Annie's Song

The earth we all share is beautiful. It provides our food, the air we breathe and vast wonders to behold. It gives so much to each of us and requires only kindness in return. We hope you will be inspired as you take a visual tour of the earth while gliding on the melody of John Denver’s classic “Annie’s Song.” Our beautiful world… Pass It On.


You fill up my senses,
like a night in a forest,
like the mountains in Spring time,
like a walk in the rain,
like a storm in the desert,
like a sleepy blue ocean,
you fill up my senses,
come fill me again.

Come let me love you,
let me give my life to you.

Let me drown in your laughter,
let me die in your arms.

Let me lay down beside you,
let me always be with you.

Come let me love you,
come love me again.

Our Beautiful World. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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Jillie from CA SEPTEMBER 29, 2022
Every time I watch this I shed pure tears of joy. Thank you for creating such a beautiful pure video and message even in these times it truly helps everyone lift their head up high towards optimism and soak up the genuine beauty of the world.

Norm from Tampa, FL SEPTEMBER 28, 2022
With Hurricane Ian just around the corner, the John Denver commercial was perfect timing. Thank you so much. Someone doing a great job knowing what is going on and again, timing.

Lauren from Florida  JULY 8, 2022
This is so beautiful. I looked up from what I was doing to take it in. Brilliant collaboration.

Debbie from Wisconsin  JULY 7, 2022

John Puckett from Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. JULY 1, 2022
Beautiful scenery and song.

Ann M Wilson from Binghamton NY JUNE 24, 2022
John Denver he is missed. wonderful song, beautiful pictures. Beautiful world.

helene brownstead from syracuse ny JUNE 1, 2022
I absolutely love the song from a Beautiful World

Raymond Ptak from SKANEATELES, NY JUNE 1, 2022
Beautiful, Moving, A shining light in the darkness we see everyday. Kudos to whoever put this together.

Richard J Jordan from Toronto, ON. Canada MAY 1, 2022
Magnificent ; Such a Truly Beautiful Planet !

helene brownstead from syracuse ny APRIL 16, 2022
I absolutely love this song its beautiful and the words are great

Gerald cress from Bettsville ohio  APRIL 8, 2022
Absolutely great

Anonymous APRIL 8, 2022
What great pics and music to match made me feel inspired

Dar from Akron NY APRIL 8, 2022
John Denver had a truly unique way to bring someone's attention to the earth, nature & love through song. And what an amazing beautiful voice. The world lost someone who was constantly sticking up for mother nature and trying to save her. He's greatly missed..😢

Kevin from St Louis, MO MARCH 8, 2022
John Denver's Annie's Song was written in 10 minutes on a ski lift. Just a great song about life and love. God Bless and lets pray for peace. Kevin

Susie from San Diego MARCH 6, 2022
So perfect.

Mary from Florida MARCH 6, 2022
I see it on TV every Saturday morning and I love it.! I finally figured out how to pull it up on my phone so now I can listen to it anytime. I’m 70 years old so I appreciate John Denver. So beautiful!!!

Ter from Madera ca MARCH 3, 2022
Beautiful, beautiful

Melissa Pierce from Signal Mountain, Tenn MARCH 2, 2022
This is probably my favorite! The music and video gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes!!

David Eugene Dunnigan from Carmel-Noblesville, Indiana FEBRUARY 20, 2022
So touching , want it at my celebration of Life,

Steve FEBRUARY 19, 2022

Michael Swinehart from Lebanon, TN FEBRUARY 18, 2022
This ad playing John Denver’s Annie’s song made me fall in love with his music. I can truly see the beauty of earth with his poetic lyrics.

Bernadette from Virginia FEBRUARY 18, 2022
Love this so much

Holly from Allen, Texas FEBRUARY 12, 2022
I never tire listening to this beautiful song. Thank you John Denver. Your music is timeless. Pass it on! Thank you! Holly

Juliette from Ohio FEBRUARY 11, 2022
I absolutely love this. The music paired with this video is so soothing and beautiful. I love the entire concept of PassItOn

Anonymous FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Lauren Woodruff from Phelan, California  FEBRUARY 7, 2022
Pass it on to my granddaughter, by taking her on vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Charlie from CO JANUARY 31, 2022
I love the story behind him writing this.. He and Annie had had a fight and then John went skiing to clear his head. As he got on the old Ruthies' Run chair lift, the words started coming to him. He told that by the top of the lift ride, the majority of the song had distilled in his mind. It was that lift ride that clarified just how much he truly loved Annie. And then... he shared it with us all. THAT was the true beauty of John Denver.. he SHARED!!! And even having passed, he's still sharing. Too soon gone... P.S. I also have ridden that now gone chair lift. It is a stunning view.

Jane from Indiana JANUARY 23, 2022
How beautiful! I pray our country never loses sight of this!

Anonymous JANUARY 20, 2022
We do live in a beautiful world.

Donald Lauscher from Cornell Michigan  JANUARY 20, 2022
Live life to the fullest!! Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!!

Dave from Whiteville NC JANUARY 18, 2022
A beautiful song and a beautiful message to share

Nancy from Drifting PA JANUARY 17, 2022
Absolutely beautiful

Christopher LaVenture from Brewerton, NY, USA JANUARY 14, 2022
Wonderful. Another inspiring message I saw on TV today, all is not lost, we still have all of this.

Lynne long from WA JANUARY 9, 2022
Thank you for sharing this beautiful video and song. It brought tears to my eyes.

Jody from Washington JANUARY 9, 2022
John Denver my 1st concert

Muriel Lamport from Auburn, Wa JANUARY 9, 2022

Larry J Snyder from Redmond, WA. JANUARY 9, 2022
Another reminder. Not everything in the world is dark and sad.

Tomi Stronge from Chelsea, Alabama  JANUARY 8, 2022
Thank you for sharing this inspiring video. Hopefully, it will remind us to love our Mother Earth much more and take care of her.

Barbara from High Point, NC JANUARY 2, 2022
I just sobbed watching this, the most beautiful piece of film I have ever seen set to the perfect song.

Phiip from Georgia JANUARY 2, 2022
Inspirational! The opening scene from the helicopter mounted camera took me back to the times I flew one. The freedom of flight and being able to "sneak" up to nature and observe God's majestic creatures was exillerating just like your commercial.

Michele from Mint Hill. NC DECEMBER 26, 2021
Beautiful PSA. Share it everywhere OFTEN .

Kathy from Kansas DECEMBER 23, 2021
Fills my heart and puts a lump in my throat. Absolutely passionate and beautiful.

Danielle M from Wisconsin  DECEMBER 22, 2021
My husband and I loved this commercial! It made us stop in our tracks to listen and watch. It was magnetic and beautiful! Thank you!

Jaci from Florida DECEMBER 22, 2021
First time seeing a commercial from Pass It On. Loved it so much, I immediately researched it. Thank you for the beautiful message, people need to be reminded more often. I love this planet and all of its beauty

Linda F from NY DECEMBER 17, 2021
One of my favorites songs so beautiful. Thank you for the reminder ❤️

Sherrie Schmidt from Kelowna BC Canada DECEMBER 5, 2021
Absolutely Beautiful!

Dolly Hoffman from Philadelphia Pennsylvania DECEMBER 5, 2021
Greatest commercial ever. PASS IT ON

Marc from Texas DECEMBER 3, 2021

Anonymous from Earth DECEMBER 3, 2021
Beautiful Earth, song & composer. If only humans would stop polluting & abusing, the Earth would actually be a peaceful planet.

Arlene from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, US DECEMBER 1, 2021

Anonymous NOVEMBER 29, 2021
This song always reminds me of my late wife.. I’m a 75 year old man and the song always brings tears to my eyes. I see my late wife in my minds eye with every verse. John Denver was a master as a ballot performer.

Maureen Esford from Worthington Springs, Florida NOVEMBER 28, 2021
So Touching, Beautiful And Heartfelt!!! I Have Loved This John Denver Song Since He Sang It Back In The Day. The Amazing Beauty Of This World Also Says It All And Always Brings Tears Of Happiness!!! 😇🤗🙏🎚❤💜🕯🕊

Flo Parks from Usa NOVEMBER 28, 2021
Stunningly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the love.

Ann Douglas from Eugene, Oregon NOVEMBER 26, 2021
Whoever is doing this, thank you a million times and God bless you! We need this kind of message so much at this time! LOVE TO YOU and LOVE TO ALL!

Karen from Amherst New York NOVEMBER 25, 2021
I’ll never forget John Denver singing this at the newly constructed Niagara Falls Convention center. It was in the early 70’s. Still makes me shiver - in a good way.

Lynn Weatherbee from Ottawa Ontario Canada  NOVEMBER 22, 2021
Love this commercial… ❤️

Karen Forness NOVEMBER 22, 2021
Beautiful John Denver Song! Thank you for sharing!

Lourdes Mendez from Maracaibo, Venezuela NOVEMBER 21, 2021
Es verdad, debemos ser amables con el medioambiente, amarlo, y protegerlo.

Gayle from Rome, NY NOVEMBER 18, 2021
Sending love, peace and smiles

Barbara from Cheektowaga, New York NOVEMBER 10, 2021
I am sharing this song to all my family & friends

Barbara from Cheektowaga, New York NOVEMBER 10, 2021
I heard that song on the TV & loved it very much

Linda from NY NOVEMBER 9, 2021
Life is so short….we should show kindness an love to everyone!!!!!

Julie Kerley from Winston-Salem NC NOVEMBER 5, 2021
I saw this when watching HLN. What a wonderful, heartwarming commercial especially with all of the turmoil in the world today. We do tend to forget all the beauty around us. This has comforted my soul…beautiful song and beautiful message…thank you.

Michelle from Lily Dale, New York NOVEMBER 2, 2021
This video brings me to tears of gratitude for the beauty and wonder of our world, and such joy in once again hearing John Denver's gift of Annie's Song. Thank you!

Angie Wishart from Angus, Ontario Canada NOVEMBER 1, 2021
I heard this on the tv while in another room. I was such a John Denver fan my whole life and I instantly raced to the tv. Thank you for such a beautiful way to portray John's Annie Song. It always moves me to tears.

Tanya from Colorado Springs NOVEMBER 1, 2021
Love this commercial, our lives need more like this! Very emotional, everyone stop take a breath and remember to take care of our beautiful land and animals, they were here first.

Janet Rogala from New York OCTOBER 30, 2021
I always loved that song from John Denver. I thought it was my song to my late husband. Listening one day It came to me that “no” this song is my Love Song to Jesus and my tears flowed. “Yes” I Love You

Lorraine from Canada OCTOBER 28, 2021
Have just finished watching your Passiton commercial with John Denver and thought it was one of the best and most beautiful commercials that I have ever seen. This commercial was followed by Two others that were so moving and beautiful. Thanks for such beautiful, humane loving works of beauty and love

Jaycee from Toronto OCTOBER 28, 2021
Such is the absolutely beautiful world we have to save for our children, and this commercial is a wonderful reminder of what we could lose if each person does not do their part

Sylvie villani from ON OCTOBER 28, 2021
I love the comercial . It really inspired me . And i passed it on!

Anonymous OCTOBER 28, 2021
So nice to hear this beautiful song with wonderful scenery and all the variety of people who live on this earth. It makes you stop what you’re doing to watch and listen, and relax with hope in your heart.

javin from jasonville indiana OCTOBER 27, 2021
If I would have to say anything about it I would say that it is beautiful in every way. The pictures are perfect in the video. I mean I love this in every way. The dolphins and the whale is what got me liking it. The song was beautiful to but not like the song.

Mike and Kathy Gregoire from Hamburg, NY OCTOBER 26, 2021
This song summed up all of our feelings, for my wife and I, that it was our wedding song 40 years ago on 7/25/81

Linda kryshak from Long Island, New York OCTOBER 26, 2021
Play it forward…. Be humble

Edna Smith  OCTOBER 25, 2021
So beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🥰🥰. Edna

Scott Stewart from Indpls in. OCTOBER 21, 2021
Love is forever

loayne from school OCTOBER 21, 2021
Love, love, love that you are using this song for your message ❤️

Bob from New Jersey OCTOBER 19, 2021
Beautiful song, with such meaning.

Henni Strubbe from San Antonio, Texas OCTOBER 18, 2021
Makes my heart happy; brings tears to my eyes.

Sam from Ohio OCTOBER 18, 2021
Thank you for compiling this. It is fit to rest to a weary day, peace to a confused soul and comfort for a crying heart.

Marilyn Montgomery from Wa state OCTOBER 17, 2021
One of the most beautiful ads I have seen on TV. John Denver would have been so pleased to have been associated with this ad.

Robin Storey from Kingston, Washington OCTOBER 17, 2021
Love, love, love that you are using this song for your message ❤️

John Rivers from Colorado Springs, CO OCTOBER 14, 2021
The 10-12-21 issue of the Colorado Springs Gazette included your story about American and Russian POW's. Is there an expanded version of this article, I'd like too share it with friends & family. I don't think we miss many opportunities to read Pass It On when they appear in the Gazette, but we enjoy them all, some bring a tear of thankfulness! PS, you could not have picked a more beautiful theme song than Annie's Song......... thanks

alaina from roseville OCTOBER 13, 2021
this made me go into tears

Mercedes Horton from Texas OCTOBER 11, 2021
So beautiful

D S from Florida  OCTOBER 10, 2021
Brought me to tears ❤️

David & Brooke White from Saint Petersburg FL OCTOBER 9, 2021
This brought tears to our eyes, smiles to our faces and hopefulness to our hearts. Thank you.

loayne from school SEPTEMBER 30, 2021
esse video e miuito lindo mais oque e mais bonito e ver a felisidade das crianca

Jill from Ontario SEPTEMBER 24, 2021
Oh how I wish we all loved it this way...She is so beautiful.

Poornima from Lb nagar SEPTEMBER 20, 2021
Our Beautiful World. Pass It On!

Carol Huba from Marlboro NY SEPTEMBER 18, 2021

Sheryl Linson from Springfield Ohio  SEPTEMBER 17, 2021
Love it

Mary from Minnesota  SEPTEMBER 13, 2021
One of my favorite songs from “The good old days”!

Pamela futch from Florida SEPTEMBER 12, 2021
I get such peace from being in Nature! We should all embrace it More 🥰

Maria Pricel Alvarez from Cavite SEPTEMBER 12, 2021
Beautiful song

Debe from Edmond, Oklahoma  SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
Breathtaking! Can't wait to get out and celebrate nature, see the beauty of the world again. Thank you for sharing.

Patti SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
We all need this kind of wonderful

S. Golden from Georgia SEPTEMBER 9, 2021
I like this, enjoy tha beauty, tha lyrics, tha beauty and artist (singer and video creators).

Kathy Kadaja from Toronto, Canada SEPTEMBER 7, 2021
💕 Beautiful in so many ways 💕

June Doyle from NEW YORK SEPTEMBER 6, 2021
Oh this made my heart swell with love of all those who have been in my life touched my life shaped my life and all living things I am and have been privileged to see smell taste and feel.

Juan leiva from Myrtlebeach sc SEPTEMBER 5, 2021
Great job!

Dolores martinez from TX - Texas SEPTEMBER 5, 2021
We all should repect our beautiful world and take care of it

Lynne Clarke from New Brunswick  SEPTEMBER 2, 2021
John Denver❤️

Tim Scammell from New Brunswick, Canada AUGUST 22, 2021
This is so lovely. Thank you for a few wonderful minutes.

Isabelle from South Carolina AUGUST 20, 2021
My Dad passed away this year at age 102. Mom is 95 now. Mom and Dad were married for 73 1/2 years. They were and are this way, forever. This song and video reminded me of them and us and the universe.

Tim from Maine AUGUST 17, 2021
My Dads favorite song

Grace from San Antonio Texas AUGUST 15, 2021
Wonderful to listen to wonderful to see

barbara from Atlanta, Ga.8/14/21 AUGUST 15, 2021
John was part of the beauty of our world. miss him a lot.

Pamela Brown from Arkansas AUGUST 13, 2021
Is it me? Or didn't we have very good songs back then?

Marlene from Central New York State, USA AUGUST 13, 2021
We live in such a beautiful world, and w hardly take time to stop and appreciate the beauty and wonders there are to behold We are so blessed to be here and as in an old saying, take time to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate all we have, take care of our world so we can leave it in better condition to the next generation.

Gail from California AUGUST 12, 2021
Great song.

Jane Alvarez from Pleasanton texas AUGUST 9, 2021
Beautiful song....we do have a beautiful world...i would love to see more of it.....i wish we all would love this country of ours....

skj from Fresno, California  AUGUST 6, 2021
I enjoy Pass It On daily quotes & videos; just now saw your newest PSA "Our Beautiful World" set to the wonder John Denver's Annie's Song ... WOW!!! Inspiring, powerful, positive, uplifting ... well done Pass It On; I will pass it on, love you guys for all you've done & continue to do. Thank you xo

Ann from Scottsdale, AZ AUGUST 3, 2021
I have always loved John Denver and the vision of virgin landscapes and deepest feelings of appreciation he was able to create and evoke. He did make the world a better place. Thank you for your efforts to do the same for our world. PassItOn is very uplifting, and I appreciate it so much!

Sue Wood from Goode. Va AUGUST 1, 2021
Best thing I've ever seen on tv! Thank you for this beautiful pairing of music and images. Thank you for reminding us that we do live on a beautiful planet and I pray inspired to save it.

Anonymous JULY 28, 2021
John Denver sure had an appreciation for the things that we all take for granted: clean air, clean water, forests and wildlife…and love. To me, his message is clearly communicated in this song, “Annie’s Song.”

Cinda from Vestavia Hills, AL JULY 24, 2021
Just saw your commercial on tv and immediately started following you on IG.What a wonderfully positive site. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…

Shawn Scoggin from 98270 JULY 23, 2021
Remember this and still love it.

Mary Locatelli from Washington state USA JULY 23, 2021
I love this song by John Denver so much and your beautiful images of our magnificent world. I want to protect our beautiful mother earth and do all I can to spread kindness and love.

MeliMorash from 01007 JULY 22, 2021
It is so beatiful.Brought tears into my eyes this morning.tks

Kimberly Bland from San Antonio, TX JULY 19, 2021
The most romantic song ever written. Straight from his heart. We lost John Denver too soon.

Robert from Anchorage JULY 19, 2021
Great Job!!

Inda from Florida JULY 18, 2021
Such a Beautiful Soul.Gone but,not forgotten.Pass it on.

Tammy Roebuck from Texas JULY 18, 2021
Iove this

Anonymous JULY 17, 2021

MaryJo from Parker, Co JULY 16, 2021
Love it so much so uplifting especially during this turbulent time I really needed that!

Joseph Bolks from Pennsylvania JULY 16, 2021
Beautiful ❤️

Ron Echols from Keller, Texas JULY 9, 2021
Forget politics which we cannot control, live, love, and laugh. Alot! Let's enjoy the journey and go camping.

David spaulding from New York JULY 9, 2021
He loved the outdoors he cared about our planet for sure. Loved the man threw his music. Was a grate man lost too soon

Lorraine from Syracuse JULY 1, 2021
I love your uplifting messages!

Fred Klinger from Seattle, WA  JUNE 30, 2021
That's one of the greatest heart felt songs I have heard, very well shown in the nature and the love of our beautiful world.

Mike Wade from Fifield, Wisconsin  JUNE 29, 2021
Take a step back and look around you. There is so much more that binds us together then pulls us apart.

Richard M Donovan from Hubert, North Carolina USA JUNE 27, 2021
In my almost 80 years of life I have always loved the nature of this world 🌎

Cecelia Ann Jernegan from Arizona JUNE 25, 2021
My 46 year old son shared this song and video with me. I am still crying. Beautiful. Thank you. Angel Hugs.

Dave from Chowchilla, CA JUNE 23, 2021
Indeed we all need more of this type therapy.

David S Crosby from San Antonio TX JUNE 22, 2021
Best commercial ever! Love it! Good job.

Anitra from Saratoga ca  JUNE 22, 2021
So moving, so beautiful, so thought provoking.

Bruce McPhee from Plantation. Florida  JUNE 21, 2021
This song reminds me of my son Bob. He was the Most Amazing Son anyone could have ever had. I miss him every day and night. How hard as it is to believe I spoke to both Bob and God the day that he passed. Bob sounded like himself and God had a very distinctive voice. This I swear to God may God strike me dead if I am lieing. GOD assured me that Bob would be alright. I asked GOD why he took him and he said that Bob will be in Heaven with him forever. I never mentioned this to my wife Judy or my daughter Tammy.

Margaret Davis from Charlotte, NC JUNE 19, 2021
Beautiful! Let's all do our part for a clean environment.

Stuart Stoloff from Arizona JUNE 19, 2021
Excellent; an opportunity for all of us to participate in making life's experiences better for all. There is so much around us to give thanks for.

Kelly Gray from Columbus, Ohio JUNE 19, 2021
Everytime this comnercial comes on, I pause and just am taken over by emotion.

Kelly Gray from Columbus, Ohio JUNE 19, 2021
Couldn't have chosen a better song, bravo!!!

Yvette Godoy from Long Beach, California  JUNE 14, 2021
Pretty song

Wandra from Houston Texas/Jacksonville Fla/Colga/Germany Schmidtmühlen-Army life JUNE 12, 2021
This song takes me back to a more simplier era in my life. John Denver is and amazing Artist . Pure Organic thoughts, moments, food,people,love and Family.

Mary Ann Chapman from Bluffton, SC JUNE 10, 2021
“Pass it on “is an inspirational , message for hope…it is my favorite expression of love and selflessness….

Ashley from Mobile, AL JUNE 6, 2021

Tony M from Florida  JUNE 5, 2021
I am left with a speechless wonder of god’s creation.

Sandra A King JUNE 5, 2021
Love it!

Rose Nelson from Airport west Residential area JUNE 5, 2021
Wow pass it on is very good

JANET GUETZLOFF from 1602 SO. 22nd STREET JUNE 3, 2021

Anonymous JUNE 3, 2021

Anonymous JUNE 3, 2021
Wonder of life

Jennifer from South Carolina MAY 31, 2021
Love this commercial! My six year old daughter sings along with tears in her eyes...she says “it’s just so beautiful!” ❤️❤️❤️

Bob Drake from Forney Tx MAY 30, 2021

Charles Kimsey from GEORGIA MAY 30, 2021
Beutiful. John Denver is the perfect choice for the music. He was a TITAN in inspirational music. His music makes me think of the beautiful places on this earth I would love to spend my life sharing with family.

Pam from Orlando. Florida. 🇺🇸 USA MAY 30, 2021
EMBRACE this song 🎶 with all your ❤️. Sing it out loud and let it Lift your spirits for one another. Pray for world 🌎 peace ☮️ and know that You MATTER!!

Evelyn Rosado from Florida MAY 30, 2021
Best commercial! Made me stop, watch and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!

Cris Torrez from Ft Worth, Texas MAY 30, 2021
I love it ❤️ Beautiful

Elizabeth from Virginia Beach va  MAY 30, 2021
I love this video I miss John Denver I love this songs

JANET GUETZLOFF from 1602 SO. 22nd ST. MAY 29, 2021

JANET GUETZLOFF from 1602 SO. 22nd ST. ROGERS AR. 72758 MAY 28, 2021

Carol Shoemaker from Crocker, Missouri MAY 28, 2021
I love your commercials. They warm my heart and I think we need more like them. My grandkids love them.

Katie from 198 MAY 23, 2021
I watched this about 20 times it is so good!! :)

Katie from 198 MAY 23, 2021
This is So Cool and sweet

Janet stephenson from Florida MAY 23, 2021
This is such a beautiful song. I cry every time i sing it. It is a wonderful world

Mildred from Florida MAY 23, 2021
This was beautiful!

Joann Donahue from Michigan MAY 22, 2021
Wow! Very enjoyable. Thank you.

Chelsea H. from Anywhere. MAY 22, 2021
How beautiful it is to have the capacity to wonder.

Dagmar from Salem, Oregon  MAY 21, 2021
May you be blessed with kindness and understanding throughout your day and love for one another 💕

elizabeth from miami  MAY 18, 2021
PERFECT FOR OUR URGENCY TO SAVE THE PLANET!! i hadn’t heard/seen before.

Donna from California MAY 15, 2021
What's not to love? Our earth is beautiful inside and out. All around us.

John Dugan from Florida MAY 15, 2021
Its a wonderful world pass it on.

Jill Makarick from New Jersey MAY 10, 2021
Love this !

Ronald G Baars from Charlotte MI MAY 9, 2021

Anonymous MAY 8, 2021
LOVE this commercial and the song by John Denver!!!! Thank you,

Melodie from East Hartford CT MAY 7, 2021
I just love John Denver. His songs are made to fit everything in nature. Excellent video with this audio

Jessica from Dickinson Tx MAY 6, 2021
Beautifull song.

