Good Samaritans Work Together to Rescue a Driver Suffering a Medical Emergency

Good Samaritans Work Together to Rescue a Driver Suffering a Medical Emergency

July 5, 2022 by By Cathy Stack

BOYNTON BEACH, Florida—Several courageous strangers sprang into action to rescue a driver and prevent a serious traffic accident. The dramatic incident began when a driver suddenly suffered a medical emergency at the wheel. As her vehicle swerved out of control, several other drivers jumped out of their cars to try to stop it before it careened into a busy intersection. Cameras recorded the heroes’ incredible teamwork.

Laurie Rabyor and Jeanette Rivera each left their workplace at the same time and were driving in lanes next to each other. Jeanette noticed Laurie’s car hazardously swerving. She looked over to see Laurie slumped over the wheel, incapacitated from an apparent medical emergency. Her car perilously drifted toward a busy intersection and oncoming traffic.

Jeanette immediately hopped out of her car and bravely ran after Laurie’s out-of-control car to attempt to stop it. She quickly realized that she needed help. She frantically waved her arms, attempting to alert nearby drivers to the emergency. 

Within seconds, several other motorists, including a nurse and a U.S. Marine, sprang into action to assist in the daring rescue. The five strangers banded together and used their body weight to bring the car to a complete stop.

Once they stopped the car, they realized the doors and windows were locked. One woman cleverly ran back to her car to retrieve a dumbbell and handed it to a man who used it to smash the rear passenger side window. Another man then climbed through the window to unlock the door. The group then moved Laurie’s car out of traffic and into a convenience store parking lot.  A nurse provided medical attention to Laurie until first responders arrived on scene.

Laurie has been released from the hospital and is doing well. She attributes the medical emergency to dehydration resulting from taking her medication on an empty stomach.  

“Thank god for people like you,” said Laurie to her heroes.

The local police department lauded the group for their courageous and quick-thinking action.  The department later arranged a special event honoring the good Samaritans where they reunited with Laurie.  Laurie was grateful for the opportunity to personally thank her heroes. 

The Foundation for a Better Life and PassItOn consider the group of strangers to be true heroes.  Their actions personify the value of teamwork. The group worked as a team in a dangerous situation to take immediate life-saving action. Please help us honor these heroes by sharing their inspiring story. 

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Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  JULY 7, 2022
I thank each one of you for helping Our Father by helping someone. God Bless you and thank you for planting HOPE.

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