Kind Strangers Support Young Mom Battling Cancer

Kind Strangers Support Young Mom Battling Cancer

November 24, 2020 by Cathy Stack

Nampa, Idaho The Kofoeds thought they were filming a thank-you video at their local coffee shop. It was to be a gesture of appreciation for GoFundMe donors. The campaign was set up by their friend to help Amanda, the young mother of four with her cancer treatment. Instead, the couple was surprised and overwhelmed with emotion by 200-plus family, friends and community members streaming into the coffee shop, offering support to the family during their time of crisis.

Amanda Kofoeds had found a strange lump in her arm one day and visited a doctor at a friend’s urging. The doctor informed her of the dire diagnosis of Stage 3 Hodgkin lymphoma.  During this time, she was enrolled in school for education and was currently uninsured due to the expense.  She planned to save money so she could get on her husband’s insurance and then seek medical treatment for the cancer. 

Her friends and family didn’t want her to postpone her treatment due to the expense.  They took matters into their own hands and started a GoFundMe campaign.  A longtime friend of the family was cofounder of a group named Praynksters, known for flash mob-style random acts of kindness.  The friend decided to use their own group to help the young family in need.  The group came up with the creative idea to spread the word and invite family, friends, and strangers who wanted to help to participate in a donation flash mob.  The event started an outpouring of enormous generosity from the local community. 

Clint and Amanda teared up as the crowd passed by and the donations poured in.  The event brought the family over $13,000 in donations to go towards her medical treatments.  The generous act of kindness gave the family a comforting, and optimistic feeling during a time when all hope seemed lost.  The act of giving did not end there.  Community members continued to assist the couple with home-cooked meals and babysitting duties.  Clint said that Amanda struggled with the idea of asking for help.  She felt guilty, and undeserving compared to others who are also struggling.  She is still humbled by it all.

In the time since, Amanda has enrolled in an insurance plan and has finished chemotherapy. Life for the family has started getting back to their normal routine.  Amanda has regained her energy and is optimistic about her chances for a full recovery.  She said that she plans to stay healthy so she can watch her four children grow up.

Once Amanda got her strength back, she returned to school and completed her bachelor’s degree in education.  She is now a teacher.   She said the experience motivated her to instill the value of charity in her children. The family is now inspired to volunteer in their local neighborhood and contribute to crowdfunding efforts.  They are grateful for the opportunity to give back and help others as many have helped them.

“I don’t know how we ever would’ve gotten through this without the support of others,” said her husband Clint.  “We’re just thankful to still have mom around,” he added.   The couple said they feel blessed by the strong support.  PassItOn wants to celebrate those heroes who banded together in order to uplift and provide hope during the family’s darkest time. These individuals perfectly demonstrate the value of community. It is with the help of their generosity that the family is now happy, healthy and whole.  Please help us honor this community of heroes by sharing this heartwarming story. 

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