Peggy boerm  MAY 3, 2021
The words and music are beautiful.

Anonymous APRIL 30, 2021
it is a nice video and ilike the whale part i like these videos

Linda Bullard from Atlanta, GA APRIL 29, 2021
My favorite song of all time...

Sandra Milne from Florida APRIL 25, 2021
Annie's Song always gives me chills. This video is a beautiful experience that I watch over and over again. The world sure misses John Denver and so do I.

Sandra Clarke from Georgia  APRIL 18, 2021

Angie from Alaska APRIL 12, 2021
Earth Day is coming April 22nd!

Helen Flaster APRIL 3, 2021
I keep watching this it’s absolutely beautiful and it makes me cry every time I watch it

Diana from San Diego APRIL 3, 2021
John Denver has such a soothing voice and this is such a beautiful song and video.

Paul from San Diego, California MARCH 31, 2021

Anonymous MARCH 30, 2021
Words and emotions to live by! Peace!

FS from MI MARCH 28, 2021
Beautiful scenery with a wonderful song

Sue Steffl from Springfield, Mn. MARCH 25, 2021
I just needed to share that I LOVE this commerical, its beautiful and I shed tears every single time I watch it, it just touches my heart. Thank you.

Rebecca Ciraco from New Jersey MARCH 23, 2021
Thank you John Denver! He was truly a pioneer in Earth conservation! Thank you to Pass It On to keep his reminding all of us that everyday is Earth Day!

Delores chapman from North Carolina MARCH 21, 2021
This was as if everything I felt in my heart for this beautiful amazing world was expressed in this commercial .. Thank you it was beautifully done .. We are so blessed and yet so very few slow down to enjoy or take in such beauty. Thank you again

Bunny from New Mexico  MARCH 14, 2021
Thank you for your tv commercial spots which bring much needed emotional relief to my mostly solitary life.

Scott from Fernandina Beach, Florida  MARCH 12, 2021
Absolutely amazing commercial with such a uniting theme. I felt like giving it a standing ovation when I saw it. This is so needed in our divided world right now. Please keep up the great work, but I doubt you’ll ever be able to top this masterpiece.

Diane Simmons from RI, USA MARCH 11, 2021
The most beautiful song I have ever heard. My favorite of all time. John Denver was the best.

Kevin from Herrin, Illinois MARCH 6, 2021
I loved this. No social or political issues being addressed, just glimpses of the beauty our planet offers us. Best PSA ever.

Stuart from Georgia MARCH 6, 2021
Absolutely Beautiful.

William Kennard from Newark, Ohio MARCH 5, 2021
I just put my wife of 54 years into a memory care facility for Alzheimers. I play this video in her room everyday. I hope it makes her feel somewhat better like it does me.

Sydney from Colorado FEBRUARY 23, 2021
I really like it

Joanne Graff from LeSueur MN FEBRUARY 22, 2021
John Denver and John Lennon.....both gone far too soon. And both had such great visions! I love when these come on tv. I will stop whatever I'm doing just to watch and listen and remember. Thank you!!

Mary M from Ft Myers FL FEBRUARY 21, 2021
Beautiful commercial with the best John Denver song. 💖

Dona Mara from Oceanside CA FEBRUARY 21, 2021
Hard to find words how impactful this video was to me. Sharing and saving and following you. Thank you. Incredible.

Larry Bennett from North Mankato, Mn FEBRUARY 20, 2021
Watching this video along with listening to John Denver singing ‘Annie’s Song’ brings this 76 year old to tears.

Adrain tucker from Bweryn FEBRUARY 3, 2021

Jamie from Shoreline, WA JANUARY 29, 2021
Beautiful - I loved it. Thank you.

Julie Nelson from Mankato, MN JANUARY 28, 2021
Beautiful - made me cry. I fear for our beautiful earth. (We also used that song for our wedding)

Kirby from CT JANUARY 28, 2021
The nature PSA was one of the best I have ever seen

Karen from Alaska  JANUARY 24, 2021
Written and Sung by the late John Denver as a tribute to his then wife, this song gives us the realization oh how much the earth opens our senses if we take the time to care for and love it! Passiton!

Jill Bryniarski from Bloomington, IN JANUARY 23, 2021
I love this! Live the Pass It On Foundation alone, but you’ve outdone even yourself with this one! Thanks for all you do to bring our world together!!

Richard from Eight street and house number 8,0,5. JANUARY 22, 2021
That was beautiful.

Shavonne Jarvis from Toronto, Ontario JANUARY 17, 2021
Truly beautiful as our earth offers us so much more then beauty- It offers peace :-)

Brandee from Indianapolis,Indiana JANUARY 13, 2021
Love this video and love the song. Thank you for reminder of the beauty in this world.

Kelly from New Braunfels TX JANUARY 6, 2021
Just saw this video on tv, and I loved it. It made me smile and gave me hope. Thank you!!

Colleen Jones from Lake of the Ozarks NOVEMBER 13, 2020
So beautiful. So true. We should treat mother earth with love and respect. Our future depends on it. And our grandchildren deserve it. Thank you God for the beauty you have given us all.

Sue from Massapequa ny OCTOBER 9, 2020
My wedding song love it

Lisa Ham from Maryland AUGUST 21, 2020
Perfect song choice! John Denver's music is beautiful.

Cassie Elaine MAY 26, 2020
I had to share this. My mom was fortunate enough to see John Denver in Hawaii during the '70s. This commercial is beautiful and gives an enlightening message. Denver's song made it even better. Mahalo for creating this!

Brigitte from Portland, Oregon MAY 7, 2020
I've always thought this was one of the most beautiful songs ever. Your visuals with it where beautiful.

Tina from Detroit, Michigan APRIL 22, 2020
Happy Earth Day! Due to COVID-19 & sheltering-in-place, we're breathing the cleanest air & looking at the clearest skies. Let's not take our Earth for granted. We should be celebrating it every day.

Jejnny  APRIL 22, 2020
i very like this song

Barb Barrish from Milwaukee  FEBRUARY 14, 2020
Happy Valentines Day

Mike from Syracuse, NY OCTOBER 8, 2019
I first saw this at 3 am on our local Fox affiliate during an airing of "How I Met Your Mother." I was riveted for the entire 1:30 it was on. Beautiful photography that tied in nicely with the lyrics of John Denver's classic love song. I looked it up on Youtube and shared it madly on social media. Bravo to the creators of this piece.

BeckyJo from Morrison,CO SEPTEMBER 8, 2019

David Burris from Desmoines, lowa AUGUST 12, 2019
That was amazing, I am consumed with passion and love. Thank you. What a beautiful world

Michael Hayko from Los Angeles  AUGUST 9, 2019
You produce such wonderful videos, they are always engaging. This one, featuring "Annie's Song" is my favorite. It's incredibly moving particularly the end. There's a young woman looking off in the distance and she wipes a tear from her cheek, it cuts away to a shot of the planet Earth and then back to the young woman who turns towards us and smiles.

Marjorie D L Lawrence from Concord, CA MAY 28, 2019
Most beautiful. I love this song and presentation.

Anonymous MAY 7, 2019
I loved this video and the song that goes with it.

BILL Leonard from Baltimore, MD MARCH 25, 2019
That 1 beautiful song, John Denver well put together.RIP

Sandra from Memphis, Tennessee  FEBRUARY 15, 2019
Just beautiful!!!!

sharon from Arizona FEBRUARY 5, 2019
I love this song. It gives me goosebumps. Thank you

Anonymous JANUARY 8, 2019
Beautiful music and words, the scenes are lovely. Love it. Thank you sweetheart for forwarding this to me.

Jacqueline Buchanan from Denver JANUARY 5, 2019
This is one of the most moving and beautiful piece work that I have seen in a very long time! Made me cry!

Todd DiNezza from Rhode Island OCTOBER 17, 2018
Wow! This video is truly a beautiful marriage of natural scenery, wildlife and an absolutely great John Denver song from the early 1970’s. A fitting tribute to both since John Denver loved the natural beauty found in the rural places of the USA and it was the inspiration for quite a few of his most popular songs! Never get tired of seeing this video since it is inspirational and beautifully done. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Cannot help but think it is particularly nostalgic for Baby Boomers since we grew hearing hearing this popular song on the radio so many times too!

Kathryn Bonf from Mass SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
John Denver was by far the greatest singer and songwriter of our generation. It is a litmus test of the be moved by his incredible mastery of lyrics and music.

Kathy from Idaho, USA SEPTEMBER 9, 2018
Have been a fan of John Denver for 45 years!!

Judy from Nebraska JULY 21, 2018
No other words but thank you.

John from USA JULY 2, 2018
I have this bookmarked and find myself returning from time to time. It is most beautiful.

C Martinez from Mojave Desert JUNE 10, 2018
This beautiful video inspired me to travel and taken several road trips in the last 2 years. I've been to several Beautiful and Amazing Places. Truly! Our Planet it's an Awesome Place!! No other Planet that we know exist..provides so much for us and asking so little in return. Our kindness and initiation to Protect it is needed now more than in previous times and generations. Please remember..It's our only Home.

Anonymous APRIL 11, 2018
Oh my goodness. Brought tears.

Rosie Elverum from Des Moines, Iowa FEBRUARY 25, 2018
Absolutely beautiful, Breathtaking❤

Lisa from Wisconsin FEBRUARY 25, 2018
Thank you so very much. In this busy world, it was good to get back to the beauty of this, given to us free of charge.

Lisa from Bloomington, IN FEBRUARY 24, 2018
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. It is perfect!

Robyn from Connecticut FEBRUARY 3, 2018
Perfect commercial. We should have more like this. For all of us share this earth.

Anonymous JANUARY 30, 2018
I really liked this video because it had pretty pictures and nice music

Grandpa Munro from Tiny Ontario  JANUARY 27, 2018
My 2 year old grandson will stop what he is doing, Call out “Grandpa Listen”, As the video continues he will look at me and smile. Sniffles

Guadalupe Zavala from Tijuana, B.C. México JANUARY 26, 2018
hermosos paisajes que hablan de lo maravilloso que es el creador

Sandy from CA JANUARY 24, 2018
One of my all time favorite songs--Love John Denver! The song alone will fill up your senses and listening while watching the video only gives one a few moments to ponder pleasant thoughts. Great choice of music and pics! I have seen it on TV as well. Better than any commercial! Really makes you think! Job well done.

Anonymous JANUARY 23, 2018
Beautiful pictures to go with John Denver's song

Anonymous JANUARY 22, 2018
I have seen this F.B.L ad on TV in 30 second form

Dolores from NC JANUARY 15, 2018
I believe John would be proud. Beautiful song to go along with beautiful images.

Scott from New York JANUARY 13, 2018
An incredibly moving video. I've always liked the song but combining it with the video takes it to a whole new level. I come back to watch this video a number of times in the year or two since I first saw it whenever I want help to put things in perspective. Thank you

Lisa from California  JANUARY 13, 2018
I love this

Michael Phillips from Easley, SC JANUARY 12, 2018
Love all of the video. Thanks

Anonymous JANUARY 12, 2018
Truly a wonderful song anyone who really hears it cant help but cry not to be sad but to realize a fantastic song!

Alan Hart from Israel JANUARY 8, 2018
One of my all time favourite singers and a wonderful song

Barbara V. from SLC, Utah JANUARY 7, 2018
Love Love Love this song and idea.

Erin Dwyer from Greeville, SC JANUARY 7, 2018
As a Pagan, I thank you for your commercials. This one made me cry as I saw the woman take in the inspirational views of our Mother Earth. She cried.

Anonymous JANUARY 6, 2018
Thank you for that video. It fills my senses. Nature can be part of the healing process.

Eva from TX JANUARY 3, 2018
Absolutely beautiful! Souls are part of Nature. All are responsible for All. The Earth was created for us and we should take care of Her.

Daniel Shea from Lansing, MI by way og Londonderry, NH DECEMBER 31, 2017
I love this!

Barb from Welland Ont . DECEMBER 17, 2017
One of my favorite singers&my favorite song by John Denver

Laura Adams from Mt. Vernon IL NOVEMBER 28, 2017
Thank you for sharing your work. It's truly inspirational! Always gives me hope for a better people & world. I love this song it reminds of the people & things I love. It touches my soul! You all are great!

Carol from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada OCTOBER 17, 2017
I can't stop watching and listening to this. It is so beautiful and I love John Denver's amazing voice and songs. What a thrill to see this. Thank you!

JoAnn from Tampa, Fl OCTOBER 7, 2017
Thank you so much for continuing to show beautiful pictures and beautiful music of John Denver with Annie's song on TV. His message of world peace, inner peace and appreciation is never old. Thank you, thank you, thank you. JoAnn

Michael from RussellvilleMo. OCTOBER 6, 2017
Very beautiful song.That song still puts a chill up my spine

Nick from Florida SEPTEMBER 25, 2017
If there was ever a song that I would call "our song" in my girl and I's relationship, it is Annie's Song. Naturally, when this commercial came on, I stopped in my tracks and watched the most beautiful nature footage. Then I realized why I love this song so much: I connect my love for her with my inseparable desire to be immersed in nature.

Barbara from Pennsylvania SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
Its a breath of fresh air to see such a beatiful commercial on tv in stead all of the violence in the world they put on tv i could watch this all day long it stops you in your tracks and makes you feel good

Susan from Lakewood, Colorado SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
This commercial is absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off the images. John Denver was a refreshing song with the stunning beauty of the video! Thank you.

Jess from Mercer Island AUGUST 28, 2017
I was never a John Denver fan, but the imagery along with his clear voice stopped me in my tracks while walking past the TV. It's a beautiful message, yet sells nothing, which is why I remembered it and tweeted it at the time.

Paul from Florida AUGUST 19, 2017
I really like that song. Had forgotten all about it over the years.

Rob from WI AUGUST 16, 2017
You could literally place any message at the end of that and it would sell. Loved it.

Mike from College Station, TX AUGUST 16, 2017
I saw this advertisement and it brought me to your site. Thank you. We need more of this in this world.

Kathy from Ohio AUGUST 8, 2017
Stunning video with the beautiful voice of John Denver. Excellent video!

Tracy from Colorado AUGUST 6, 2017
John Denver - What an amazing spirit.

Tracy from Colorado AUGUST 6, 2017
I can't get enough of this beautiful song and video. Makes me tear up. Especially in this day and time!

Sue from Texas AUGUST 5, 2017
Love it.

Dawn from Robertsville, Missouri AUGUST 5, 2017
This is beautiful!! I love John Denver Songs!!

Nick AUGUST 3, 2017
Wonderful, i think of my wife and are beautiful planet apon which we live.

Jan from Colorado JULY 30, 2017
Brings tears to my eyes too!

Peggy from Florida JULY 29, 2017
I miss John Denver and when I hear his songs I stop what I'm doing and listen and this time I watched and couldn't believe how nice the video was with this song. Very nice.

Fran from NJ JULY 28, 2017
Keep it going with our BEST singer ever, John Denver! He was awesome and so inspirational, beautiful!

Cynthia from Long Island, NY JULY 10, 2017
Straight to the Heart, Wonderful song and Beautiful video.

Ignacio from San Diego Ca JULY 4, 2017

Teresa from Tampa JUNE 24, 2017
Just saw it, rewound the tv a few times and then googled it. It's absolutely lovely. Thank you for using "Annie's song."

Barry from Oregon JUNE 20, 2017
I woke up early and turned on tv and your ad had just started . John Denvers crystal clear voice and beautiful song and lyrics are so powerful and so touching . It totally caught my eyes and ears and with the filming , I was in awe . What a beautiful commercial about being thankful and grateful and touched by wonderful feelings . Focus on beauty and positive uplifting things and people in your life ... and pass it on .. thank you for reminding us to love and embrace life , and those around us . Awesome .

Lee Anne from North Carolina JUNE 20, 2017
Absolutely beautiful…thank you!

Kerry from Minnesota JUNE 18, 2017
Beautiful! :)

Susie from ON JUNE 18, 2017
thank you for this beautiful, inspiring message......... what a relief to see your imagination....... LOVE IT!!!!

Claudine from Laval, Qc Canada JUNE 4, 2017
Merci ! Thank you ✌️

Cindy from Rocklin CA  JUNE 4, 2017
Best commercial ever!! Loved it!! It's about time something so beautiful and inspiring came on!!!

Laura from California JUNE 4, 2017
Great commercial!! Love our beautiful Planet!!

Sue from Morton PA MAY 29, 2017
Oh, thank you so very much for pairing Johns Annie's Song with beautiful inspirational videos!!!

Tom from Raleigh NC MAY 17, 2017
Thank you for this site, Sometimes life's stresses will cause us to miss the beauty around us.

michael from New Mexico MAY 10, 2017
what a great song....and the scenery is what i see every day, but take for granted

Danny Kaye from New Britain, CT USA APRIL 22, 2017
The late, great, John Denver wrote, sang beautiful and inspirational music. An American treasure.

MARK from Indiana MARCH 30, 2017
I love this, reminds me of someone I know, XL

MARK from INDIANA MARCH 30, 2017
I love this commercial, getting back to nature, you fill up my senses come fill me again, come let me love you, let me give my life to you! Amazing!

Lee from CT MARCH 27, 2017
This is awesome!

Shannon from Milwaukee, Wisconsin MARCH 18, 2017
I love your commercials, they are the values I was raised with. We all need reminders to keep using them too, especially in today's world. Annie's Song was our wedding dance song, and the first time we saw your "beautiful world" commercial, we both got misty eyed. Thanks for bringing all those wonderful images to people. We are both scuba divers, campers, and gardeners, and believe in helping to preserve our world. I know that you have inspired others to do the same!

Nancy from Rosevile, Ca MARCH 4, 2017
Beautiful video

Shirley from illinois, USA MARCH 4, 2017
Love this video & music, love The Creator of our wonderful world! Thank you!

Debbie from Colorado FEBRUARY 25, 2017
I love this video and have saved it to play forever and ever. I even stop what I'm doing when it lays on tv on the weekends. I am entranced by it.

One of my most favorite commercial all time! So touching.

Jerry from Texas FEBRUARY 9, 2017
Beautiful. So soothing and what great singing. Makes John live on in our hearts.

I M Zamora from San Diego, California. JANUARY 31, 2017
I watch this video over and over and give peace to my heart and tears from my eyes.

Denise from Philadelphia JANUARY 30, 2017
Beautiful !

Mary from Mehvillie,Mo. JANUARY 29, 2017
Miss not hearing songs from John Denver! I always melt into the songs he sang.

Robin from FL JANUARY 28, 2017
I so wish that all of our powerful world leaders could wake up to this heartwarming video, every morning, before signing anything. Beautiful commercial.

Gib from Ft. WOrth, TX JANUARY 18, 2017
I watch this over and over and OVER. It is happy, peaceful, beautiful... It makes me feel better. Good work. Well done.

Linda from Denver JANUARY 18, 2017
Always, always, love John Denver <3

Robyn from California JANUARY 8, 2017
Thank you, that was beautiful

Mike from So Dak JANUARY 5, 2017
I love these commercials! ❤️

Dale from Florida JANUARY 2, 2017
A voice still missed.

Loyal from Lee's Summit Mo JANUARY 1, 2017
Everytime I Hear John Denver's Voice In A Tv Commercial I Get Goose Bumps Cause I Love Him and His Songs From The 1970`s & 80`s.. On Dec 31, 2016 I Listened To John Denver On YouTube Video For 2 hrs On His Birthday. LW 1964

Anonymous DECEMBER 23, 2016
John Denver at his best, miss him

Jane from California DECEMBER 22, 2016
I've watched this commercial over and over. I never tire of the beauty, the song and the message. We DO need to remember our glorious world, especially now when it's possible many of our protective systems may be taken away. Without Mother Earth, we are nowhere. Without Mother Earth, we do not exist.

Beverly from Enola Pennsylvania DECEMBER 19, 2016
This is beautiful...I watch it every day..we live in a amazing world...we just don't appreciate the beauty of it. We need to do everything we can to keep it this way for our future generations to come. I love this John Denver song. It is perfect with these photos

Michele from Colorado DECEMBER 18, 2016
This made me cry. It is the most beautiful ad I've ever seen paired with one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. I wish this could play prime-time and remind the world what is truly important and what we need to keep fighting to protect. Thank you!

Belle from KY DECEMBER 18, 2016
WOW! Every time I see this commercial I get such a Great Feeling. Hearing John Denver's Annie's Song and seeing the Beautiful Scenes, Best Commerical of All Time. What a way to brighten up your day.

Connie from PA DECEMBER 18, 2016
I would like to hear different words - like a night in the forest, like a walk in the rain. The words have meaning to us baby boomers

jose luis from LA DECEMBER 18, 2016
thanks ! you people just made my day with this tv commercial THANKS

Jim from Calgary DECEMBER 16, 2016
Thanks, I needed that!

Shanna from Oregon DECEMBER 16, 2016
I am so glad that these are on TV, it's what the world needs to balance all the conflict and political garbage on TV. Thanks

Ronaldkib DECEMBER 15, 2016
Exactly as you say.

Carol from Florida DECEMBER 11, 2016
Wonderful memories of a very special person

Anonymous DECEMBER 8, 2016
love this video. i can watch it all day

Kennedy from Sylacauga,AL DECEMBER 8, 2016
My family was inspired to plant more than three plants

Anonymous NOVEMBER 29, 2016

Mike from Lompoc NOVEMBER 24, 2016
My 14 month old twins love watching this over and over again!

Debbie from Buffalo, N.Y. NOVEMBER 23, 2016
I love your videos. They make me feel good ❤️❤️

Rick Hiles from Nashport, Ohio NOVEMBER 21, 2016
BEST Commercial EVER! Instant tear jerker! The Very Best Pictures of Nature along with the Very Best song EVER made! A match made in HEAVEN! Thank You Values and Thank you John Denver!

Mark from North Carolina  NOVEMBER 18, 2016
So uplifting. What an impression organization. Thanks so much.

Mark from North Carolina  NOVEMBER 18, 2016
Best commercial ever!

Curtis from Stockbridge, Ga. NOVEMBER 14, 2016
I love this song & scenery, very inspirational!!!

Shay from CA NOVEMBER 10, 2016
Where were the desert scenes filmed for the Annie's Song commercial?

Lynette Brady from Savannah, GA. OCTOBER 30, 2016
I dearly LOVE this commercial & the song by John Denver!!!

henry from brooklyn  OCTOBER 29, 2016
love love love this cmmercial

Tom from Ca OCTOBER 23, 2016
Good message, sick of hearing it, repeated way to much.

Infinnity from Texas OCTOBER 19, 2016
Absolutely love these commercials. ..brighten my day, especially the one featuring John Denver!

Maggie from Georgia OCTOBER 14, 2016
Love this commercial -- and have always loved the song. Is that Maroon Bells in one of the clips? Just curious!

Tena from Tennessee OCTOBER 13, 2016
It is the most uplifting thing on tv...makes your spirit soar to hear, see and feel it!!

Dawn SEPTEMBER 29, 2016
Absolutely Love this!

Joan from Denver SEPTEMBER 28, 2016
I heard this John Denver song at just the right time yesterday! Made me feel better!

Jessie from Minnesota SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
I have been an avid John Denver fan since he first hit the airwaves when I was a teenager. Thank you for showcasing his love of our planet and it's now fragile beauty that we must all work to preserve.

Aleka Butler from Craig, Colorado, USA SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Beautifully inspiring.

Stan Wagner from Denver, CO SEPTEMBER 23, 2016
With news of the day, this certainly puts perspective how we should treat our Earth and one another. I shared this with my Facebook community.

Joe from Kent, WA SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
We really are blessed with a wonderful world. We’re also blessed with the values and knowledge to sustain this world and live in harmony with each other. Are we willing to follow these values? The future world hopes and prays we will.

Jim from ND SEPTEMBER 22, 2016
Ain't GOD good!

Celeste from Montgomery, Texas SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
With your ads people will have to acknowledge the devastation they are causing this magnificent earth. Outstanding job mixing the videos witth the right songs

Belle from Davis SEPTEMBER 21, 2016
I'm so happy you used John's song in this way. He would be so proud. He was all about nature, every scene is a part of him. I can't tell you how happy I feel when I hear and watch all of this video. Just wish all of it was shown on tv. Never, Never remove it from tv... .John lives on in our beautiful world and in his song.

John from Illinois SEPTEMBER 20, 2016

Mary Ann SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
Magnificent! Thank you!

Chuck from Tarpon Springs, Fl SEPTEMBER 18, 2016
Not having to watch or listen to a bunch of lion lawyers, politicians or sales man..........Priceless!

