A Secret Santa Is Leaving Free Gifts in Random Places to Spread the Joy of Christmas

A Secret Santa Is Leaving Free Gifts in Random Places to Spread the Joy of Christmas

December 21, 2021 by By Cathy Stack

Colorado Springs – An anonymous Colorado Springs resident who calls himself the “Ugly Sweater Elf” aims to spread the Christmas spirit in his community and beyond. Since November 2021, the self-described Santa’s helper has placed free gifts in random busy places around the city. Not motivated by recognition or accolades, he simply wants to spread a little joy this season.

The generous Secret Santa has given out thousands of dollars in cash, gift cards, merchandise and groceries each day since November. Each week, the gifts increase in value, and his gift-giving spree will culminate in a grand finale close to Christmas Day.

“You will start seeing a lot of those [gift packages] with higher amounts of money, but then you will start seeing things like flat-screen TVs, laptops, iPods, or even iPhones,” he said gleefully.

The Ugly Sweater Elf places the festive gift packages in public locations, such as gas stations and bus stops, for unsuspecting passersby to find. A message on the front of each package reads, “If you found this, it is a gift for you! Please open!” Inside the package, a note encourages the giftee to “pay it forward.”

The Secret Santa hatched the cleverly fun idea to create a chain of kindness and good cheer during the holiday season. He said he hopes to bring back the Christmas-giving spirit.

“I think that if we all treat each other kind and share that, we can create a whole movement. You know, this is what Christmas is all about — it is about giving,” he said.

When asked how it feels to play Secret Santa in his community, he shared that the act of giving makes him feel alive.

“It feels great. I can tell you there is nothing more fulfilling than giving and making someone’s day,” he said.

The Ugly Sweater Elf expects nothing in return. He quietly leaves the gifts and then goes on his way. He prefers to remain anonymous so that others focus on the act rather than the person behind it. He believes in contagious kindness and says that treating someone well in one moment will inspire them to treat someone else well. One random act of kindness can travel far and wide and brighten many people’s days, he said.

The anonymous gift-giver was happy to hear the positive responses from the gifts he has already distributed. One woman named Dani, a struggling single mother, called her surprise gift a blessing in disguise. She discovered one of his packages at a gas pump. The woman was distressed at the time because she was down to her last few dollars and could not get home to Denver from Colorado Springs. While at the gas pump, she suddenly glanced up and noticed the package. When she opened it, she found $60. Elated, she now had more than enough for her return trip home. She said the gift restored her faith in humankind.

The Ugly Sweater Elf said that such stories encourage him to continue his gift-giving mission. He hopes his giving campaign will inspire others to perform their own small acts of kindness and, together, create a “pay it forward” chain in all communities. He believes the holidays provide the perfect time to practice the act of giving to fellow community members and bring the Christmas spirit to all.

PassItOn and The Foundation For A Better Life believe the Ugly Sweater Elf is a hero. His action has made a difference in his community and touched the lives of many. His gift-giving campaign is a great example of the value of generosity during the holiday season and every day beyond.

Watch Video Here: https://youtu.be/62vc5YTjEqM

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