Young boy spends his birthday handing out pizza to the homeless

Young boy spends his birthday handing out pizza to the homeless

January 19, 2021 by Cathy Stack

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Kieng Riven’s eight birthday was fast approaching so his mother asked him what he wanted. She expected the youngster to respond with a list of toys and games. His response took his mother by surprise and brought her to tears. Her son replied that all he wanted for his birthday was to feed the homeless.

A child’s birthday is usually spent doing fun activities, eating cake, opening gifts surrounded by family and friends. Young Kieng had a different idea of how he wanted to spend his big day. Instead, he wanted to gift his community by handing out a dozen pizzas to homeless people living in a “tent city” in Charlotte, NC.

His mother, Antiqua Ramsey said they have fed people living in "tent city" before, but she never imagined that her son would make that his only birthday wish.

Antiqua, hoping to make good on her son’s birthday request, shopped around neighborhood pizzerias to see which of them could quickly fulfill a large order of 100 pizzas.  She received only one response to her request.  To her shock, one charitable store manager of a local Papa John’s, named Gage Lock not only agreed to accept the order, he also provided a donation of 75 of the pizzas.  Gage and his staff also delivered the pizza pies to the “tent city” in order to personally help distribute them to the homeless population there.  

"That made me want to do it so much more, knowing it was a 7-year-old kid, and all he wanted for his birthday was to give back to the community,” replied Gage describing his motivation to participate in the unusual birthday pizza party.  “Most kids want video games, toys, bikes, all of that, and he just wanted to give back," he added, clearly impressed with young Kieng’s kindhearted gesture.

Another local pizzeria chipped in to help distribute the pizza safely while all wearing masks.  Kieng’s friends and family also joined in to assist in passing out the slices with a side of kindness, making it one very memorable birthday.

When asked about his usual birthday request, Kieng simply responded, “I want to help people.”  He decided on giving out pizza because as he says, “everybody likes pizza.” 

“It is infectious, it makes you want to be kinder,” said one of the happy recipients of the present of goodwill. 

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Brooke from Kentucky JANUARY 20, 2021
Well... now I know what I want for my birthday.

Rosa Munguia from Brooklyn, New York JANUARY 20, 2021
Absolutely amazing young man. I hope he remains safe and healthy. I hope we all take notice and help the homeless.

Pin Shen from Singapore JANUARY 20, 2021
Its an inspiring post.. indeed a noble deed..

Vicki JANUARY 19, 2021
A great heart-warming story! This little guy could teach a lot of adults about what "caring for your neighbors" is all about. Kudos to the Papa John's manager, Gage, for the donation and help, as well as the other local pizzeria.

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