Patty from Indiana SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
I love this song and video. I am amazed how extraordinarily wonderful it makes me feel just listeninglistening and watching it.

Shirley from Elkhart, IN SEPTEMBER 17, 2016
Very besutiful videos.

debra from nc SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
the best!

Dave from Bryan, TX SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
Like Lex from Louisville KY, my wonderful wife of 41 yrs suddenly passed away. All during our time together we listened to John Denver. Annie's Song was one of her favorites. This video presence of nature's beauty is so very moving. Each scene well timed for lasting inspirational effectiveness. Thank you Pass It On for giving the visual presentation to so many and providing a personal way of keeping the beauty of my wife alive in my heart.

Chuck Beatty from Boulder, CO SEPTEMBER 11, 2016
We are all connected, especially to nature. I wonder why the woman at the video's end is crying: 1) Moved by the sheer beauty of our world 2) Humbled by how small we and our problems are compared to the world and universe 3) Because she is thinking of a loved one 4) A pure mystery

JoAnn from Vermont SEPTEMBER 10, 2016
I cry when I hear this song, it is so beautiful.

Marjorie from Idaho SEPTEMBER 9, 2016
Most wonderful.

Nita from ha. SEPTEMBER 9, 2016
Really beautiful

Judy from Indiana SEPTEMBER 6, 2016
So beautiful.

Stacey from Honolulu, HI SEPTEMBER 5, 2016
You captured so much beauty! Thank you! I wish the whole commercial could air on TV.

pamela from mfld WI SEPTEMBER 5, 2016
I love this song

STACY from La Crosse, Wisconsin SEPTEMBER 1, 2016
This is by far the best commercial on TV! It is so beautiful it almost brings tears to my eyes! Don't ever remove this commercial! We need to take care of Mother Earth, she is the only one we have!!

Pat from Arizona AUGUST 31, 2016
I saw this commercial long ago, is it still being shown? If so, where?

James from Cadillac, MI AUGUST 30, 2016
A beautiful intentional act of kindness. Thank You.

Gina from Newtonsville, Ohio AUGUST 21, 2016
I love it but it touches my heart so much. All I have to do is hear the first cord of the song and I start to cry but I have to watch the commercial. I see the animals and the untouched nature and I just think of all the innocents there. Thank you for making such a beautiful commercial.

Steve from Santa Maria, Ca AUGUST 20, 2016
We are blessed to live in a place like this.

Diane from Massachusetts AUGUST 20, 2016
Beautiful song ,beautiful world pics.

When I hear this song I cry, it reminds me of my younger brother who died in wreck in Washington state where he lived & loved all nature & people.

Renee from Inglewood, Cali AUGUST 13, 2016

Alice from Montana AUGUST 9, 2016
I walked down the aisle to Annie's Song 35 years ago to marry my amazing husband Pete.

Nikki from Plymouth, Indiana AUGUST 8, 2016
This is a very inspiring commercial. Party because of the heart stopping beauty, but also because of the John Denver song used with it. My sister lost her battle with a very debilitating form of MS almost 8 years ago, but in her younger years, she sang this song, and it was heavenly. I could watch this over and over, and smile through my tears each time. Thank you so much.

Barbara from California AUGUST 6, 2016
I have always loved Annie's song by John Denver but this 'commercial' just makes me love it all the more. So beautiful, so evocative and so very true. We need to love one another and the world we all share so much more than we do.

Kathy from Georgia AUGUST 5, 2016
Very moving. Perfect in every way. Thank you.

Lex from Louisville, KY AUGUST 5, 2016
My 46 year old wife died last year unexpectedly and I feel her presence every time I see and hear this wonderful, inspiring commercial. She did die in my arms and I ache each time I hear the line, but what great song and theme. Keep it coming.

Scott from New York AUGUST 4, 2016
Wow... Probably the most inspiring 90 seconds I've ever seen on TV. I've brought it up several times on the internet since and it moves me every time

Stewart from Ipswich, MA AUGUST 2, 2016
I was in Maine watching regular over-the-air television and thinking its days were numbered when this came on. My first thought was of John Denver and how pure his voice was, but this commercial was beautifully done and quite inspirational. Thank you for cutting through the daily cynicism and reminding me of what is really important...

jimi from deatsville, al JULY 31, 2016
My 9 month old granddaughter loves this commercial. When it comes on she stops what she's doing to listen to it and a big smile comes on her face.

Barbara from Salem, Oregon JULY 31, 2016
Thank you so much for having this ad on often. I hope it will always be on, because I love it, and it is so calming. Makes people think about our beautiful Earth, and caring for it. Again, thank you!

DAVID from JAMULCA. JULY 30, 2016
I love your commercial the song the pictures and everything everything you stand for

Darlene from Vilonia, AR JULY 29, 2016
Great job!! What a great way to show our beautiful world and introduce more people to John Denver's music. FAR OUT!!

Penny from Atlanta, GA JULY 27, 2016
I agree with previous comment..John Denver would've been honored. He loved this beautiful country. Great commercial. We need more like this. Thank you!

Scotty from Mtn View, California JULY 27, 2016
Very Nice!!

Anthony from Orange county, CA JULY 27, 2016
This commercial reduces me to tears regularly. Thank you

Diana from Redondo Beach, California JULY 26, 2016

Christy from Los Angeles, CA JULY 25, 2016
Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful our world is. John Denver would have been proud to be part of such an uplifting message. It reminds me of why I loved his music and of my own commitment to do what I can to protect and preserve Mother Earth.

Angela from Landrum sc JULY 25, 2016

Marj from ID JULY 24, 2016

Mary Beth from South Bend, Indiana JULY 20, 2016
Our world sure needs these, just beautiful, I listen to it and watch the beautiful scenes over and over again, blessed.

Mary Beth from South Bend, Indiana JULY 20, 2016

Pamela from Memphis TN and Salt Lake City UT  JULY 20, 2016
Please...keep on making these. Our world NEED these messages.

Anonymous JULY 19, 2016
These commercials really raise me up with all that's going on in the world today - Thank You!

ANONYMOUS from Port Protection, Alaska JULY 11, 2016
absolutely beautiful <3

Mark from Sacramento Calofornia JULY 11, 2016
I had to play this over and over to watch, hear and really listen to John Denver, Outstanding commercial. :)


Art from Sarasota, FL JULY 8, 2016
Thank you so much. I really needed this!

Christopher from Port Saint Lucie, FL JULY 7, 2016
This brought tears to my eyes as well. It's beautiful! Thank you for this. I wish the world could see this.

Anonymous JULY 6, 2016
This commercial brings tears to my eyes. In a world that has been dominated by so much ugliness, this ad is a breath of fresh air and shows us how beautiful life can be and provide hope to us all.

Kevin from Orange County, CA JULY 2, 2016
Considering all the turmoil and chaos we face daily, it is wonderful to see our world for all of its beauty and goodness. Annie's song brings it all together.

Connie from New Jersey  JULY 2, 2016
This is the most beautiful ad I have ever seen!!! Love it so much!!!

toby from upstate, N.Y. JUNE 29, 2016
I'd love to see more commercials, as beautiful as this one. Great job, thanks.

Sue from Anchorage, AK JUNE 26, 2016
Thank you so much for making such a beautiful commercial! I've been watching it so many times, every time when I hear the music, I'm standing in front of the TV. When it's over, I rewind it and watch it over and over again!!

Dave from RI JUNE 25, 2016

David from R.I. JUNE 25, 2016

Teresa from Carmichael CA JUNE 15, 2016
This commercial woke up out of my sleep because the song is so wonderful!

Christine from Sayreville,N.J. JUNE 9, 2016

Sheila from St. Petersburg, FL JUNE 7, 2016
Watched SO many times! No need for words.

Jeffrey from Tolland, CT. JUNE 6, 2016
Very moving and exceptionally well done, brought a tear to my eye. A feel good and emotional commercial, reminds all of us what beauty we have on this planet that we should take time to explore and enjoy.

jimmie from miami ok JUNE 5, 2016
Amazing! Yall always make me appreciate the good in the World! Thank you for being there When I Really need you!

Diana from Tarpon Springs, Fl JUNE 2, 2016
VERY overwhelmed with emotion;; the tears flowed.

Linda from Terre Haute a IN MAY 31, 2016
Wow, brought tears to my eyes.

Karen from California MAY 29, 2016
Beautiful. This is really moved me.

Susan from CA MAY 26, 2016
Love all the Values commercials, but this is my favorite. The music and words are so beautiful, and John's magical voice and the visual pictures make it all come together.

sheryle from stoudt MAY 24, 2016
I am glad someone recognizes John's beautiful voice and share it with the world especially this commercial..thank you so much

sheryle stoudt from Reading, Penna MAY 24, 2016
omg gives me the chills...John has the voice of an angel. great it

Sharon from Milton, FL MAY 23, 2016
I love this video. It brought tears to my eyes, because of the song and who sang it, our beautiful Earth and all it beholds. There is absolutely nothing like being one with nature.

susan from NC MAY 23, 2016
Have to congratulate you on this beautiful commercial done with great taste!

Natalie from MD MAY 23, 2016
Love it! Thanks for allowing John to share!

Nanci from Golden, CO MAY 21, 2016
I adore this! Thank you!!

Cathy from Butler Pennsylvania MAY 20, 2016
Johns Annies song an visuals brings tears everytime.Mother&child touches my heart. Beautiful

Cathy from Butler,Pennsylvania MAY 20, 2016
his singing this song an the visual pictures brings tears everytime.

Eleanor from Florida MAY 17, 2016
I'd like to see wildflowers included

Ellen from Georgia MAY 17, 2016
Who is the man in the beginning,sitting on the rocks. I adore this song and love all of John Denver's songs.

Paula from Jermyn, Pa. MAY 14, 2016
so pretty :)

Joey G from Cape Coral MAY 12, 2016

Patricia from Indiana MAY 9, 2016
Absolutely lovely, and I didn't even like Denver. His voice is perfect for these scenes. I sent it to my sister.

Joe from Lake Tahoe, CA MAY 9, 2016
A beautiful pause in a world of craziness. Thank you for sharing.

Diana from Meridian, ID MAY 8, 2016
This tugged at my heart strings. What a beautiful planet we live on. Protect it the best you can!

Larry from Indian Land, SC MAY 6, 2016
Just learned of this website today after seeing commercial. This website helps extend the great feelings I got last night from seeing my daughter in law lead great grade school performance of wizard of oz. It is a wonderful world with so much beauty and good people in it. Keep up the good work.

Al from Santa Fe Springs,Ca MAY 4, 2016
Simple things we take for granted. We have no one to blame but ourselves when it's gone. Push the reset button and start over we can do better, we must do better, we have to do better for our kids. Great song and so much truth...

Penny from Chattanooga TN MAY 4, 2016
Absolutely breath taking. Beautiful. Thank you!!

Brian from California MAY 4, 2016
Touched my heart, wonderful

Stephanie from Monmouth, IL MAY 2, 2016
Thank you for such a beautiful video, accompanied by a great timeless classic. Nature is such an enormous wonder.


Immie from Rotterdam, The Netherlands APRIL 23, 2016
Breath taking! Great video with perfect music happy Earthday

Sonja from Cape May N.J. APRIL 23, 2016
Caring for the earth is caring for all mankind.

Elgin from Prairie Village Kansas APRIL 17, 2016
What gifts you share with us all. Bless you.

Danny from Kentucky APRIL 16, 2016
Such A Beautiful Song & Message.

Randall from Georgia APRIL 16, 2016
Wow!....just wow. Everything else stops when this message airs.

Sue from Boulder APRIL 12, 2016
Gave me goose bumps...JD says it perfectly!!! Love our Earth this Earth Day and always.....

Richard from Madison, Wisconsin APRIL 10, 2016
These messages are a gift to so many of us. I never get tired of them. They truly renew me.

Deb from Va APRIL 9, 2016
Love this,commercial. Thank u for producing it.

Colin from Sarasota, Fl, USA APRIL 9, 2016
It helped remind me what Love is

Anonymous APRIL 8, 2016

Lanita from Sacramento, CA APRIL 6, 2016
Love this song and the nature scenes... it's so inspiring and relaxing. It puts a smile on my face and helps me to refocus on what is truly important. Thank You!

Bonnie from Vt. USA APRIL 3, 2016
I love this!

John from Cashiers, NC APRIL 2, 2016
Inspiring for all of us who value the beauty and wonders of nature. John Denver's music continues to live on! Thank you

Christopher from Clearwater, Florida MARCH 29, 2016
Thank you, for such beautiful and inspiring messages!

Randy from Surrey, BC MARCH 25, 2016
Saw this commercial for the fist time tonight. JUst wonderful! Thank you.

WILLIAM from Atlanta MARCH 21, 2016

Jan from Illinois MARCH 20, 2016
You are succeeding. You make me pause and reconnect to the person I chose years ago to be. The most recent video is particularly touching. I wonder if the young woman is John Denver's daughter.

Delores from Glenn MARCH 20, 2016
Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Love this, so relaxing.

Adrienne from Sacramento, CA USA MARCH 15, 2016
I never get tired of this. John's beautiful voice and message and such a beautiful backdrop of our world.

Carol from Fl MARCH 12, 2016
Such a gorgeous educational piece! Congratulations for presenting the message in such a compelling masterful blend.

Barbara from n.c. MARCH 11, 2016

Paula from Vancouver, BC MARCH 11, 2016
The music in this TV ad captured my attention. The stunning visuals helped sustain it. When it continued past :30 seconds curiosity as to who it was for and what they were trying to sell took over. Such a pleasant surprise when the message was finally revealed. Such a breath of fresh air in a world over saturated with marketing.

Chris from Lehigh Valley, Pa. USA FEBRUARY 28, 2016

Debbra from AZ  FEBRUARY 26, 2016

Joseph from Baust FEBRUARY 25, 2016
Wunderbar...JD and photos of nature - that should inspire us all to be outside, share, care and work for a better world. Thanks John Denver for such a gorgeous song.

Matthew from Las Vegas FEBRUARY 22, 2016
Love it! What a great song from a wonderful environmental ambassador.

Barbara from Oregon FEBRUARY 21, 2016
I love this video. Everytime I hear it I stop what Im doing to watch.

Brenda from Oklahoma FEBRUARY 21, 2016
Love it.! John Denver's song is perfectly put to video

Eric from New York FEBRUARY 21, 2016
I've experienced so many of the images and sentiments in this video but it's at the very end where i am moved the most: the young woman turns her head and stares right into my soul.

Regina from New York FEBRUARY 20, 2016
What a beautiful commercial! It brings tears to my eyes! John Denver would have loved it himself! A loving tribute to him also!

Jenny from Marsha FEBRUARY 17, 2016
I love this commercial. It makes me cry.

Diane from Iowa FEBRUARY 16, 2016
This is a beautiful video! I'm glad someone shared it.

Laurie from New York FEBRUARY 12, 2016
I LOVE this. I watch and listen to this on a regular basis. It makes me feel SO happy.

Tess from Connecticut FEBRUARY 9, 2016
So happy to hear John Denver's voice and words. They still ring true, after all these years. The video is a perfect compliment to his song. Thank you.

Deborah from The Villages FEBRUARY 8, 2016
Peaceful, heartfelt commercial. 'Annie's Song' automatically calms the heart - Pass It On.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 8, 2016
This song brings tears to my eyes, it is so pretty, and brings back many memories ! Juanita, Texas

Nina from Cebu,Philippines FEBRUARY 5, 2016
One of my favorite song since high school...Annie's Song

pamela from michigan FEBRUARY 2, 2016
awesome showed the beauty of a human beings emotions, and the beauty in nature, and the beautiful words by john denver. love it!

Kathi from PA FEBRUARY 2, 2016
I always loved this one. I wish it was played more often. I haven't seen it on TV in quite awhile.

Corie from Prescott, AZ. FEBRUARY 2, 2016
Oh, this is so beautiful...

Jayne from Lansing, KS! FEBRUARY 2, 2016
This was the song that was sung to Don VanderVegt as he was leaving this life as we know it!!! It now, finally , makes me so happy when I hear it Not that familiar with tie foundation but hearing good thing...And of course , the song got me on the very first note.

Adama from Nj JANUARY 31, 2016
Very inspiring

BB from Ireland JANUARY 27, 2016
This fills my heart with joy.

Shula from MALLORCA  JANUARY 24, 2016

Sheela from Jesup ga JANUARY 10, 2016
I just saw this commercial for the first time... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It actually brought tears to my eyes... He has such beautiful words in it. The first thing that came to my mind was my 5 year old GRANDDAUGHTER...Those words are her ALL OVER. it really brightened my day to hear this...

I have to pipe in again and say the rhythm between verse and imagery is flawless. A stunning piece of visual poetry.

Doloress from Florida JANUARY 7, 2016
Just beautiful...

Anonymous JANUARY 7, 2016
Still love this after 2 years. One of the best commercials ever made and especially with John Denver singing

Adrienne from California, USA JANUARY 5, 2016
Beautiful and heartbreaking, Missing John Denver and his message of the beauty of our planet. Well done. A lovely advertisement and reminder. Excellent choice of song and composition of video.

James from Zanesville, Ohio JANUARY 1, 2016
This is the most beautiful commercial ever. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it.

Susan from Sacramento, California  JANUARY 1, 2016
Best commercial I've ever seen. Well done!

Matthew from Fayetteville GA DECEMBER 28, 2015
Such beautiful camercials should be on every channel. So inspirational.

Mary from Centreville DECEMBER 27, 2015
All videos at good!

Rogelio from Philippines DECEMBER 17, 2015
Very touching moment of playing the video.. With values thanks

Corina from Nashville, TN  DECEMBER 17, 2015

Harrie from Leesburg, Fl NOVEMBER 22, 2015
Great commercial, very insparational!

Ann from Brooklyn, NY OCTOBER 27, 2015
Thank you for this. In this current political environment where we are inundated by nastiness and backstabbing messages, it is so nice to see and hear something positive and beautiful. Keep up your great work. It certainly brightens up my day.

zoya from lafayet street,house 7 OCTOBER 27, 2015
I think the song is beautiful .

Cathy from Woodbury, MN OCTOBER 13, 2015
This was my wedding song 37 years ago and it still rings true....loved it it now!

Maria from Troy,Texas OCTOBER 8, 2015
This fills my heart with so much emotion

Karen from Watertown, New York OCTOBER 1, 2015
I first saw one of these commercials a few months ago and I would channel surf to find them over and over until I finally caught the very end that directs you to the web page. I now will get up early enough for work to make time to go to and watch a few before leaving for work! They make my day go sooo much better and make me a better person. And I believe that is IMPORTANT. I have more patience and understanding for others and have begun to let the irritants of everyday life slide by without allowing them to spoil each new day. I also have learned to respect and follow the golden rule. Thank You, Values

Robin from Chardon,OH SEPTEMBER 27, 2015
Ahh, the awesome splendor of it all

Nell from Barnsley UK SEPTEMBER 26, 2015
I just saw the Annie's Song commercial and was captivated by its beauty. I'm a humanist with a deep appreciation of the experience we have of living our time treading lightly and doing our best for ourselves, each other and the world.

Neena from Massachusetts SEPTEMBER 13, 2015
This shows us peace, love ,the of beauty of nature a round the world and I always loved that song and it goes with the vidoe perfectly. Thank you. Pass It On.

Bonnie from New York AUGUST 29, 2015
This is a definite reminder of the beauty in our world and perhaps if seen often enough and heard often enough could change the hearts & actions of those who work so hard to destroy what should be so valued.

NULL from NULL JULY 25, 2015
Never knew John Denver was so deep or that video Was so moving. Life changer 4 sure! Good job. C knauss1

NULL from NULL JULY 22, 2015
Just saw this on TV. I heard John Denver's voice as never before. Along with the images, my eyes filled with tears. Thank you so much! LDS

NULL from NULL JULY 19, 2015

NULL from NULL JULY 14, 2015
that makes me smile REALBIG I amBLESSED Diane

NULL from NULL JUNE 21, 2015
Thank you,so powerful and moving!

NULL from NULL MAY 23, 2015
Who are you, I LOVE your wholesome, purely inspiring messages, especially Annies Song and it's spectacular video footage! I will tune in to addition videos now, Thank You!!

NULL from NULL MAY 23, 2015
Beautiful images.

NULL from NULL MAY 6, 2015
I was sitting all by myself at a taco shop on Cinco de Mayo and came across your commercial and when I googled it, the first thing I saw was the hummingbird which always reminds me of my Sister Susie. She passed away of breast cancer in 2010 and watching this beautiful and inspiring video truly gave me peace and inspiration to proceed with my mission in life in spreading kindness and mentoring teens. I was recently recognized by Who's Who in America as being the only Quinceanera Expert in America and I look forward to using this platform to reach out and continue my passion in life in mentoring our youth. This video is awesome and inspired me to create one as well with my new vision to share with AMERICA. Praise God for KINDNESS such a simple gesture that we can all give.

NULL from NULL MAY 3, 2015
Pass It On....

NULL from NULL APRIL 19, 2015
Good Night All.

NULL from NULL APRIL 14, 2015
Is like been there and feeling the softener of the wind and song at the same time it brings good thoughts and serene to my heart

NULL from NULL APRIL 7, 2015
Beautiful images to coincide with the lyrics of the song. Brought tears to my eyes as I thought about then many beautiful places I have visited on this earth.

NULL from NULL MARCH 17, 2015
Awe inspiring!!! Thanks for including my island of Palau in the video. Sulang, (Thank you), Kamella, Palau Island

NULL from NULL MARCH 5, 2015
Actually I s referring to one I just saw on qubo... I'm already there..!!

NULL from NULL MARCH 5, 2015
I have been watching commercials for47 years. This was my favorite ever. You should have played this one on Super Bowl Sunday...!! It would have been voted Best !!!

NULL from NULL MARCH 2, 2015
This and Sunshine On My Shoulders are my favorites.

NULL from NULL FEBRUARY 27, 2015
How do I get' idea of the day ' texted to my phone daily.

NULL from NULL FEBRUARY 21, 2015
Thank You for reminding me of all this beauty.

amazing nature. it makes me appreciate nature more

NULL from NULL JANUARY 31, 2015
This is the BEST one!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 28, 2015
Gr8 locales & John Denver lyrics at its best...

NULL from NULL JANUARY 25, 2015
Makes my heart smile every time I watch this amazing video!! I LOVE it, thank you!!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 17, 2015
I love this ad, with just a glimpse of the beauty of our Great Planet Earth and the flawless voice of John Denver. This video renews my long held belief that there are good people who have genuine love beautiful souls. My heart is in my throat and tears in my eyes as I type this comment. Thank you so much and I WILL Pass it on. Canisteo, NY

NULL from NULL JANUARY 7, 2015
The TV Commercial of "What A Wonderful World" is one of the best I have EVER SEEN!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 4, 2015
It's fantasticaly beautiful!

NULL from NULL JANUARY 4, 2015
Very beautiful video of our world & John Denver's beautiful song brings glory to it.

NULL from NULL JANUARY 2, 2015

NULL from NULL JANUARY 1, 2015
Spectacular. I am honored to be part of this wonderful world, and the creators of this inspirational video which highlights it . Thank you

NULL from NULL JANUARY 1, 2015
this is so beautiful I love this,

NULL from NULL DECEMBER 22, 2014

NULL from NULL DECEMBER 18, 2014
Im so glad I saw this commercial! Its brought me to this wonderful website!

This is absolutely beautiful. RIP John Denver.

NULL from NULL NOVEMBER 15, 2014
This is truly a beautiful commercial. Today was the first time I've seen it and the mixing of John Denver's voice with the scenery brought tears to my eyes.

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 31, 2014
There's no one that loved nature more than John Denver. I will forever think of him this way.

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 26, 2014
Love this song. It made me watch the commercial. The commercial brought me here. Thanks. Jules, Dallas, Texas

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 20, 2014
this is a great song, I'm happy it was chosen to play while this majestic video of our world is played too... thumbs up

NULL from NULL OCTOBER 15, 2014
I love that our local television network plays this commercial frequently! Thank you for your inspiration and all that you do to make our world a better place! Ken SN Mendiola, Guam USA

Beautiful pictures, beautiful earth, beautiful song, beautiful singer!!!

william cole from aberdeen wa. 98520 SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
could listen to song and I will a lot.takes me back to a time in my life that is lost forever.

william cole from aberdeen wa. 98520 SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
wonderful song

Wolf from NJ SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
Powerful and Beautiful. Thank you!

Janice from BF pa SEPTEMBER 9, 2014
Beautiful, I wish everyone could see this & listen to it & GET IT,

Bill from Victoria, BC SEPTEMBER 9, 2014
thank you

Chet from Waco, Texas SEPTEMBER 7, 2014
What a moving reminder of the blessings of life!

