This spot was created to celebrate the freedoms enjoyed in America.


O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties,
Above the fruited plain.
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea,
From sea to shining sea.
America the beautiful.
From sea to shining sea.

Caring. Pass It On!

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Lacy from California JANUARY 21, 2021
so nice I love these!

Jo-Ann from Rhode Island MAY 6, 2018
These are so beautiful, please don't ever stop doing these, it brings you back to a beautiful place

Ed from Richmond, VA JUNE 30, 2016
The name of the group is Plus One, and the song is off the albumin "The Best of America", a collection of patriotic songs.

Chloe from 1908 Twin Oaks JANUARY 10, 2016
These are videos are amazing

kemiyah from killeen,texas NOVEMBER 2, 2015
I'm ready to help the world thank you for this encouraging song and video

NULL from NULL JULY 14, 2015
This song is very beautiful, as well as very inspiring. I like it... :)

NULL from NULL JUNE 3, 2015

Patricia Murphy from Michigan SEPTEMBER 1, 2014
I love your videos.

Linda Allen from Mo AUGUST 21, 2014
This is a beautiful video

BoB Brown from Aurora CO AUGUST 9, 2014
Why is it, there are so many enterainers so ready to change the words and/or score of standards in stories, songs, life's lessons, etc. etc. I really think America the Beautiful is just fine with the words as originally written.

John Cardani-Trollinger from Des Moines, Iowa JULY 5, 2014
Today reminds us all of our sameness...not our differences. God bless the United States of America.

noah from shallowater tx APRIL 7, 2014
A good song

Vicky from Windsor,  FEBRUARY 4, 2014
excellent, magnificent,,, reflex exactly what america is

Alan from Washington  DECEMBER 14, 2013
What a great way to really show the American Experience.Thank You!

william from Tennessee OCTOBER 26, 2013
I usually do not like "jazzed" up classic songs...but this was truly a good one.

S.L. from TN JULY 28, 2013
I would like this song and to pass it on to everyone. America is beautiful.

Flora from Florida JULY 28, 2013
I love this rendition of America The Beautiful! What group is singing this? LOVE IT! Off-the-chain! :-)

Julie Van Zile from New Emgland JULY 16, 2013
I think each and every one of your ads is an inspiration. They are beautifully shot and and acted out by regular folks in regular every day settings. We can all relate and take away what most resonates with us. Every day a new lesson. I am quite impressed. I check in daily for me dsoe of "medicine". Wonderful, thanks and God Bless!

Shelly from Paris, Texas APRIL 29, 2013
Love these ads. Very well done...!

Patty from Montana APRIL 27, 2013
Who sings this song? Would like to hear more of them. This is the best I have ever heard this song. Really caught my attention and brought out the goosebumps.

Paula from Centerview Mo APRIL 18, 2013
I was so touched when I heard this today. I am so happy you put this on tv. THANK YOU form the bottom of my heart.

BUCKY from DELHI, LA 71232 APRIL 6, 2013
I really like your presentations in songs. God Bless you.

devin from iowa MARCH 18, 2013
Sounds very Justing Timberlake at times...

Myshell from Colorado Springs,CO OCTOBER 28, 2012
I love this rendition. I normally won't be moved by these type of songs, but this one caught my attention and caused me to rethink these type of songs.

Carole L. from Whitestone, NY OCTOBER 22, 2012
I love to hear America The Beautiful and I was totally inspired to find out more about this rendition sung by PlusOne. I will be passing this along for others to enjoy as much as I have, please have more TV stations run this beautiful video. Thank you.

felecia price from phoenix arizona SEPTEMBER 24, 2012
I would love to know who sings this song and to let everyone know whatever I am doing I stop doing just to see this commercial, thank you and let me know the artist.

Caring is the right thing to do!

Britta from Georgia, USA SEPTEMBER 3, 2012
My husband just left for Afghanistan this morning and I saw this spot for the first time today ... just beautiful. Thank you.

suzy from salt lake city SEPTEMBER 1, 2012
Still nice to see this footage of my daughter when she was five year old. She is 19 now, and was just cast in another Foundation for a Better Life commercial. These always make me laugh or cry, even when she's not in them.

Hector Mayers from Toronto Ontario Canada AUGUST 16, 2012
I'm not an American, but every time I hear this rendition of America The Beautiful I get goose bumps.

David from NC JULY 28, 2012
Thanks for the inspiration !!

CMES from Boston, MA JUNE 30, 2012
The group PlusOne sings this rendition.

Robert from New York APRIL 18, 2012
God Bless! Thank you!

Calypso from Birmingham FEBRUARY 27, 2012
Can anyone answer the question, WHO sings this beautiful rendition of this classic song singing our countries praises? I was so captured by the song that I couldn't even focus on the commercial itself.

Sarah G from Albany, New York FEBRUARY 19, 2012
In 6th grade I was in an essay contest that my teacher nominated me for. I had to write an essay on patriotism. My essay, as well as three kids from other classes, were picked out of the whole grade to go to the Elks Club competition where we competed against 4 other regional schools. I won first place for my school! This spot makes me think of that essay. God Bless America!

Jerry Uppling from USA - PA DECEMBER 2, 2011
I love these, why do I only see them on CBS Sports?

Glen from My Heart is in Hartford, WI NOVEMBER 17, 2011
"The National Anthem", "America", and "God Bless America". Three Great reasons to enjoy a ballgame! These songs tend to bring us together and remind us how lucky it is to be an American! God Bless everyone!

