WWII Veteran's Dream Comes True When He Finally Meets Woman Who Wrote Him Cherished Thank-You Letter When She Was a Child

WWII Veteran's Dream Comes True When He Finally Meets Woman Who Wrote Him Cherished Thank-You Letter When She Was a Child

November 9, 2021 by By Cathy Stack

Strongsville, Ohio – Twelve years ago, 95-year-old World War II veteran Frank Grasberger received a heartwarming letter from a sweet third-grader thanking him for his service and dedication. Frank treasured the thoughtful letter so much that he has carried it around everywhere he went, every day since. He was elated to finally have the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and thank the young girl who authored the letter. To his surprise, the little girl, named Dashauna Priest, is all grown up and on active duty serving in the U.S. Army National Guard.

When Frank first received Dashauna’s thank-you letter, it touched his heart. It meant the world to him that a young child would honor him in such a kind way. The letter featured a child’s drawing of an American flag and vibrant flowers growing out of the helmet. Frank said that nothing matters more to him than that letter, except his wife, Dolores. He prayed that before he closed his eyes to this life, he would have the opportunity to meet the young girl. “I have to find her,” he would say. 

“When he has that letter with him, he has a feeling of faith, of trust and love,” explained Dolores.  

Frank is currently living in a senior residences home, where the staff was aware of Frank’s quest to find the author of his cherished letter. They wanted to help him on his search. After some time sleuthing, they were able to track her down on social media. They discovered that the little girl was now a grown woman serving on active duty in the U.S. Army. 

Dashauna excitedly accepted the staff’s invitation to visit Frank at the senior residences home located just an hour away from her. She vividly recalled sending the letter in third grade. She remembered feeling honored to send the card to a U.S. veteran as she had always admired those in uniform. Little did Frank know that Dashauna also had her own sentimental letter that she had kept under lock and key for many years. It was the very letter that Frank had written in response to hers, 12 years earlier.    

On a warm summer day in 2021, the moment finally arrived. Frank’s dream was about to come true. Wanting to surprise Frank, the nursing staff told him that he would be meeting with an interviewer inquiring about his unique story. He and his wife waited in the residences’ conference room. In walked a young woman, proudly wearing her National Guard uniform and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Dolores immediately embraced her.  

Initially, Frank was in shock. His wife later joked that she worried she would have to run for his heart pills. Frank was in disbelief that the moment he had been praying for had finally arrived. When Dashauna handed him the letter he’d sent her 12 years before, there was no denying it. With his hands shaking, he read the words he had once written to her. Frank was stunned to discover that she had held onto his letter all these years as he did hers.  

“Don’t make me cry, please,” Frank exclaimed, overcome with emotion. He tightly held her hand. “Honest to God, I love you so much.”   

He then showed Dashauna the letter she had written him as a third-grader, which brought her to tears. Her simple thank-you letter came to symbolize a life well served. Dashauna and Frank share a special bond and plan to always keep in touch. “She is like my third daughter,” Frank shared. He called the reunion a “miracle.”

PassItOn and The Foundation For a Better Life believe that Frank Grasberger and Dashauna Priest are true heroes. Dashauna’s act of kindness in sending a veteran a note of gratitude made such a powerful impact that it altered both of their lives. Her action of recognition demonstrates the value of saying thank you. Please help us honor these American heroes by sharing their heartwarming story.

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WWII Veteran's Dream Comes True When He Finally Meets Woman Who Wrote Him Cherished Thank-You Letter When She Was a...
Posted by Foundation for A Better Life on Tuesday, November 9, 2021
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Elizabeth from Guilford CT NOVEMBER 10, 2021
Bless them and all who serve .

Vicky from Maryland NOVEMBER 10, 2021
Mr. Frank and Dashauna, What a beautiful story., I cried while reading it. Thank you both fot your much appreciated service.

Jaimie V. from Clearwater, FL NOVEMBER 9, 2021
I am in TEARS. Beautiful! Thank you both for your service and for PassItOn for sharing this story!

Roxanne from BC Canada NOVEMBER 9, 2021
I think humans are amazing!

Mare McAnany from Philadelphia, PA NOVEMBER 9, 2021
This special story ran on our local news stations here in Philly last night. It's no surprise that PassItOn is also featuring it. A story of connection, love & caring between 2 brave Americans - one who served during the dangers of WW2 so long ago, and a young woman in these frightening times who is currently serving on active duty to keep our country safe in current times. How blessed we are as American citizens to know there are such strong bonds of courage, shared by generations separated only by age, yet bonded by the unbreakable links of pure Courage & Honor that runs so deep within these 2 Heroes. Mrs. Grasberger summed it up beautifully when she said Dashauna's letter gives her husband a feeling of faith and trust and love. We thank God these true Heroes walk among us, passing on their unfailing courage, through the generations. The Staff at Frank's Senior residence home also are to be commended for working so lovingly to bring Frank & Dashauna together. Our lives are made better by true stories like this. Stay safe, dear Dashauna and THANK YOU for your service to our Country and for your love.

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