Teen Entrepreneurs Donate a Portion of Profits to No-Kill Animal Shelter

Teen Entrepreneurs Donate a Portion of Profits to No-Kill Animal Shelter

December 19, 2023 by Cathy Stack

SHELTON, Connecticut—Four years ago, brothers Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi, now ages 14 and 15, respectively, invented a protective Christmas ornament hanger that has resulted in sales of $250,000. The boys , both animal lovers wanted to find a way to help as many in need as possible with their new good fortune. They decided to donate 10 percent of their profits to North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter.

Both boys love animals, and they hope to help as many animals in need as possible.

The clever idea for their product came to young brothers as they worked to decorate their family’s Christmas tree. Their beloved rescue dog, Zara, ran through the living room wagging her tail (dubbed the “ornament terminator” by the boys). The tree shook and one of their favorite ornaments crashed to the floor and broke into shards. 

The boys wanted to find a better way to hang fragile ornaments prone to breaking when pets or people bump into the tree. They soon developed what would become a popular product, the Ornament Anchor.

Ayaan created the prototype using a loop and toggle system. The toggle device safely fastens ornaments to the tree branch instead of resting loosely on a wire hook like traditional ornament hangers. The boys presented their clever invention to their class for a school project. Positive reactions from teachers and parents inspired the boys to turn their invention into a profitable business venture. They also appeared on the “Shark Tank” TV show in 2019 and 2021 where they pitched the idea to investors.

“My brother and I worked together to design the product, patent it, create an awesome website, calculate profit margins and did our own market analysis,” Ayaan explained.

Since launching their business, the brothers have earned incredibly more than $250,000 in sales, and the boys donate 10 percent of the profits to the no-kill animal shelter where their family adopted Zara. Through their donation, they hope to help more shelter pets find loving homes. 

“My goal is to help as many animals in need as I can,” shared Ayaan. 

PassItOn and The Foundation For a Better Life believe that Ayaan and Mickey Naqvi are heroes. Their commitment to helping vulnerable animals is a great example of the value of generosity. Please help us celebrate them by sharing their story this holiday season. 


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Anonymous DECEMBER 20, 2023
Fantastic! What a wonderful story, but more importantly, what wonderful young men!

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