Grace VanderWaal

She’s a superstar who got her big break at 13 years old. Grace VanderWaal believes your goal should be to find something that’ll make you happy. She’s taking the world by storm through her music and by sharing a simple message, “You Be You.” Grace hopes her experience will inspire her fans to be the best version of themselves.

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Lyrics: The whole crowd seems to like me now 'cause they think I'm cool but back when I was in school, they found it very easy to hate me. Funny how always these times are changing. Back then I was so easy to shatter, but now in the end it doesn't really matter.

Grace: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I'd get voted off for doing that? I'd have a million dollars before I won the show. I kept telling them, "If I got voted off doing what you told me to do, I would forever wonder what would happen if I did what my gut told me to do."

Grace: I don't want to tell people in my music that the world is perfect because it's not. I wanna tell people that the world can be perfect because of you.

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brooklynn from im JUNE 10, 2019
i love your music.❤

Chris Williams from Denver, Colorado  APRIL 25, 2019
Love seeing this! I am a safety and awareness professional in the Denver area, passionately attacking the bullying epidemic in our schools and communities. Would love to connect with like minded peoples that want to create the change we desperately need to see.

Sarah B. from Townsend, DE FEBRUARY 12, 2019
My daughters (age 7 and 3) and I have watched your segment on AGT a few times now. Each time, they smile and sing along, telling me they want to be like you. May you continue to inspire those around you of all ages, continue to be humble, and continue your passion. You have a gift - thank you for sharing it with the world!

darci lynne from califonia FEBRUARY 11, 2019
I love your music

Angel from guadalupe ca JANUARY 23, 2019
I love grace vanderwaal's music

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