The Elton John AIDS Foundation Mission: Ending the AIDS Epidemic

The Elton John AIDS Foundation Mission: Ending the AIDS Epidemic

January 6, 2021 by Cathy Stack

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is on a mission to be a powerful force in ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. The Foundation is committed to ending the discrimination, infections and deaths associated with the HIV/AIDS disease. Their compassionate and compelling motto has always been, “We will not leave anyone behind.”

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was founded in 1992 by international entertainer and music legend, Sir Elton John. It is now one of the leading independent AIDS organizations in the world.  Since the Foundation’s start, the landscape of HIV/AIDS has transformed in many positive and progressive ways. The Foundation is credited with raising $450 million, supporting 3,000 projects and saving 5 million lives. Their programs fund frontline partners to prevent infections. They also provide those affected by HIV with lifesaving medical care, support and advice from counsellors on how to live healthy, and safe lives with dignity. 

The Foundation’s outstanding achievements are attributed to their commitment to combining medical innovation with compassion. Their strategy in reaching these ambitious goals is through supporting and prioritizing the most vulnerable people in places where there is the greatest need. They are focused on targeted ways of reaching those higher risk and often neglected groups to provide them with needed information as well as access to testing and treatment. This strategy will result in making everyone less vulnerable to infection. 

In addition, Sir Elton John’s Foundation is focused on battling the stigma associated with AIDS by advocacy, research and breaking down myths. Sir Elton John acknowledges that there is a lot of hate in the world, but he also believes there is more love.  His Foundation is inspired by the love they receive from their grantees and supporters all around the world.  It is with the global community’s help and generosity that the Foundation will step closer to achieving their inspiring goal of eradicating the disease in a decade’s time. When the HIV/AIDS global battle has been finally won, “it will be an extraordinary achievement for all humankind,” said Anne Aslett, the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer.

“If we can find the love as a global community to agree that every life has equal value, if we can summon the compassion to provide treatment and prevention for everyone living with HIV – and I mean everyone, no matter who they are, where they live, or how rich or poor they may be – we can end AIDS forever,” said Sir Elton John.

The Foundation For A Better Life is honored to feature Sir Elton John in a new Out-of-Home public-service (UK and US) campaign with the message, “A knight fighting for those with AIDS. Compassion - Pass It On.    

Although many people are now living long lives with the disease Sir Elton John wants people to know that the fight against AIDS is far from over. We can all help by learning more about The Elton John AIDS Foundation and getting personally involved.

Please check out their video and website at

Sir Elton John’s lifelong dedication to the important cause of AIDS awareness and research perfectly demonstrate the value of compassion. The Elton John AIDS Foundation shines a light on the role that we can all play by showing compassion for others in our daily lives.  Please help us support Sir Elton John’s heroic mission by sharing a message of compassion across social media, using the hashtags #Compassion and #PassItOn.   


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William S from Lansford PA JANUARY 28, 2022
Sir Elton John you are a true kind hearted person who I respect and cherish your support to the AIDS community.

Barry Rowland from Julian, Pennsylvania USA JANUARY 8, 2021
This is absolutely wonderful! Elton is right: there's more love in this world than hate, and movements like this prove that.

Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York JANUARY 7, 2021
Amazing work - thank you Elton for this inspiring work and compassion for Aids work! Mariana

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