Pass It On®

Wet Cement

Patience is hardest to find when you need it the most! In this charming moment where a young boy innocently sloshes through wet cement we find ourselves asking the question, “What would I do?” We think you'll smile with relief and take away a good reminder. Patience... Pass it On.

Video Transcript

Boy: Hi.
Man: Hi.
Announcer: Patience, Pass it on. A message from The Foundation for a Better Life.

Patience. Pass It On!


MI MARCH 13, 2019
Every time I need the "patience" commercial, it plays. This commercial is the best! Thanks for the reminder and the smile, I get every time I see it!

Anonymous MARCH 5, 2019
Such a great add regarding patience !

Anonymous MARCH 3, 2019
I loved this one about the little boy walking in cement! Your adds on tv, have made me a better person and I have told my friends about the adds and now when they watch it, they too, feel like they can do better in life with people.....GREAT JOB!

Causby from Georgia JANUARY 8, 2019
This site is great, so glad I stumbled across it. Great example of patience.

Ginny Hunnicutt from Ocean Isle Beach, NC JANUARY 2, 2019
Love this! I’m so happy to see these commercials being aired. They will produce more love and understanding among people!