Deputies help homeless family in crisis find housing

Deputies help homeless family in crisis find housing

February 9, 2021 by Cathy Stack

Sacramento, CA - A homeless family is now off the streets thanks to a pair of sheriff’s deputies. Deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le spotted a family with three children camping out behind a Walmart. Instinctively, they knew they had to help. Instead of returning to their patrol car and going about their business, they found the family a warm and safe place to stay that very day.

Shannon Loveless’ family had fallen on hard times which had forced them to live out of their van and rely on food banks for meals. While Shannon was preparing lunch for her three young children, two deputies spotted them while on patrol in the area. Her heart sank as she feared she would be in trouble for loitering and her kids possibly taken away to foster care. “It was kind of a shock because I didn’t know whether we were going to get in trouble or what?” she admitted.

The deputies went over to speak with the mother who was clearly heartbroken and distraught over her family’s dire situation. Shannon confided to them how her family had struggled financially after a job loss and became homeless. “Kind of choked up a little bit, to see the kids hungry, it touched me. I’m gonna call that day a miracle,” Deputy Lee recalled of their fateful meeting.

The officers could not just wish the mother well and then simply walk away. They knew that the family desperately needed their help. The deputies immediately sprang into action. They brought the family bags full of groceries, fresh clothing, and fun toys to cheer up the children. They then went hard at work to find the family temporary room and board until social services could assist them with permanent housing.

“We only see the negative side of police officers, so to see this side of them is really awesome,” said Shannon. It was a softer, and more caring side of law enforcement that she said she didn’t know existed until her life changing encounter with the two deputies.

Deputy Le said that he is aware that some people in the community are intimidated when they see their police car with the flashing red and blue lights coming towards them. He wants them to know that law enforcement serves a dual purpose; to enforce law but also to help assist and connect with community members. He was glad that his action in some small way might dispel stereotypes.

“Just for [the kids] to be able to have a warm place to sleep and watch cartoons, you know things that kids do, you take it for granted,” the mother said in tears, overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude for the deputies’ kindhearted gesture. “It’s a total game changer; the motivation is there; the morale is there. I’m ready, let’s get this year right.” she added with renewed hope and optimism for her family’s future.

Passiton believes that deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le are a wonderful example of the value of compassion for going above and beyond the call of duty to help a family out in desperate need. Their compassionate act has lifted a family out of despair and started them on the right course toward stability and a brighter future. Please help us celebrate these heroes by sharing their heartwarming story.

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Posted by Foundation for A Better Life on Tuesday, February 9, 2021
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Sue OBrien from SE Texas FEBRUARY 9, 2021
Wonderful!! KUDOs to the two caring police officers!

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