Paula Matheson Walker from Sun City, Az SEPTEMBER 7, 2014
Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

Alice from Oklahoma SEPTEMBER 6, 2014
You have inspired me!

Larry from Oklahoma SEPTEMBER 6, 2014
As John Denver would say, "Far out!"

vernon from tx SEPTEMBER 6, 2014
love the annie's song. I substitute "God" for "Annie" when I listen.

Yvonne from Oklahoma  SEPTEMBER 5, 2014
I love it all will love the Name of the song because it with peace and joy

T. S. from Seattle, WA SEPTEMBER 4, 2014
John Denver's amazing voice and the visuals brought a tear to my eye.

KC from Yuma, AZ. SEPTEMBER 4, 2014

k vickery from pincher creek alberta AUGUST 31, 2014
one of all time greatest commercials a masterpiece

Mom from Kelowna AUGUST 29, 2014
Not only Annie's song, but mine

Donna from Georgia AUGUST 28, 2014
I saw this for the first time, last night. Beautiful! Awe-Inspiring!!I couldn't wait to tell my co-workers about it. John Denver's "Annie's Song" is timeless. One of my favorite songs....ever!! Another teacher, just hung the Mona LIsa poster outside of her classroom. Thank you, thank you for these peaceful moments of reflection.

Phyllis from Kentucky AUGUST 28, 2014
Was told of this by a dear friend. Glad she did.

Jose Rafael Soto from Aguadilla, P. R AUGUST 26, 2014
it brings tears to my eyes only to see the great beauty of our world and make me realize that i am missing to share my life a little more with mother nature, that song describe perfectly our lives with mother earth.

Carolyn from Vista California AUGUST 25, 2014
love John Denver and his music and the beautiful pictures

Karen from Texas AUGUST 23, 2014

Patti from Blue Springs, Mo. AUGUST 17, 2014
One of my favorite songs, these commercial are inspirational, I want to share with everyone. so in love with our beautiful country..

Roger Bart from Ile Perrot, Québec, Canada AUGUST 17, 2014
One of the most beautiful song in the world

Dominic from Jacksonville, FL AUGUST 16, 2014
I saw this when I turned on my TV for the news - Channel 12, NBC today. Such a blessing.

Dennis from Odgen, Utah AUGUST 12, 2014
It lets you see and hear the beauty of our world.

Carmen Moreno from Menlo Park, California AUGUST 10, 2014
Beautiful videos, I love it!!!

Dianna P. Wood from Oceanside, CA. USA AUGUST 10, 2014
John Denver is all about Beauty. He wrote songs, sings them, reveals them, live them and died in Beauty. He showed all of us just how beautiful this world truly is.

Ted Schwartz, Jr. from Oklahoma AUGUST 10, 2014
Excellent. Great choice of song. Life Is Good

Barbara Bowen from Conroe Tx AUGUST 9, 2014
This start me to feel again. THank

A Friend from Indiana AUGUST 9, 2014
The woman looking out over the beautiful valley wiping a tear away could be me after watching this incredible commercial. Your videos are amazing, thank you so much for what you share. Made my evening.

Mary Ellen Hastings from Oldsmar, FL AUGUST 9, 2014
I don't know when I have seen a more beautiful and meaningful video.

peggy murphy from torrington conn AUGUST 8, 2014
This is one of my fav songs. love the video!!

Jan Pyle from Liberty, Missouri USA AUGUST 8, 2014
Beautiful, just beautiful.

BoB Brown from Aurora, Colorado AUGUST 7, 2014
I have always and will continue to love anything John Denver. I cried the entire time I was in attendance at his memorial service in Aurora/Denver, Motivational presentatiln, this, pass it on!

Sandra from USA AUGUST 6, 2014

Laurie from East Meadow, NY AUGUST 4, 2014
I watch it over and over and still get goosebumps!

Stanley Mclelland from Canada AUGUST 3, 2014
Awesome goes straigt to your heart

Beth Pline from Roanoke, VA AUGUST 2, 2014
This was the first thing Tom & I saw on television this morning. We smiled and cried at the same time.

John Nasarzewski from Detroit, MI AUGUST 2, 2014
Always have been taken with this song. There is no better artist to capture the beauty of nature than John Denver. Thank you!

Linda Hoyt from St. Louis, MO AUGUST 2, 2014
Lovely, inspiring.

MaryAnn Randle from Long Lake, Illinois AUGUST 2, 2014
Loved this Commercial. It brought tears to my eyes, because it was so beautiful.

Tammy Stewart from Dallas/Ft Worth, TX AUGUST 2, 2014
These are the simple, little things in life that makes life worth living! Thank for the brilliant reminder that gratitude and happiness go hand in hand!

Nigel A Ali from Trinidad - West Indies AUGUST 1, 2014
Just absolutely beautiful

Maggie Kunz from Portland Oregon JULY 31, 2014
Brought tears to my eyes. We live in such a beautiful world. Awe inspiring, it gives me hope for a better future

James Barnes from Bedminster, NJ JULY 29, 2014
I feel like taking off my shoes and running thru the cool evening summer grass like I was a kid again. Why Not!

Dawn from New York JULY 28, 2014
Just lovely...hope is what I'm feeling right now. Makes me want to go in my backyard and just smell the fresh air. Thank you!

janet from New York JULY 27, 2014
Awe inspiring!

John Wright from Louisiana (USA) JULY 26, 2014
This gives me hope the world will get better and stop all this fighting!...:)

Shirley from Florida JULY 25, 2014
The commercial really describes our earth and no better song could have been used!

Michael Cross from Canastota,NY JULY 25, 2014
Just Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Ronald willard from Roseville Michigan JULY 25, 2014
Most BEAUTIFUL video ever

John from Covington, Louisiana (USA) JULY 23, 2014
If everyone would watch this it would be a better world...:)

Joanne from BC JULY 23, 2014
My favourite of your wonderful commercials! A fabulous reminder of what really matters.

Teri from WI JULY 22, 2014
I was sleeping and had my TV and well Anne's Song woke me up and I watched your lovely commercial and listened to one of the most beautiful songs of John Denver. That I took a moment to google, how wonderful your commercials are. Thank you for such beautiful commercials.

linda from KS JULY 12, 2014
Love this. Gives a hopeful feeling the world's beauty won't change. Is the lady at the end Johns window Annie?

Rose from Ontario JULY 10, 2014
Thank you for passing on a pure and true message....lovely in every spiritual blessing from the heart!

Rick from Kentucky JULY 4, 2014
WONDERFUL commercial! All the beauty and a lovely, lovely song...ThankYou, Thank You!!!

marylou schmidt from topeka, ks. usa JUNE 27, 2014
thank you so much for using John's song. i miss him so much.He will never be forgotten.

Kiersten from Frederick, MD JUNE 27, 2014
This gives me hope and brings me peace. Thank much.

soraya bach from deerfield beach JUNE 26, 2014
Gorgeous,thank you

Darlene Morrison from Nova Scotia JUNE 26, 2014
So wonderful to hear the message and the music of John Denver associated with Just hearing him makes me happy. :)

Jenny W. from Lindstrom, Mn JUNE 25, 2014

brandi from pittsburgh JUNE 15, 2014
This song wakes me up out of my sleep its so beautiful and meaningful I look forward to it every morning on tv. The perfectly matched song and video is so inspirational

James from NH JUNE 13, 2014
I was very down. Life issues and my brother getting cancer. I remembered this song and wonderful this foundation. I am sad, but much happier. Thank you

jon from nebraska JUNE 11, 2014
What a perfect song for such an inspirational commercial. I stop in my tracks every time the ad comes on - I can't nor do I want to look away. I'm a bigger fan of Annie's Song now than I ever was before.

Ronda from Pennsylvania JUNE 7, 2014
This is simply too beautiful to be called a commercial.

Maria from Australia  JUNE 4, 2014
you know I bookmarked this ...a long time ago is so inspirational ...and so deep and soothing.... I love John Denvor when I was a child ...still do ......its beautiful ..and i play it often thanks ...

Jacquie from Iowa JUNE 2, 2014
By far the best commercial EVER... I hope our youth gets it and appreciates it. Thank you...

Jack from Montreal qc Canada MAY 29, 2014
Superb video , from start to end a stunning voyage of land and sea , in the end i feel as if i was sitting right by her side wiping my own tear as well, thank you ,values .com !!

Mary from Central New York MAY 25, 2014
I cried when I saw this. The message is so powerfully beautiful.

Josefina Rivera from Ciales, Puerto Rico MAY 23, 2014
Hermoso. Mientras más lo veo, más me gusta. Bendiciones.

mary from wisconsin MAY 21, 2014
The most beautiful commercial I've ever seen and heard. Not selling a thing, except beauty. I love it!!

Beth from Huron, SD  MAY 20, 2014
By far my favorite one!

Cary from Katy, TX MAY 14, 2014
The best commercial i've ever seen.Cant help from tearing up. Emotional and beautiful. Thank you John Denver for this touching moment as you still inspire. You have been gone for 17 years, but you will never be gone from our hearts and mind. You would have been 70 this year. You are so missed by so many.

Ruthi Kersey from Southeastern Ohio MAY 12, 2014
Such a powerful message, especially combined with this beautiful song performed by a great artist. Awesome from start to finish. Thank you for giving us another outlet for instilling values in our children. There is not enough people who treasure values these days!

Susan from Indianapolis, IN MAY 8, 2014
Saw this for the first time this morning. Made me just a wee bit more than teary eyed. One of the most beautiful couplings with Annie's Song, ever! (And, believe me I could not even count the number of weddings I attended that featured Annie's Song.) Thank you. Have shared this on FaceBook.

Hazeline Lim from Philippines MAY 6, 2014
This is a good reminder.

Sharon M from Dallas, TX MAY 4, 2014
I think this is the best of all the commercials. So simple but incredibly effective. Images of all the beauty in this world paired with the perfect song. I like what this foundation is trying to do.

marylou schmidt from topeka, ks. usa MAY 4, 2014
thank you so much for using John Denver's song. he was so amazing. i want everyone to know about him.

Maggie McGll from Vermont MAY 3, 2014
This always makes me cry--and makes me think a lot. About everything! Thank you.

Annie Cooper from Pensacola MAY 3, 2014
When I hear John Denver's music it completely puts me at ease and makes me smile. It so full of emotion and beauty!

Josefina Rivera from Ciales, Puerto Rico APRIL 30, 2014
Verdaderamente hermoso.

Cathy from Ca. APRIL 27, 2014
Heart warming

leonor almemdra from usa APRIL 27, 2014
This TV ad is awesome. A good eye opening and reminder that our place is so beautiful

Becky from Windber, PA APRIL 27, 2014
The first time I saw/heard this commercial was Christmas Day 2013. I stopped what I was doing because in that moment I felt my dad with me. :) love him and miss him so much, he loved John Denver and this song. Strangely I didn't see the commercial again until New Years Eve, which was my dad's Birthday. I think what you are doing and sharing is much deeper than you realize. Thank you and keep it up! :) <3

Lana from Denver, CO APRIL 23, 2014
When I first heard the music and saw the commercial, I keep trying to figure out how/why John Denver was on the TV...then I saw Your organization is so wonderful, bringing hope and joy to others. Please never stop!

Verna Mendiola from Guam APRIL 22, 2014
I love this song by John Denver. I introduced it to my 5th grade students for Earth Day today, April 22, 2014. A very inspirational song for generations past and yet to come. I love all the commercials and try to instill values to my students and my own two sons. I shared this commercial to all my FB friends and families. Thank you.

Genie Mixson from Louisville, KY APRIL 20, 2014
I woke up at about 2:30 AM and turned on the tv. Within minutes this add played. I was so moved that I had to find the source and share it. Thank-you

maryin from kansas APRIL 20, 2014
May it always be beautiful!

dutta, prashant from india APRIL 18, 2014
Excellent, touching,feels to listen more and enjoy. Life is nature. Do not change its originality or do not try to make your life an artificial. Feel the nature & enjoy. thanks,

chester from omaha APRIL 16, 2014
this was a really good video

Cheryl from Fort Collins, CO APRIL 15, 2014
Love this commercial...and especially John Denver's music. We love him here in Colorado.

Wendy from Illinois APRIL 13, 2014
This makes me cry! I miss John SO MUCH!

Jeannie from California APRIL 11, 2014
I first saw this commercial almost a year ago and stopped what I was doing to hear John Denver's beautiful song and watch the beautiful images of our world. I thought of this commercial again tonight and was compelled to watch it again. It always brings tears to my eyes. I love the messages on this site. I love reading everyone's touching comments as well.

Tracy from Delaware APRIL 7, 2014
So beautiful. I get goosebumps and tears whenever I hear this song. What a lovely man he must've been.

Roxie from blue mounds APRIL 7, 2014
This is so inspirational and uplifting.

steve from ohio APRIL 4, 2014

Debbie Howard from Maine APRIL 2, 2014
This song always makes me cry! Miss this great man of nature!

Deanne from Texas MARCH 31, 2014
What a wonderful, beautiful commercial. I saw it on tv tonight, stopped what I was doing and watched it. Makes you feel good and have hope for our world.

Arlene from Charlotte MARCH 31, 2014
Just so beautiful. I was such a John Denver fan and remember this song so well that he wrote for Annie. Thanks.

Juan Pablo from Mexicali, Mexico MARCH 31, 2014
Una de mis canciones favoritas de todos los tiempos en un bellisimo video. espero que todos lo disfruten.

gerry anderson from dayton,ohio MARCH 30, 2014
love all these videos

Ann Harlan from Maryland MARCH 29, 2014
Love it!!!

Marnie from Beaufort MARCH 29, 2014
One of the most pretty songs by john denver..written for annie.

LivewireLash from north little rock arkansas MARCH 25, 2014
we only have one world ,dont mess it up.

Daunel from Michigan MARCH 24, 2014
This commercial melts my heart and makes me cry every time I see it. I too, miss John Denver. He was an amazing, talented man. Thank you for doing what you do with such excellence and integrity. So many people need these values in their lives; they definitely lift us up! God bless you!

Ian Bourke from Campbellville Ontario MARCH 20, 2014
You have to watch this-Thanks to Sun news and the Foundation for a Better Life

Calum from Vancouver island  MARCH 18, 2014
Hi seen this great film clip on TV today had to share ...

ken from canton mi MARCH 16, 2014
absolutely awe-inspiring!

Anna from Alabama MARCH 13, 2014
Watching this gave me a sense of inner peace..BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!

MIKE ZITO from New Orleans MARCH 13, 2014

Dawn from Nova Scotia, Canada MARCH 12, 2014
We are so blessed to be living on this planet. Just the miracle of the sun rising everyday is something to be thankful for. Let's remember our connection to ALL life on Mother Earth. We've taken long enough, it's time to give back. Thank you

Jim Pittinger from Scottsdale, Arizona MARCH 10, 2014
The commercial took me to an uplifting place. Thank-you!

Araceli from yuba city, CA MARCH 7, 2014
I love it...

Anne from canada MARCH 6, 2014
Thank-you! sometimes we forget. Beautiful :o)

angie from piqua ohio MARCH 4, 2014
I cannot stop watching. awesome!

Pat Parkhurst from Mexico NY MARCH 2, 2014
I miss John Denver and I wonder how he would feel about today's world, where we're at and what he would be doing.. I miss him. Awesome person .

Tony Pinto from Boston, MA  MARCH 2, 2014
What a beautiful song, images and message ! I love the shots of the space shuttle over the ocean - inspiring !

robin degraff from Midway ky MARCH 1, 2014
Thank you for an exceptional message.

Darlene Hewitt from California FEBRUARY 26, 2014
What an absolutely beautiful commercial. It is very touching. I cry every time I see it.

Martha Lebron-dykeman from Iowa FEBRUARY 24, 2014
It's been said already but I want to echo that this is the most wonderful commercial I've ever seen. I agree with the comment about how wonderful the girl is that wipes the tear from her face. She truly touches a person. The song choice was exquisite. Thank for leading by example! I will share this with everyone I know.

mendy from milwaukie FEBRUARY 23, 2014
This video reminds me of my mom. I grew up with almost every imagie on this video

Susan Jackson Brown from Maryland FEBRUARY 20, 2014
I love the John Denver/Annie's song video. I watch early in the morning around 4:00 a.m. Please show more of this video. I absolutely love it! Whomever made it is a true artist!! I love the girl who wipes a tear from her eye towards the end! Simply beautiful!

Mary Beth from Pennsylvania FEBRUARY 18, 2014
This is, by far, the most beautiful ad I've seen in years. Thank you.

Douglas DeMarco from United States FEBRUARY 15, 2014
I really like this website. Please keep it going.

craig from iowa FEBRUARY 13, 2014
Thanks for the peace and hope.

James from Surrey, B.C. FEBRUARY 12, 2014
Great that we have commercials for whats right instead of ............ Thank you

Libby Miller from Charlotte NC FEBRUARY 9, 2014
I really treasure the many concerts I have seen John Denver performing in.He has been an advocate for the earth for decades and I just pray that he's singing in the heavenly choir now watching over our precious earth!

Glenn from Bronx FEBRUARY 9, 2014
I had to send this to my daughter. Beautiful message!!

Katniss Everdeen from District 12, Panem FEBRUARY 8, 2014
Beautiful i love it. And even the scenery

marie from belleville ontario Canada FEBRUARY 8, 2014
beautiful joining of music and visual. i was moved to tears. so uplifting. my gratitude.

Dan Sanger from Firestone, CO FEBRUARY 6, 2014
This is an incredible video set to an amazing song. Just perfect.

Bonnie Wolfe from Kansas FEBRUARY 4, 2014
This is a beautiful commercial and I have always loved Annie's Song.

Henry from Bklyn, N.Y.C FEBRUARY 4, 2014
I love your a commercial I felt it In my heart.

JoAnn from Atlanta, Ga FEBRUARY 3, 2014
This beautiful scenery and song brought tears to my eyes,

Dena Nickell from Oregon coast JANUARY 31, 2014
This makes me hungry to see more of the planet, remember the parts I've seen and the musician who guided me there. Miss you John!

Linda from South Dakota JANUARY 30, 2014
This commercial stopped me in my tracks today as I love John Denver. I kept rewinding it to see the beautiful world scenes again until I figured out how to find this web site? May spend the rest of the day looking at the others. Excellence!

Conne Gormley from Concord, Michigan JANUARY 29, 2014
Unbelievable that music and video content fit so well together .. it has special meaning for me as John Denver has always been a favorite and I sent this to my husband to celebrate our 42 wedding anniversary together.

Dave from Kansas JANUARY 29, 2014
Amazing, thank you.

Hollye from San Angelo, TX JANUARY 28, 2014
My husband sent it to me. I sent him a response that said: Better than flowers at the door or the best Valentine ever!

Martha Stewart from Oklahoma JANUARY 28, 2014
Beautiful song, beautiful images, beautiful message!

Greg from Texas JANUARY 28, 2014
It made me cry.

Roger Sessions from Mondovi,Wi. JANUARY 28, 2014
Just saw this one. I've always like this song and even more now. Glad I found this site.

Lulu from Richmond North yorkshire JANUARY 27, 2014
That's just so the right song. Love it

Margaret from East Sussex, England JANUARY 27, 2014
Absolutely fantastic ......

Alison Russell from Tenerife. Spain JANUARY 26, 2014
Beautiful work.

Byron from Indianapolis, IN JANUARY 26, 2014
Would love to have some still photos of the beautiful scenes in this clip. The best commercial ever. :-)

Silvia from Italy JANUARY 25, 2014
This is pure art, the kind of art that can raise a person's feelings and make their day bright. More of this should be shown on tv... Thank you!

Fiona from Melbourne, Australia JANUARY 24, 2014
I've read all these messages and been in tears at how much John and his music meant to people ... and still does. His music has been my "comfort blanket" since I was 11. I watch this commercial daily ... just beautiful.

Terri from Shoreline,WA JANUARY 24, 2014
This commerical brought me to your website...please don't ever stop the good work you do....really loved and appreciated....Thanks

Julia from Bahamas JANUARY 24, 2014
The beauty of our world. And John Denver's song go together!

Julia Sawyer from Bahamas JANUARY 24, 2014
We all can learn from this. Very powerful.

soraya bach from deerfield beach JANUARY 22, 2014

Shannon Bott from Rochester, NY JANUARY 22, 2014
AWESOME! CRY everytime I hear this and see it, unfortunately it will not hit the young kids! It should be an interruption on their phone... No choice but to listen!

Teresa from Appleton WI JANUARY 22, 2014
This commercial "got me" from the moment I saw the beautiful scenery combined with John Denver's awesome melody and words. Kudos to all involved! Love your messages and appreciate the billboards too!

Darby from St. Louis JANUARY 21, 2014

Robert from Syracuse NY JANUARY 21, 2014
Just beautiful. This will brighten your day.

Joyce sippel from Maryland JANUARY 19, 2014
Beautiful commercial set to one of my favorite songs.

James from Alexandria, VA JANUARY 17, 2014
I have loved this commercial from the first time I saw it. Above all, it shows how we are part of our beautiful planet. Don't you love the cows? Not being eaten, but just being!

Susan from Pa JANUARY 17, 2014
I love this one it is a wonderful feeling to watch it. I have put it to my homepage so I can just listen to when I want to because it makes up for a bad day or just brings your sprite up.

Lloyd Holt from Cookeville,Tennessee JANUARY 17, 2014
"Far-out!" I love it! Thank you!

mona from springdale ar JANUARY 16, 2014
This site is amazing ... it is what our world needs so much of these days. This commercial is breath taking and John Denver's song completed it. I was so touched by it. This is an award winning commercial. I think all of of these commercials should run constantly . Get the message out . I can not stop watching it ...the photography choices were beautiful with the song! thanks for making it!

Jazmin from Dayton Ohio JANUARY 15, 2014
Omg my 7 months old son loves this son every time me or my husband is watching tv and it comes on he gets really quiet and look up at the tv, when normally he doesn't even pay attention to the tv! Lol

isai from philippines JANUARY 15, 2014
like it very much... beautiful world

Avelina from Florida JANUARY 15, 2014
Beautiful! Song and the photography. Could listen to this over and over.

Mike Brogdon from San Jose, CA JANUARY 15, 2014
It is not a waste of your time to sit and be still for a while like this. It is even better if it is spent with a friend.

Freddie from Kentucky JANUARY 15, 2014
The Elevation offers to Humanity...Priceless ! John Denver, you touch my heart deeply every time I hear you sing Annie's song. thank YOU !

Rebecca from Ca JANUARY 12, 2014
What a beautiful commercial. I cry a flood of years every time I see it. It is great to be alive in this beautiful world.

Olga from Miami, FL JANUARY 12, 2014
Inspiring, beautiful!

Maria from Virginia JANUARY 12, 2014
Gorgeous photography! Together with the music it reminds us of the many forms of beauty on this earth. Thank you for this stirring creation.

Deb Zorbaugh from Pa JANUARY 11, 2014
A beautiful commercial..John Denver would have been proud I think.

Lori from PA JANUARY 10, 2014
Beautiful video and messaging

Jim from Pennsylvania JANUARY 10, 2014
Thank you to all those involved in producing this and God bless.

Helen from Massachusetts JANUARY 10, 2014
I, too, loved John Denver and also the wonder of nature.

Diane from NY JANUARY 10, 2014
Beautiful !!

Robert Bruce from PA JANUARY 9, 2014
It was a bitterly cold night when I came upon these videos...they warmed me up & made me smile. I admire creative people who can put their thoughts into actions, such as these videos.

margaret from australia JANUARY 9, 2014

Carlos Egan from Longmont, Colorado JANUARY 9, 2014
Former Marine Infantry in Vietnam. John's songs were always a favorite and still are. Felt like I'd lost a friend when he passed. Spend as much time in his Rockies as I can. His park in Vail...just amazing.

Rosann Frech from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario JANUARY 9, 2014
Thank you for this beautiful video!

Al Procter from Ontario Canada JANUARY 9, 2014
your commercials are awe inspiring and a work of art. they go beyond words and bring to the heart feelings of true love, self worth and compassion. Well done.

Valerie from west virginia JANUARY 8, 2014

mike lumb from uk JANUARY 8, 2014
always transports me to happy memories!

Fungai Mutukwa from Bulawayo Zimbabwe JANUARY 8, 2014
when I listen to John`s songs they give me that serene feeling and sense of belonging to the world around me, all his songs have a meaning in my life in general

Alan Goodman from England JANUARY 8, 2014
Fave song from one of my favorite singers

Maryann from N.J. JANUARY 8, 2014
This is such a beautiful commercial....<3

Marlene from Illinois JANUARY 8, 2014
Absolutely beautiful - surely miss John Denver - I think he would be proud of this.

