Hero Scales Apartment Building to Rescue Boy on Ledge

Hero Scales Apartment Building to Rescue Boy on Ledge

January 9, 2024 by Catherine Stack

CHANGZHOU, China—A passerby in China acted quickly to rescue a young boy who had fallen out of an apartment window. Members of the community compared his quick and courageous efforts to the superhero Spiderman.

Bystanders caught the heart-stopping rescue on video. The video shows a casually dressed, middle-aged man scaling up a drain pipe to reach the second-floor ledge where the terrified boy sat precariously close to the edge.

After climbing the pipe, the man hopped across a gap to reach the boy. He compassionately picked up the crying boy and gave him a gentle, calming pat on the back. Another man then appeared from the window above and lowered a rope. The two men worked together to hoist the child back to the safety of the apartment above. The rescuer then hopped off the ledge, slid down the drain pipe and continued with his day.

News reports stated that the young boy suffered a few minor scratches from his frightening ordeal. The rescuer preferred to remain anonymous, not wanting any publicity for his good deed.

PassItOn and The Foundation for a Better Life believe that the rescuer in this story proves that not all heroes wear capes. His action is a great example of the value of bravery. The rescue beautifully illustrates how elders in our communities strive to protect children. Please help us celebrate this hero by sharing this story.

Watch Video here: https://youtu.be/AD8vYU36aXE?si=ge0FRU2OD8moKPWr

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