Bud Boughton from Greenwood, IN OCTOBER 29, 2011
I love this song and yes, I love our country! Well done!

Tatayana from WI OCTOBER 19, 2011
Who is that singing? Their harmonies are on point. Please tell:) I want to hear more of them singing and I love the quotes from these commercials there very inspirational :)

Dave from Kansas City,MO,USA SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
So many uplifting, inspiring, and thought-provoking videos .... thank you so very much!! This particular one strikes a deep emotional chord within me each time that I have returned over the past 4 weeks!! Again, much appreciation to all of you!!!

Brooke from Enterprise Alabama SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
i love this! Let you go, daddy

Luke from Johns Creek, GA JULY 20, 2011
The group, PlusOne, sings the song "America the Beautiful" on this TV spot. It is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon or you can find their CD at a music store.

LARRY JR, from Toledo, Ohio JUNE 12, 2011
Who is singing the song and where can I get the this arrangement???

Emma E. from Lancaster PA JUNE 1, 2011
I love the commercials. I was crying at the end of most of them. They inspire me. They touch my heart so much. I hope you can spread this websites to others.

Andy K. from Indiana JANUARY 2, 2011
These are terrific spots. Each should be shared with as many as possible. I am showing them in my classroom from now on.

Jon B from SF, CA JANUARY 2, 2011
Love the ads. Watched them all with my kids. Keep up the great work!

Gabby S. from Charlestown , South Carolina DECEMBER 21, 2010
I love these videos. What the world needs are some values. What a beautiful message each video contains.... Thank You.

SAl A from Pottstown,Pa. DECEMBER 18, 2010
Very Powerful Well Done!

Erica J from Virginia NOVEMBER 16, 2010
My reading teacher is doing a whole week on these videos and I decided to get the web address and now I've watched every single video at least twice they send a wonderful message to kids every where in the world I think that there should be tons of sites and videos like these.

Mary Jane A. from Mt. Pocono. Pa SEPTEMBER 20, 2010
You're a blessing to all who come in contact with you! Keep up the good work!

Judy from Philippines SEPTEMBER 18, 2010
Inspiring and very nice! I hope we will have more like this in media to promote good values of our new generations.

Shirley V. from Grand Rapids, MI AUGUST 14, 2010
I just spent a wonderful half hour watching your videos and being inspired. Thank you. They touched me.

Javi from Spain-Galicia-Coruña JANUARY 28, 2010

Linda P from Anchorage, AK JANUARY 9, 2010
These spots are sometimes the only bright spot in the TV lineup. Very well done!

Imani L. from Shinyanga, Tanzania (East Africa) SEPTEMBER 28, 2009
"Failed, Failed, Failed. and Then PERSISTENCE Pass It On." Thanks for your great inspirational poster and campaign DVD. I received from THE FOUNDATION FOR A BETTER LIFE just a few days after my request, we really found them to be a great resource to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE." For sure we gonna PASS THEM ON...

NOLA JULY 11, 2009
Just saw this commercial on Fox. Would LOVE to know who's singing America. I see many have asked....does anyone know??

Lee M. from Oakville, Canada APRIL 4, 2009
Couldn't stop watching until I viewed every video. Wow!! What a great teaching tool available to all teachers in the technical world. Bless your work!

Rommel from barbados JANUARY 17, 2009
Hey, you know what? These are so good that as head boy (student administrator) I have these spots showing in the morning before school starts. I think that all of these spots can change a lot of people or at least give them a sense of understanding. THANKS!

Jackie M from Sandy, Utah APRIL 10, 2008
What a great thing that you are doing! I have been inspired multiple times by your ads. Thanks for working to make the world a better place.

Bill G from New York State MARCH 30, 2008
When my soul and mind need recharging, I view these videos. It reminds me of how fortunate we are and how each of us can make a positive difference. I leave here with a sense of hope and purpose. Thank You.

Susan S. from S. St. Paul, Minnesota USA JANUARY 1, 2008
When I was a girl my father died. He was a WWII vet and a great patriot; this song was sung by the congregation at his funeral. I knew it was important then, but know I know why. It is a rich reminder that my dad was a great man because he believed in something greater than himself. He believed in his family, his community, and his country.

Joanna W. from Pasadena, California USA NOVEMBER 18, 2007
I think all of these are great. My grandparents taught me a lot about helping others, being patient, polite, and caring about everyone. When at home or at work, I try to do as much as I can and try to teach by example as well. Thank you for broadcasting these on the radio and TV.

Orlando E. from Miami, Florida USA NOVEMBER 12, 2007
This song is beautiful

Stan G. from Nashville, Tennessee, USA NOVEMBER 5, 2007
Who sings on this spot? It is beautiful.

Angie H. from Columbus, Georgia USA OCTOBER 12, 2007
I cannot watch this clip without tearing up (over and over). You captured what I value and what I believe about America...and I will pass it on. Oh - and yes - who sings this? It is awesome. Thank you.

Josh M. from Syracuse, Utah, USA JULY 27, 2007
I love my country.

Peter S from Norfolk MA JULY 10, 2007
These spots are marvelous. I hope all who see them will encourage their local tv stations to run them. In these times of divisiveness and rancor, such a positive message of what we should be is so very needed

John from New york, USA JULY 9, 2007
Love is like the sun: has its inner energy source that shines on you

Anonymous JULY 5, 2007
I love this song ..... who sings it?

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