Virginia (Ginger) Signor from Michigan JANUARY 8, 2014
It filled my heart and soul.....

Shelly from Az JANUARY 8, 2014
Absolutely brilliant. It is a shame we take it all for granted

Ritza from Home JANUARY 8, 2014
I love this song sooooo much, but it also makes me be sitting here alone....

Remona McDonough from Kentucky JANUARY 8, 2014
Take a moment to watch this, it is such a great commercial, very moving. It is an incredibly beautiful video matched with a beautiful song by an incredible artist, John Denver. I love the dolphins, and of course, the hummingbird. It reminds me of my mother. She loved watching the hummingbirds at our house! I really miss her...and we really do live in a beautiful world!!!

Belinda from Chicago IL JANUARY 8, 2014
I can not say how much I miss him this is so beautiful. It brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Also is that Annie at the end?

Pat Bounds from Beaverton, Oregon JANUARY 8, 2014
This is the most beautiful commercial I have ever seen. I honestly think it deserves an award. Thank you, John Denver for all that you gave to us.

wayne carroll from Santo Domingo JANUARY 7, 2014
I wish all TV commercials were as beautiful and as sensitive as this one is.

lois from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada JANUARY 7, 2014
Beautiful song, timeless message. RIP John Denver

Karen from New Jersey JANUARY 7, 2014
This was my wedding song 36 years favorite song of John Denver, he is so missed. Beautiful commercial for our beautiful world.

Jacki from Solon, Maine JANUARY 7, 2014
Beautiful images to go with a beautiful song. Stunning combination.

Linda from North Bay Ontario Canada JANUARY 7, 2014
Love John Denver's music to begin with, but adding his song to the commercial is really, really beautiful


brenda mc nally from ireland JANUARY 7, 2014

melanie from georgia JANUARY 7, 2014
So very beautiful. It's a perfect paring of John's sweet voice, nature and the gift of love.

MarilynPilgrim from Cornwall England JANUARY 7, 2014
This song is just beautiful and the images in this commercial are breath taking John Denver was am amazing singer,his songs conveyed so many emotions,some make me cry there meaning quite personal to me.this commecial is shere beauty we all need to see these miracles of our world thankyou John Denver thankyou for your music

Jim from CA JANUARY 7, 2014
Incredibly beautiful video matched with a beautiful song by an incredible artist John Denver. This is a breath of fresh air compared to what is normally seen on today's commercials. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat. I would never mute this commercial and for me it was not long enough. Well done.

linda klock from vero beach fl. JANUARY 7, 2014
This was the song we had playing at our wedding.1974 still married.. it is a beautifully world. And thank you john for a great memory and song .. you are one of a kind. Peace ..

piu from kolkata JANUARY 7, 2014
awesome !

Bob from MN JANUARY 7, 2014
So beautiful I have watched it many times. It would be nice to know the locations of the places shown. The woman at the end is so intriguing I just can't get her out of my mind and I am wondering if something is troubling her or if the beauty of the view has brought a tear to her eye. John Denver was truly a great songwriter and storyteller and he indeed died to young.

Victor from Baton Rouge,La JANUARY 7, 2014
This commercial overwhelmed my senses and left me with a tear in my eye. . It opens your eyes, mind and heart, to the beauty of the world, that is right in front of us each and everyday. Your commercials are the best thing on television. This one in particular, takes my breath away every time. Excellent!!!!

Heidi from Mahwah JANUARY 7, 2014
What a great way to bring people together. Its about time we stood up to the dividers and realized we are all in it together and we all want the same things. Brilliant and beautiful and very much needed in our country today!

Rose Strait from Carlisle Pa. JANUARY 6, 2014
Awesome , no other words but awesome

Sarah from Wichita, Kansas JANUARY 6, 2014
Got my attention! Love it:)

Roxy from Minnesota JANUARY 6, 2014
I forgot how great this song is.i play it over & over again

Mary Barca from pittsburgh, Pa. JANUARY 6, 2014
Love this site and your commercials!

nick from florida JANUARY 6, 2014
Is that Annie Denver at the end?

Gail from Michigan JANUARY 6, 2014
This is the most beautiful, best commercial I have ever seen!!! Great job!! :)

Linda from Milford ohio JANUARY 6, 2014
I feel in love all over again

Jo from Cary, NC JANUARY 6, 2014
My all time favorite singer and song writer, John Denver, wrote so many inspirational sons. Thank you for this one.

SusieD1999 from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico JANUARY 6, 2014
LOVE your commercials!!!

BT from La Canada JANUARY 6, 2014
The world CAN be a great place.

Donna from Ny JANUARY 5, 2014
I love this site! I will pass it on! Found you on TV! Thank You!

veronica from Minnesota JANUARY 5, 2014
thank you .... this song with amazing pictures have lifted my spirits.

Grannny03 from Normal IL JANUARY 5, 2014
loved this commercial- was a big John Denver fan in my younger days and have always loved the USA as well.

Jose Mendoza from Nashville TN JANUARY 5, 2014
What a great commercial and that song of John Denver

Catherine from CT JANUARY 5, 2014
This was the most beautiful few minutes experience I've ever seen. John Denver's song along with the beauty of our world moved me to tears, just stunning.

Marsha Eastwood from Cleveland, Ohio JANUARY 4, 2014
Simply wonderful!!!

Pam Mickatavage from Port Chester, New York JANUARY 4, 2014

Ellen from Maryland JANUARY 4, 2014
Love the song and the inspiring video

Susan from Ontario, Ca JANUARY 4, 2014
Absolutely beautiful! My other favorite is the Spread a Your Wings one.

Sheryl pierce from Portland Mi JANUARY 4, 2014
A beautiful commercial. Grateful for something beautiful and not nasty.

Toni from North Carolina JANUARY 4, 2014
I have been lucky enough to catch this 2 mornings in a row before work. Fabulous way to start my day!

Vonnie from Colorado JANUARY 3, 2014
Most inspirational commercial on beauty, serenity, and peace, not to mention that I love John Denver. This commercial woke me up from a dead sleep when I heard his voice. Keep your wonderful work coming!

Tom from Michigan JANUARY 3, 2014
This has to be one of the most beautiful and touching commercials I have every seen! The first time I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes. 2013 was a very dark and challenging year for me and this commercial helped to lift my spirits and made me realize how blessed each and every one of us is to be alive on such a beautiful planet. Rarely does the mainstream media show us the beauty that surrounds us. Rather they show death, destruction and blight because it gains ratings. This commercial has inspired me to go see as much natural beauty as I can before my time on this beautiful planet over. Thank you so much for this commercial. The visuals and soundtrack are perfect!

Amy from Utah JANUARY 3, 2014
I love, love, love this!

Robyn from South Dakota JANUARY 2, 2014
This is beautiful, the entire commercial was awesome. Please keep them coming….

Don B from Connecticut JANUARY 2, 2014
What a wonderful commercial and to start my day. Keep up the good work.

kellijo from new hampshire JANUARY 2, 2014
Once I saw this, I was hooked ! This has to be the most beautiful and profound example of life... Thank You !

LJ from Westchester NY JANUARY 2, 2014
Beautiful!! Miss John Denver.

DH Parsons from MO JANUARY 2, 2014
Best commercial ever made. John Denver brings up so much good feeling you just can't go wrong with this. Kudos to you all. :)

Linda Jones from dayton ohio JANUARY 2, 2014
Makes me cry but beautiful :)

Kay Edwards from Ohio JANUARY 1, 2014
Annie's song such a beautiful commercial

russell from northern wisconsin JANUARY 1, 2014
that has to be the best tv commercial i have ever seen thank you. it needs to be seen and lived by everyone on this earth

Lori from Waco, Tx DECEMBER 31, 2013
Beautifully done. I miss John.

Kathy "AspenKate" Beck from Michigan, USA DECEMBER 31, 2013
John Denver would have been so touched to see his music paired with these beautiful pictures and meaning, because.... Music makes pictures and often tells stories, All of it magic and all of it true. And all of the pictures and all of the stories, All of the magic, the music is you.

melinda from Pittsburgh DECEMBER 31, 2013
Just beautiful. Touched my heart like a card from my mom in heaven. So manybmemories we shared reflected in this commercial. Thank you . Wishingvlive, peace,

Nunzio from Long Island,NY DECEMBER 31, 2013

Linda Strauss from Millersville, PA DECEMBER 30, 2013
I have been gathering seeds to plant a pollinator garden next spring. I have been married for 48 years. I have three children, one who has a developmental disability. I live to protect the earth, I love my husband as much as when I first kissed him when I was 15, and I hold my children near and dear. This commercial spoke to all those aspects of my life. The older I become, the more precious life becomes. You pulled all the facets together through pictures and song and brought tears to my eyes and cheeks. I play Our Beautiful World again and again and have forwarded to many, many people. Thank you and love back to you.

Deborah from Idaho DECEMBER 29, 2013
Missing family

Deborah from Idaho DECEMBER 29, 2013
Missing family & friends, fighting depression. Love John Denver. They say listen to the movie & watch on T.V. gives me inspiration. I thank you.

Evelyn from Colorado DECEMBER 28, 2013
Amazing song, amazing message, amazing scenery!

txkboy from Texas DECEMBER 27, 2013
First time my Grandson saw me cry tears of joy. Well done!

Shari Bennett from Kentucky DECEMBER 26, 2013
Absolutely, beautifully, awesome. I miss John and his values.

James from Alexandria, VA DECEMBER 26, 2013
Saw this today. I think this is my favorite of your commercials. It inspires me to try and be the best I can be.

Sara from Springfield,Ohio DECEMBER 25, 2013
I grew with respect to our World and I'm very happy to see that your trying to help people see the true beauty of where they live.

Rick Pearson from Austin, TX DECEMBER 25, 2013
I just saw this commercial for the first time this morning, and all I can say is "WOW!!". what a perfect marriage of the visuals and the lyrics. I'm an artist who uses his art to help nature and the planet, and I listen to John Denver when I paint. John would have loved this commercial,as it presents all of the things he stood for and sang about. Bravo!!

Teresa Harper from Lancaster, SC DECEMBER 25, 2013
Am completely in awe of this beautiful work of art with an amazing performer's lyrics. Love it! Such an emotional journey!

Ronald E. Dailey from Bandera, Texas DECEMBER 25, 2013
Peace on Earth...

Larry Cook from Tacoma, Wa. DECEMBER 24, 2013
My life is now complete!

James from virginia DECEMBER 24, 2013
I always enjoyed all your commercials, but this one is perfect Thanks Jim

Wendy Rose from Summerville, SC DECEMBER 24, 2013
The most BEAUTIFUL commercial I have ever seen. Just WOW. I am still choked up. Thank you for airing on Fox and Friends.

elaine from columbus,ohio DECEMBER 24, 2013
I saw this on Fox News this morning. It made me happy to live in this beautiful world. It is a world God has made of this I have no boubt. Thank You

Colleen from Laurence Harbor, NJ DECEMBER 24, 2013
John Denver was so talented. I love this song and the video is WONDERFUL! This world is so beautiful. My wedding song to my husband. Thank you for this video. Lovely.

Sharon gumble from Summerville,south Carolina DECEMBER 24, 2013
Love these commercials only ones I watch.thanks for all the beautiful ways in this world.

marlene chesna from quincy ma DECEMBER 24, 2013
Best commercial ever!! I will dance with my husband this year on our 50th anniversary ! Thank you for the inspiration. <3

Anita Leach from Kansas DECEMBER 24, 2013
Ah, words of comfort and love, very up lifting. Thank you for sharing

CJ Freedom from Bayville, NJ DECEMBER 24, 2013
Just awesome!!

Cynthia S from Chapin, SC DECEMBER 24, 2013
I was just waking up and I saw this commercial. So wonderful. I love your commercials, but I think this is my absolute favorite. I took just a moment to say a quick prayer on this Christmas Eve day for peace on this earth, for the love of my family and friends and I just wanted to thank y'all. Merry Christmas!

Judith Wilson from Kansas DECEMBER 24, 2013
This song just filled me with the love I have for my family and for mother earth. I am a huge advocate for keeping this planet alive , I have lost 5 family members this year and so I felt the song helped me reflect and continue for me to keep the planet clean for everybody and when I am gone home one day with God then I represented his work well for him. I am doing this because he gifted me with loe and family and this beautiful planet- so I gladly owe that to him.I hope others will do the same! We can if we just tried. In honor of my family gone but not forgotten. .

Nancy Arrigo from Wenonah N.J DECEMBER 23, 2013
I feel like this ad was encuraging people to care for the True Beauty of Earth

curt from lynden, wa,usa DECEMBER 23, 2013
can't stop watching... very inspirational

Anonymous from Stroud DECEMBER 22, 2013
I am learning this on piano and I just got it note perfect! It is one of my favourite songs and the video is great ***** stars (5)

curt from lynden, wa DECEMBER 22, 2013
most inspirational

Donna from LeCenter,Mn DECEMBER 20, 2013
To have such beautiful scenes paired with an amazing song is inspiring and a great tribute to John and our world!

madhoor from india DECEMBER 20, 2013
beautiful video with a soothing background song

Millie Rodriguez from Phoenix Az DECEMBER 14, 2013
You did fill up my senses my heart will always be yours

Eric from Pittsburgh DECEMBER 14, 2013
A classic song coupled with stunning visuals absolutely reminds us that we do, indeed, live in a beautiful world. Thank you for the wonderful reminder!

Teresa from Phoenix, AZ DECEMBER 14, 2013
John Denver would have liked and approved of the use of his song in this commercial. Lovely.

Caroline from Toronto DECEMBER 12, 2013
Thank you for this beautiful video. This commercial is beautiful and grounds you and inspires you. I loved it thank you!

Matt from Toronto, Canada DECEMBER 12, 2013
Stunning......moving.....touches the soul on many levels. Restores perspective, makes me want to be a better person… etc etc…Thank you and I believe it should be mandatory that everyone view this : )

Thomas from Scottsdale, Arizona DECEMBER 11, 2013
Such an inspiring video from an inspiring person who died much too young.

Diana from &ndiana DECEMBER 7, 2013
So moving!

Stella from Sanger, California  DECEMBER 6, 2013
This commercial is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. I can't stop watching it.

June from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada DECEMBER 5, 2013
This is the most beautiful commercial I have ever seen. The scenery and use of music is inspiring. Thank you for providing this joy.

Clarity from Philippines DECEMBER 5, 2013
Watching this every morning makes me smile and eagerly make things right.

Bill from Emmaus, PA DECEMBER 3, 2013
THIS should be what Super Bowl Commercials should be like.

Carrie from Modesto, CA DECEMBER 3, 2013
I love John Denver's music and I love how you show what a beautiful place we live in. Thank you.

Conrad from Minneapolis, MN DECEMBER 3, 2013
I first saw this a few days ago and it blew me away. Being an old landscape photographer, I was blown away by the scenes and perfect John Denver song selection. The woman wiping a tear away was a perfect touch. God Bless!

Mike from Houston TX DECEMBER 2, 2013
I caught this on TV and had to watch it again and again. I'm going through a very hard time in my life, and seeing this commercial reminds me that there are higher and better things in this world. Thank you for the reminder. Bless you and your work.

Jenny from Silverton oregon NOVEMBER 29, 2013
We LOVE this video

Nora Fowler from Plantersville, Tx NOVEMBER 26, 2013
My baby loves this commerical, he could be asleep and if it comes on he is up and after it's over, he's back ti bed. But now we have to play the John Denver song on utube :)

Ed and Linda Nelson from Dallas, Texas NOVEMBER 25, 2013
My husband is an Architect and a teacher at the University of Texas at Arlington. He teaches Sustainability. It is his passion. He teaches his students about the responsibility given to them to protect our "Beautiful World," in the built environment. He has used this commercial in his lectures and is so happy to have found this visual reminder as a means of inspiration to both he and his students. Thank you so much! Please keep up the GOOD work, and we WILL pass it on.

Pamela Renollet from Annapolis Maryland NOVEMBER 25, 2013
Words cannot express how this made me feel, I was feeling down today a little empty. This beauty to Annie's Song brings tears of joy and appreciation to my eyes. Im renewing my efforts at preserving the Chesapeake. Thank You!

Allison from Oregon NOVEMBER 24, 2013
Truly sublime. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of how amazing our world is and the majesty of John Denver's talent.

Niraj Rathi from Delhi , India NOVEMBER 24, 2013
By far the best . Thanks for giving us those few moments of BLISS and time out from the hectic schedule of LIFE

gus chutorash from Alger, Michigan NOVEMBER 24, 2013
I am a camp director for a very large Boy Scout Camp and I used this to help our staff of 85 to help them better understand the beauty of nature all around us. Oh, how we are blessed to be stuwards of this land.

Susan from Taos NM NOVEMBER 23, 2013
Stunning and touching. Thank you!

Kathleen from Sacramento California  NOVEMBER 21, 2013
Saw this- it was edited a bit but this song and the beauty - absolutely beautiful, stunning and touching- unites us as humans ! Keep up the good work!

Mike Zito's from New Orleans,Louisiana NOVEMBER 21, 2013
WOW ! Indeed , puts our place here on Earth And in this Life on Earth.... Moving do more....

John Smith from Saint Francisville, La. NOVEMBER 19, 2013
Most beautiful, meaningful and moving, I have seen!

maria from australia NOVEMBER 18, 2013
stuff happens in life ,but this helps sooth everything that goes wrong .the inner peace we all need .i luv this and play it over an over .

Donna from Redmond, WA NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Such a beautiful commercial with a beautiful message. Thank you!

JAMES R. from La Porte Indiana NOVEMBER 16, 2013
I love this song!! and the video? MAGNIFICENT!!! I could listen to this song all day is my favorite of all Mr.Denver wrote & recorded.

Grace from Bellevue, Washington NOVEMBER 15, 2013
I love it and I can't get enough of it. A great positive message to send.

daniela from grosseto - italy NOVEMBER 14, 2013
I love this song, i'm dreaming better word

Toni from Auburn WA NOVEMBER 12, 2013
So beautiful...seeing this on TV is what prompted me to look up "". What an amazing thing you're doing! THANK YOU!!!

Ann Marie from Michigan NOVEMBER 10, 2013
Touchingly beautiful, makes me miss my daughter.

Michael from Roswell, NM NOVEMBER 9, 2013
One word: beautiful.

Lauren from Massachusetts  NOVEMBER 7, 2013
Wonderful and peaceful

Char from Lewiston, NY NOVEMBER 7, 2013
Our Wedding Song 12/28/74. He passed away in my arms in 1982 at the age of 26.

dee from sumner,wa. NOVEMBER 6, 2013
dear rich, the song says it all

Debbie from Marietta, OH NOVEMBER 5, 2013
How moving & inspirational.. brings me back to what is so beautiful and touching on this your messages

chris fischer from illinois NOVEMBER 5, 2013
I Love this song and it was beautiful to hear it with the beautiful commercial. what an inspiration. I cried!. I would love to share this on my facebook page.

jack from Richmond,Virginia NOVEMBER 3, 2013
Seeing this wonderful commercial made my day, Thanks.

Rhonda from San Antonio  NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Just beautiful...I am still crying...

Jeff Richardson from Seattle, WA OCTOBER 29, 2013
I have never been so moved by anything on television. What would it take to have this played during prime time, lets say the NBC nightly news (a high reader and educated demographic)?

carolyn from ontario OCTOBER 28, 2013
its beautiful and touching

Doug from Ames, Iowa OCTOBER 28, 2013
This is the most uplifting thing I've seen on television in a long time. I will share it with my natural resources students. Thank you.

Jason Pratt from Saratoga Springs NY OCTOBER 27, 2013

Bruce from Ont. Canada OCTOBER 27, 2013
I saw this video on late night TV and have watched it many times . It is so beautiful . Thank you for this wonderful video. John Denver is my favorite singer

Bruce Kirby from Canada OCTOBER 27, 2013
What an amazing commercial

JaNeen from Jacksonville, Fl OCTOBER 27, 2013
saw this on PBS this morning for the first time...very touching and beautiful.

Warren from Calgary OCTOBER 27, 2013
What a beautiful song and imagery...fantastic message! I've passed it on to all my teaching colleagues!

Judi from New Brunswick Canada OCTOBER 26, 2013
just saw the short version on tv and had to look it up. who is the woman in the last shot?

carissa from Iowa OCTOBER 26, 2013
thank you -- wish everyone around the world could see this

ken tasker from maggie valley, nc OCTOBER 26, 2013
what a country we live in get out and enjoy

debbie from minnesota OCTOBER 26, 2013
Makes me miss John Denver and how he really did see the beauty in our earth.

Meredith from oklahoma OCTOBER 26, 2013
Could not have picked a better or more moving song. long live Mother Earth!

William from Tennessee OCTOBER 26, 2013
This vid shows the beauty that only John Denver can sing

Monica from Ontario OCTOBER 26, 2013
Glad to share so beautiful video and grateful to live in

Sam from Egypt OCTOBER 26, 2013
I watched this and I cried.

Robert from Montreal, Canada OCTOBER 25, 2013
This is the most beautifull video I ever saw. I can't stop watching it....THank you from the bottom of my heart for this magical moment

Deb Lang from Denver,Co OCTOBER 25, 2013
I lost my son 5 years ago.It seems like yesterday .This reminds me of how beautiful Gods world truly is.I miss spending those beautiful moments with my beloved son.

Wendy Kreck from Perth Western Australia OCTOBER 23, 2013
Lovely.. so nice to see such wonderful work.

Sha'Quailyn Johnlouis from Louisiana OCTOBER 22, 2013
This actually made me cry the first time i saw it. It's so inspirational... this was BEAUTIFUL ! Honestly i loved it :) There's now a great fire that is constantly burning inside my heart. It's filled w/innovation to save our world. Lol it might sound crazy but i memorized the song also...

Niko from Chgo OCTOBER 22, 2013
Made a tough guy, feel hope again for our world

Dede from Kentucky OCTOBER 21, 2013
You can't imagine what this video means to me right now. I just lost my husband, the love of my life -- and this was one of our wedding songs over 30 years ago. This came on the TV late one night and woke me from a deep sleep ... I was dreaming that I was singing it. It felt like a message sent from my husband. I can't watch it without crying ... yet I feel compelled to watch it. It's just so beautiful with such superb photography, showing the magnificent world we live in. John Denver would have approved. I have shared it on Facebook with all my friends. Thank you for this video -- on so many levels.

M.c. from Florida OCTOBER 19, 2013
Brought me to tears, so beautiful

Paul Parry from Canada OCTOBER 19, 2013
What did we do to our Mother earth-- our lives are only so long and what about the next generation---will we ever learn?

armida from catalina island OCTOBER 19, 2013

Nilda from Coamo, PR OCTOBER 18, 2013
Beautiful commercial. Love this song; it made me cry. Reminded me of the wonderful times I sha

C.M. from Pennsylvania OCTOBER 18, 2013
First class!

Etta Davis Whaley from Georgia Acres, Georgia OCTOBER 18, 2013
I love this commercial. The pictures say more than any words possibly could ~

Karen from Portland, OR OCTOBER 18, 2013

Karen from Spokane, WA OCTOBER 15, 2013
This commercial was one of the best I have seen in a long time. So inspiring that I had to come check out!

Val from Iowa OCTOBER 15, 2013
Lovely video on a dreary day.

Richard from PA OCTOBER 14, 2013
Perfect match of nature's beauty and the best singer songwriter about her.

Carol from Longmont, CO  OCTOBER 14, 2013
Absolutely Beautiful!

Angie from Absarokee OCTOBER 14, 2013

Erlinda Quitevis from Canada OCTOBER 14, 2013
Brought me tears & nostalgia, a beautiful song.

William Butler from Chilliwack, BC, Canada OCTOBER 14, 2013
This is awesome! Very glad to pass it on! My motto is BE LOVE TO OTHERS.

Peter Hansen from Saint George, UT, USA OCTOBER 14, 2013
The most beautiful commercial I've ever seen. The world truly is an incredible place. Thank you. Peter Hansen

Barbara Barrish from Milwaukee, WI OCTOBER 14, 2013
This " commercial" is so inspiring and so much in line with what John Denver was all about. I listen to John's music every day to keep me focused on what is important in life. But this week especially, as we are celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of his return to our heavenly home, it is so wonderful to hear his music and to know that he is still inspiring people to love and care for our beautiful planet and each other.

Mia from San Diego, CA OCTOBER 10, 2013
This brought tears to my eyes, thank you for being a positive voice for all of us.

Jess from Mercer Island, WA OCTOBER 9, 2013
I watched this beautiful commercial keep playing Annie's Song, waiting for the pitch that never came. It put a lump in my throat I didn't expect. Thank you for sharing this inspiring message when most of what we hear on the news is so negative.

