this.(By the way - I'm 73 years young.)

Carolyn Clark from Anniston, Alabama JANUARY 14, 2010
Your commercials are just wonderful. I don't really think of them as commercials but as moments of inspiration. Thank you all that you do.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO  JANUARY 11, 2010
Josh Groban sings You Raise Me Up in the FBL TV spot.

Debbie S. from Many, Louisiana JANUARY 10, 2010
The song You Raise Me Up is so beautiful and inspiring. Is there anyway to find out who sings it in the commercial on TV?

Tricia L. from Charlotte, NC JANUARY 6, 2010
We love all your commercials. They are beautiful and inspirational. Our favorite is "You Raise Me Up." My mother cries every time she sees it. Can you please tell me who sings it so we can buy the CD?

Claudette from Hudson Ma JANUARY 2, 2010
My husband & I just love each one we see. Thank you so much. They are beautiful!

Vicki from California DECEMBER 18, 2009
This is beautiful and so very inspirational. We all need the support of those around us to get through this crazy life. Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up is so beautifully sung and has inspired so many people. It was the perfect choice for your PSA. Thanks for reminding us that we need to be there for each other.

Euel & Doris Akins from Statesboro, GA DECEMBER 14, 2009
The best part of my TV programs. My wife loves these spots. Thanks for the uplift to a couple of old persons. We are 86 & 89 and still in love. I hope I can download so we can enjoy when ever we need to be LIFTED UP.

Richard B. from Arizona DECEMBER 4, 2009
Inspirational to say the least. These tv spots illustrates the power of this medium and the wonderful ways it can be used for the "greater good." Keep them coming!!!

Dolores P from Tucson Az NOVEMBER 30, 2009
I have seen many of these on TV and they are worth watching over and over. I usually stop and listen to each and every one of them, especially the " Itsy Bitsy Spider one "

Maury S. from Fort Worth, Texas NOVEMBER 29, 2009
Only want to say Thank You, they are beautiful!

Carly B. from LA, California NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Fox News is on in our home 24/7 and I wait to see your inspirational messages America needs your messages and beautiful songs during these uncertain times in our country. I hope we dance , I hope with dance.......

Peggy O. from Biloxi, MS NOVEMBER 17, 2009
Josh Groban is an inspiration himself. The song and the scenes are so touching. His singing touches so many people as well as being a role model for so many young people.

Stephanie W. from Australia NOVEMBER 17, 2009
WOW! This beautiful song performed by the amazing JOSH GROBAN was the perfect choice for this PSA, congrats!

Devona D. Porter from Atlanta NOVEMBER 12, 2009
Love this. I am going through tough times right now. It made me tear up.

Adrian U from Costa Rica NOVEMBER 6, 2009
Great song!!!! We need to become brothers, let´s raise together and bring this values to the world!!!! the world can change!!!

Monie D. from Indianapolis NOVEMBER 6, 2009
You Raise Me Up is how Americans are raised. We want to raise each other up.. it is how we live, it is how we want the world to live.. in peace and with joy. What's so bad about that?

Marissa B. from St. Louis, MO OCTOBER 31, 2009
I get goosebumps every time I see this spot. It's one of my favorites and is a real tear-jerker.

Jacqui H. from Sylvania, Ohio OCTOBER 28, 2009
I wait everyday to watch your TV spot, I have only seen it on the Fox News channel because that is the only news channel I watch. The song itself is so powerful and when you compliment it by the addition of a video the effect is astronomical. It lifts my spirit and opens my eyes to see how blessed I truly am. I pray the Lord will greatly bless your organization for this inspirational message.

Rachel A. from Denver, CO OCTOBER 15, 2009
Josh Groban sings this song.

Peggy Burns from Gold Beach, OR OCTOBER 15, 2009
This is very inspiring, who is the artist singing this song? Keep up the better life ads.

Kristen C. from Texas OCTOBER 9, 2009
I cry every time I see your commercials, I love them. You Raise me Up and I Hope You Dance are particularly effective. I said it on Facebook & got tons of "me too's"!

Mel S from Auckland, New Zealand SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 guys should be awarded gold medals for these great thoughts.

Brian A. from Belmont, NC AUGUST 26, 2009
What a great organization! Thank you! I tell everyone about this site!

Valerie S. from Vancouver, Canada MAY 1, 2009
My late husband fell in love with me on the side of a mountain, so those climbing scenes take me back to that time.

M. K. from Tanzania APRIL 4, 2009
Every single word, kiss and action from you made me a great hero.

Ruth B. from Provo, Utah MARCH 27, 2009
Your foundations emulates in these commercials the best of the human spirit and associated with music such as this one it truly brings out the right attitudes in everyone!!! Thank you.

Michela F. from Taunton, MA MARCH 10, 2009
This helps everyone everywhere! I love it.

