13-Year-Old Boy Uses His 'Make-a-Wish' to Feed the Homeless for a Year

13-Year-Old Boy Uses His 'Make-a-Wish' to Feed the Homeless for a Year

November 23, 2021 by By Cathy Stack

Jackson, Mississippi – The past few years have been difficult for 13-year-old Adeola “Abraham” Olagbegi. In 2020, the teen was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, and he underwent a successful bone marrow transplant and rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully, Adeola is now out of the hospital. During his recovery, he found out that he had qualified for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask for a dream wish from Make-A-Wish Mississippi. While many teens would opt for a memorable Disney trip, meeting a favorite celebrity or getting a PlayStation, Abraham instead chose to feed the homeless in his local community.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is famous for brightening the lives of children suffering from critical illnesses by granting their wishes. A wish typically falls into three categories: a wish to have something, go somewhere or meet someone. Abraham’s charitable wish to give came as a surprise to the organization. Linda Sermons, a Make-A-Wish Mississippi representative, said that Abraham’s generous wish was the first of its kind in the organization’s 35-year history.

“When he so easily gives to others at a time where everybody should really be supporting him, you just have to say, that’s a remarkable young man,” said Linda. She was impressed with the teen’s maturity and sense of compassion.

Abraham credited his past experiences volunteering with his family in their community with inspiring his giving wish. When deciding what to do with the incredible opportunity, the one thing that was most important to him was that his wish had a long-lasting impact.

“My mom always says it’s a blessing to be a blessing, so I just wanted to do something for other people to make it last longer,” Abraham explained.

Make-A-Wish Mississippi granted the teen’s wish in a big way. They created a service named after the teen, called Abraham’s Table, that will provide free meals to the homeless every month for the next year. Local businesses generously donate food and supplies, and recipients gather in Jackson’s Poindexter Park for the meals. Abraham and his proud mom personally attend and hand out the food. Abraham’s Table fed more than 80 people at its first event. Abraham said it warmed his heart when the recipients came back to thank him for the meal he provided.

Abraham now wants to inspire other teens to get more involved in local charities. He also wants to continue his mission of helping others by starting his own nonprofit that helps those experiencing food insecurity.

PassItOn and The Foundation For A Better Life believe that Adeola “Abraham” Olagbegi is a true hero. His selfless action provides a lesson for us all on the value of giving. Abraham shows us how those who give gain a sense of pride and an authentic connection to others. His act of giving will also have a long-lasting, positive impact on his community. Please help us honor Abraham by sharing his heartwarming story.

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13-Year-Old Boy Uses His 'Make-a-Wish' to Feed the Homeless for a Year #givingback #passiton

13-Year-Old Boy Uses His 'Make-a-Wish' to Feed the Homeless for a Year #givingback #passiton Abraham was diagnosed with...

Posted by Foundation for A Better Life on Tuesday, November 23, 2021
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Corrina from U.K. NOVEMBER 24, 2021
Amen 💭😊🙏🌎

J k Sobti from India  NOVEMBER 24, 2021
I mean this is so touching and so so overwhelming to see a young lad forgetting all about personal greed to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill once personal aspirations. This is what humanity is all about and needless to say ABRAHAM you are my ambassador for the task. God bless you today tomorrow and always 💐

Lynise Tarring from Hilo, Hawai'i  NOVEMBER 24, 2021
Abraham, you gave us all a Bright Rainbow of Hope and I sincerely thank you. You've made Your Gratitude Your Attitude. You gave us a ray of Hope. God Bless and Enjoy! Love, Lynise Tarring

C. Frantz from Los Angeles NOVEMBER 23, 2021
Your TV spots are awesome!!! Keep it up. We all need the inspiration these days.

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