Joan Smith from Loma Linda, Ca. OCTOBER 7, 2013
John Denver was my favortite performers. He would have liked this video, beautiful!

Dennis from Kansas OCTOBER 6, 2013
So shines a beacon of light in a cynical and weary world.....

Teddy from florida OCTOBER 6, 2013
wow this is inspiring and im 11 years old this should make every body know that theres more things in life than tv or games you should go outside and live your dreams!

Christine Channer from Utica, NY OCTOBER 3, 2013
I use this commercial as a mini-sanctuary from the chaos in which I work. I consider the song to be the most beautiful love song ever written, and the photographs are stunning. Thank you hardly covers my appreciation. I have sent this to friends and colleagues. Pass it on indeed.

Elizabeth Robert from Idaho OCTOBER 1, 2013
Thank you! For one the most inspiring commercials to come out in a long time. This world NEEDS to hear your message. And John Denver had a way to make WORLD PEACE and human togetherness believable! SO THANK YOU for putting them together!

Patrick Fish from Utica, NY SEPTEMBER 29, 2013
I haven't watched TV since 2006, and happened to watch some this weekend. When I saw this, I braced for the expected commercial angle. But there was none. It was a pleasant reminder that though people like John Denver and Carl Sagan are gone, there are still many good people who "get it", and who are trying to carry the message for them . Thank you.

Jane from tx SEPTEMBER 28, 2013
John Denver was a Great Performer,,,loved his songs,,,,beautiful scenry,,,

Claire Rodman from Vancouver, WA, USA SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
I have been a 'pass it on' fan for many years. Love all your commercials but this particular one with the amazing scenery set to one of my favorite singers of all time - John Denver - it just brought me to tears. Thank you for all your commercials. They really touch me.

julie from yorktown virginia SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
we had that song in our wedding 31 years still has deep meaning and emotion for the world and the people. life is truly a gift from God. may we all strive to know that!

Mike from Ohio SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Thank you so much for sharing this vision of "Our beautiful world".It reminded me just how much we are BLESSED and LOVED; and how meaningless our differences are. It is my fondest wish that it's message will be heard and we treat our world as OUR HOME and something worth saving! Thank You!

Naomi from Dominican Republic SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
For those who really loves the photography, this is the best expression of it. I loved the video and it´s meaning. We are living in a beautiful world. A gift from God to all of us.

Dana Marie from Lynnwood, WA SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Love love love this commercial it makes me cry to know how beautiful this earth is that God provided for us. I wish life was as peaceful as this commercial... Isn't that how its suspose to be for us?:'( Also I love how the woman is showing raw emotion at the end.

alice from coshocton,ohio SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Just love this commerical, would love to see it on more, it reminds us of how awesome this planet that we live on is and takes all of us to keep it this way so all generations to come may experence the beauty of this world! THANK YOU!!

Nilda from Gig harbor,WA SEPTEMBER 14, 2013
The more I watch it , the more I like; those lavenders fields ,,just amazing.! .Love,love this commercial.Thanks.

Karen from Washington SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
This commerical makes me cry. We miss so much of the simple natural beauty around us. It depicts what makes us happy from the beginning of life, to sharing it with the love of our life even at an old age. We should all take time to enjoy God's gifts on this earth that cost us no money. They are around us everywhere. WE just don't notice thema s we are too busy living a life that is so fast paced. Just a few seconds a day if that is all we think we have. Thanks so much for this video. Absolutely amazing!

mike miller from seattle wash SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
This somg is so beautiful and touching to my heart. John Devver is awsome and god rest his sole. This commercial is my fave. Makes mr cry everytime.

Mary Pennington from West Palm Beach, FL SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Tammy Minton Haley from Battle Creek Michigan USA SEPTEMBER 13, 2013
i left the television on last night, as i fell asleep...i woke with "annie's song", filling my living room, in the dark...the only thing alight was the screen of that box...with image after image of love and beauty...i felt a stabbing loss, in my heart and my i came fully awakened, i remembered John Denver's passing--and cried with longing... all day, you have stayed with me, little the point, i have found you on this website! job well done...a good and fine thing, this is...thank you...from the bottom of my heart, thank you...

John Critchlow from Ferndale, Washington SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Alan Rhodes from Hot Springs SD SEPTEMBER 10, 2013
you really make my day and worth living may the good lord be with you alway

Starwd3 from Virginia SEPTEMBER 8, 2013
So much of John Denver's music is about life, love, nature and yes, values. This is the video that brought me to your website. I've been seeing more of your videos on cable and network channels lately. Thank you for your decisive action and determination in helping people to remember and embrace our humanity. Values are what defines us all as a people, as a country, as a nation.

Carol G. from Perry, MI  SEPTEMBER 7, 2013
Beautiful!! I am like the young woman at the end - wiping away tears.

Monica B from Canada SEPTEMBER 7, 2013
This has got to be one of the most beautiful commercials ever made. God, please grant us the courage and wisdom to look after this wonderful planet better than what we have been...

Bob P from Brier, Wa SEPTEMBER 6, 2013
This song always gives me chills. Perfection and Love, for Annie and for this world we live in.

Jeannie Davis from Sedona, AZ SEPTEMBER 5, 2013
I absolutely loved this commercial. I cried alot throughout the whole thing. MAKES YOU REALIZE WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD THIS COULD BE!!!!

Mike L from Cincinnati,Ohio SEPTEMBER 3, 2013
Fills my heart with love and hope...

LC from arizona SEPTEMBER 3, 2013
what a beautiful melody....fantastic video. Have always love John Denver music. God bless this country. Proud to be an American.

Ping from Colorado SEPTEMBER 3, 2013
Great music, beautiful pictures!

Luis from Texas SEPTEMBER 2, 2013
Truly inspirational. Reminds me of what really matters.

Vince Kim from Ambler, Pa SEPTEMBER 2, 2013
This fantastic vedio makes me feel like I am really alive in thankful planet. So moving.

Angie palmer from Hull, Yorkshire, England SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
Beautiful, it sums up John and the world.


Lisa from Chicago, IL SEPTEMBER 1, 2013
What a great video! John Denver would have been proud of how you set these pictures to his beautiful song!

Jeannette from Orlando, Fl AUGUST 31, 2013
I love the inspiration of your site. And the commercial is a great relief and break from all the marketing that is there. Thank you!

Michele from Toledo, OH AUGUST 31, 2013
Very beautiful, thank you, this is one way to see what I may never get to see...

Angela Owens from Huntington, AR AUGUST 31, 2013
Beautiful video and I just love the John Denver and "Annes Song" fits this so well!

Frances from Oregon AUGUST 30, 2013
Thanks for putting everything in perspective and reminding me of what matters

kay from heavener, ok AUGUST 29, 2013

Charles from Kentucky AUGUST 29, 2013
I did 12 yrs in the Army and got to travel around the world alot. There ARE so many B E A utiful places. I only touched the surface of them. Glad you are bringing more of the beauty to us!!!

Jerry Colbert from Howe, OK AUGUST 29, 2013

Pat Hier from Crete, Nebraska AUGUST 29, 2013
I think John would feel honored to see what a beautiful video and message you've created from his song. Thanks for sharing it!

Jolene from Columbus Nebraska AUGUST 28, 2013
Annie's song is absolutely beautiful. I want all my family and friends to see it. You are doing great things!

Tanya from Tumwater  AUGUST 28, 2013
Every time I se this video I have to watch...sing along and smile. It is beautiful, and reminds me of all the blessings in my life and on this earth. It should be played on mainstream channels so it can spread more good vibes!!!

Carol P. from Houston,TX AUGUST 27, 2013
I just saw this on tv. It is so beautiful! Loved this song since John Denver recorded it. Beautiful video.

Donna W from Lacey WA AUGUST 26, 2013
Amazingly beautiful; my man friend cried throughout; we played it four times before he was able to watch and listen without bawling. Very, very nice, peaceful, relaxing, touching... Thanks

Carmen Angeli from Guayama, PR AUGUST 25, 2013
So pretty and inspiring! make it clear the greatness, wonders of Earth livings and the Magical Love it shows from GOD

mary gulsby from seminole, al AUGUST 25, 2013
John Denver and this song has always been an inspiration to me. His love for music and the environment will never be forgotten.

Bonnie Morgan from Scottsville Ky, 42164 AUGUST 25, 2013
Would love to put this on my facebook timeline, how can I do this

Irma from Simcoe,Ontario AUGUST 25, 2013
Beautiful pictures,beautiful song,beautiful message.I Just love everything about this video.

Debra from Kansas AUGUST 25, 2013
As someone else said, this stopped me in my tracks also! I got very teary. There is so much to be grateful for. We have a beautiful world. We must remember this and promote it. Thank you for your beautiful messages!! <3

Val from Windsor, Ontario AUGUST 24, 2013
Just like Jill, this commercial stopped me as I was heading out the door. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! And the music! Whoever put this together deserved an Oscar and an Emmy and whatever awards are given out for commercials. What the heck - a Nobel Peace Prize might be in order. Loved it.

Melanie from Ohio AUGUST 24, 2013
This is awesome. It gave me goosebumps. Thank you for this.

Tom from Scottsdale, Arizona AUGUST 24, 2013
This is a wonderful video. Having lived in Colorado during the 1980's, I fully appreciate John's wonderful and loving message spoken through his song.

Frank Thompson from Claremore,ok usa  AUGUST 23, 2013

Lisa from Boulder, CO AUGUST 23, 2013
This is 100% awesome. So glad I got to see it via my friend Jill!

Jill from San Clemente, CA AUGUST 23, 2013
This commercial stopped me IN MY TRACKS. Not only do I love this song, as music is the BIGGEST inspiration in my life, but I found myself smiling, laughing, and even tearing up with the beautiful images in the commercial. It lead me DIRECTLY to your website, and now I'm passing on your message via my social networking. THANK YOU for the positive message - LIFE IS AMAZING. I am a married, child-free, vegan, gal with nothing but amazement with all that this life has to offer! I have always told everyone I know that every day above ground is an amazing day!! LIVE IT - BUT TREAT THE EARTH AND THE ANIMALS WITH RESPECT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE!!!

marylou schmidt from topeka, kansas AUGUST 23, 2013
i so appreciate you using John Denver's song. he did so much for Mother Earth and world hunger and world peace. i will never forget him. he was and always will be a true HERO.

Another Kim from Missouri AUGUST 23, 2013
Yes, really beautiful...Thank You...and please keep them coming.

hannah from MO. AUGUST 23, 2013
it is so sweet im crying

Larsoni from Monroe, WA AUGUST 22, 2013
Truly inspiring. A commercial that I look forward to seeing each day! Makes me feel so blessed in the beauty of life. An uplifting and healing experience for a Vietnam to Iraq veteran.

Gale from Arizona AUGUST 22, 2013
Amazing video, absolutely beautiful.

Nola Peacock from Calgary, AB AUGUST 21, 2013
This is stunning. I want to watch this every morning. It will be the perfect way to start my day. Thank you!

david rogers from Tucson, Arizona AUGUST 21, 2013
Fantastic. I love that song and your accompanying video is so inspiring. I need to watch this commercial everyday!

H Reynolds from Lincoln, Vermont AUGUST 20, 2013
Bless you..

Teresa Selensky from Grainfield, KS AUGUST 20, 2013
I just love your commercials! The one in which the mother keeps encouraging her son to find what he is good at has always been my favorite. Now I have another "favorite." This one about our world set to the music of "Annie's Song" is AWESOME!!!! Keep up the good work of helping us to see what is good about us and our world. God Bless You!

Gail Sommers from Florida AUGUST 20, 2013

Kim from Tampa, FL AUGUST 20, 2013
What a beautiful tribute to a beatiful man (John Denver). He is missed!!! Thank you for sharing this with so many. Life is good, we need to appreciate it more!!!

Tamme from Muskogee, OK AUGUST 19, 2013
This is my favorite of the commercials. I love the outdoors and the purity it brings back into our lives. The world has so many good attributes.

Anne Babcock from Asheville, NC AUGUST 19, 2013
I love what you are doing in your campaign; your ads, billboards, and now this video. Thanks, respect and admiration. How desperately the world needs to listen to these messages. Keep 'em coming, please....

Maria Marsala from USA AUGUST 18, 2013
I'm with Sue. The commercial caught my ears first. John Denver is truly missed. Then it caught my eyes. Wonderful. Values help the world go around in a better way. Thank you for this great ad.

Valerie from Newfoundland. AUGUST 15, 2013
Wow. Amazing. You should come to Newfoundland and do a video.

John from London,England AUGUST 15, 2013
I love this song and video makes me fill and need to get away,into the Countryside or down to the Coast and be free from the rat race and the and troubles in this World,,, and last but not least why cant we all be nice and kind to each other while we are alive in this beautiful place.

Caitlin from NY AUGUST 15, 2013
I have loved John Denver all my life. He is truly someone for all to look up to. So glad you used this.

Sally from Tennessee AUGUST 14, 2013
Thank you for this remarkable video and John Denver's song is perfect for this!! What a wonderful reminder to us all of the beautiful gift of nature all around us and of our responsibility to protect Mother Earth! You have made my evening. Thank you!

Sue from MI AUGUST 13, 2013
Brought me to tears. ♥♥♥ We need more commercials like this...for our earth's sake and our children!

Mary Lou Berie from New York AUGUST 13, 2013
This ad is the most moving one I have ever seen about our beautiful world. We so easily let it pass us by. Thank You!

Valerieanb Kiser from puyallup wa AUGUST 12, 2013
I am impressed. Need any help promoting the msg

Monte from Sumner, WA AUGUST 12, 2013
I love this commercial and its message!

Bill from Tampa Bay Area AUGUST 11, 2013
Inspirational. is what's missing in this world. Pass it on.

Sue from San Diego ,ca.  AUGUST 11, 2013

jerry from ky AUGUST 11, 2013
Jan from Canada ,very well put i agree 100%,,,it"s beautiful!!!

Patty from Deerfield, NY AUGUST 10, 2013
Watching Dr. Oz when this commercial came on. I thought this must be a mistake ....what are they advertising? Nothing but the beauty of our world and what surrounds us. What an incredible commercial. One that gets your attention and keeps you watching as your mind and emotions start to respond and you want to share this with everyone in the world. I was overcome with emotion as tears streamed down my face. I honestly can't remember when the last time was that something I watched was so moving. Thank you! Such an incredible job!

Ronnie from Florida AUGUST 10, 2013
Loved it!

Jan from Canada AUGUST 7, 2013
I had the tv on but wasn't paying much attention; then heard this beautiful song come on which made me look up and I saw the most breath taking commercial I've ever seen, made me tear up! Also made me realize how much beauty there is in this world and that I should appreciate it more which I plan on doing. Well done!!

Roberta from Butte, Montana AUGUST 6, 2013
I was overwhelmed with emotions. Appreciating our beautiful world while enjoying John Denver's wonderful Annie's Song fills my heart with joy!

Connie from Calgary AUGUST 6, 2013

Stephanie from Oregon AUGUST 6, 2013
Absolutely beautiful!

Rainy from Seattle AUGUST 5, 2013
I love how I feel after seeing this beautiful commercial! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

Phil Williams from Longmont, Colorado AUGUST 4, 2013
Beautiful pictures. Beautiful music.

Nora from facebook AUGUST 3, 2013
Wonderful video and I love the song

Tom from arizona AUGUST 3, 2013
Exquisitely beautiful.

Tanya from Tumwater WA AUGUST 3, 2013
This is the most beautiful commercial/video I've ever seen. It makes ya stop and think..and appreciate all the blessings this earth and life gives us... mahalo so much !

michael from seattle AUGUST 3, 2013
The story of LIVING

wilma from colorado AUGUST 2, 2013
I loved it

Bonnie from Montana AUGUST 2, 2013
Annie's song and video so wonderful

Karen from New Ulm, tx AUGUST 1, 2013
Beautiful! John Denver would have loved this and be so proud you used one of his songs to get this important message across.

Lynne T from Miami JULY 30, 2013
Love this. It was my wedding song in1974. Your video does it justice.

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI JULY 30, 2013
I've kept this gift after sharing it many many times and I will continue to keep it. When I need a boost or a friendly reminder of who I am, where I am and why I'm here; I watch this. I thank God I have 2 ears to listen and 2 eyes to watch it. Mahalo (Hawaiian for thank you) for making this :)

Greg from Houston, TX JULY 30, 2013
Truely inspirational....People need this!....what a sweet feeling, it touched my heart, and I think when people get in touch with that side of thier lives,...and look deep into what this "world" is about....We all can make our world a greater place to be in....its all we have.....what a blessing! who ever created this,...fantastic!

Ivy from Washington DC JULY 30, 2013
there is so much beauty in our world, here's hoping it always trumps the ugliness

Rusty from Stuart, FL JULY 29, 2013
the Annie's Song commercial...what is the location of the mountain peaks with cows in the foreground? I want to visit there.

Grace Carroll from Cleveland, Ohio JULY 29, 2013
Thanks! I love John Denver & truly miss his beautiful voice. How wonderful to hear him sing! Beautiful video.

Vasantha from Olympia WA JULY 29, 2013
I love this video. And Annie's Song is just perfect for the message. I smile and cry at the same tim.e

Glo from Washington state JULY 28, 2013
in my humble opinion, the world needs more of thoughts such as this instead of the violence, sex, alcohol driven programs and teachings. thank you for this site. i will pass it on to all my contacts.

Isobella Penketh from Durban South Africa JULY 28, 2013
I found a somg I have loved for ages. Annie's song. Thank you.

Isobella Penketh from Durban South Africa JULY 28, 2013
I found the words of Annie's Song. Thank you.

E & E from California JULY 28, 2013
This reminds me, to appreciate life and to continue being positive. "Feel good video"

Butch Lawson from Birmingham,Alabama JULY 28, 2013
The most beautiful video commericial I've ever seen. John Denver push's over the top.

Darlene Taylor from Eagle Rock JULY 28, 2013
This has to be one of the best inspirational awesome videos of a lifetime ! Truly incredible & uplifting - Simplicity & Beauty is quite empowering & motivating ! Thank you to the artist & creator for such a soul searching message to mankind - speaks volumes to cherish & treasure life's simple treasures !!!! Amen

Jay Stafford from Seattle JULY 27, 2013
I think your Annie's Song commercial is the most beautiful film and music composition I have ever seen. The scenes are magnificent and the editing is sharp and timely to those beautiful lyrics and John Denver's clear voice, of which I did not fully appreciate until now. When I saw the final shot of the woman turning to the camera with a tear on her cheek, I howled in delight to see an homage to Iron Eyes Cody in the Keep America Beautiful TV commercial that was so impactful in the 70's. Every time this commercial comes on, I stop what I am doing and watch it from beginning to end. The effect on me never wears out. What you've done is just brilliant.

kyle Grobler from tacoma, wash JULY 27, 2013
very inspirational. Love that!

Rosemary from Bradenton, Florida  JULY 26, 2013
I saw commericial this morning. It it beautiful and heartfelt. Very well done. The great John Denver just added the icing! Thank you!

Courtney from Spokane, WA JULY 25, 2013
This is an amazing video that I have watched again and again...just stunning filmmaking, images, and of course to the immaculate John Denver. Please let me know who shot this commercial and what kind of camera did he/she use? I would so appreciate it!

Sil Johnson from Fulton, NY JULY 24, 2013
I saw this commercial this started my day with a smile and a feeling of hope. Thank you.....

Lloyd from Dora, Alabama JULY 23, 2013
If this doesn't touch your heart, you may be broken!

Kandise from Boulder Colorado JULY 23, 2013
Recorded a show. This commercial came on. As other have said, it stopped me in my tracks. seeing John, As he loved Colorado. his wife.. It goes perfect with your view. I felt when the Colorado river was shown, the mountains, the snow. He always had a deep love for our state, also for the enviroment. I miss his voice, thank you for this beautiful display. of God's work, with John at his side.

Morris from Cordova, Tn. JULY 22, 2013
The words, music and pictures melt into each other as only a true artist can do. Thank you John.

Lana from Indiana JULY 22, 2013
This commercial stopped me in my tracks as well, and I had to find once I saw it. It was so nice to hear John's music being played again (other than on my CD player). I think he would've really liked that his song was chosen for such a beautiful commercial. It's everything he loved and fought for and taught me to cherish.

CJ from Phoenix, AZ JULY 21, 2013
Awesome, moving commercial. Thank you!

dcl from stl JULY 21, 2013
the first notes of this song caught my attention - the immagery held it i am seeking out more info about your orgiinization, thanks to this song & the related commercial (btw) the movie we were watching was recorded and we watched this commercial twice

Jennifer from Lake Elizabeth Ca JULY 19, 2013
Love it!

Sandy from Wisconsin JULY 19, 2013
This is very beautiful and moving! I have watched/listened to it many times.

Patricia from Amelia Ohio JULY 19, 2013
He is one in a million and through his songs, which I have many in my collection, he will always be with us.

memmy from India JULY 19, 2013
beautifu song...i just love it

Peggie from Seminole, Fl JULY 17, 2013
I think of John all the time. I miss him dearly. When I heard this commercial on TV, I stopped in my tracks and stared at the TV. I couldn't speak afterwards. We are blessed to have had him for 53 short years. Until we meet again......

SharLynn from Alaska JULY 17, 2013
THE BEST commercial on TV!!!

Marcy from Texas JULY 17, 2013
Nice way to start the day. Awesome.

Jack G from Heart of the Rockies JULY 17, 2013
We've treasured all of his music- most meaningful words, above most any artist today

Sue from Mn USA JULY 17, 2013
love this, the song always brings tears ...

Shivkumar from Dubai, UAE JULY 16, 2013
Great song by John Denver. Very soothing,inspiring and it just makes you meltdown and feel the power of love

imniteowl from Illinois JULY 16, 2013
John's ashes were spread in his beloved mountains. His Spirit soar's and in this video it is as tho he truly is a part of all of nature that we see. The mountains, ocean, sky, etc. I think this video IS truly a tribute to John Denver, period. thank you for posting it. It is lovely and tho he's gone, he is still here.

pia from chile JULY 15, 2013
the name of my daughter is Annie and she is like all this song is an angel.

pia from chile JULY 15, 2013
I love this song I love Jhon Denver for ever end ever......and this video is very amazing ,beautiful likes him....I hope that everybody take care this world.....very goog message!!!!!!

Kristen from Nebraska JULY 15, 2013
This has always been my favorite John Denver song. After all this time, I was able to sing along and not miss a word! What a FANTASTIC video and message!

bill from illinois JULY 15, 2013
i am sorry to say that i forgot how inspiring John Denver's music was. What a beautiful commercial. I wish everybody on this planet could watch this video.Maybe then people would not take the earth for granted!

Tony C. from Costa Rica JULY 15, 2013
Can't really find the right words... I absolutely LOVE IT

Loralee from Washington JULY 15, 2013
What a wonderful world this would be if ALL commercials were like this Thank you, and I will pass it on.....

Rachel from Irvine,CA JULY 15, 2013
Fantastic. I can watch it again and again.

Vikki from Texas JULY 15, 2013
The sheer number of comments on this page says it all about John and his music! It's so heartwarming to read them all and know that so many people worldwide appreciated this beautiful man and his uplifting music!

Angel from Oregon JULY 14, 2013
A beautiful marriage of words, images, spirit. Oh, how I miss JD

Alan (inky) from Oxford JULY 14, 2013
Awesome video. Remembering John Denver & the beauty around us brought a tear to my eye.

Kate Bohlke from Mississippi JULY 14, 2013
I have loved John and his music since I turned 18 in Colorado Springs 1977. Been to a few of his concerts, own everything he ever recorded and was devastated when he died. He is by far my favorite! I still miss hm.

Karen from Georgia JULY 14, 2013
Is that John Denver's daughter at the end?

Peter from Netherlands JULY 14, 2013
beautifull movie end the song of John Denver. We've to take care of our planet

Jim Rose from fresno JULY 14, 2013
Annies song has so much meaning love and appreciation.

Jim Rose from fresno JULY 14, 2013
Great ad very emotional, loved it

Linda from Provo, UT JULY 14, 2013
This is stunning! I love it and I love your message. I really wish it had been edited to reflect a more peaceful slower pace. I know you were trying to get all those images in...within the time frame, but it felt rushed (but I STILL LOVED IT)

Mary Cardone from Michigan JULY 14, 2013

Heather Simmons from Botetourt county, VA JULY 13, 2013
Love it. Love it. Love it!!!! Gives the song a whole new life.

Carol White from Pittsburgh, pa JULY 13, 2013
Just found this sight~so wonderful!!!

