Single Man Who Experienced Childhood Homelessness Adopts Abandoned Teen to Give Him a Safe, Secure Home

Single Man Who Experienced Childhood Homelessness Adopts Abandoned Teen to Give Him a Safe, Secure Home

December 28, 2021 by By Cathy Stack

Charlotte, N.C. – Peter Mutabazi experienced firsthand the pain of abandonment and homelessness as a child, until a caring couple gave him a second chance. Now, as an adult, he wants to return the blessing. Peter has opened his door to a foster teen who needed a safe home and a caring guardian.

Peter was born in Uganda and ran away from an abusive home at the age of 10. He struggled to survive on his own until a young couple provided him with a secure home and helped guide him through school.

In the safe environment the couple provided, Peter excelled in school. He went on to university in Uganda and received scholarships to continue his education at universities in the United Kingdom. Now based in the United States, he focuses his career ambitions on becoming a global advocate for children through nonprofit organizations that help at-risk children, such as Compassion International and World Vision.

"My childhood was difficult, but somehow it gave me empathy," Peter explained.

Peter feels that his life purpose is to create a safe home for children who need one. Security was something he longed for as a child. The kindness of strangers led him to a path of education and empowerment. Now, he wants to be that blessing for other young people.

As a single adult, Peter purchased his first home: a spacious three-bedroom house. He felt a sense of great accomplishment, but with a tinge of guilt. He wanted to somehow share his good fortune with others, and he decided to become a mentor to the older children in foster care who are unlikely to be adopted. He hoped to inspire those children to dream big and think beyond their present circumstances.

Peter became a foster parent in 2017. Since then, he has fostered a dozen children, including his adoptive son, Anthony. Anthony was abandoned by his adoptive parents at the age of 11. The young boy has been in the foster care system since the age of 2. Now, at almost age 14, he is thriving in his forever home with his proud dad.

Originally, the foster care group arranged for Anthony to stay with Peter for two days. However, once Peter learned Anthony’s story, he agreed to take him in long-term. Anthony’s parents had given up their rights to him, and the boy would likely be sent to a group home, but Peter couldn’t let that happen. He had the extra room and resources to allow him to stay, so he started proceedings to legally adopt Anthony.

"He (Anthony) has no family — he had nowhere else to go," Peter said.

"Anthony would always ask me, 'Hey Dad, when will I be officially adopted?'" Peter shared. "And of course, with foster care, you never know when."

"I just wanted somewhere that I could feel safe and secure, and I knew that I could stay there without worrying about moving somewhere else," Anthony confided, when asked why he was so eager to make his adoption official.

When the anticipated day finally arrived, father and son arrived at the Charlotte courthouse together looking dapper.

"I could not sleep for about two days just waiting for the day," Peter shared of his excitement about officially becoming Anthony’s dad.

Peter said he is honored and delighted to be Anthony’s dad. He described Anthony as the kindest and smartest child he has ever met. The duo frequently enjoy typical family activities together, such as watching movies, playing board games and bicycling in the park. They have now added a furry friend, an adorable puppy named Simba, to the family.

The father and son are now teaming up with a foster care agency to start a program named, “Now I Am Known” to bring a message of hope to children across the country. Their message: “Now I Am Known, Seen, and Heard."

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Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  DECEMBER 29, 2021
Good for you Peter, you broke all the patterns that society labeled with kids. God Blessed us with YOU and your sincerity. Make Gratitude Your Attitude.

Melina from Boston DECEMBER 28, 2021
What an amazing man with an amazing heart!

James Lazzari from Alberta, Canada DECEMBER 28, 2021
So proud! The watershed effect of Anthony's passing it forward, as you did Peter, has no limits.

Rick Robbins from Phoenix Az DECEMBER 28, 2021
Your uplifting stories are always welcome. Thank you.

A. Gomar from Akron, Ohio  DECEMBER 28, 2021
Inspirational story of love for mankind… Brings in humanity to the world …

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