Amanda S. from Ottawa, Canada MARCH 4, 2009
Wow absolutely inspiring. It really shows what we can do when we put our minds to things and when we have support behind us. Great use of images the editors did an A+ job!

Erin K. from California, USA FEBRUARY 26, 2009
This commercial never fails to leave me with goose bumps. Every part of this clip shows us exactly what life is about- helping one another, doing the best we can, and enjoying every minute of it. Awesome message. More people need to see this

Michael L. from Edmond, Oklahoma FEBRUARY 21, 2009
Very inspiring. I love this commercial. I've sent it to all my friends. Great Job!

Bettye Z. from Wasilia, Alaska, USA FEBRUARY 16, 2009
It can lift you up and you my not know it because it helped me. I think the message is hidden but it can help. I know it.

Kelsey M. from Montana FEBRUARY 12, 2009
Wow! I cried, something I thought impossible!

I often just skip through commercials but this one gives me pause. The song is fantastic as are the visuals. I find myself reversing my DVR and replaying it. It's not often an ad can stop me from whatever I may be doing at the time, and pay attention to it and nothing else. Thanks, well done.

Zoey T. from Orlando, Fl FEBRUARY 5, 2009
This commercial brought tears to my eyes & sent chills all over my body. It is very touching and reminds me of what life is really about. Thank you for the inspiration.

Bobby T. from Cleveland, Ohio DECEMBER 14, 2008
The best ever.

Jim from Hawaii NOVEMBER 23, 2008
"To inspire" is more than a colloquial phrase. It's an attitude, a mindset, a gift of life, a helping hand. Who can you inspire today?. It's not about winning or losing, but about doing your best. Reach out to someone in need this Thanksgiving and inspire the joy of life. You never know when you might need inspiration.

Helen H. from Australia NOVEMBER 20, 2008
My Mum died 8 weeks ago. Yesterday, I sent this message to all my family and friends who have loved and supported me in my grieving time. It really is the most beautiful song.

Annette O. from Iowa, USA NOVEMBER 19, 2008
Knowing and believing that we have The support which will sustain us through all tough times is essential today. Thanks for the hope and inspiration! Love is the key.

Pam D from Ohio NOVEMBER 16, 2008
Very uplifting. It touches my heart and reminds me of my best friend- the song says it all!

Cindy H. from Eufaula, Alabama NOVEMBER 13, 2008
Unbelievable site! Way to go in producing something really worthwhile to "Pass it On"! I plan on doing just that!

Jack S from Pasadena, CA OCTOBER 21, 2008
I'm a 25 year cop and while sitting in front of the TV, watching football having a beer, I found myself misty eyes after this commercial. What just happened to me? I think it was hope. Thank you.

Beverly L from Illinois OCTOBER 20, 2008
This spot sent chills all over my body. Best thing I have seen on TV forever. What an inspiration he is.

Jacqueline C. from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
CLEARLY INSPIRATIONAL. I got chill bumps and all when I first heard and viewed this on yesterday. Never heard this song before, but it is ministry to the heart and the pictures are soup for the soul. The world needs a sip of this!! Much love, much love!

Preston A. from Austin, TX OCTOBER 19, 2008
Possibly the greatest commercial I've ever seen (and I'm 63), and a truly wonderful song.

Irene K from Toronto, Canada OCTOBER 18, 2008
Just beautiful - how wonderful that together we can be inspired and may we all be an inspiration for one another. May we all be "raised up" for a better life. Thank you for the magnificent use of Josh Groban's song for the TV spot.

Jean H OCTOBER 18, 2008
I have been singing this song for the six months I've been taking chemo for breast cancer. It has made me a survivor & will continue too. 'raise me up" thru six weeks of radiation. Thansk you, thank you !!!!

Norma H. from UK OCTOBER 18, 2008
You might like to know that there is also another inspirational song by Josh Groban called "Don't Give Up (You Are Loved)." "You Raise Me Up" and "My Confession" are also among my favourites. Who doesn't need raising up from time to time? Everyone needs to know that they are loved, and encouraged to keep on going when things are though - that's the 'don't give up' bit! Josh's voice is so suited to this type of music, it is not only inspiration, and it is calming, relaxing and beautiful to listen to.

Marie F. from San Diego, California OCTOBER 18, 2008
Thanks for putting You Raise Me Up in a commercial. Josh Groban and his beautiful, inspiring music, inspires me every day!!

Greg E. from Altoona, WI OCTOBER 13, 2008
This is exactly what everyone needs on a daily basis. I teach Physical Education and we present a character education video or story every Friday to all our kids (5th-8th grade) and they love it.

Leslie B from Philadelphia OCTOBER 9, 2008
Magnificent. I am typing this through tears.

