Woman Fulfills Her Grandmother’s Dream by Bringing Her 1940s Fashion Designs to Life.

Woman Fulfills Her Grandmother’s Dream by Bringing Her 1940s Fashion Designs to Life.

September 19, 2023 by Cathy Stack

A young woman name Julia is fulfilling her grandmother's lifelong dream by recreating original fashion designs created in the 1940s.

Two years ago, Julia found some of her grandmother’s dress design sketches from decades earlier. Her grandmother, Georgie, drew the sketches while attending fashion school in the 1940s. Although Julia knew of her grandmother’s fashion school history, the talent represented in the designs blew her away.

“I knew grandma was talented, but I was like ‘Wow, these are really much better than what I was envisioning in my head,’” Julia said.

Georgie fondly recalled her time at fashion school. She cherished her designs and held onto to them for 80 years. In her youth, she had made the difficult decision not to pursue a career in fashion because she needed to care for elder family members. She then decided to start her own family – a decision she never regretted.

After Georgie and Julia discovered the old designs, they pondered what to do with them. Georgie told Julia that she wanted the sketches displayed at her funeral, whenever that time came. Georgie’s request inspired Julia to bring the designs to life while her beloved grandmother could still witness it.

Julia did not have much sewing experience, but she felt determined to complete the project. She purchased a sewing machine, learned the basics and then dedicated hours to producing Georgie’s designs – with a modern flair.

In the two years since she started, Julia has created 14 dresses based off her grandmother’s original designs. They range from glamourous ball gowns to elegant evening dresses. For each garment, she records short videos and models the designs for Georgie, who offers awe-filled praise and comments on her granddaughter’s work.

The heartwarming videos went viral on TikTok and have been viewed more than 27 million times. The short clips caught the attention of the fashion world and landed Julia an invitation to New York Fashion Week in February 2023. It was a thrilling moment for Georgie to watch the live stream online as her designs sprang to life down the runway.

“She [Georgie] has always been a star in my eyes, and now I get to share her beautiful talent and drawings with the world,” said Julia.

The fashion collaboration project has been a bonding experience for the granddaughter and grandmother designing duo. The experience has reignited Georgie’s love for fashion.

Like her grandmother, Julia is also now inspired to pursue fashion. She is currently designing sustainable bathing suits for a swimsuit company.

The Foundation For A Better Life and PassItOn believe that Julia and Georgie are heroes. Their action is a great example of the value of dreams. They have proven that it is never too late to pursue a dream. Help us celebrate Julia and Georgie by sharing their inspiring story.

If you would like to see more of their beautiful homemade designs, go to: @boringbb on tiktok.

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