All Girls Science Club Create Portable, Solar-Powered Tent to Help the Homeless Community

All Girls Science Club Create Portable, Solar-Powered Tent to Help the Homeless Community

February 23, 2021 by Cathy Stack

San Fernando, CA - A team of 12 teenage girls have invented a portable, solar-powered tent. Their inspiration for the ambitious and innovative project was the growing problem of homelessness in their community. Improving the lives of homeless individuals and addressing their daily struggles with a lack of shelter and privacy was their guiding goal. They set out to create a highly durable, water-resistant tent that offered more air, light, sanitation, privacy, and a cell phone charging station.

The team consists of San Fernando high school students who have had no formal engineering training, only a compelling desire to help their community. The students teamed up with a nonprofit organization called DIY Girls which supports girls in science, technology and engineering. Team members learned new skills ranging from coding and 3-D printing to sewing and soldering.  They also taught themselves how to plan, print and assemble a product to complete the tent’s prototype.

America Hernandez and Casandra Salazar, two team members, decided to participate in the design and engineering project to help make a difference. “We decided that homelessness was something that was growing in our community and it was something that not a lot of people focus on,” commented America.  The long hours and dedication required did not deter the students.  “Since this project was meant for other people, we did feel more motivated,” added Casandra.  

There are many state-of-the art features and design elements that make the tent unique.  It is made to be both portable and lightweight.  It neatly folds into a rolling backpack to make it convenient to travel with.  The tent’s interior is equipped with lights, a pair of USB ports, and one micro-USB port specially powered by solar energy.  The solar power is used to charge electronic devices, provide light and sanitize the tent’s interior.

Now that the prototype is complete, the team aspires to get their invention patented and mass distributed to the homeless population. The team also hopes their invention can eventually aid many different displaced people around the world, such as refugees.

Pass It On and The Foundation for a Better Life is highly impressed with these young innovators who identified and worked to resolve a problem in their community using their own skills and intellect.  They are a great example of the value of Teamwork.  As a team, they experienced the empowering feeling of witnessing how their combined skills could be put to good use to improve the world.  Please help us honor these young heroes by sharing their inspiring story. 

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Cynthia from California MARCH 18, 2022
Girl POWER!!

Julie Craddock South from Arizona MARCH 18, 2022
I’m so proud of my Alma Mater, San Fernando High School! It was a very service oriented school when I attended there and apparently it still is! Way to go Tigers! Keep up the good work Ladies! 😊👍🐯

Cynthia Cassandra from Logan, OH APRIL 3, 2021
Hope for our future.

Lisa Wheeler from Rochester, NY FEBRUARY 24, 2021
This is amazing! I'm sure this is only the beginning for you. Thank you for caring to make a difference for those who struggle with daily life. Best of luck to all of you!

Sarah Mathews from San Jacinto, CA FEBRUARY 23, 2021
That's wonderful. Thank you for caring for the homeless.

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  FEBRUARY 23, 2021
Thanks to each one of you for keeping HOPE our ray of sunshine. You are what HOPE is and God Bless each one of you. Aloha with love, Lynise Tarring

Anonymous FEBRUARY 23, 2021
“And the children shall lead them.”

Kathe McB from Charlotte, NC FEBRUARY 23, 2021
YOU GO GIRLS! This is awesome, can’t wait to hear more!

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