Woman’s Legacy Includes Erasing Medical Debt for Strangers

Woman’s Legacy Includes Erasing Medical Debt for Strangers

February 6, 2024 by Cathy Stack

New York - Casey McIntyre, a 38-year-old publisher in New York City, passed away in November 2023. After receiving a diagnosis of ovarian cancer four years ago, she expressed to loved ones that she wished to help others in some way. That wish came true through a fund that, to date, has received more than $1 million dollars. The Nonprofit named RIP Medical Debt will then take that 1M raised and erase up to 100M in medical debt for complete strangers.

“To celebrate my life, I've arranged to buy up others’ medical debt and then destroy the debt,” she announced on her social media shortly before she passed away.

Surveys show that a large majority of Americans cannot afford to pay all of their medical bills, and medical debt in the United States now totals an estimated $195 billion. Many people attempt to appeal the bills, opt to delay payment, or incur credit card debt to pay for procedures and care.

Many people who have large medical debt feel a heightened level of depression and anxiety over their outstanding debts. These people often feel trapped and believe they will never be able to completely pay the bills.

Casey counted herself fortunate to have sufficient medical insurance with access to quality medical care as she underwent cancer treatment. She also felt compassion for those who had crushing medical debt, and she wanted to do something to help ease their burden.

To carry out her mission, Casey and her family set up “Casey’s Memorial & Debt Jubilee” through the non-profit organization RIP Medical Debt. That fund now continues as part of her legacy. To date, Casey’s fund has surpassed its original target of raising $919,000 to pay the medical bills of those with limited means.

Since its founding in 2014, RIP Medical Debt has used the existing for-profit system of buying and selling medical debts in bundled portfolios for much less than their face value. The organization uses donor dollars to buy and erase medical debts belonging to those most in need.

Any given donation relieves approximately 100 times its value in medical debt. For example, a $1 donation can erase, on average, $100 of medical unpaid medical bills.

RIP Medical Debt uses sophisticated data analytics to strategically wipe out debt for people most in need. The organization seeks to help individuals whose income level falls below four times the federal poverty level, or whose debt equals 5 percent or more of their annual income. The organization has helped more than seven million families and has relieved more than $10 billion in medical debt.

Through RIP Medical Debt, individuals or organizations can launch fundraising campaigns – the way Casey did – to help alleviate debt in their region or nationwide.

Once a person’s medical debt has been erased, they receive a surprise letter from RIP Medical Debt, notifying them of the good news.

The Foundation For a Better Life and PassItOn believe that Casey McIntyre is a hero. Casey’s generous plan to ease medical debt burden for those in need has made a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Her inspiring action is a great example of the value of serving as a light to others during their darkest of times.

If you would like more informaiton about RIP Medical Debt, read more at: https://ripmedicaldebt.org/

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