Man Fixes and Delivers Old RVs to Wildfire Survivors for Free

Man Fixes and Delivers Old RVs to Wildfire Survivors for Free

October 19, 2021 by By Cathy Stack

Woody Faircloth and his 9-year-old daughter, Luna, spend much of their time on the road, on a heartfelt mission. Since 2018, the pair has personally delivered donated RVs to traumatized families who have lost their home in recent wildfires and other natural disasters. To date, they have donated nearly 100 RVs and have no plans of stopping.

Parts of California and the western U.S. have been devastated with wildfires as historic droughts have made the flames difficult to fight. Typically, wildfire victims must wait months for emergency housing. This leaves some residents living in tents or their cars while they wait. Woody found a way to urgently provide transitional housing to residents caught in this difficult situation. 

"The ongoing wildfires in California have devastated communities," Woody explained. "We want to find them all shelter as soon as possible."

Woody started a Colorado-based, 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization named to address the crisis. The nonprofit pairs people who are willing to donate their campers with displaced natural disaster victims who have lost their homes and all their worldly possessions. The organization only accepts motorhomes and trailers that are in good working condition. The RVs are refurbished and personally delivered to the new owners, who sometimes live hundreds of miles away. Woody explained that since their organization is grassroots, they can move a lot faster and provide help almost immediately. 

The idea originated one day when Woody watched the wildfire destruction that took place in the town of Paradise in northern California in 2018. Tens of thousands of residents were left homeless. As Woody watched the chaos unfold on the news from the comfort of his Colorado home, he wondered what his own family would do in a similar circumstance. He hoped someone would extend a helping hand. That was when he realized that he could become that support for others. He purchased an inexpensive motorhome from Craigslist and hit the road to offer his aid. He has been hitting the road ever since with RVs and his daughter in tow when the need arises. 

"My favorite part is helping others," Luna said. "And hanging out with my dad."

On a recent trip, gave away its 96th RV to Carey Russell, a U.S. Navy veteran who lost his home to the Dixie Fire in California.

When social media posts about Woody and Luna’s road trips spread, offers of RVs poured in from donors. Woody now hopes to expand the volunteer effort. His goal is to stage RVs in hurricane and fire zones in the future to increase response times. The RVs also serve as housing for the dedicated first responders who need shelter for days as they tirelessly work to extinguish the fires and save homes. The firefighters are grateful for Woody’s RVs, for otherwise they must sleep in tents. 

PassItOn and the Foundation For A Better Life believe Woody and Luna Faircloth are true heroes for their caring action. They provide strangers with a place to call home during the worst times in their lives. They offer hope and healing to traumatized natural disaster victims who are left with nothing. Woody and Luna’s concern for the welfare of strangers is a great example of the value of empathy. Please help us honor these everyday heroes by sharing the inspiring story.

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Eric from Austin OCTOBER 21, 2021
Real life super hero’s!

Kathryn from California OCTOBER 20, 2021
amazing spirit of empathy and love for your fellow man, we need more of this

Mare McAnany from Philadelphia, PA OCTOBER 20, 2021
Woody Faircloth is the living example of the haunting lyrics: 'What one man can do' ... is dream... what one man can do is love...what one man can do to make the world right again'...... In sharing his concern & caring for others less fortunate & being a loving example to his sweet daughter Luna, Woody gives all of us renewed hope in knowing that kindness, caring & generosity will prevail in these times & beyond. Thank you dear Woody & Luna and PassItOn for reminding us our world is overflowing with good people who look beyond themselves. May they all be blessed.

Ann from San Luis Obispo, CA OCTOBER 19, 2021
Woody and Luna are truly servant leaders!

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