Lesley Griffiths from Plymouth JULY 13, 2013
Stunning and what a voice we miss so much x

Linda from West Virginia JULY 13, 2013
Thank you for this lovely commercial featuring John Denver, one of our greatest humanitarians/environmentalist of all time


Cary G Petry from Alabama JULY 13, 2013
Gorgeous photography with one of my all time favorite songs by the much under-rated John Denver.

kurt herrmann from germany JULY 13, 2013
its never ending this Story..i like it very well....time to dream....and look how nice is this world....John Denver forever ...

Maryellen Lynch Forgione from Scotch Plains, NJ JULY 13, 2013
I have seen your inspiring billboards while driving and recently came upon your website. I love your commercials and this one in particular since in incorporates one of my all time favorite songs with beautiful images. Thank you

Linda from Pa JULY 13, 2013
Best message ever!

Joyce from Montana JULY 13, 2013
This whole presentation just fills me to overflowing. This may be a repeat comment from me, but who cares.

Mary Mazzoni from Pennsylvania, USA JULY 13, 2013
This beautiful video is my introduction to your site. It is beautiful! Thank you for the work you do!

Melanie from Polokwane South Africa JULY 13, 2013
I love this song it says so beautifully what is meant .... John Denver music speaks heart to heart ... lovely!

nina bilangel from Philippines JULY 13, 2013
This is beautiful indeed!

Rick from Hunter JULY 13, 2013
This is a great tribute to life on this beautiful planet. Thank you.

karmen Dopslaff from Snowmass Co. JULY 13, 2013
A beautiful way to blend John Denver's Love for Annie and his Love for Planet Earth and Life ! Beautifully done !!!

Wendy from South Pacific JULY 13, 2013
This is lovely. Thank you.

sara alldredge from santa rosa beach florida JULY 13, 2013
I love John Denver and Colorado and flybots

Mike Boscoe from St Pete Beach, Florida JULY 13, 2013
Incredibly BEAUTIFUL... a great song accompanied by an AWESOME video, which provides a sense of PEACE, COMFORT, JOY & SERENITY! I can never watch it enough! SUPERB!

Linda Bonnar from Scotland JULY 13, 2013
No word's can describe how wonderful this has been put together well worth the watch, Sit back and Enjoy.

Jojo ferguson from Texas JULY 12, 2013
Love John what you are doing!

Frank Mueller from Glenville, NY JULY 12, 2013
It's beautiful, plus I love this song and the way he sings it.

Lucy from Australia JULY 12, 2013
Beautiful. It reminded me of yester years. Awesome. My grateful thanks.

Deb Reis from Jackson Wyoming JULY 12, 2013
Oh so beautiful! Thank you for this lovely gift! deb

Lynda Wells from New Jersey JULY 12, 2013
What a beautiful message! Perfection.

Donna from Vermont JULY 12, 2013

Karen from Ohio JULY 12, 2013
His music has always had a place in my heart and will forever. Just beautiful................................

Joleen from Missouri JULY 12, 2013
Stunning! Thank you for this message.................

Elizabeth Robert from Idaho JULY 12, 2013
THANK YOU! Our world is beautiful and needs our utmost protection. You chose the perfect pictures and MOST DEFINITELY the perfect SONG and ARTIST to get this point across! BLESS YOU ♥

Susan Bard from Colorado JULY 12, 2013
Absolutely beautiful, wonderful video that perfectly compliments this song

Vera from Florida JULY 12, 2013
This is beautiful! I've always loved John Denver and his music!

Jennabeth from Abilene, Tx JULY 12, 2013
Beautiful words. Beautiful images. Beautiful spirit. Beautiful truth.

Debra from Michigan JULY 12, 2013
John Denver left such a special gift behind...the world today could use his inspirational music! This is a beautiful commercial and his music is perfectly matched!

Tenny from Madison, MS JULY 12, 2013
Beautifully done. Love his music.

Sarah Fernandes from India JULY 12, 2013
John Denver! What a voice!!! Championing a most appropriate cause!!! R.I.P.

Trish from Texas JULY 12, 2013
Beautiful. I miss seeing fireflies. Love the northern Lights. Awesome.

Fran from Enumclaw, WA JULY 12, 2013
There is NO ONE else like him, or his music. He IS one-of-a-kind.

Irene from Montana JULY 12, 2013
Love John Denver - miss him terribly - this commercial is SPOT ON!

Kathy from SC JULY 12, 2013
Love this song and JD. Makes me smile. He is one of the reasons I got into the environmental movement. I wish more people knew about his passion for the earth and world hunger (along with other items). Thank you for using this beautiful song with this beautiful voice.

Ruby from Toquerville JULY 12, 2013
You have captured my feelings about life in this video. I will pass it on, but more than that this video is an extension of the book that I am currently writing. The theme is on personal responsibility to ourselves and our world. To stop the abuse and be all that we can be. John Denver was a very special human being in that he not only saw the world for what it is. But he felt the need to be an inspiring force through his music to implement change. I am sure that he is smiling at what you have created with this song. May you continue to do your part to inspire changes this world needs. You are making a difference.

Marie from Perth, Australia JULY 12, 2013
Absolutely breathtaking and a fantastic singer singing a wonderful song Well done

Ruthann from Le Roy MN JULY 12, 2013
Awesomely beautiful Thank you.....

Laurie Cupp from Michigan JULY 12, 2013
awesome video and have always loved John Denver and his love of our planet-thanks for sharing

HJE from Delray Beach Florida JULY 12, 2013
JOHN would love this! Thank you!

Dorthe Sophusen from Vejgaard, Aalborg, Denmark JULY 12, 2013
this is one of the songs we play anywhere, and theres allways match somethings in the world.. happiness or sorrow, the song allways make me happy.

Rubens Lacorte from Brazil JULY 12, 2013
Amazing beautiful images with the unparalleled sensitiveness of John Denver's music. Congrats for sharing such a touching material!

Judy Nikles from Findlay, OH JULY 12, 2013
One of my favorite John Denver songs, accompanied by beautiful scenes...what could be better:)?!

sue fleming from dundee. scotland JULY 12, 2013
this is one of my fav songsx I used to sing it when I was young, full of hope & such a romantic view of life, & love. Now I'm old, a bit sadder, & suffering from cancer, but it still envokes the same feelings it did then, love of life, & this beautiful world we live in & hope for the futurex0x thank you dear John Denver for the legacy of your wonderful lyrics & musicx0x

bgdmy from Missouri JULY 12, 2013
Love the video and the music

Richard St Mart from Mauritius JULY 12, 2013
Sheer beauty. It shows that we only have to look at our beautiful planet to appreciate the Wonderful World we are living in. 1mn30 of pure enjoyment of all our senses.

Joseph Dowling from Maine JULY 12, 2013
Stunningly beautiful!

diana thomas from Alaska JULY 12, 2013
The commercial Annie absolutely beautiful. Thank you to those who sponsored it, made it, and shared it with the viewing public~

tracy lane from somerset england JULY 12, 2013
So beautiful. It made me cry. I grew up listening to john denver playing on the radio in my mums kitchen. a happy free and carefree childhood so close to animals and nature. playing outside all day and discovering the wonderful world around me. running in fields, climbing up trees, paddling in streams. it would be nice to get back to that and bring our children up in this way again. taking happiness from hearing birds singing, watching ladybirds on your finger, the kiss of a warm summer breeze with respect for our animals and environment. not from the latest iphone or games console with no values apart from monitory. Ive tried my best with both my daughters. i hope they will continue in the same way xx

keri from Fla JULY 12, 2013
I Think that was Wonderful thank you for Sharing.. I wish he was still with us all , he was a very Talented Singer ♥

Seema from India JULY 12, 2013
lovely ... wonderful and certainly heart touching

Ingrid Fitzsimons from Victoria Australia JULY 12, 2013
Just love all John Denver music love the film clip you have with annies song

Deborah Braun from Lexington,S.C. USA JULY 12, 2013
This is breathtaking and so beautiful , made to my favorite song of all times sung by my favorite singer of all times . It made me weep because it shows the beauty of this world John loved and I could feel him smiling the entire time. Made my heart soar !!

Mohammad Ali from Pakistan JULY 12, 2013
Beautiful video for an even more beautiful song.My favourite song of John Denver.The video does justice to the song.John Denver was the greatest American artist of the 20th century besides the rock and roll era of the 50s and 60s.

Patty from Yorkton, Sk. JULY 12, 2013
This song has been a favourite of mine from it's insception. Your video is just as beautiful as the lyrics and as the man no doubt was too. A lovely tribute.

Cecilia from Chile JULY 12, 2013
Hi, I'm from Chile, I spent it very difficult to overcome, I've lost faith in people. Seeing this page I've noticed that there are more people looking for give and receive real values. Congratulations to the creators of this page and affectionate greetings to all who believe and hope to reconnect with the real values ​​of human beings.

Jo Beth from Arkansas JULY 12, 2013
You couldn't have picked a better person than John Denver to help convey your message of taking care of Mother Earth.

Angie from Seattle, WA JULY 12, 2013
I love this commercial. Every time it comes on, I stop and listen & watch it. It is so beautiful.

Susan M. G. from New Haven, CT JULY 12, 2013
this is exquisite!

steve from lompoc JULY 12, 2013
A Masterpiece !!!!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

Martha Darrough from Mo JULY 12, 2013
O so wonderful. Just love Johns music. We were in Branson last month always go to the Imax for the tribute to John Denver.We see it every time we go. James Garrett says he knew John personaly as does a good show. Annies song is my favorite.

rae a reed from utah JULY 12, 2013
I liked it too..

rae a reed from utah JULY 12, 2013
I think John would have liked it...Thanks

david from washington JULY 12, 2013
one of the best songs ever written

Dad from Modesto, Ca JULY 12, 2013
Nailed it. Great job.

Susan from Midwest JULY 12, 2013
Loved it. John was such a inspirational person and did so much for our world. He is missed dearly. Enjoyed it so much. Thanks.

Judi Bufalini from Grosse Pointe JULY 12, 2013
Perfect song

Debra from Iowa JULY 12, 2013
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susanna from South Africa JULY 12, 2013
F a n t a s t I c scenery...Beautiful song.

jan from tx JULY 12, 2013
Almost 16 yrs since John left. He knew the earth and spirit. He would like this.

Deby Zimmerman from Colorado JULY 12, 2013
Thank you for using John Denver's "Annie's Song" for this commercial... It was the most appropriate song ever!!! Your clips did justice to his music!! I wish I had a way to download this one and keep forever!!!!

Carol M from Washington JULY 11, 2013
You couldn't pick a better song for this beautiful video. He will always be missed by those of us who felt he was singing to each of us, but we are so blessed to have him for as long as we did. His music will always be his gift to us! Thank you for making this video!

Kitty from New Freedom, PA JULY 11, 2013
I sang this song as a lullaby to my girls as infants; now I repeat that effort to my grandchildren. A song that has never left my heart.

Sheryl Reimers from Oklahoma City JULY 11, 2013
I love John Denver. What a beautiful video.

Tom Langr from Iowa JULY 11, 2013
Very nice. A different use of this song, but one I think John would have liked.

diana tomasello waterman from Shapleigh, Maine JULY 11, 2013
This was our wedding song and will be our daughter's wedding song this summer. John Denver had a unique way of musically articulating our innermost feelings, whether personal or universal. This video is a beautiful interpretation and he would be very pleased.

Lynda from Michigan JULY 11, 2013
I sincerely think that John Denver would be SO. VERY. pleased with this!

patrick barr from ireland JULY 11, 2013
One of the best videos i have ever watched .You feel as if you are there.Well done on the choice of song

Connie from Sun City, AZ JULY 11, 2013
Thank you for using one of John Denver's songs for your commercial. He loved our Mother Earth. The commercial is beautiful! I'm going to "share" it.

Pamala from Oregon JULY 11, 2013
Made me cry. I think John would love this video if he were still here to see it. Just beautiful!!

bruce from laguna beach, calif. JULY 11, 2013
A Beautiful Man....greatly appreciated, greatly missed.

Don Hoffman from Ohio JULY 11, 2013
John Denver...One of my favorites. Your set up...' Beautiful' !

JoAnn from Pennsylvania JULY 11, 2013
The most beautiful video ive ever seen! Makes me miss John even more!

Paul from Perry Hall, Maryland JULY 11, 2013
Very nice. :)

Scotty from Minnesota JULY 11, 2013
Grew up on Denver's music. Love this song and love the gorgeous video.

BRENDA A.B.Crawford from Sumter,S.C. JULY 11, 2013
The Song has always meant the world to me The Words are how I fill inside each time I hear it or sing it !The video,is wonderful,I enjoyed it very much!Beautiful yes ,Good Job!

Jewel from Michigan JULY 11, 2013
Beautiful and inspirational song and video!!!

Debbie robertson from Show Low, Arizonia JULY 11, 2013
Simply Beautiful, One of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen or heard!

Carol from Powell, Wyoming JULY 11, 2013
So sad there are fewer and fewer places with such beauty... The skies are no longer so blue, and the seas are tinged with ugly gray... John would be Outraged at what has been done to the Earth!

old mom from Florida JULY 11, 2013
Thank you for giving such a beautiful treatment to beloved John Denver's words and music. He is sorely missed, but would be the first to enjoy these scenes and say, "Far out!" ;)

Kathi from Wisconsin JULY 11, 2013
This brought tears to my eyes. This was our wedding song and we named our first child Denver. I can never hear it enough and this commercial does it justice. Thank you for sharing.

Steve Methven from Franklin, TN JULY 11, 2013
Thank you. This is a beautiful and moving commercial. John Denver was in a word magical.

Anna from Loudon' Tennesse JULY 11, 2013
Simply wonderous...The World misses him. Thanks

klee from Mt. Pleasant, MI JULY 11, 2013
Lost my husband in January, but this was our song! Wonderful production here!

Paul Watson from Ontario Canada JULY 11, 2013
Awesome photography put artfully to one of my favourite songs, by my all time favourite artist. Well done.

Robin from Charelston, SC JULY 11, 2013
This is the most beautiful commercial.... I could watch it a hundred times a day and never get tierd of it! What makes it so special is that it has one of the most beautiful, meanigful song writers that I have treasured all of my life. John Denver would be so proud!!!

celly from Alaska JULY 11, 2013
Everytime I watch this commercial it makes me feel so calm and good. Great meassage and song

Angel from British Columbia, Canada JULY 11, 2013
VERY MOVING! You picked a beautiful song and timing truly artistic..thank you its beautiful.

Mike The Janitor from Tacoma, Washington JULY 10, 2013
This isn't the first time that the Foundation For A Better Life has struck a chord with me with one of their advertisements. Whomever the media/marketing agency is that helps produce these ads deserves an award... from the President of the United States.

Vicky from UK JULY 10, 2013
This is beautiful, just like John was ! :)

debbie from southern california USA JULY 9, 2013
I love the Touches my heart and makes me smile and cry. Thank you.

Bill Blodgett from NY JULY 8, 2013
Beautiful. Thank you

Merikay from Peachtree City, GA JULY 7, 2013
Thank you so much for what you are doing to inspire and encourage everyone to look for the good in the world, and celebrate it. I am a huge John Denver fan, and was thrilled to hear you using John's wonderful "Annie's Song" to celebrate inspiration, love, and common ground. Keep up the great work!

Deacon Jim Stagg from Newnan, GA JULY 7, 2013
Absolutely beautiful match between lyrics and pictures! marvelous! Thank you, and bless you!

kadee nelson from pa. JULY 7, 2013
I absolutley LOVE THIS commercial! It made me cry with joy when I first saw it! I am going on Facebook to share this. Thank you!

Carolann from Ohio U.S.A. JULY 7, 2013
I just absolutely loved this video. It took the place of a commercial on our television tonight. It is much welcomed and I do wish we could have more of the same. Again, I just loved it. It touched me.

Garry McDonald from QLD Austalia JULY 7, 2013
If more videos like this were available we would live in a far better world.

Dave from Ohio JULY 7, 2013
Wonderful commercial with a great song. Very moving to me. Keep up the great work.

Pamela from Florida JULY 7, 2013
This is....just leaves me speechless - I cried when I saw this. Thank you so much.

Corazon from Byron Ca. JULY 6, 2013
Love our Nature...Beautiful combination of Annies Song.

Terry Lynn Tinsley from Kelowna BC Canada JULY 6, 2013
I saw this commercial for the first time on a show I had recorded. I actually played it back 3 times. I found the song incredible for the beautiful photography that was added. Makes me appreciate even more where I live and the beauty that surrounds me. Thankyou for allowing us to share this.

Maryjoy from Washington JULY 6, 2013
So glad to see John is still inspiring people to take care of our Earth.

Millie from eagle rock CA 90041 JULY 6, 2013
Made me cry.

Alice Bennett-Moran from Kailua Kona, HI JULY 6, 2013
I was half listening to the news, and reading on the computer when this commercial began. I sang along in my head, expecting to hear some goofy announcement eventually shatter the magic of this beloved John Denver song. Who doesn't know the words to this song!! A touching and effective message.

Jana from South Dakota USA JULY 6, 2013
This combines 2 of my favorites breathtaking pictures of out Earth and John Denver:)

Ann Easley from Phenix City, AL JULY 5, 2013
Beautiful. Will make you cry. Love, Mom

Debbie Urban from Bison, Ks. JULY 5, 2013
I usually don't pay much attention to commercials, but when this one came on I was completely taken in. John Denver's song was perfect for this commercial! Went to your website and was touched by all the commercials. VERY touching. Thanks! It's my birthday today and it totally made my day!

Arlene from Pennsylvania JULY 5, 2013
WOW - Just saw this on TV - Was totally frozen in my step. Absolutely beautiful. Will watch it many times. Thank you!

Tammy from Lowell, IN JULY 5, 2013
Best commercial ever!

Andy from bentonville, ar JULY 5, 2013
Oh how I love this song, and to see it in a commercial was awesome, I have been watching it ever since and thinking about my life, my wife and my children, and the wonderful world around me. Thank you

Chuck Johnson from Sacramento, CA JULY 5, 2013
Just saw this on TV. Most holidays are pretty emotional for me, especially Independance Day, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. Lost a lot of good friends in my deployment to Iraq, and my own little brother was hurt really bad and will never be whole. Very inspiration and emotional commercial. Made me feel happy, proud and sad all at once. Great job.

Willa from Cincinnati,OH JULY 5, 2013
An absolutely beautiful medley of music, lyrics and photography. The message infiltrates your soul and brings tears to my eyes...

Mike Kennedy from Vancouver,BC JULY 5, 2013
This is the best commercial I have seen,I was watching speed channel replayed it ten times. Thanks

Terry Fair from Alpine, CA JULY 4, 2013
I think the "Annies Song" commercial is the best I have ever seen. AND, I am not a big John Denver fan.

Kathy Gorman from Medfield, Massachusetts JULY 4, 2013
Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Dolores from WV JULY 4, 2013
This commercial is beautiful. I'm full of emotion. Love it!

Susan from Virginia JULY 4, 2013
I love this ad. Of course I was a big John Denver fan. So it was startling and wonderful to hear him singing again. Great photography. Really moving.

john from St. Louis JULY 4, 2013
All television is not a vast wasteland.

judy from Florida JULY 4, 2013
love Annie's song commercial. its beautiful and emotionally moving. thank you

Betty from Nc JULY 4, 2013
Would love to post Annie's song commercial on FB.

Jeannie Benner from Cape Coral, FL JULY 4, 2013
So incredibly beautiful to visit a site that simply promotes goodness. Thank you for the gentle reminder to be a kinder gentler soul upon this earth. Will be visiting this site daily!

melissa pierce from chattanooga,tn JULY 4, 2013
This video sent chills all over me!!! Wonderful and beautifully presented!

Linda from Toledo,Ohio JULY 4, 2013
This is really Beautiful! I had to find your web site to play it a couple more times. Thank You for putting this together.

Kate from Kentucky JULY 3, 2013
I saw this video and had to go to your site to see others. So special to see a commercial that is positive and beautiful and thought-provoking for a lovely change. Thanks.

William Bower from Michigan JULY 3, 2013
The best ever. I keep replaying over and over.


Andrew from Los Angeles JULY 2, 2013
THANK YOU for reminding us of all the good in this world!

Chris from Rochester, NY JULY 2, 2013
One of the most touching and beautiful ads in a long time. Stunning visuals and a timeless song that brought me to tears. It makes you realize how incredible the world really is. Thank you.

Jim Cook from Oklahoma City JULY 2, 2013
I saw this video last night on television and thought it was one of the most beautiful and powerful videos I had ever witnessed. Thank you for producing this magnificent piece that glorified our planet and the life upon it.

JP McDaniel from Colorado JULY 2, 2013
Beautiful song, beautiful planet.... Thanks for this special moment.

James from Totherow JULY 2, 2013
Wow. John would be proud.

Olivia from Hollins, AL JULY 2, 2013
So beautiful...brings a tear to my eye.

Lilly from Richlands,NC JULY 2, 2013
This message is very moving and thought provoking. I feel it should be shown on prime time tv every night also. What a perfect song to attach the images to! Hopefully, this message will touch many hearts.

Pam from Hemet, CA  JULY 2, 2013
I just saw this commercial. I had to rewind and watch it again so I could see the ending as to where it came from. I got online right away... thank you... very beautiful and its touching my heart right now because you see, we lost 19 firefighters yesterday in Arizona and 2 young men were from our hometown. Thank you.

Bill Schmelcher from New Hartford, NY JULY 1, 2013
John Denver has always been my favorite singer/songwriter. I have over 90 CDs/albums. There are so many of his songs that people don't know. And some are better than the radio hits. His lyrics are messages to live by. In this song, "Annie's Song", he is singing to his wife; yet he compares that love to his love for nature. I am truly thankful for producing a special video and for including this John Denver song. The video shows us all to be mindful of the important things in life, and "Annie's Song" lyrics reinforce that visual message. And it helps bring John Denver's music back to the public eye/ear. Perhaps some people will go buy a John Denver CD of songs that they don't know and get new inspiration.

Dorothy from Dolgeville NY JULY 1, 2013
Absolutely the most beautiful ad I have seen.

Roger from San Diego, CA JULY 1, 2013
Beautiful video and accompanied by my favorite singer.

Charlotte Nay from Jane Lew, Almost Heaven, West Virginia  JULY 1, 2013
This is the most beautiful, inspirational video I've seen. Love John Denver and love this beautiful video. Thank you for making it available! <3

Scott from New York JUNE 30, 2013
I first saw this on TV about 2 weeks ago and I keep coming back here to watch it again. I just don t get tired of watching it. After 10 or so viewings it still brings a tear to eyes. This is agruably the best minute and a half of video that I've ever seen. Thank you again for producing it and making it so accessible.

Ron Leggett from Interlachen, Florida JUNE 30, 2013
Beautiful scenery, music, and message. I wish I could have it for a screensaver. Way to go guys !

Susan from Florida JUNE 30, 2013

Delbert Hastedt Sr. from Tool, Texas JUNE 29, 2013
A beautiful and very well made video, the video follows perfectly into John Denvers words. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place as Earth.

Fred Salas from Los Angeles, CA JUNE 28, 2013
A very powerful 90 seconds. After seeing it for the first time last Sunday on TV, I called my wife and kids in to experience the visions and great feelings that it brings out. I have now, "Passed it On" to many. This spot should be shown every night on prime time TV to remind us all of the true values that we are can enjoy and what is really important. I watch it daily now. Thank you.

Barbara Darrell from Nashville, Tn. JUNE 28, 2013
I liked it.

LAURS from FLORIDA JUNE 27, 2013

Sue Hutchings from Ontario, Canada JUNE 27, 2013
Beautiful! Thank you.

Pat Bounds from Oregon JUNE 26, 2013
Thank you! This was truly beautiful! How could anyone not want to do what is best for the earth after listening to John Denver singing from the heart. This is the best tv commercial I believe I have ever seen and heard. Again, thank you.

Frankie from Florida JUNE 26, 2013
How refreshing to hear John Denver's music being played along with this beautiful commercial! I have loved his music and how he believed in keeping our Mother Earth clean and helping the less fortunate! I am teary up!!!

Ceil Wolff from Amity Hill, NC JUNE 26, 2013
The PSA that inspires thousands of vacations!

Kim Dabbert from Temple, GA JUNE 25, 2013
I absolutely loved this!! Of course the song by John Denver accompanied by the beautiful pictures made me teary eyed. Just beautiful!

robert [cloud] from wickenburg az JUNE 25, 2013
all I can say beautiful I came to a z in 1977 8 track playing john Denver songs all the way thanks for the memories by the way I saw your commercial on t v lucky me thanks again

wilpluguez from Puerto Rico JUNE 25, 2013
The best video on tv now, for my beautifull word.

Nancy from Hawaii JUNE 24, 2013
Mahalo nui loa!

