Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure can be used as a positive force, as seen in this scenario! Take a look at one of our newest TV spots and watch as a group of teens influence their friend to ‘do the right thing’ while hanging out at a music store.


Comon Man.
Just do it quick, no one’s watching.
You have to if you want to hang with us.
The other one too?
Good Job.

Do the right thing. Pass it on. A message from the Foundation for a Better Life.

Character. Pass It On!

Pass It On®


Your Comments
Antoinette from Dallas, TX JANUARY 19, 2022
What a great spin. Thanks for the ride.

Susan Reed from Arlington, Texas MARCH 26, 2021
I love your ads and will always stop to watch - no matter how many times I've them. The world seems so angry and blaming. I appreciate these reminders of thoughtfullness and caring.

Richard Philip S.Tejada from Santa Rosa City,Laguna APRIL 29, 2020
nice work and good influence to others

Seaon from Anson Tx APRIL 10, 2020
soo cool yo

Miles Kid from TX APRIL 10, 2020
At first i thought they were stealing some music and i got so mad like hey what the #### you got to be watching them cashier, instead i saw him put the music back so I WAS LIKE aww man busted by a girl Ha ha any way really good lesson to all way try to do what is right never wrong

Anonymous MARCH 31, 2020
it is cool

Mrs. Ballantines class from RLC OCTOBER 21, 2019
He put the CD's back and could not do it because he knew it was wrong. It was the right thing not to take them. The manager could have caught him. If you steal the camera would catch you.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 8, 2019
Many people view peer pressure as a solely negative thing, and try to teach us to resist it. But this video shows that it is often a good thing. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous APRIL 2, 2019
Great message! Do the right thing!

Anonymous AUGUST 17, 2018
Do not steal do the right thing.

Anonymous JANUARY 18, 2017

Sandi from South Bay, CA JULY 3, 2016
Great ad. I love all you put out.

Anonymous JUNE 7, 2016
That's pretty neat

Jim from Teddington  MARCH 18, 2016
Show strength of character and do the right thing even if it won't make you popular, Your true friends would support you anyway,

lorien from lo DECEMBER 1, 2015
Do right make sure that if you are in a peer pressure for the wrong think just say no.

Zach from ANOYMOUS NOVEMBER 15, 2015
do the right thing even if u wanna be cool,still do the right thing.If you arent cool,still you will feel good for doing the right thing

Zakiyah  NOVEMBER 14, 2015
Do the right things!!!!,amen

Anonymous NOVEMBER 4, 2015
the video shows that always do the right thing no matter what.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
That was the right thing to do.

Brianna.k from white Middle  NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This video shows to always do the right thing even if i means you don't become cool or popular.

Anonymous NOVEMBER 2, 2015
This young man was pressured to steel a C.D. from a store, but he knew it wasn't the right thing to do. So, he put theC.D.'s back and did the right thing. This showed his true character.

WOW.I'm speech less

emmanuel from orlando, florida JULY 28, 2014
that is a great comercial

Reagan from NGA APRIL 24, 2014
Plot twist

Caryl from Philippines MARCH 12, 2014
No words could express what I've got to say

June candelaria from Philippines FEBRUARY 16, 2014
Very nice

penguin from new jeresy NOVEMBER 14, 2013
I showed this to my brother and now he knows to do right choice

Pamela from Tampa Bay SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
this video is super cool

Billy Stewart from New York AUGUST 30, 2013
Using this to present a story and ad tells for my Communications class :) It's a nice message and I love it.

Leo from Montana AUGUST 7, 2013
My wife and I are watching these videos and are enjoying the messages they send out. This one really is relevant to today as it was years back about peer pressure. Keep up the great work, and God bless you.

Lil Diva from Kuruman AUGUST 2, 2013
peer pressure can make you do something that they might land you in trouble...

maria from school JUNE 19, 2013
best eves

MK from Alaska MAY 20, 2013
Have to admit. Ending took me off guard. I thought he was gonna turn away, but no. They good kids! ^_^

Cassy from MI APRIL 24, 2013
Can I get the embeded code for this video? I would love to include it in my Adolescence Peer Pressure presentation for school :)

Linda Wolfe from El Paso, TX MARCH 5, 2013
Beautifully put, Annie. What a wonderful message.

Annie from Trinidad, W.I. MARCH 1, 2013
These commercials have such a magnificent impact. I often see the "The Race" but I did not know until now that there were so many fantastic, moving and morally educational commercials. I see so much of the negativity and it feels absolutely wonderful to experience a magic that can make me laugh or cry in just 60 seconds....Thank you.

JustSomeDude from Castle Rock FEBRUARY 27, 2013
I love the idea, but of course it's the goth kid who stole something in the first place. I find that somewhat stereotypical.

Davey from UT FEBRUARY 25, 2013
I managed that store for years. Hilarious.

This commercial kept me watching it until the end. I'm inspired. It definitely built in an impressive story within 60 seconds. If this commercial was 30 seconds, it would have felt rushed and abrupt. I felt like I was there.

eleventy4 from VA DECEMBER 30, 2012
Clever! Thanks for these videos... It's nice to see that things like this aren't dead in our culture. The constant stream of money grubbing ads with no interruption was beginning to feel a bit soul crushing.

