Woman Transforms Former Animal Laboratory into Animal Sanctuary.

Woman Transforms Former Animal Laboratory into Animal Sanctuary.

July 9, 2024 by Cathy Stack

NOWATA, Okla.—An animal rights advocate recently took her work to the next level by purchasing a 30-acre animal testing facility and transforming it into an animal rehab center named Freedom Fields.

Shannon Keith, an animal rights lawyer, has dedicated years of her career to the welfare of animals. She routinely sends letters to animal testing facilities around the country offering to care for and rehome the animals they have in their custody. 

Many research labs euthanize animals after testing. They cite health concerns and trouble finding suitable homes for the animals, but Shannon educates these organizations about other available options.

One option includes her own non-profit organization, the Beagle Freedom Project, which she founded in 2010. Testing facilities often use beagles for their research, which inspired the name. The organization also rescues horses, pigs and goats.

“They deserve a second chance at life when they’re done with them,” said Shannon. 

The Beagle Freedom Project offers former research lab animals higher quality of life after they leave testing facilities. The organization also advocates for the rights of animals. Organizers have lobbied to pass the Beagle Freedom Bill, which requires labs to offer healthy dogs and cats for adoption after experiments. The bill has passed into law in 13 states, and organizers hope to see it become federal law.

Shannon recently took her lifelong mission to advocate for animals a step further by founding Freedom Fields on a 30-acre property once owned by a research lab that used test animals. Freedom Fields provides a home and care for traumatized animals; many of whom had spent years in cages. 

The animals often arrive at Freedom Fields anxious and with health issues like seizures, arthritis and cataracts. Volunteers and staff provide dedicated care to these animals, and the animals show more positive changes the longer they spend time at the facility. Over time, the animals regain their strength and learn socialization skills so staff can successfully place them with adoptive families.

“Our ultimate goal, of course, is to get them into homes. Until that happens, they are going to live there in the most luxury they could ever have,” Shannon promised. 

The Foundation For a Better Life and PassItOn believe that Shannon is a hero for her lifelong dedication to providing care and love to such neglected animals. Her action is a great example of the value of caring. 

Watch video here:  https://youtu.be/rTbQHU8B9XA?feature=shared

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Anonymous JULY 11, 2024
God Bless Shannon Keith! What an amazing thing to! THANK YOU !

Lori from Minnesota JULY 10, 2024
This is amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could offer to volunteer to "love up" as many of your "residents" as possible! My dream would become reality! Thank you for doing what you do!

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