Hero Lifeguard Rescues Driver as Car Sinks

Hero Lifeguard Rescues Driver as Car Sinks

January 26, 2021 by Cathy Stack

Bayonne, New Jersey - A terrified driver was helplessly trapped in his sinking SUV which veered off the road and plunged right into the Newark Bay in Bayonne, New Jersey. Miraculously, Anthony Capuano, a swimming instructor who also happens to be an amputee, witnessed the frightening accident. Instinct kicked in and without a second thought he acted. He quickly hopped over the guardrail, removed his prosthetic and dove headfirst into the frigid and choppy water. The heroic rescue was caught on camera as bystanders watched in awe.

Anthony lost his leg 12 years ago in an accident.  However, his physical condition did not stop him from courageously leaping into action in order to save the driver.  The drama unfolded as Anthony was working out nearby at the Hudson County Park when he heard the loud commotion.  He ran over to the water’s edge and spotted the drowning motorist.  Anthony then leaped into action.

Anthony swam furiously and within seconds after diving in, reached the sinking vehicle.  “I can’t swim,’ the panicked driver told Anthony, who calmly replied, ‘I’m a lifeguard, it’s OK.’   He reassured the driver that he was there to help him.  

Anthony then grabbed the driver, named Joseph Kadian and managed to pull him out of the sinking car.  He instructed Joseph how to float and then guided him safely back to shore where first responders stood by waiting to offer aid to both men.  Mere minutes after the daring rescue, the SUV became completely submerged underwater. 

Anthony said, “One thing I would tell people to take away from this is that everyone should learn how to swim.”

The driver of the submerged SUV was in shock but thanks to Anthony’s quick action, he didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries in the accident. 

In a follow-up interview Anthony confirmed that he did meet with the very grateful driver days after the incident.  Anthony humbly commented that he was just glad that he was at the right place at the right time to be of help.  When asked about this motivation to rescue a stranger, he said he lives by the golden rule, “do unto others what you would want done to you.” 

Bystanders praised Anthony a hero.  PassItOn couldn’t agree more.  Anthony Capuano is a shining role model not only for other amputees but for us all.  He is an outstanding example of the value of bravery as he let absolutely nothing stop him from coming to the rescue of a stranger.  Please help us honor this courageous hero by sharing his inspiring story. 

Watch video here: https://youtu.be/0lJ2Jggrsv0

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Your Comments
Anonymous MAY 5, 2023
thank you, Anthony!! amazing story!

Lisa from Florida MAY 8, 2022
HERO!!!! Thank you Anthony! This is incredible!!!! Outstanding job! YOU saved his life!

Lynise L Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  MAY 6, 2022
God has blessed you Anthony with your precious heart. Thank you for being who you are Make gratitude your attitude. Aloha!

Jutta Rawcliffe from Western New York JANUARY 27, 2021
This is wonderfully inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Jim Breen from IL JANUARY 26, 2021
Wonderful story!!

Mark from Glendora  JANUARY 26, 2021
Good job

Mariana Miller-D'Alessandro from Bronx, New York JANUARY 26, 2021
Amazing man and community trying to help! Brave, listen to God's voice, do onto others -- a miracle gift to us all!

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