Diver went Deep to Deliver Kindness by Rescuing a Trapped Dolphin.

Diver went Deep to Deliver Kindness by Rescuing a Trapped Dolphin.

June 14, 2022 by The Foundation for a Better Life

While diving in the Mediterranean with his daughters, Enzo was in the water preparing to dive. He felt a nudge on his back and turned to see a male dolphin beckoning to him. The dolphin dove, and Enzo followed. About 12 meters down, Enzo was led to the dolphin’s mate, who had become entangled in a fishing net and would soon drown. Enzo quickly surfaced and returned with his daughters and a couple of diving knives. They freed the dolphin and helped her to the surface.

Although Enzo held several free-diving records — his deepest dive without the aid of breathing apparatus was 101 meters — it was the lives of sea creatures that concerned him most. Enzo dedicated his life to educating the world about the link between healthy seas and healthy humans. He often quoted Vangelis: “Until a man learns to respect and speak to the animal world, he can never know his true role on Earth.”

Enzo recalls of his dolphin rescue: “As soon as she (the dolphin) was on the surface, after breathing out foam and blood, she gave birth to a dolphin calf under the watchful eyes of her mate.”

Enzo and his daughters marveled at the miracle they had just witnessed. While they were still in the water, the male dolphin circled around and touched its beak to Enzo’s cheek, like a kiss of gratitude.

The world is full of opportunities that lead to miracles if we only follow those nudges. Next door is a neighbor who needs a smile and a conversation, a child who needs a little reassurance, or a young mom who just witnessed her own miracle and would love to share it with you. Or perhaps even one of our wild siblings, ready to share its world.


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Mary prendergast from West Coast of Ireland. JUNE 21, 2022
The whole world is crying out for freedom of some sort.....you have given that gift to that beautiful creature and yourself.!!!!We salute you in IRELAND.

PATRICIA from Texas JUNE 15, 2022
Kindness doesn't cost a penny!

Patricia from Grenada JUNE 15, 2022

Marjorie from San Juan Puerto Rico  JUNE 15, 2022
What a beautiful story. So many hugs to the diver and his daughters.

Anonymous JUNE 14, 2022
Touching story. Thanks

Linda from Lake Tapps JUNE 14, 2022
Love 💕 IT🐬❣️

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