Students Build Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans 

Students Build Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans 

November 5, 2020 by Cathy Stack

Kingwood Park, Houston - Life has not been easy for veteran John Jolly.   He has been homeless for decades since the time he has served in the Vietnam War.  Thanks to a group of caring high school seniors, he now has a real home to call his very own.

Students at Summer Creek and Kingwood Park High schools joined forces on a project called "Students Helping Veterans: Big Heroes, Tiny Homes" over the past school year. 

The high school’s students and teachers partnered together to create a master-planned tiny home community in the Houston area, for homeless veterans.  Generous local community donations helped fund the project. In collaboration with local architects, engineers, and other community partners, the schools design and build homes expected to be 200 to 300 square feet in size.  They ultimately want to build a community where veterans can be surrounded by other veteran neighbors who understand and relate to their difficulties and issues when transitioning to civilian life.

As a team, the students attend regular meetings together to work on the design. They are motivated by the purpose behind the project which keeps them focused on the many tasks at hand.  With every nail that goes in, they know that they are improving a veteran’s life and providing him a dignified, secure home where he can spend his golden years.   “The kids are doing something for someone without any reward except knowing they are doing it for someone,” said Missy Tayler, their proud teacher. 

“They wanted to serve their country and protect us, and they come back and they didn't’ get the same treatment,” said senior student Sarah Dalby, describing her motivation to help.   She added that when she started the project, she barely knew how to use a saw but she is a fast learner and loves the work.  “You have to appreciate the armed forces of our country for giving us the individual liberties that we enjoy," senior student, Nicolas Logan said when explaining his own motivation to participate in the project.

“This is a miracle,” remarked Barbara Lang, a friend of the veteran who was there to provide support.  A tiny home is invaluable to those who have nothing. John was clearly thrilled with his new, clean and fully furnished home.   “I can get used to it,” he said with a grin.

The students do not view this as a one time endeavor.  Their admirable goal is to grow the project, and have it spread to other schools and cities that can replicate this model.   They also want to encourage the business community to partner with them to build more houses for more veterans. Ultimately, they strive to solve the problem of veteran homelessness one tiny home and caring heart at a time.

“The students here are just like little angels,” praised Barbara.  PassItOn agrees.  These young heroes are a great example of the value of caring.  Help us celebrate the student’s noble mission by sharing their story of caring for our nation’s honorable veterans.  

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Dezstany from Houston,Texus MARCH 7, 2023
I think it was awesome that people did that for others.

Lynise L Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i OCTOBER 28, 2022
I'm so very proud of each and every one of you. May God Bless you each and thank you for making HOPE happen. Aloha with love, Lynise Tarring

mcn from tx NOVEMBER 10, 2020
I think this was a great little story, a lesson,

Paula Corn from Miami NOVEMBER 9, 2020
I love this.

Roberta Clayton from NYC NOVEMBER 8, 2020
Would love to see this across the USA. I lost my Viet Vet in 2012 and I know the problems he had

Teresa W. from Ocean Park, Washington NOVEMBER 7, 2020
Finally values are being passed on to the next generation! What compassionate & caring students! They are a beautiful example of what America used to be, can be & will be because if their big hearts ! Hooray for you guys & gals!!!!!!!

Marjorie Estrada from San Juan,.PR NOVEMBER 6, 2020
I cried when I saw such generosity, I'm touched. Marjorie Estrada Puerto Rico

Robin from Connecticut  NOVEMBER 6, 2020
Kudos to all those students and volunteers who are making our proud , amazing soldiers who have been forgotten and never receiving the basic appreciation, empathy they so richly deserve. Our troops followed a life of service, despite the danger, the fear to keep us safe. God bless them. And thanks to all who are giving them their tiny homes! Robin

Alan Salls from Temecula, CA NOVEMBER 6, 2020
This is absolutely incredible! These students have hearts that are in the right place. The tiny home looks great - I only wish they would have shown more pictures of it. If they ever get tired of Texas you can send them over here to SoCal and they could build one for me. I'd just be out of my mind for something like that! Great job, students! You people deserve the "Humanitarian of the Year" award!

Hetty from Houten, The Netherlands NOVEMBER 6, 2020
Great! Well done! Hetty from The Netherlands (Europe)

Karen from Florida NOVEMBER 6, 2020
These are stories we need to hear more often.

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