Siblings Create Adventure-themed Sidewalk Art Murals

Siblings Create Adventure-themed Sidewalk Art Murals

August 9, 2022 by By Cathy Stack

MUNDELEIN, Illinois—Macaire Everett, 14, and her 9-year-old brother, Camden, discovered a unique way to entertain themselves. When bored at home, they began to draw impressive, colorful and whimsical chalk art in their neighborhood for neighbors to enjoy. After they completed each chalk art mural, Camden would lay on the ground to become part of each adventure scene for photos. Their drawings soon grew into massive murals that attracted crowds of neighborhood onlookers. Neighbors would enthusiastically gather to view and take pictures of each new whimsical design.  

The siblings’ imaginative art collaboration took their minds off world troubles and transported them to an exciting, imaginary world. The great adventures brought to life through their chalk drawings included Camden dancing in puddles, zip-lining and floating away with a bunch of balloons. The incredible drawings also had Camden traveling to the Great Wall of China and Times Square. 

Macaire enjoyed collaborating with her brother so much on the creative project that she continued it for 100 days.  

“My brother and I talk about ideas a lot during dinner. He likes to ‘travel’ so it’s fun to take him places,” Macaire explained. 

Once they agree on a design, the process takes Macaire between two to four hours for smaller drawings and up to six hours for larger murals.

The siblings received such a positive response from their creative artwork that they shared their drawings on social media. Macaire then compiled the artwork into her first book, “The World from Our Driveway.” The sibling pair have since published a second book, “Cam and Hopper Travel the World.” 

Macaire said she most enjoyed creating memories and bonding with her younger brother through the project. In the future, she plans to continue creating chalk designs, and she wants to pursue writing and engineering.

PassItOn and The Foundation For A Better Life believe that Macaire and Camden Everett are heroes. They have shown the world that there are no limits to one’s imagination. They used their artistic talents to help engage and uplift their neighbors. Their actions personify the value of creativity. Please help us celebrate these heroes by sharing Macaire and Camden's  inspiring story.  

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