Over 900 Dairy Queen Drive Thru Customers Spark a ‘Pay It Forward’ Wave

Over 900 Dairy Queen Drive Thru Customers Spark a ‘Pay It Forward’ Wave

February 16, 2021 by Cathy Stack

Brainerd, Minnesota - Over 900 Dairy Queen drive thru customers proved that kindness is contagious. One customer sparked a massive chain of kindness at a Dairy Queen drive-thru that lasted two days long with over 900 customers participating in it. The Random Act of Kindness caused some participants to say that during these challenging times, it had restored their faith in humanity a little more.

Tina Jensen, general manager of the Dairy Queen explained that the chain started when a customer wanted to pay for the order of the person behind them as a random act of kindness during the holiday season.   When the cashier informed the following customer that it was her lucky day, that someone had generously paid for her order, she responded in pleasant surprise. ‘Really? Why would he do that?” she asked.  The woman decided to keep the kindness gesture going.  

What happened next was totally unexpected.  Each customer who received the kind act then paid it forward and paid for the next person on the line.  It was from that point on, the chain of kindness started, and as word of mouth spread, a ripple effect of goodwill was created.  The kindness trend continued for the next two full days. 

“What we witnessed was pure kindness and it was a breath of fresh air,” commented participant, Heidi Bruse. 

Tina said that some customers were so excited that they donated $10 and $20 bills almost in tears at the thought of playing a role in such a special spontaneous event.  The staff were also touched by the customers’ heartwarming reactions when they were informed that their order had been paid for. 

Tina commented the event provided her staff with a much-needed morale boost during what is a challenging time for the restaurant industry which has been hit hard during the pandemic.  She noted that her staff were equally excited as the customers and it made for a more festive day on the job.  In total, Dairy Queen took in more than $10,000 in orders as a result of the kindness chain event.  

“THIS is what we stand for, THIS is Dairy Queen… You brought smiles and maybe even a little tear to our whole crew and we’re sure to you as well,” the grateful store’s spokesperson said on their social media post to all their loyal customers.

Tina said that the "Pay It Forward' chain event taught her a valuable lesson, “To take care of each other.” 

PassItOn considers the customers who participated in the ‘Pay It Forward’ chain as community heroes.  Their eagerness to help support their community, their local businesses and one another is a perfect example of the value of kindness.  Their caring action reminds us all how each one of us can set in motion a domino effect of kindness just with one small, simple yet powerful act of kindness.  From The Foundation for a Better Life.  Kindness . . . PassItOn.com

Watch the video herehttps://youtu.be/L2IM3c0MH6Q

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Over 900 Dairy Queen Drive-Thru Customers Spark a ‘Pay It Forward’ Wave #kindness #passiton Brainerd, Minnesota - Over...

Posted by Foundation for A Better Life on Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  FEBRUARY 16, 2021
Thank you for sharing what I so truly believe; "When we work together as a team. we are a unbeatable!" I treasure what this program shares and God Bless. Make Gratitude YOUR attitude! :)

Arthur mccrae from Ridgecrest ca FEBRUARY 16, 2021
God bless them all

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