Hero Saves Neighborhood from Fire

Hero Saves Neighborhood from Fire

August 6, 2020 by Cathy Stack

Fast moving, intense flames from the Knoll fire in Utah were heading directly to a Saratoga Springs neighborhood which was ordered to be evacuated. Resident, Garret Hartle, whose home bordered the fire's edge recalled, "As we were leaving, you could see the flames coming this way." Garrett and his family evacuated, worried their home might not survive the fire.

Saratoga Springs, Utah –

Residents feared the worst but breathed a sigh of relief as one of their quick-thinking neighbors bravely stayed behind and took it upon himself to make sure the flames did not reach their homes.  Robert Young anxiously watched the fury of the flames race closer to his neighbor’s homes and knew he couldn’t leave. Robert said it was, “Pretty emotional to watch fires and flames get that close to your neighbors' homes.”  That was when he noticed that incredibly there was a bulldozer for school construction left along near the fire path.  As a landscaper by trade, he thankfully knew how to operate the heavy equipment.  He made sure his family left safely and then went into swift action.  He used his experience and skills to create a fire line which saved his neighbors from the devasting heartache of losing their homes.  

The next day when the residents were allowed back home they could clearly see the division of how on one side a fire burned 12,000 acres and on the other, their homes stood untouched.  No homes were burned as Robert’s fire line stopped the flames from spreading.  When asked about his brave actions, Robert humbly replied, “I just did what anyone would do.”  He explained that the main reason he had stayed behind was to help his elderly neighbors safely flee.  Robert’s grateful neighbors united to pay their hero’s mortgage as they knew he had been unemployed due to the pandemic.  They said it was a small gesture representing their enormous gratitude.   

Robert Young’s actions that day perfectly demonstrates the value of Bravery.  He is the type of hero that PassItOn celebrates; someone who bravely goes into harm’s way for the sole purpose of helping others.  We want to honor Robert Young’s heroic actions and hope you will share his inspiring story.

Check out the story from FOX 13 News in Utah:


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Dick Kazan from Palos Verdes, California AUGUST 7, 2020
It took a real depth of compassion for Rob, in the face of this rapidly moving fire, to find the courage to rescue his neighbor's homes and their special keepsakes. And then the icing on this heartwarming cake was to see him humbly waive off credit.

James Moore from Decatur, Illinois AUGUST 6, 2020
I like your quotes

Anna from Chesapeake, VA  AUGUST 6, 2020
INCREDIBLE! We need more people like Robert Young. Especially in times like this. Love the billboard and so glad FBL decided to feature such an amazing HERO! Bravo. 👏🏻

Sue from Provo, UT AUGUST 6, 2020
Wow! Amazing story! This happened near us too such a good neighbor!

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