“Hero’s Corner” Founder Creates a Community of Support for Veterans.

“Hero’s Corner” Founder Creates a Community of Support for Veterans.

March 28, 2023 by Cathy Stack

WYOMING, Mich.—For many years, Reggie Howard envisioned a place where military veterans like him could gather on a regular basis to share friendship and support. “Veterans are sleeping in cubby holes. Veterans are in their apartments isolated. Veterans are dying alone,” Reggie shared. “They need a place to feel at home.” He attended local City Commission meetings to advocate for the creation and funding for such a place. The commission approved his proposal. He then founded, Hero’s Corner, so veterans could have a place to find unconditional support, unity and camaraderie with fellow veterans.

Reggie served in the U.S. Navy from 1980 to 1991. After retiring from service, he often wished for a veterans’ organization in his local area. He envisioned a drop-in center where veterans could come any time and engage in activities that promote mental health. He wanted a place where former service members could relax and connect over board games, arts and crafts, movies and music.

Most of all, Reggie understood that retired service members needed to form friendships with other veterans who understood their unique life experiences. Since he could not find such an organization in his community, he decided to form one on his own.

“Veterans are sleeping in cubby holes. Veterans are in their apartments isolated. Veterans are dying alone,” Reggie shared. “They need a place to feel at home.”

Reggie said he wanted to create a welcoming, sober atmosphere where veterans feel comfortable and experience a sense of belonging. He wanted Hero’s Corner to become a place where people feel unconditionally accepted and uplifted by the camaraderie of other veterans during their casual, drop-in visits.

Hero’s Corner founders also hope the group will become an environment where veterans feel safe seeking aid for issues like PTSD, mental health challenges or addiction, if needed. Organizers and staff help connect struggling veterans with helpful community resources.

“It is more than I ever expected,” said Reggie of his new Hero’s Corner organization. He said he is grateful for the generous community support the center has received, which has made his years-long dream a reality.

Reggie now hosts regular meetings in the community every Thursday from 2 to 6 p.m. Hero's Corner is open to any veteran regardless of their length of service. Reggie hopes to inspire other cities to start their own Hero’s Corner to honor and support veterans.

PassItOn and The Foundation For a Better Life believe that Reggie Howard is a hero. His sheer determination in creating the Hero’s Corner organization has helped support countless American heroes in his local community. His action is a great example of the value of reaching out, connecting and helping others. Help us celebrate Reggie by sharing his heartwarming story.

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