Aaron D. Coose from don't want to say DECEMBER 15, 2012
Inspiring... make the right choices!

N.Yadav from INDIA NOVEMBER 22, 2012
Friends can force someone to do right things.

chyntia from jakarta OCTOBER 19, 2012
Is there anyway we can download the video? since the streaming here is quite slow...


isabel from illinois SEPTEMBER 5, 2012
At first I thought they were making him steal something but it ended up being that they were making him put it back that was a good choice!

areli from illinois AUGUST 30, 2012
I thought it was right thing to do.

Mrs. Montigney from stuart, florida AUGUST 23, 2012
Mrs. Montigney's lunch base really liked this video and thought it sent a good message!!!

tabby from kenya AUGUST 2, 2012
This is one of the ways through which peer pressure can be seen in a positive way. Can we have more of this for the African boys and girls to see since they emulate more from the western countries?

Erika from Seattle JULY 2, 2012
Great way to show how easy it is to be the positive form of peer pressure! Excellent work! Keep 'em coming!

Adam from San Diego JUNE 28, 2012
This one had a really surprising ending but still good!

Jody Lloyd from Lancaster, CA JUNE 9, 2012
My favorite "do the right thing" commercial is the one where the lady leaves her purse on the bench and the young man runs all the way to the other bus stop to return the purse...excellent! says don't ever judge just by what you think you're seeing.

Imelda from Miami, FL MAY 6, 2012
Love it!

Chris Bloomfield from Okmulgee, Oklahoma MAY 5, 2012
What a GREAT message! Can't tell you how GOOD it made me feel! Wish I could make the whole world feel and react the way I felt when I first saw it. Just fantastic!!!

Kim from Massachusetts APRIL 7, 2012
Great message! I agree with other comments, it would be nice to have a share button for Facebook to share these positive messages. The world needs more morality based ads.

mary ansel from farmington hills mi FEBRUARY 29, 2012
Keep up this good work!

Pete S from Flemington, NJ JANUARY 29, 2012
Great videos! Keep making and publishing them..and I'll keep sharing them!!!

Lynn from Alabama JANUARY 17, 2012
I am going to use these as intro to character ed. for my classes at school! Thanks

Kim from Winnipeg JANUARY 10, 2012
These messages are amazing. Please keep creating them. If you could put a "share" button on this link to share with facebook that would be fabulous, I'd like to post them all on my neice and nephews walls. I have already liked the facebook page, but direct links from here would be great. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!

Rick Hunter from Winston-Salem, NC JANUARY 9, 2012
Thank you so much for these TV spots promoting honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. These values are important because they not only build good character, but are essential for raising self-esteem.

Michael from Arizona JANUARY 8, 2012
Excellent content. We are all basically good and we do need reminders. Getting back to basics and doing what we know is right. Excellent reminders for ALL. GREAT WORK!

clarine from trinidad and tobago DECEMBER 29, 2011
this is an excellent endeavor KEEP passing it on

Glen from Milwaukee,WI NOVEMBER 17, 2011
Everyone needs to see all of these commercials over and over again. That is how we learn. I think is great. Please watch and share!

EncouragingHighSchoolers from nc NOVEMBER 15, 2011
We're thankful to see others willing to do the right thing from what friends and others guide them to do. We have several friends who encourage others to be themselves instead of someone they're not comfortable being. We choose to hang out with those who lead us to the right path in our make good decisions, and to be proud of doing the right thing and making the right choices.

krissypooh from NC NOVEMBER 15, 2011
its good to see that people are willing to encourage others to do the right thing.

Jalazisa from Reidsville NOVEMBER 15, 2011
- It's good to see young kids that want to do the right thing. It was easier to put stolen things back, than walking out of the store with them in your pockets! - Stay on the right track, and choose the right friends to hang with -Jalazisa

Jon Miranda from Phoenix, AZ NOVEMBER 3, 2011
It's great to see kids doing the right thing.

irma from Caldwell,ID NOVEMBER 2, 2011
I watched this for the first time yesterday. My daughter who is 12, stopped what she was doing ( texting :O) and watched the commercial and then tells me " Wow mom!! did you see that? " I was not watching it so I replayed it on the dvr and watched it with her. My daughter was "like that is so true! You can pressure your friends to do good stuff... I do it all the time" My heart swelled with pride... thanks for the commercials PEOPLE ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGES especially our youth! Thank you!

Julianna anselmo from ca OCTOBER 27, 2011
girl you're so cool

Ms. Faust from Franklin, TN SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
What an awesome and "in your face" video for teens who are constantly saying "everybody's doing it, right". Cast was excellent as well. Thanks.

James Allred from USA SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Near where I live someone has painted the slogan, "Live the change you want in the world." I think we should all do the right thing and change the world.

Mr. Petersen's 5th Hour from St. Francis SEPTEMBER 21, 2011
It is good to know there are people that are willing to do the right thing even in the midst of making poor choices. We challenge you to be this same ambassador in your community and school.

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