The Wall

"The Wall" was a challenging spot in terms of art direction, as the team had to portray months of time in 60 seconds. The spot was shot in the middle of the summer but needed to depict day, night, warm weather and even snow in the span of the spot.

Fortunately for the actors who play the two boys, they only had to "build" one part of that wall. That part is real, but the majority of the wall is made out of wood, and the bricks are painted. These sections of the wall were crafted the day before shooting, with the art department taking care to match the painted bricks to the real ones. The FBL crew also had to return the warehouse area to its original state, dismantling both the wooden and brick parts of the wall after shooting was done.


VOICEOVER: Ask our father what dreams are made of…
MUSIC: Some dreams…
VOICEOVER: and he will tell you hard work.
MUSIC: Live on in time, forever.
VOICEOVER: We were kids and he expected us to build The Great Wall of Philadelphia…
MUSIC: Those dreams you want with all your heart.
VOICEOVER: …and he wanted it to be perfect. No friends, no football, nothing.
MUSIC: …and I’ll do whatever it takes, follow through with the promise I made.
VOICEOVER: …but over the months we stuck with it.
MUSIC: Put it all on the line…
VOICEOVER: …but when it was finally finished, all he said was:
MUSIC: …what I hoped for in life, would be mine.
DAD: Don’t ever tell me there’s something you can’t do.
MUSIC: If I could reach higher…
VOICEOVER: But you know, he was wrong. There is something I can’t do… I can’t thank him enough.
MUSIC: If I could reach higher...
ANNCR/SUPER: A message from The Foundation for a Better Life

Hard Work. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


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S. Golden from Georgia SEPTEMBER 9, 2021
Big THANKS for tha this POSITIVE view of men and boys of COLOR. Society need much more of this...

ScullyKyanD from lexington lann circle SEPTEMBER 14, 2020
this is really good

Anonymous JULY 29, 2020
How great this is

Unkown from Unkown FEBRUARY 12, 2020
This is soo chessy but i love it ;D

unknown from wa OCTOBER 17, 2018
love this song!!!

Jay from Milwaukee, WI  OCTOBER 29, 2016
Will Smith said his dad made him and his brother do the same exact thing lmao...

Shawn from Florida AUGUST 25, 2016
I love the positivity of these commercials. Please keep them coming!

Dinna from Littleton.Colorado JUNE 20, 2016
Thank you so much to values com. I am not a religious person but once I started seeing your ads on TV they made me think and look you up. It has been a real joy to me as I work in mental health with the down and desperate to view one if your ads it read your sayings at night. Thank you so much it has meant so much to me

Kimberley from Houston NOVEMBER 20, 2015
Love this!

Vicki from Philadelphia MAY 31, 2014
I so appreciate this video showing the importance of /fatherhood and perseverance to complete a project. Also I am from Philadelphia so that reference is icing on the cake

Ricky from Green Bay Va. APRIL 3, 2014
This commercial Blesses me in a Big way every time I see it...Thanks

Ricky from Green Bay Va. FEBRUARY 8, 2014
I cry every time I see this comershal...I absolutely, positivly Love it...God Bless You...

Tessa from Mayville, WI. DECEMBER 15, 2013
This video was heartwarming. It made me feel like I should be like those 2 kids. I am 10 yearsold now. I am turning 11 in Augest. Augest 22nd that is.

Ronald Atkinson from Virginia Beach, VA MARCH 16, 2013
Your team has given media integrity, purpose, and life transformation seed. I use these tools in my media literacy classes. The Wall encourages me to be a better dad and walk humbly with and before my family, friends, co-workers in the marketplace. Thanks so much!

Leonel Fajardo from Salem, Or. MARCH 10, 2013
This commercial reminds me of my dad, when I was in Guatemala he always made us to work hard since we were 6 years old, when I was a kid I thought he was completely wrong because of the way he always treated us. Now I'm living in the U.S.A. I realized that the one was wrong was me. Thank You so much dad. Hope Some day I'll be like you!!!! Gracias Padre!!!

Kenneth H. from Provo  NOVEMBER 18, 2012
I love these commercials so much, if I have a show recorded and I'm fast forwarding through commercials, I'll always stop it if I see a Foundation For a Better Life commercial. And John D., I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but the spot is based off of Will Smith's story, no coincidence.

babe p from miami JUNE 20, 2012
More commercials like this please!!!!!!

