Cancer Survivor who is also an Amputee Set World Record by Running 102 Marathons in 102 Days.

Cancer Survivor who is also an Amputee Set World Record by Running 102 Marathons in 102 Days.

November 29, 2022 by Catherine Stack

In 2001, Jacky Hunt-Broersma lost her left leg below the knee to a rare form of cancer. She fought cancer with a sense of defiance and stubbornness that has carried her through many challenges since then. One such challenge began when she decided to take up running in 2016. She said she had tired of hearing about what she could no longer do, and she simply wanted to do the ‘normal’ things that she did prior the amputation surgery. She has now set the world record by running 102 marathons in 102 days.

Jacky had to purchase high-cost prosthetic blades designed for running. Insurance did not cover the cost, but she needed to make the investment for herself.

Her new hobby soon became a passion. It offered her a renewed confidence and changed her perceptions about her body and life.

“When I put on a running blade, I truly felt like I was flying,” Jacky said. “It has taught me that I am truly capable of so much more. If we just pushed ourselves a little more, we would surprise ourselves.”

Jacky began by running short distances. Then she started running, and winning, 5K races. She soon advanced to participating in half-marathon runs. In 2017, she ran the Chicago Marathon.

This year, she advanced her distance running passion to the title of “ultrarunner” by breaking the world record for consecutive marathons. When she began in mid-January, the record sat at 95 marathons in 95 days, and Jacky wanted to reach 100 marathons. As she worked toward her goal, however, another runner broke the record with 101 marathons. Jacky then achieved 102 marathons in 102 days, and the world-record title, by April 28, 2022. She then ran two additional days for a final count of 104.

On day 92, she competed in the Boston Marathon and placed third in that event’s Para Athletics Division.

She fought through the heavy leg syndrome and fatigue runners often experience, but persevered. She had good days and bad days.

“You keep moving and keep going,” she said.

To mentally prepare herself for the strenuous daily runs, she would break down each run, step by step. Her running routes varied from trails to roads. In bad weather, she occasionally ran on treadmills.

Jacky ran in the name of the Amputee Blade Runners, an organization that provides free, high-activity prostheses to amputees. Her challenge raised $194,000 for the nonprofit.

She said she hopes her world record win inspires others to challenge themselves and realize their own capabilities and strengths.

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