8th Grader Takes Wheel as School Bus Driver Passes Out.

8th Grader Takes Wheel as School Bus Driver Passes Out.

June 18, 2024 by Cathy Stack

GLENDALE, Wis.—At the end of his school day at Glen Hills Middle School, 14-year-old Acie Holland hopped aboard the school bus as usual. The bus driver joked with students, put on her headphones and started the bus on its typical route.

Shortly into the ride, however, Acie noticed something felt a little off. The bus driver had a dazed expression and appeared more tired than usual. Then her head suddenly drooped as she continued to press the gas, and she missed a turn. 

“She turned the corner and there’s another street that we usually turn on,” recalled Acie. “She pressed the gas and went past the corner.” 

He looked around at the other students, but they didn’t take much notice because they were preoccupied with their phones. Acie quickly stood up to check on the driver. By that time, she had lost consciousness and didn’t show any response to stimulus. 

The bus veered into oncoming traffic. Acie took action with no hesitation. He moved her foot off the gas pedal, applied the brakes and safely parked the bus.

“I wasn’t really scared, I was just trying to get the bus to stop,” he explained.

As soon as he parked the bus, Acie dialed 911. He then instructed the students on the bus to contact their family members to let them know what was going on. The relieved students rushed to thank Acie for preventing a deadly crash. 

The bus company immediately dispatched another driver to the scene to finish the route and deliver all students back home safely. Emergency personnel cared for the bus driver who had experienced the medical event, and that driver continues to recover from her condition.

“The community could not be any prouder of Acie,” said Anna Young, Glen Hills Middle School principal.

His father also expressed deep pride in his son, saying, “He’s always been a person where he’s real quick on his feet. That’s one of the things that I know he’s capable of – not on the school bus, but just in general – being able to help someone in need.”

Acie had worked alongside his mechanic father since early childhood and had knowledge of vehicles as a result.

The local mayor, city council and the Glendale Police Department all praised Acie for his brave action and quick thinking. 

Acie said he was just happy that he was able to get everyone home safely. He said the event boosted his self-confidence. He now knows that his instincts prompt him to act during fight-or-flight moments. 

The Foundation for a Better Life and PassItOn believe that Acie Holland is a hero. He had the confidence to use his knowledge when it mattered most. His courageous act saved the lives of both the driver and all the students on the bus. His action is a great example of bravery. Please help us celebrate Acie by sharing his inspiring story.  

Watch video here: https://youtu.be/AgCk17OgHB0?feature=shared

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Anne from Louisville JUNE 20, 2024
Thank you, Acie, for showing us how to care! Keep being a shining light!

Cynthia from Brookfield  JUNE 18, 2024
What an awesome young man and wonderful parents for instilling in him confidence, compassion and responsibility.

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