Couple Starts Neighborhood Kindness Group to Aid their Community

Couple Starts Neighborhood Kindness Group to Aid their Community

July 12, 2022 by By Cathy Stack

HOUSTON, Texas—Dawn and Richard Abram started a group named Kingwood Kindness to help meet the needs of their local community. The group originally provided natural disaster relief, but the couple has expanded its mission to address a variety of community needs. The group now offers life-changing acts of kindness all year long, showing us all the true meaning of the expression “neighborly love.”

“Everybody has the ability to do something nice, something kind, and you never know when that one act of kindness will change someone’s life,” explained Richard.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, Kingwood Kindness assisted with floodwater rescues and connected displaced residents with emergency housing, food, water and clothing. Now, the couple also spends countless hours sifting through bags filled with various donated toiletries, children’s books and clothing, which they repackage for community members in need.

The couple personally experienced hardship and devastation following Hurricanes Harvey and Imelda. Grateful for the help they received in the hurricane’s aftermath, they wanted to pay it forward, which prompted them to start Kingwood Kindness.

Tropical hurricanes like the ones Dawn and Richard experienced level trees, rip off roofs and shatter glass windows. In some areas, hurricanes caused severe, record-breaking flooding and leave residents stranded.

“During Harvey and during Imelda, they came out in droves to help us,” explained Richard. “It’s only fair that we show some Texas love to them and do the same thing.” 

The couple understands the trauma and sense of loss people feel following a natural disaster. People grieve the sudden loss of all of their worldly possessions, irreplaceable family photos and sentimental keepsakes tied to a lifetime of memories.

The couple started Kingwood Kindness as a social media group focused on collecting donated supplies, and they initially distributed the supplies from their home driveway. Local donations soon grew and allowed them to deliver truckloads of supplies to nearby affected areas, such as East Texas and Louisiana. Soon, the number of donations required a warehouse for storage.

Kingwood Kindness is now a self-funded 501(c)(3) organization aimed at collecting and distributing donations on a large scale.

“There is almost nothing better than to see someone else smile because of your kindness,” said Richard.

He believes that each act of kindness can spread and create a larger ripple effect felt by the entire community.

The Foundation for a Better Life and PassItOn consider Dawn and Richard Abram to be heroes. Their actions personify the value of community. The caring couple have asked for nothing in return. They are simply motivated by the need to help their neighbors. Please help us honor these heroes by sharing their inspiring story.

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