11-year-old 'Superhero Saves Choking Classmate and Helps Elderly Woman from House Fire on the Same Day.

11-year-old 'Superhero Saves Choking Classmate and Helps Elderly Woman from House Fire on the Same Day.

January 18, 2022 by By Cathy Stack

Muskogee, Oklahoma – Sixth-grader Davyon Johnson, age 11, heroically jumped into action twice in the same day. While at school, Davyon saved his choking classmate by performing the Heimlich maneuver. Later the same day, he helped rescue an elderly woman from a house fire. Members of his community have called him a “superhero.”

“He is just a kind soul and well-liked by his peers and staff alike,” said Latricia Dawkins, principal at Davyon’s school. “He has always indicated that he wants to be an EMT. So, he got to put that desire into action and immediately saved that young man.”

The drama unfolded one day in December when a student used his teeth to remove a water bottle cap.  When the cap lodged in his throat, the panicked student stumbled to the neighboring classroom where Davyon sat. Davyon, realizing the severity of the situation, immediately sprang into action. He sprinted over to the gasping student and quickly performed upward abdominal thrusts, known as the Heimlich maneuver, which ejected the cap from the boy’s throat. 

Davyon said he learned the lifesaving technique from a YouTube video. He never realized just how important that lesson would one day become.

Later that day, during his walk home from school, keen-eyed Davyon witnessed a house fire. Scanning the scene, he noticed an elderly woman using a walker and attempting to escape the flames. He quickly ran over to offer his assistance. He escorted the distressed woman off her porch and brought her to the safety of her truck while the fire engines raced to the scene. Davyon showed up just in time, as the fire quickly spread to the front of the house.

Davyon received some well-deserved praise from the community for both of his good deeds: The Muskogee Police Department presented him with an honorary officer certificate; the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office made him an honorary deputy; and the Muskogee Public Schools Board of Education presented him with an award for heroism.

Davyon’s mother, LaToya Johnson, said she was not surprised by her son's heroic actions. She noted that he always wanted to follow in his uncle’s footsteps by becoming an emergency medical technician. 

“I’m just a proud mom,” LaToya said.

Davyon said he was “excited" about receiving the honors. He views them as one step further in fulfilling his dream of becoming an EMT and helping others.     

PassItOn and The Foundation For A Better Life believe that Davyon Johnson is a true hero. His actions personify the value of bravery. Presented with two perilous events, Davyon found the strength and tenacity to help people in danger. Please help us celebrate Davyon by sharing his incredible story.

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Mare McAnany from Philadelphia, PA JANUARY 19, 2022
In these troubling times, it is a true blessing to learn about the loving & brave actions of this dear young man. Thank you, Davyon for your goodness and inner strength and character in saving 2 lives in 1 day - truly unheard of. To be 11 years old & already have within you such deep concern and compassion for others is something this world doesn't have the privilege of witnessing very often. We wish you & your Family everything good for a wonderful future. We know we will be hearing of you as the years go by. With admiration and gratitude for your good & brave deeds, thank you from our hearts. Remember to take care of YOU, while you are taking care of everyone else, dear Davyon.

Lynise L Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  JANUARY 19, 2022
I'm very proud of you, Mr. Superhero! God Blessed all of us by you sharing him with us. Davyon, just listen to your heart and remember your knowledge. Thank you!

Joan K from Alberta, Canada JANUARY 18, 2022
Davyon, you are an awesome young man! Heroic, brave and unselfish. Someone who is willing help people anytime and everywhere. Congratulations for the honours you have been awarded. You truly deserve them.

Valerie Malcovich from Hamilton Ontario Canada JANUARY 18, 2022
Great kid! His parents have every reason to be proud of him. The EMT community will definitely benefit from having him as a member.I know that the school already has.More power to the young man. May his dreams come true!

James Houlihan from Minneapolis, MN JANUARY 18, 2022
What a great start toward your desired career, Davy; two lives saved in one day! What's planned for tomorrow?

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