Cheerleader Saves Choking Child’s Life

Cheerleader Saves Choking Child’s Life

October 22, 2020 by Cathy Stack

Rockwall, Texas - Cheerleader Tyra Winters was aboard a homecoming float, waving to the crowd when she suddenly noticed a frantic woman holding a bright red-faced toddler who was choking and quickly turning purple. The panicked woman screamed for help.

Tyra immediately jumped off of the float and ran over to assist. “I got this,” she confidently told the terrified woman.  The senior then grabbed the toddler, turned him upside down, and gave him three firm back slaps.  The candy was suddenly dislodged and the child was breathing again thanks to the teen’s quick-thinking, and lifesaving action.

The dramatic ordeal happened quickly. The child’s mother, Nicole Hornback had noticed that her usually rambunctious 2-year-old boy was quiet.   She turned to him and was horrified to find him distressed from choking on a piece of candy. “I just happened to look over to him and there was no noise, there was no coughing, there was no breathing,” she recalled.  It was a parent’s worst nightmare. 

The brave teen didn’t hesitate helping for a moment.  “My very first thought was, oh my God, I have to help this child,” said Tyra.  She said that she learned the CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) skill in 8th grade from her own mother who works in the medical field.  

The family will forever be thankful for the teen’s quick intervention and Heimlich maneuver training. “She saved my baby,” the mother said.  Soon after the incident, the little boy named Clark and his mother reunited with Tyra to express their gratitude.  “You are amazing, you are going to do great things in life,” the impressed mother told her son’s hero.  

PassItOn would also like to praise Tyra Winters for knowing exactly what to do in such a life-threatening emergency.  Her training prepared her to respond instantly with bold confidence which resulted in her saving a child’s life.  Her actions are the perfect example of the value of preparation.  Please help us celebrate Trya by sharing this story of remarkable heroism. 

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Sharon Wilkins from Chesapeake, Virginia OCTOBER 24, 2020
Tyra, your " Sheroic " act made me thank God for you, as well as. your preparation and kindness to this child and his mother. Stay the course young lady. Helping others is the way to go. Your generation has shown spunk and tenacity in trying to make a positive difference in our society. WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS! I believe this whole heartedly. Remember, Kindness counts.

Wanda Campbell from Philadelphia, Pa. OCTOBER 22, 2020
Great Story! I think Tya is a hero and should be recognized for her willingness to want to help. I think CPR should be taught in school at an early age. It's called having the training to save and assist each other. Pass It On.

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