11 Year Old Donates 22,000 Diapers to Struggling Single Moms

11 Year Old Donates 22,000 Diapers to Struggling Single Moms

December 1, 2020 by Cathy Stack

Hampton, Virginia - 11-year-old Cartier Carey has become a lemonade stand mogul. He has raised over $5000 which resulted in his donation of more than 22,000 diapers to struggling single moms in his community.

The lemonade stand meant more to Cartier than an opportunity to earn some extra money for himself during the summer.  Instead, the young boy viewed it as a chance to help his Hampton, Virginia community.   Most youngsters his age would use their stand profits to open their first savings account or to purchase something special for themselves.  Instead, he used it to aid single mothers and parents in need.  His stand served a dual purpose, not only did it refresh neighbors with delicious lemonade, but it also served as a diaper drive helping the neediest.  

The idea came to Cartier while he was visiting his grandmother who lives in an economically depressed neighborhood.  He observed how many single mothers lived in her area.  He heard tales of their struggles which included increased stress and financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic.  Cartier instinctively felt empathetic to their plight.  He wanted to help alleviate their burden by offering them basic needs such as diapers and wipes for their newborns.

“He doesn’t want to spend any of the money on himself,” his mom Brittany Stewart said. “He just wants to continue to keep buying diapers and giving each day.”

Cartier’s was still focused on reaching his goal to distribute 25,000 even as he was returning to remote learning.  One mom was moved to tears at the youngster’s hard work and generosity. She said it reminded her of a time when she was also a young mother in desperate need of assistance. “You are helping so many people,” she told him.  “I lived in a church home. And coming from where I came from and now here, it's because of people like you. People gave me diapers, you know?” added the mother with sincere gratitude.  

“It was heart touching. I almost cried myself when she gave me a hug and started crying. That made me want to just keep doing it,” Cartier said. “Others can make a difference just like I’m doing right now. They can save lives and be heroes, you are never too young,” he added. The young boy said his greatest joy comes from knowing he’s made a difference and seeing the impact his donations make.

Cartier is no stranger to worthy causes. He launched another community initiative named “Carti packs” which are care packages for the homeless.  The young boy and his mother also started a non-profit organization called “Kids 4 Change 757” to inspire other kids to get involved in the initiative of making a positive difference in their own communities.  He is clearly on a mission to help people in one creative way or another.  

PassItOn wants to celebrate Cartier Carey’s big heart.  His drive to give to others is the great example of the value of generosity.   Please help us honor this young hero by sharing his uplifting story about kindness, generosity & hope.

Check Out The Viideo Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zPB22AwYJ4

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Your Comments
Petula from Georgia DECEMBER 4, 2020
So inspiring! Even children can make a difference.

Melinda from Canada DECEMBER 2, 2020
What a Beautiful Big Heart Cartier! Please continue to share that love and compassion...there is never enough!! Congrats to Mom for raising such a thoughtful individual.

Christina Baldwin from Seattle,WA DECEMBER 2, 2020
Hooray for Cartier. Important to love our Afro- American children, teens, men.

Kalindi from Kentucky DECEMBER 1, 2020
Cartier is the wave of this country future. As we give each other a hand-up which we all can use from time to time. Great job Cartier , great job , Mom. You are raising an impressive young man.

Shirley from Louisville, KY DECEMBER 1, 2020
First and foremost I want to applaud Cartier's mother. She is raising a child that has looked at his community and saw that there was a need for generosity among others. There are very few adults who would take their hard earned money and give it back in the community. The world needs more Cartier's to help make a difference especially with the current pandemic and financial hardships of many people. Ms. Carey and Cartier keep up the good work because God will bless you and your son for the Goodness and Generosity that you both exhibit.

Dana from Northern California DECEMBER 1, 2020
Amazing and special. Blessings on you Cartier.

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