Couple Opens their Six-Acre Farm to Abandoned, Senior Dogs to Provide them with a Loving Home

Couple Opens their Six-Acre Farm to Abandoned, Senior Dogs to Provide them with a Loving Home

April 19, 2022 by By Cathy Stack

SOUTHAMPTON, N.J.—Michele Allen and her husband, Jeff, opened their six-acre farm to give abandoned senior dogs a loving place to live out their remaining years. The unique animal sanctuary is called “Monkey’s House” in honor of a beloved senior dog they once fostered. The home caters to 25 dogs at a time and provides healthy meals, plenty of room to roam, exercise, medical care and – most of all – a loving home.

Avid animal lovers, the couple has fostered many dogs throughout the years. One of those fosters, a 13-pound senior dog named Monkey, captured their hearts. She was heartbroken to learn that many shelters euthanize older, terminally ill dogs like Monkey.

“Monkey’s death was really hard on [us],” Michele said. “We knew what we were getting into, and we decided to just love him as much as we could.”

Michele, a former nurse with a compassionate nature, made it her mission to save as many vulnerable dogs as possible. She imagined creating a sort of hospice where dogs could gently pass away while surrounded by love and care.  

In 2015, Michele partnered with a local veterinarian to form a non-profit organization named Monkey’s House, which caters to homeless dogs with terminal diagnoses or disabilities. They work closely with animal control groups to select the most at-risk dogs for the sanctuary. 

At Monkey’s House, Michele intentionally creates a peaceful yet playful haven for the animals. She considers it a place where the dogs can live their best life in their final days. 

“We’re very busy giving them a story, a life, adventures, love, special moments,” Michele shared. 

Monkey House operates solely on donations, and 50 volunteers donate their time to help with dog walking, feeding, and laundry. Each dog requires special attention and has specific medical and dietary needs. 

Michele admits that the task of caring for so many animals with special needs can be challenging, but she finds the work rewarding. She said the animals fill her days with unexpected joy and an abundance of unconditional love, and she believes that every life has meaning.

“Monkey would be thrilled. We know he is at the Rainbow Bridge greeting his friends as they join him,” she said with a smile. 

PassItOn and The Foundation For A Better Life believe that Michele Allen is a true hero. Her action is a great example of the value of compassion. Michele and her dedicated volunteers give their time and energy to provide animals with a sense of caring in their final days, and they help turn despair into safety and love. 

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Elizabeth from Guilford CT USA APRIL 20, 2022
Lovely idea - wonderful people .

Cynthia from Ohio APRIL 19, 2022
God bless the folks who love children and animals.

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