B from Canada MARCH 24, 2012
What is the song in this ad called?

John D. from Chicago, IL. SEPTEMBER 22, 2011
Will Smith said he went through this exact same thing as a kid and the commerical mentions Philadelphia- his home town. Is this ad based on him? or is it just a complete coincidence???

Cathy from Nanchang,China JUNE 9, 2011
It is a great video,I like it very much. Hard work pass it on. Good ideas worth spreading.

Dyego Felix from Brazil APRIL 13, 2011
Tudo que e feito com suor atravessa geraçoes...

Liz M from NE APRIL 6, 2011
I think that this teaches something very important.

Pat C. from Niagara Falls, NY NOVEMBER 6, 2010
I use these spots regularly for writing exercises for my English as a Second Language classes. Thanks. Make more!

Julie C from Lake Stevens, WA DECEMBER 10, 2009
I sent the "I hope you Dance" to a very negative person that seemed to be in great emotional pain (in an internet forum); so I asked him if he cared to dance with me. I was shot down, but it put a lot of smiles on the faces of others in the forum. I wish I could get everyone to dance, but sometimes an invite is all I can do! Love it.

Tyron Sarmineto from Palawan, Philippines  DECEMBER 2, 2009
Hard work is a part of my life.. We Filipinos are hard working people and I am thankful for it.

Alina from Saint-Petersburg, Russia AUGUST 5, 2009
Loved it!! The site is just great! It is inspiring me every day...

Teddy B. from Northeast, PA APRIL 20, 2009
I recognized Gloria Estefan's voice before I even looked at the television. AWESOME TV spot.

Teresa F. from Camden-Wyoming, DE JANUARY 24, 2009
I wake up every Monday through Friday morning to one of your TV spots. They always put a smile on my face. What better way to start the day!

Bev M. from Canada DECEMBER 28, 2008
I love it. One can do whatever one sets a mind to, all one needs is a hard work ethic.

Jacqueline C from Memphis, TN OCTOBER 20, 2008
Very meaningful, sensible, and obviously character building. It's exemplifying good habit-forming investments and responsibility at a young age to name a VERY few of the many benefits. Thank you for your expertise! I shall pass it on.

Kim C. from Scottsdale, AZ OCTOBER 19, 2008
I LOVE this commercial. As a kid, my parents taught me hardwork and commitment. I didn't get it then but it sure paid off as an adult. This is such a great site!!!

Kylee S. from Saskatoon, Canada SEPTEMBER 30, 2008
At the start of this clip I knew exactly how the kids felt about the project that they where suppose to do and I know exactly how they felt afterwards. I really like this clip because it shows me that if I stick with something and keep trying, I will succeed no matter what.

Drew A. from Colorado SEPTEMBER 17, 2008

Renee P. from Richmond Va. SEPTEMBER 15, 2008
What an awsome commercial. Kudos to whoever came up with it. You do a great job.

Andrew A. from Boulder, CO SEPTEMBER 5, 2008
Honestly I feel this commercial can change lives. Hard work is maybe the least respected value in the world today, even I showed a lack of respect. But today- I work as hard as I can... EVERYDAY.

laurah from arkansas FEBRUARY 11, 2008
these videos are amazing!! great job

Mike Popoola from Lagos, Nigeria DECEMBER 14, 2007
I just say you guys are doing a real good job that is touching lives you don't know.

Anonymous AUGUST 12, 2007
Wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

John from New york, USA JULY 9, 2007
Nothing is impossible

Lady Samm from Toronto, Canada JUNE 19, 2007
Ok, the lessons here have to be savoured like a fine cup of coffee. A pinch of vision, examples, patience and pride. One truly has all of these ingredients to do anything... LUV it to bits every sip of it.

Erika L from Fallbrook, CA JUNE 13, 2007
WOW! In order to accomplish something it does take HARD WORK! Even if it means to leave behind what you love the most! In the end it's all worth it! :)

Anonymous MAY 29, 2007
To the person who posted on Feb.18,2007:You probably won't check this and neither will I, but I'll post this anyway. This commercial is trying to show that you can do anything if you just pull through it and never quit. Hope I help! Sorry if I sound like I'm trying to be all smart or mean or something like that. I don't mean it that way. Truth is I'm confused about the little things in life and everything else. So like this website,I'm just trying to pass something on.

Anonymous FEBRUARY 25, 2007
I LOVE this tv spot. Well done!

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