CINDY from INDIANA JUNE 23, 2013
What a perfect match of music and video! Loved it

Bill Bach from Florida JUNE 23, 2013
I just sent this to my two wonderful daughters. This is what life is about. Thank you.

Luci Colarusso from Daytona Beach JUNE 23, 2013
thank youThat was one of the most beautiful video's I have seen.....

Barb from Florida JUNE 23, 2013
John Denver was his own person, hearing Annie's Song just reminded of how wonderful his work was. If you take time to listen his words it is amazing what he had to say. This video and song are wonderful.

Patty Jay from New Port Richey, FL JUNE 23, 2013
Your commercial about our Earth touched my heart, it makes me want to do my best to protect it. Thank You

David Jacober from Pueblo, CO JUNE 23, 2013
Absolutely Beautiful Piece of Art! John Denver Was All Too Often The Focal Point of Many Jokes. But There Is Absolutely No Denying His Talent For Song!!! The Man Wrote Beautifully, Played the Guitar Heavenly, & Sang Angelically! If This Piece Doesn't Strike A Chord With You, Then You Have No Heart!!!!! As A Longtime Police Officer, It Seems That As the Years Pass, I See & have To Experience More & More of Societies Sadness & Tragedies. When I Saw This On T.V., I Called My 14-Year-Old Son In, Cued It Up Again On Our DVR For Him To See. His Response? He Sat There & Quietly Watching. When it Ended, He Looked Right At Me & Said "That Was Really, Really Nice Dad." ICould See It In His Face That He Genuinely Appreciated It!!! GREAT WORK!!!

shopnblonde from shepherdsville, ky JUNE 23, 2013
This was our wedding song. Beautiful words and music. It makes me happy every time I hear it.

Donald from Alexandria, VA JUNE 23, 2013
Came across this while watching the 24-hours of LeMans. Simply beautiful.

John Meyland from Clarkston, Michigan JUNE 22, 2013
Saw and heard your great video accompanied by "Annie's Song" while watching the 24 hours of Le Mans on Speed TV at about 1:30 Eastern time. "Excellent"

chuck from greenville sc JUNE 22, 2013
Thank you. Don't ever stop what you are doing.

Rob from Pennsylvania JUNE 22, 2013
Beautiful and Perfect!

Becca from New Hampshire JUNE 22, 2013
I have always loved this song but your imagery was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Scott from New York JUNE 22, 2013
Wow. One of the most moving tv commercials I have ever seen. Thank you. Pass it on

Sarah from Ohio JUNE 22, 2013
As soon as this commercial came on I instantly stopped and turned toward the television. My mom sang Annie's Song to me when I was little as a lullaby. To hear such a beautiful song paired with such a wonderful message was really awesome. Keep spreading these often forgotten values!

Lisa from Georgia JUNE 22, 2013
To Ann, who lost her dog, I am so sorry. I, too, heard this song in the middle of the night last night. It woke me up. And it was timely for me as well.

victoria from u.k JUNE 21, 2013
A huge fan of John Denver and his beautiful voice, to hear Annie's Song as a backdrop to those amazing pictures moved me immensely. What a wonderful world we have.

ann from ohio JUNE 19, 2013
On June 14th my loyal dog and contsant companion Lou had a massive siezure on our daily walk.I laid in the grass with him untill help arrived . He died in my arms. I had not heard this song for many years and never knew the name of it. Sunday night about 5am I heard this song playing on the T.V. half awake and half asleep. It was the first calming moment I had since the incident. I did't see the video at the time and have been trying to understand where that song came from. Looking online today and finding the answer and watching the video gave me a snse of calmness. I know Lou was looking after me. Trying to let me know he was ok and the is a beautiful life to live till I see him again, Ann

Anne Schulz from Colorado JUNE 19, 2013
I have always loved John Denver; especially this song given my name is Anne. The video was breathtaking.. Thank you..

Orlando Vasquez from Fort Worth, TX JUNE 18, 2013
Beautiful scenery! Beautiful song. I'm so lucky to have been born in the mid 50s. All through my teens, into college and then as an adult, I got to experience John Denver and his music. I even attended one of his concerts. So it was quite a surprise to turn on the TV this morning and the first thing I heard was John's beautiful ode to his wife, "Annie". Thank you for the music and thank you for the visuals of this great planet of ours--we must take care of it so that all generations will be able to enjoy it also.

Judy from Louisiana JUNE 18, 2013
Absolutely the best commercial I've ever seen/heard. I love the photos and I especially love the choice of song and artist. It's very inspiring. Thank you.

Michele H. from Fayetteville AR JUNE 18, 2013
Just saw the ad on TV at 5 am and went straight to your website to play it again. Wonderful, touching, inspiring. Can't thank you enough!

melanie mckown from usa georgia JUNE 16, 2013

Liz from Bridge City, Texas JUNE 15, 2013
I just saw this on television for the first time and went straight to your web site to see it again. It was absolutely beautiful and it brought me to tears. Thank you for this thought provoking and emotion stirring message.

M. from Kennesaw GA JUNE 10, 2013
The piece was attention-getting and I loved the images and music combined. Would like to know more about the origin and purpose of

Mary Anne from Gig Harbor,Wa JUNE 9, 2013
What a beautiful "commercial" and what a wonderful message. John Denver would have loved this. Make more!

Kevin from Minneapolis, MN JUNE 9, 2013
I agree with you Daniel. It is refreshing to see a commercial for the very thing we seem to take for granted the most. Our planet. Lets take care of it at all costs. I hope conservation and government regulation keep our beautiful place in the universe a number one priority. Thanks to for putting some gorgeous images to John Denver's best music. (it is 'John' by the way. Bob Denver played Gilligan on Gilligans Island. LOL. ;o) )

Ruth from South Dakota JUNE 8, 2013
John Denver was the best, and this is so beautiful.

Daniel from south central NY JUNE 7, 2013
I can hardly believe this is a "commercial" on TV. It is so touching. Bob Denver not only loved nature, but was also a pilot. How much better that much of the footage is from the air. The images captured are amazing and beautiful. The woman near the end with the tear on her cheek effected me the most. To me she seems to be be remembering the loss of Bob Denver as well as the deep emotional connections the song (and images) convey. This piece is very well done. Thank you.

Fool_Moon from Larchmont NY JUNE 7, 2013
Wonderful way to affirm the goodness in life by sharing this inspiring sincere 90 seconds with those I love dearly. Keep the faith and inspire us all to stay positive. This is what life can truly be by staying in the miracle of the moment! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Haller from Washington JUNE 7, 2013
Lovely, warm, and connected.

rea from yuma/az JUNE 7, 2013
just loving it !!!!!

ruth parker from Kentucky JUNE 5, 2013

Bonita from Pennsylvania JUNE 5, 2013
It's so nice to see something so Beautiful on televisions...Makes me wish I could share the feelings watching this generates each time I see it .

Richard from San Antonio JUNE 4, 2013
Thanks for all who had a role in this beautiful work. This gives us all a quiet smile.

marlene from San Diego JUNE 3, 2013
"It's awe inspiring!!"

vicki nelson from palm bay, fl JUNE 3, 2013
LOVED IT!!!!!!

Florence from NC JUNE 3, 2013
Awesome! Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics. Thank you. :-)

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI JUNE 3, 2013
I've kept this on my computer and I watch it often. It's a good "wake up call", a boost, and a joyful reason feel tears. Mahalo plenty, Lynise

Beth from Cocoa JUNE 3, 2013
This is beautiful - we have so much to be thankful for! Praise the Lord.

Alta from Orting, Washington  JUNE 2, 2013
I had forgotten how beautiful John Denver's Annie's song was, thank you for reminding me! I do love your site here think I will open many times a week.. This is a bright light in a sometimes dark world.. Thank you, Alta

Julie from Laughlin JUNE 2, 2013

Doris Brown Miller from Renton Washington JUNE 2, 2013
Wow this was so touching and heart warming, and sure this video will touch many people live if they just Open their hearts. God bless all of you that took time out to this and invite us in.

Rebecca V. from Riverview, Michigan JUNE 2, 2013
This clip is beautiful and draws me to gratefulness.

Rich from Jacksonville MAY 31, 2013
This is the most awesome commercial I have ever seen.

Jim from Yuma, AZ MAY 31, 2013
Thank you for putting this on television. It cheers me up every time I see it.

Geri from Pekin, IL MAY 30, 2013
WOW! Love this song and love this video. God is sooooo good! Thank you!

June Nilsson from Idaho MAY 30, 2013
This is absolutely beautiful - touching...

Lisa from Birdsboro, PA MAY 29, 2013
I listened to this song growing up. It was one of the first songs that I learned to play and sing on the guitar. I sang it over and over again, thinking that it was a love song between a man and a woman. Now as I listen and watch the video, I see it as a love song between the created and the Creator!!

Ann Kelly from Coconut Grove,Florida MAY 27, 2013
Our Beautiful World/Annie's Song Video is by far the best I have ever seen.It really made me feel how Beautiful this world is !!! I hope it will be broadcast on television forever.Thank you for all the inspiration and peace your foundation brings to me.I will pass it on.

Earl from Michigan MAY 27, 2013

Adewumi Oluwadiya from Anchorage MAY 27, 2013
Wraps round my soul and gives me indescribable warmth. Makes my love affair with the earth, nature , trees , animals , the oceans and deserts explainable. I am thrilled and inspired each time I listen to this great work of visual and auditory art. Thank you for giving me an inspiration inducing portion I can return to time after time and tease my Muse to ride on. Dr Wumi Oluwadiya

womack ,estelle from oregon MAY 27, 2013
the beauty of sound and sight touches my soul

RALPH VOGEL from PALM SPRINGS 92264 MAY 27, 2013

RHONDA G from NC MAY 27, 2013

aroonvadee from thailand MAY 27, 2013
perfect match, the music & the scenery. soothing me in the tiresome day.

Fred Hallahan from Almonte MAY 26, 2013
No words just happy tears

Debbie from Texas MAY 26, 2013

kailyn from Escebosa, NM MAY 25, 2013
Have always loved this song, and I really appreciate the application of the message to our Mother Earth. Let John Denver's song, and your commercial ring over the land, bringing new awareness of our deep love, gratitude and everlasting appreciation to our amazing Mother Earth.

Trudy King from Lillian, AL MAY 25, 2013
This is beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

Guy Bullock from Atlanta, GA MAY 25, 2013
Great message. Keep it up!!

Wendy Norris from Des Moines, IA MAY 25, 2013

Ed from Gretna, Louisiana MAY 25, 2013
A terrific video. The world is out there for everyone to enjoy. Be happy and enjoy life to its fullest.

Mayra from So. California MAY 25, 2013
This brought me a much needed smile and peaceful feeling

ana luisa from chile MAY 25, 2013
It´s a beautiful song that reflect all the love we can give not only to a person but to the world. Beautiful and inspiring!

Joyce M. from soCal, USA MAY 25, 2013
The words, music and pictures make this perfect art. There is something for everyone. The beauty of the project is totally awesome. Congratulations!

massimo from caracas MAY 25, 2013
Right On!

Patti from Wisconsin MAY 25, 2013
Very beautiful and moving. I really loved it as it made my heart smile. Thank You

Bill from Michigan MAY 24, 2013

Brenda from San Juan, Puerto Rico MAY 24, 2013
Beautiful song, I love it. I am a teacher and I thinking to use it with my students.

Richard Southall from Great Malvern, England MAY 24, 2013
One of my favourite songs capturing much beauty in our world....thank you

Claudia from Calgary MAY 24, 2013
Wow! Wonderful, beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

Kevin from Louisiana MAY 24, 2013
I absolutely love this commercial...I wouldn't even call it a commercial you're not selling anything..Your just giving hope and inspiration to people...Thank you so much for your works..You couldn't have picked a better song for this video. John Denver was a beautiful man a great songwriter and could sing like a bird

Debbie Crosby from Texas MAY 24, 2013
John Denver's time on this earth seemed too short, but he appreciated everything around him, and learned everything I believe God has for us to learn. It is evident by the depth and beauty of his lyrics.

Jami from NJ MAY 24, 2013
Thanks for the smile... no matter what we are truly blessed.... rich, poor, living a dream or chasing one :) ...thanks

Annette Henderson from Oregon MAY 24, 2013
hey, I don't cry easily, this was beyond beautiful, thank you.

Charlotte from Indiana MAY 24, 2013
Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you are doing. I've seen your billboards, I've been to your website, I get your daily quotes and they are all terrific. We need so much more of what you do in our world - more positive thoughts and encouragement - things that people can be happy about. The TV commercial is stunning - it will be the best thing on TV. Thank you; thank you; thank you!

Nan D. from Rocky River, Ohio MAY 24, 2013
Thank you for waking up my gratitude much that it filled up my heart and spilled out my eyes ...Thank you!

Elizabeth from Miami MAY 24, 2013
This new video is amazing, thank you for give us all of these messages every day God bless you

Ron Patterson from Burlington Ont. MAY 24, 2013
Could watch all day and agree it really is a beautiful world but it took my whole life to appreciate it.So much so late age 71. Glad i was here. Mr.Ron

Shelley L Miller from Victoria BC Canada MAY 24, 2013
Absolutely beautiful...inspiring and heartfelt

Andres C from Long Island, NY MAY 24, 2013
Life is full of inspirations and this one of the websites that inspires me every single day. Life is beautiful.

Karen W from Pennsylvania MAY 24, 2013
Simply beautiful!

Jackie from Tarzana, CA MAY 24, 2013
We always "took" John Denver with us on all our camping trips to Mt. Shasta. This was a beautiful tribute to him as well as to the wonders of our beautiful planet. Thank you and I love your quotes that come to me. I send them onto my family.

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI MAY 24, 2013
John Denver sang the pictures in words of music. You put those pictures into music. It's preciously full of hope for everyone to realize what gratitude is. We just watched it. I am grateful I woke up this morning. Mahalo, (thank you)

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, HI MAY 24, 2013
John Denver sang the pictures in words of music. You put those pictures into music. It's preciously full of hope for everyone to realize what gratitude is. We just watched it. I am grateful I woke up this morning. Mahalo, (thank you)

Cathy from North Carolina MAY 24, 2013
So beautiful, moving, and inspirational.

Kansas guy from Kansas MAY 24, 2013
Great song was ;played at many weddings in the 1970's

Charlene from VA MAY 24, 2013
Love it!

Jay Walton from Asheville, NC MAY 24, 2013
Now, everyone inspired by this video .. go inspire at least one other person, and ask them to do the same. A beautiful video is only as good as the motivation it creates.

Calvin T C L from Singapore MAY 24, 2013
Long Live Our Mother Earth. I Love You Truely. Cheers!!!

Debbie from Texas MAY 24, 2013
Love this! It is my all time favorite because of the message & because of John Denver!

Teddy from Bali, Indonesia MAY 23, 2013
I've been a John Denver fan since childhood and one of my all time favourite must be Annie's Song. With the stunning video and background music I haven't got bored in watching it again and again and again and again...Well done

Beth from Cocoa, FL MAY 21, 2013
Thanks for reminding me that we live in a beautiful world! Thanks to the Good Life channel for broadcasting this inspirational video every morning!

linda johnson from horseheads new york MAY 20, 2013
my favorite singer with words that were inspiring to me many of his songs have great values that truly apply to our world today it made me cry to see his words and nature together

Shelly Marie from Corpus Christi MAY 20, 2013
John Denver's "Annie's Song" ~ one of my all time favorites. Words so simple, nothing more is even needed. The photos/video attached to it are stunning. Thank you for a wonderful moment!!

Marykim from Rockledge, Florida MAY 19, 2013
Had me in tears from the first few seconds. John Denver's beautiful song and visuals of our beautiful God given planet inspired me to get outside for myself and for my youngest son! Thank you.

Sarah from Pacific Grove MAY 14, 2013
What a lovely tribute to a lovely man. His loss is so deep, still after all these years.

Chyllene from Elmira, NY MAY 13, 2013
Thank you so much for this beautiful Commercial. I feel silly even calling it a commercial! It embodies all that John Denver loved, believed in and fought so hard for. He was a lover of nature and human kind. He tried to teach us and encourage us to care for and appreciate this beautiful planet and eachother. You couldn't have done this one any better! Thank you!!!

Cindy mccarthy from Chilliwack b.c. MAY 11, 2013
A very beautiful song and video from a wonderful soul who even gone shows us what a precious world we all live in. We all need to take better care of it and each other. We owe it to the future.

Gary from orlando fl MAY 10, 2013
i like it

Doris Ruth from Crown King, AZ MAY 8, 2013
Thank you So Much for this beautiful glimpse into Thank you so much for this look into the Heart n Music of the friend who cared so Much for Our Mother Earth! I listened with tears in my eyes Thank you so much for these moments with a man who gave all of himself for our Mother Earth! I watched it all with tears in my eyes! Miss my friend and I know the Earth does! Mama Turtle

Ursula from Australia MAY 7, 2013
John Denver - Mother Nature's Son! xox

Annie Planas from Lk Havasu City, AZ MAY 3, 2013
THANK YOU so very much for all the amazing inspiration you share.

Al from Texas APRIL 29, 2013

PeaceLilly from Devon, UK APRIL 28, 2013
Love~ly So full of Grace and Gratitude ~ Just makes one glad to be Alive ~ Brightest Blessings

Mario Posada from Deer Park Texas APRIL 28, 2013
The beauty of this earth and the inspiration of the music of John Denver.It says it all.

A. Marie from San Antonio, TX APRIL 28, 2013
So inspiring. To love and be loved whole heartedly, no "if's, and's or but's" just for the sake of love...

Herby Lingham from New Delhi, India APRIL 27, 2013
Congrats Anne ! Very heart warming and inspiring

brenda mc nally from ireland APRIL 27, 2013
A beautiful song! I never get tired listening to it! I love John Denver's music!

MERILEE HAMPTON from St.Petersburg APRIL 27, 2013
Very beautiful!

Mary Richardson from New Zealand APRIL 27, 2013
Such beauty brings tears to my eyes too. With Gratitude.

Genia B. from Tempe, AZ APRIL 26, 2013
Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Passing it on and still smiling. :-)

Bennett Luckiesh from Nelsonville, OH APRIL 26, 2013
I've always liked John Denver and his songs. This is very inspirational I love it!!! Thank you....

Bert from Pittsburgh APRIL 26, 2013
A good reminder - there is an opportunity every day to appreciate the earth, each other and life.

Dona Hale from Nrentwood, California APRIL 26, 2013 is what it's all about

Annie from Perth Western Australia APRIL 26, 2013
Just loved it and do appreciate our amazing world and we do try to pass on kindness here also. I am President of an organisation known as Citizen Advocacy Perth West. It is a federally funded organisation that carefully matches wonderful volunteers from the community with someone who has been isolated because of an intellectual disability. My real name is Anne, but everyone calls me Annie and I just love the John Denver rendition. Best wishes always from this wonderful Southern land.

Chris from Littleton, Co. APRIL 26, 2013
Absolutely love this! Love the video, love the song! It reminds me again of what an incredible world we live in, how we really need to appreciate it and how important it is to take care of it and preserve it for generations to come.

Leslie Brozek from Fort Myers, FL APRIL 26, 2013
LOVE THIS!!! What a wonderful site!

Adrienne Withers from Kissimmee, Florida APRIL 25, 2013
What an uplifting message. As John always said he wrote his songs from his heart. We can interpret this song on so many levels. Our loved ones, our planet, our God! Thank you for this wonderful spot!

nicole from miami fl APRIL 25, 2013
I like the song, perfect for the video.

grant thomas from northern CA APRIL 24, 2013
Wherever you are John, thank you. You were a big part of my life and I when I hear you it's always good stuff that comes back. Thank you for your inspiration, beauty and truth and bringing us closer together.

christine from denmark APRIL 24, 2013
Very inspiring song. Every time I hear this music, it makes me realize how beautiful life is.

lynn from Cairns Australia APRIL 24, 2013
We get so bogged down with work etc., we forget to stop and see the beauty around us - this is what refreshes us, it is soul food - we all need soul food with soothing music.

jackie from fla APRIL 23, 2013
I love John Denver, his message, his inspiration and I love this beautiful planet of ours that he loved so much. If only people would wake up and see how fragile she is. I love Earth day!! I think it should be E arth week!

Kim from Stratford APRIL 23, 2013
One of the world's most beautiful and enduring songs.

Vicky from Racine, Wi APRIL 23, 2013
Amazing....Miss you and your music.

Me from Sugarloaf Mt, Three Creeks, OH APRIL 23, 2013
Wonderful, wonderful...Joy of Creation!

Bob Radock from Nashville  APRIL 23, 2013
I love this wonderful song and what it inspires in me, my family and thousands of friends. I cherished Earth Day and the power it brought to me and so many. I loved John and his music as a friend... The worlds a better place, especially during these changing times. John lifted millions that we will never forget Love to all who share this and pass it on to others. God Bless.

Eve from LA APRIL 23, 2013
That is one of the most beautiful videos that I have seen and the music is perfect for that. Thanks.

Bonnie from Haymore APRIL 23, 2013
Love John Denver's music. Very fittingly used here.

Pat from Milford, NH APRIL 23, 2013
John Denver would be proud.

Ron from Gander, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada APRIL 23, 2013
This is a beautiful video (with the perfect song), and what could possibly be more appropriate for Earth Day....!

Pete from West Bloomfield APRIL 23, 2013
You've done it again :-) Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful. Thank you

Scott from Washington APRIL 23, 2013

Leigh from NJ APRIL 23, 2013
No words can describe the beauty of our world as well as the pictures in this video--very inspiring!

Raul Tejeiro from Montevideo, Uruguay APRIL 23, 2013
Beautiful commercial. Classic song. Superb combination. Congratulations!

Sally Sullivan from NC APRIL 23, 2013
Absolutely beautiful! Love it!!

BJ Koval from Tennessee APRIL 23, 2013
Thank you for sharing. It just doesn't get any better than the vocal and poetic talents of John Denver combined with the beautiful vistas of God's glorious creation. This video was a fitting end to a glorious Earth Day!!

Robert Olson from Philadelphia,Pa. APRIL 23, 2013

Jennifer from Webberville MI APRIL 23, 2013
My most favorite John Denver song with some of the most beautiful images. Simply Gorgeous!

David from Ellis APRIL 23, 2013
To me the greatest love song of all time!!! The video was breath taking!!! This song/video give's me hope one day somewhere I will meet my soul mate at now 51 yrs young :))...I so appreciate the love and energy that went into the superb video <3 a very sincere thank you!!...

Jeanmarie from Concord, NH APRIL 23, 2013
18 years ago I looked into my loves eyes as he became my husband to this song. Our passion for the planet, the passion for our lives is exemplified by the legacy that John Denver has left us. Let us live up to his hopes, his dreams for this world. What a beautiful, and artful presentation. Thank you.

Laura Baxter from Oxford, CT APRIL 23, 2013
Such a gorgeous job on this video. Absolutely loved it. I love John Denver and the music he created, and the images you used were perfect. Brought a tear to my eye!

Kevin Tuerff from Austin, Texas USA APRIL 23, 2013
Bravo! No doubt John Denver would be proud to have his song linked to this great message. My only wish would be to add an action verb like "Protect" or "Respect" to "Our Beautiful World."

Sharon from Michigan APRIL 23, 2013
Love John Denver's music. Always will. He sings now in the Heavens.

Debbie from Virginia APRIL 23, 2013
Love this song along with the video. Life is short & sweet. Live it to the fullest every day!!

Marilyn from Idaho APRIL 23, 2013

Janet Eichenberger from Indianapolis, IN APRIL 23, 2013
Beautiful song and beautiful commercial. Cannot wait to see it air.

Brian Robertson from Canada APRIL 23, 2013
That song will never grow old, but always be relevant.

Kandi from Ohio APRIL 23, 2013
Loved it!

charlie carroll from jackson, tennessee APRIL 23, 2013
Absolutely Beautiful!

Ping. from Colorado-Springs - USA. APRIL 22, 2013
Beautiful song!

Terri Falcon-Thrun from Sylvan Grove, KS APRIL 22, 2013
This is an awe inspiring video. Also a plus, I love John Denver's music. Thank you!

Kimo Pelletier from ORLANDO APRIL 22, 2013
It took me till now to realize how good John Denver was. How powerful his lyrics were..and how beautiful our world is.


Ron Haugland from Carlsbad, CA APRIL 22, 2013
Thanks John for all the beautiful memories!!!!

Sharon from florida APRIL 22, 2013
Thank you so much for using John and his beautiful song. So appropriate and heart warming!

Cindy McKinney from Peru, Illinois APRIL 22, 2013
I think I absolutely love John Denver so this is awe inspiring to me! Good job I'm in love with it.

susan from Kewaunee WI APRIL 22, 2013
Love it! All of his music <3

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