Barb D. from Chicago OCTOBER 8, 2008
I just saw this commercial for the first time yesterday - it's fantastic! It made me look up from my computer, and I was transfixed.

Naisha V. from Kissimmee, FL SEPTEMBER 1, 2008
I have always loved this song, and every time I see this spot on television I have to stop and watch it. It really touches my heart...

Michelle P. from Carl Juntion, MO AUGUST 24, 2008
I love this TV ad. My one year old daughter Angel stops to watch and listen too. Awesome!

Jill A. from Aiken, SC AUGUST 19, 2008
I saw this ad on Speed channel and I couldn't believe one of my favorite inspirational songs was actually playing on an advertisement. It would be great if this were shown on many more channels. Thank you!

Nancy E. from Raleigh, NC AUGUST 17, 2008
I just saw the "Inspire" TV spot with Josh Groban singing "You Raise Me Up". I love this song, Josh, and your wonderful ad. I think Josh demonstrates many of the traits that you are trying to inspire in others. He is truly one of my heroes on and off the stage.

Mark H. from Shelbyville, TN AUGUST 8, 2008
I am a school counselor and see so many things. This commercial was powerful and gave me such encouragement. Thanks for the inspiration!

Beverly H. from Moyock, NC JULY 30, 2008
Saw this ad for the first time this week. Actually, I "heard" it first and came running - yes, literally RUNNING through the house to get to the television when I heard JOSH GROBAN singing one of my favorites. The combination of Josh's voice and the beautiful, inspiring images is perfect. Well done!

Ed K. from Trumbull, CT JULY 4, 2008
Wow.....What a great spot! I've seen it at least 6 times and it brings tears to my eyes every time, as it makes me think of my father and how he inspired me, to be the man that I am today..... thanks Dad!

Sally W. from Windham, ME JUNE 24, 2008
I was in the hospital when I first heard this song and I was feeling sorry for myself and in a lot of pain but the commercial gave me such strenght to go on.I shall go find the CD to have as reminder to go on in life. Thank You.

JO.A from PORTUGAL JUNE 9, 2008

Dy B. from USA JUNE 5, 2008
Thank you! May everyone be lifted up and know that you are not alone.

Beth H. from Pensacola, Fl JUNE 3, 2008
You Lift Me Up is by Josh Groban. It's a beautiful song that you could hardly turn the on the radio without hearing a few years ago. You should be able to purchase it anywhere or on itunes.

Sharon S. from Hermon, Maine JUNE 1, 2008
I also love the song "You Raise Me Up." Is it available for purchase somewhere? It is so uplifting. I don't usually watch commercials but everytime your spot comes on I stop,watch and listen also sing along.

Jameli from Saudi Arabia APRIL 11, 2008
Just as there are people, friends or loves ones who raise us up, let us also do our part of raising others up till we all reach the top. This video inspires me to appreciate the people I'm surrounded with. Thanks for making it FBL.

Chad W. from Lehi, Ut APRIL 8, 2008
Spots like this give me the strength and courage to keep doing the things that I do, no matter how difficult or how small the financial reward.

Art C from Livonia, Michigan APRIL 4, 2008
Love the spots

M. M. from Canada FEBRUARY 27, 2008

Mark M. from Mansfield USA FEBRUARY 25, 2008
I've not the words to say. Simply wonderful.

Paul L. FEBRUARY 25, 2008
You have inspired me. I love the messages for everyone. I wish I had the ideas and thoughts that you have...wonderful...inspiring!

Jaymes S. from Rexburg, Idaho USA FEBRUARY 24, 2008
You are the answer to someone's prayers.

Ben M. from Colorado, USA FEBRUARY 19, 2008
Yes, it is Josh Groban. Beautiful, isn't it?

Laura H. from Indiana, USA FEBRUARY 9, 2008
I love the song "You Raise Me Up"; is that performed by Josh Groban?

Alvin Y. from Toronto, Ontario Canada FEBRUARY 5, 2008
It's great to be able to share your gifts with the world! Thank you all who do. Bless you!

Jo FEBRUARY 4, 2008
Between the song and the beautiful commercial you have a perfect connection to the people watching. Thank you for this.

Lady S. from Toronto, Canada JANUARY 30, 2008
I am reminded once again that we cannot possibly live a good life without sharing it with others. For your constant tugs at my heart, bless you now and forever.

Kristy S. from Sidney, Maine USA JANUARY 27, 2008
Wow, that is a song that moved me to tears as I think of my children and what I should be encouraging them to be as they grow into young people. Thank you and I plan to find that song on disc.

Lucas C. from Tokyo, Japan JANUARY 27, 2008
This is the perfect dose of medicine when one is feeling down. Very inspiring, thank you.

Joe D. from Hampden, Maine USA JANUARY 27, 2008
Uplifting, heart warming. Reaches out to everyone!

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